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Matrimonium Legem: Pt. 2


July, 2027

Things are about to heat up! A warm front is moving in from southern Europe, and that is going to create for us some chaotic weather patterns in July. Average temperatures will be sporadically interrupted by strong summer storms, and by some waves of peak heat. Keep tuned to our Daily Forecast for what's happening in our area today!

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Sun Jul 06, 2014 1:49 pm by Elijah Krum

The skin has changed so the sidebar pips have to change, too! Unfortunately, silly ol' me didn't make a group for the neutral parties. So, if you can't read the text on the neutral pip then please post here, I'll make a group and I'll get you all updated and lovely!


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Name the New Park!

Sun Jul 06, 2014 1:12 pm by Khaat Lupin

Hey, All!

There is a new enchanted garden/park for kids of all ages. What a great place to take your kiddies that the Ministry "asked" you so nicely to have! Anyway, give us a hand, would you?

Help us name the park! Post your suggestions here. So far, its called the Enchanted Garden Park. But that's about as creative as I could get at this hour. LOL

And I'm betting you have some awesome ideas for the park too! What would you expect to find in an enchanted park and playground?

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ARTICLE 203: Matrimonium Legem

Sun Sep 01, 2013 1:25 am by Elijah Krum


In the wake of the Itch, a handful of Potioneers discovered something previously unknown, or undocumented, about blood.

They called it Magical Blood Percentage and it showed, per litre of blood, how much magic there was in an individual - on basic terms, a scale of Pureblooded-ness.

Such a measurement also made it easy for them to determine and predict the likelihood of a Squib birth for a reproducing couple. It also determined the likelihood of magical, blood-born diseases being contracted by the offspring of a magical couple.

What they found was that the likelihood of Squib births in Purebloods was sky-high and, in fact, Ministry birth records showed at since the 18th Century, Squib births had been on the up.

With a depleted magical populous and very few …

[ Full reading ]

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