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Muggle Characters Running About!

Sun Jan 25, 2015 3:44 am by Adrienne Poliakoff

If you hadnít noticed, we have a new type of character on the forum: Muggles! They'll be colored pink. In order to understand how that happened, check out the most recent Daily Prophet article.

Some things to note that were not expressly stated in the IC article:

  • Pixies can no longer be used as a plotting device, since they have been captured. Need an analogy? Magic is floating around rather like a cloud, and once you step into it, a small part of your magic joins that cloud, and the magic you still have acts wonky.

  • Yes, your characters can accidentally cast things, but nothing above their abilities. So, first years will definitely not apparate on accident. And the spells should be innocuous (not harmful) at first. If they do get worse, just note that your character will not be casting …

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Update Notes!

Mon Jan 19, 2015 11:51 am by Darren

Hello PA members!

You may not have noticed it, but the site was under construction over the last few weeks. Due to time constraints, we didnít take the forum offline as we usually do during updates. However, we have been working hard since Christmas and there are plenty of changes, so be sure to read the update notes thoroughly!

There is a lot to read, so Iíve divided all the notes into several threads. Do take the time to read them all.

Hereís a brief summary:

  • As promised, we have a new plot! The new plot begins with an accident at the department of mysteries, which has caused magic to go haywire around London, and the Muggle world is noticing. You can read more about that event HERE. Part 1 of the plot will begin next week, so keep an eye open for that. In the meantime, make sure …

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Hogwarts Update Notes

Mon Jan 19, 2015 9:44 am by Darren

Over the next few months, Hogwarts will be running a little differently here at PA as we have updated the system. Well, I say update, but in reality what we are doing is bringing back the old Hogwarts system, albeit with a few changes.

In short, pods are gone, marriage law is gone, classes are back, quidditch is back, clubs are back, house points are back and school events, plots and subplots will be far more frequent for the next few months. We originally moved away from this system as PA shifted towards a more post-Hogwarts graduate focused roleplaying site. With this revamp we are trying to regain the balance we had previously.

Make a student character!

The reason we ditched so many of these features was a lack of student characters, and the lack of features meant there were less …

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