Could You Help Me FInd A Way?

Could You Help Me FInd A Way?

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Could You Help Me FInd A Way?

Post by Anabelle "Hit" Mulciber on Thu Aug 01, 2013 5:06 pm



Hitame Higurashi:
What's the point to all of this? - Hitame & Ray Ignazia
Problems always follow us - Hitame & Kyria Lyris | OPEN
How did this happen? - Hitame & Wally Abercrombie
Intruders of the mind - Hitame & Sophia Granger
**The battle no one planned - Hitame & Everyone

Dylan Davies:
End of the year party - Dylan & Alex Jones | OPEN
Time of our live - Dylan & Sarah Nesbitt, Kyria Lyris, Ciara Peakes
Their arms are reaching out to hold you tight - Dylan & Coralie Deucalion

Olivia Jones:
Nobody's gonna hold your hand - Olivia & Grace Llewellyn
Unlikely cross of paths - Olivia & Shane Diamond

Nathan Finch-Fletchley:
You can get your sleep when you are dead - Nathan & The rest of the Spectacular Seven

Kaiden Poliakoff:
Gotta get out - Kaiden & Kenneth Knight
Sixth Years' Summer - Kaiden & Adrienne Reynolds, Others.
A little too late to apologize - Kaiden & Maura Goldstein
Sibling bonding - Kaiden & Ciara Poliakoff
It's days like this - Kaiden & Adrienne Reynolds
A Pureblood Rendezvous - Kaiden & Ciara Poliakoff, Romeo Zabini

Jaybee Brisk:
The city is ours - Jaybee & Shane Diamond, Kenneth Knight, Carson Garcia
Dance like it's the last night of your life - Jaybee & Kasumi Takahashi

Ryo Hiroku:
The terror now begins... - Ryo & Maura Goldstein, Taranee Raine, Others
A new place means new adventures - Ryo & Maura Goldstein
Even through all we've been through, Our love still remains the same - Ryo & Maura Goldstein
Summer breeze and lovers at Hogsmeade - Ryo & Maura Goldstein

Atticus Bletchley:
Breaking silence - Atticus & Khaat Lupin
Just an ordinary day or is it? - Atticus & Kiara Lawrence

Jake Collins:
So we meet again - Jake & Cecilia Krum


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Seventh Year Gryffindor

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