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May, 2028

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End of Year Student/Graduation Rank Updates!

Tue May 26, 2015 5:24 am by Adrienne Poliakoff

Alrighty, folks! All seventh years should pretty much be graduating. Unless they're held back for some reason. But also we've got students moving up a year, and as Admins it's hard to keep track of who all needs to be switched around. There's more characters than I can even remember most times. So! We need a little help remembering who goes where, okie? So if you can fill out this form for the folks who aren't yet graduates, that'd be great.


[b]Character name:[/b]
[b]Did they graduate this May?[/b] [i]if no, answer the next question! If yes, you can ignore the next one.[/i]
[b]Year they will be completing next fall:[/b]

If necessary, please also fill out the following. It can be completed by graduates as well, …

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Character/Member of the Month: April!

Thu May 14, 2015 12:06 pm by Adrienne Poliakoff

Alrighty folks! I've updated he accordion (banner thingy) at the top of the main forum page, and it's time to announce last month's Character and Member of the Month!

Congrats, guys! Very Happy

Also, please note the second banner of our three, which has been made to hint at some of the events that we hope to see coming your way now that we're getting into the summer months Very Happy If you  have any questions about, check the PA Discussion section or PM one of us Smile

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A Goal for May! [We need your help!]

Wed Apr 01, 2015 2:34 pm by Adrienne Poliakoff

Hey, guys! I posted this in the cbox, but since I know sometimes messages get lost in there, I'm gonna post it up here, too, so everybody can see. Very Happy

A new month is starting and our goal for this month? We want to end in first place on Puddifoot's, and move up in the other voting sites. Hopefully you guys can help us out, and we'll get some new members out of it. As ever, new members help create plotting, and offer a wider range of characters to write with!

So the Admins are relying on you all to help us reach this goal. In return, we have a lot of fun new things planned for this month, which we're sure will catch your attention and almost definitely get the muse flowing for you if you've been a little stuck lately. If you're curious, we'll soon be looking for some Death Eaters and some …

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