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April, 2028

Death Eaters
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Important Order Meeting

Sun Apr 26, 2015 2:37 am by Adrienne Poliakoff

In this thread, you'll learn about an Order member gone rogue. More than that, you'll find out it was one of the current leaders of the organization, striking out on her own to attempt an assassination on the Minister for Magic. Oliver and Michael are calling everyone in to prepare for angry Death Earers and see if she was actually "on her own," or if she had a bit of help. Where your character stands is up to you.

You're welcome to skim a bit, but when Michael starts explaining what happened, you'll want to pay close attention, because it has a few important notes about Lorcan, Robert and Audriana. And yes, Oliver really is making them come in at two in the morning. I have a feeling they'll forgive him when they hear …

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Death Eater Meeting

Sat Apr 25, 2015 8:47 am by Khaat Lupin

Attention DE's!

New Meeting starting now at Death Manor!  Join us for new opportunities for some sinister plotting and plot action!


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Spring Magic Competition--Your Help and Ideas Wanted!

Wed Apr 22, 2015 1:52 am by Khaat Lupin

Hey, we've been toying with a thought of doing something that, to my knowledge, hasn't been done on PA.  If it has, its been a forever or two ago.  We're thinking about a Magic Competition to be held this Spring.

Now, this isn't a Triwizard competition.  This would give both students and grads opportunities to compete with a wide variety of magic.  Think of it more as a track meet for wizards, if that makes any sense.

For example, there could be dueling--for students and for grads--divided by a couple of levels.

Perhaps a Transfiguration or a Charms competition, where folks could either spar against one another or bring their best original spell.  

I think this would give folks an opportunity to do something fun, where they could make threads with friends or with new players alike, …

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