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August, 2027

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Character of the Month/Member of the Month: August

Mon Aug 25, 2014 11:49 pm by Adrienne Poliakoff

Hello, again! August is nearly over, so it's time again for the staff to send out thanks and props to some folks who have been helpful and active around the site. Be sure to drop a congratulations for the folks chosen for this month! Very Happy

Nymeria is played by Rina, and she's one of our few Beauxbatons students. Because most of our graduates came from Hogwarts - or even Durmstrang - I'm sure we all know how difficult it is to find plots for someone outside of that. Because of this, we would like to commend her for taking the chance to try a different character arc than the usual ones. Besides even that, Rina has many active threads and subplots within the site plot, and we love to …

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PA Tournament Rules & Information

Thu Aug 07, 2014 2:06 am by Adrienne Poliakoff

Alrighty! So, several of you have been asking me about the upcoming event we've got planned for you. Because it's easier to answer everyone at once, rather than through a bunch of individual PMs, I've decided to go ahead and post this up today rather than at the end of the week Smile It's a lot of information, but I figure it's more helpful to have it all in one place.

Firstly! Anything that happens regarding this contest - be it the first "task" or "step" or whatever you care to call it - will be posted in the "Jump Onto The Site Plot" section, which is a sub-forum of the Plot and World Development area. I'm only posting this here so that everyone is sure to see it. I don't want anyone missing out because they didn't check the subforum! The introduction is …

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Hogwarts Staff Needed

Sat Aug 09, 2014 11:39 pm by Khaat Lupin

Hey, All!

The train is going to soon start boarding at the station. Staff postions at Hogwarts need filled NOW!

We have some new and, hopefully, exciting and fun changes in store for the school, but we need your help!

Check out the jobs listings and sign up, here:


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