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Ilvermorney--US Wizarding School--comes to PA

Sun Jan 31, 2016 6:43 pm by Khaat Lupin

We are thrilled to be launching a trial of JK Rowling's Ilvermorney, the American school for witchcraft and wizardry!

Because access between the two schools would surely be part of the security within school grounds, the only want to access Ilvermorney for now is to take the magical ferryboat. The ferry launch is located, in Hogwarts, near the boatshed and is staffed with a captain. It also has a steward that will provide refreshments in much the same manner as the trolley lady on the Hogwarts express.

Students and school faculty will be allowed to attend "commute" between the schools for things like special classes, special events, etc.

This means you can now make American students who will also be attending some classes at Hogwarts. And your students can go for some …

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Wonky Site?

Sat Jan 16, 2016 4:57 am by Selwyn Thorfinn

Heya, PA-ers!

This is just a note to let you know I'm updating a few things around the site.

We're going to be modifying and losing a few non-essential forums, and I'll update to let you know what those changes are.

I'm also doing a bit of fiddling with the code, as you probably know. I'm trying to keep as much of it off site as possible until I have to update here, but occasionally something might go wonky. If you notice something that looks like it's wrong, please let me know in the Help forum (it would help immensely if you can provide a screenshot, which you can do by pressing printscreen on a PC or using command + shift + 3 on a mac).


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Alan Rickman Passes

Thu Jan 14, 2016 4:15 pm by Khaat Lupin

Sadness will be in store for Potter fans worldwide today as we say goodbye to Alan Rickman (Professor Snape).  News sources report that Rickman passed away earlier today at age 69 from cancer.  

We'd like to give PA members an opportunity to voice their thoughts, their feelings, and perhaps their favorite memories from the film's about Rickman's work. So we're going to open this thread for an opportunity to do that.

For me, I really appreciated Rickman's understanding that Snape was certainly damaged by painful things in his past, and I thought that his ability to portray Snape with a thick, protective exterior to protect himself was well done.  He was one of the characters from the movies that we all, at some point, probably loved hating.  

Rickman certainly will be missed!

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