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Image Hosting Problems

Tue Aug 01, 2017 5:01 am by Selwyn Thorfinn

Hey Everyone!

This is a little announcement to let you know that if you haven't had problems with your image hosting service yet, it's highly likely you will sometime soon.

Last month, Photobucket, which also owns Tinypic, became a paid service which means that you can't access your images if you're using their service (I know it sucks, I was hosting a bunch of original-ish art with them).

If you were hosting with Photobucket or Tinypic, you need to move your images now, if you still can, because you don't actually know what you're linking to. What you see on your screen might be way different than what the rest of us do, and everything on those sites is NOT safe for work (or rp sites).

If you are hosting with Imgur, you need to know that it's against their terms of service to use …

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Welcome to Our New Mods!

Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:29 am by Khaat Lupin

We're proud to announce that we're adding Moderators back to our PA staff! It's a position we haven't had filled for awhile here, and after much discussion, we feel the need is there to bring them back to the team.

So, big congratulations and welcomes go to our two new mods:

Jessica Dark Heart: Jess has been a member on PA for nine years. She has been a moderator in the past, and is returning to PA staff. She's played a wide variety of characters here, but right now, she has several active characters: Jessica Dark Heart, Austin Sinclair, Brant Ezekiel Crawford, Jack Black Heart, John Walker, and Li Lianjie

Jack Dyllan: Jack has been a member here for eight years, and, a former PA admin, she's returning to PA staff as a mod. She's got a large collection of current characters as well: …

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Application link update

Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:39 am by Selwyn Thorfinn

Hey guys, just a quick note so you know what to click.

I've updated our gross APP button in the miniprofiles to this cute little image with a scroll:

So if you want to check out someone's app, that's what you need to click on now.


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