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WELCOME BACK, ALUMNI! Potter’s Army is a roleplaying site that's been up and running since 2007. We have just revamped the site for an AU version of our previous PA adventures, with our old writing buddies.

The current IC year 2022.

Current date/time is Thu Jul 18, 2019 2:47 am

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 1 Jack Dyllan Jack Dyllan2019-06-28Today at 2:47 am1    
 2 Artemis R. Knox Artemis R. Knox2011-09-08Today at 12:42 am1    
 3 Lily Luna Potter Lily Luna Potter2019-06-28Today at 1:00 am1    
 4 Kaiden Poliakoff Kaiden Poliakoff2012-01-02Today at 1:41 am1    
 5 Juliet Thruston Juliet Thruston2019-07-02Today at 2:02 am1