CROSS, Alex Damian
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Welcome to Potter's Army

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CROSS, Alex Damian

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CROSS, Alex Damian Empty CROSS, Alex Damian

Post by Alex Cross Wed Nov 07, 2012 7:55 am


Alex Damian Cross


    FULL NAME: Alex Damian Cross
    NICKNAMES: Cross

    AGE: 11

    ALLEGIANCE: Dark followers

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin, Ravenclaw

    CLASSES: ( , DADA, Transfiguration,

    WAND: (IronWood, Basilisk tooth, 10 inches + Sight flexibility)

    PLAY BY: (Optional, but recommended. Remember to check the face claim to make sure you're celebrity isn't already taken)


    HAIR COLOR: Blonde with red tips (Spiked up)

    EYE COLOR: Green


    BODY TYPE: Lean muscle

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Alex Cross stands at 4'2 and weighs 97 pounds of leanes, his hair is military cut short but slightly more on the top allowing him to spike it up and dye the tips of them red. His skin is slightly tanned making his green eyes show more. Often found wearing a skin tight black shirt and loose pants when not in his house robes and in or out he wears military style combat boots. He has a mangled scar on his right arm from a pitbull attack, and a scar under his left eye from it's claw. Other than that he is handsome with perfectly straight and shiny white teeth.

    His body is designed to hold a wand with a tall lean frame that suffers from his excessive studies. Naturally thin he doesn't worry about getting overweight. However due to his love of studying he isn't as muscled or athletically fit as he would like to be. While he is able to react and move quickly he doesn't have the muscle of some of the others who don't spend hours upon hours studying and learning magic.


    Fast learner
    Extremely intelligent
    Quick pick up with Spells
    Talent for Magic
    Natural duelist
    Fast learner of hexes/curses/and jinxes

    Show off
    Tends to overthink sometimes
    Hard to get along with
    Bit of a know it all
    Bad at Potions/herboligy/divination
    Learning new spells
    Forbidden spells

    People that don't mind their own buisness

    Alex's main goal is to be the greatest dueler and spell caster in the world.
    To learn every spell in the world good and bad.
    To one day be known throught the wizarding world.

    Alex tends to wonder the grounds and places reading books way past his level.
    Makes glowing symbols in the air when he comes across a problem that is difficult, to help him think.

    BOGGART: Being alone and forgotten in the world, a nameless nobody and his talent and skills going to waste.

    PATRONUS: Alex's best memory was when he first used magic something he believed to be a myth. Aex being attacked by a large dog lashed out with magic. The effects was the dog turned to ash in a blinding blue flame.

    DEMENTOR: The day Alex was locked in a closet by his teacher for several hours alone in the dark without a sound in the world but his own breathing.
    VERITASERUM: Alex's greatest secret was he he got into his mothers private library and read several of her Wizarding books after receiving his letter.
    MIRROR OF ERISED: Alex stands on a field facing hundreds of wizards with wand in hand, they strike but their spells miss for his shield spell is too strong. A single spell escapes his mouth and every wand flies away, his wand slashes through the air not a sound from him and the people drop wrapped up in tight ropes. Alex turns to the cheering crowd listening as they chant his name over and over for he is the Greatest dueler and wizard of the age. Alex Cross is chanted by millions around the arena.

    PERSONALITY: Alex being young is often overlooked but inside that young man is a genius brain with a skilled mind and talent tons of talent, Alex enjoys learning and practicing spells and different arts. Nothing makes him more eager than picking up a spell book he never read and laying down by a fireplace to read. Because of his obsession with knowledge he tends to forget other people exsist and vanishes into his own head. Alex is a show off something from his youthful attitude, he likes being the center of attention and this has made him quite cocky. However it's not without good reason for he never brags about what he can't do and if he doesn't know something he chases down every piece of information like a pitbull looking for a bunny.

    Alex enjoys the company of others at times especially when they are discussing his feats and talents, he loves ompliments from girls mostly for even young he is a major flirt and often times with older girls. To say Alex doesn't like the spotlight is like saying a wolf doesn't like to hunt, He adores being the center of attention and being idolized. However he has random acts of rage when bothered during his studies or when beaten. He can't stand to lose and once he does he goes into a mind flip diving into everything that should have been done, could have been and would have been. He analyzes why he lost and grabs new more dangerous spells to add to his arsenal if he can find them. In time he calms down and let's it go but to bother him during one of his rages may find themselves on the wrong side of his wand. Alex is young so he swings between emotions quickly but when angry he sees red and goes into a blind rage. Normally he is good about getting alone time or a place where he can practice spells during this time. Alex knows what he wants and sees it with burning devotion, he decides that no one will interfere with his goals and while friendly he wants to be the greatest wizard in the world.


    FATHER: Tyler Cross

    MOTHER: Jamie Cross

    SIBLING(S): None

    OTHER: Uncle Knight (Mothers maiden name) (Secretly a Death eater)

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: (Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: (Wealthy

    PET(S): Barn owl with black feathers and a white fluff on it's chest

    BROOMSTICK(): FireBolt (A gift from his mother)

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: Ten advanced spell books from his mothers library, a book on transfiguration and a advanced datda book from his uncle. Five spell books on dueling and a beginners, advanced and master book on dueling from his uncle. A novice book on Dark Arts spells.


    Early Years: Aex Cross was born to Tyler and Jamie Cross. His mother was a wizard of pure blood status and came from old money, a gryffindor in Hogwarts herself she was well respected in the wizarding world as a duelist and a member of the Aurors. Jamie met a muggle on a assignment one day a man named Tyler Cross who happened to be a writer and a talented one at that. Already some sucess in the muggle world for his fiction magic stories, it was love at first sight for his mother who spent weeks studying him from afar. Finally she got the nerve to talk to him and things went from their. Alex was born four years after the two were married.

    The two swore to not tell their son of the magic world in case he wasn't destined to be wizard so the life became secret of magic and the mythical. Even his father stopped writing fiction magic books and went to romances that sold just as well. Alex grew up with a sharp mind and eager curisity, his father bought him books to help him along in his studies . Alex had a deep love for his very quarky and odd ball uncle (Timothy Knight) The man would show up out of nowhere and offer crazy and surprising gifts, his sister and brother in law highly disapproved of this but Tim was too fond of his nephew to stay away.

    At ten years old a week before his birthday Alex was attacked by a pibull and his arm was bitten. In his pain and fear alex lashed out not with his hands or feet but with magic bursting the dog into blue flames. Alex was found by his Uncle and carried home where he passed out and when he awoke his arm was healed but scarred as was the area under his left eye. At eleven years old the day of his birthday Alex received a letter from Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizadry, his parents were so excited they invited Uncle Knight t come over and they all sat down explaining the magical world they lived in. Alex was in a dreamy trance at what he heard, His mother showed her son the private library of magic books and histories. Alex from then on would sneak in to learn as much as he could discovering his mind absorbed the knowledge like a sponge. He learned of the different races of the wizarding world and stengths and weaknesses. His uncle finally caught him and instead of telling on him took him to some dueling matches as a reward for his curiosity. Alex was once more entranced and when he got home his eyes were full of stars. Alex was taken to Diagon alley the next day his journey about to begin.

    Hogwarts Years: 1st year student

    Adulthood: N/A


    YOUR NAME: Alex

    RP EXPERIENCE: 1st year

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Forumotion


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To rp with (To explore the darker side of the wizardining world)



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Alex Cross
Alex Cross
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First Year Hufflepuff

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CROSS, Alex Damian Empty Re: CROSS, Alex Damian

Post by Keith Nicholas Thu Nov 08, 2012 1:44 am

Right off the bat - great first app. Always nice to see some new blood and we're glad you've decided to join Potter's Army! You're obviously a good writer, and I think you'll fit in well here.

I just have a few issues with Alex that I'd like to ask you about before I accept him. I'm reading all this stuff about how he's a genius, he's so talented, etc. etc. He's also rather large for an eleven year old (at 4'8, 110 he's a half a foot and 40 pounds above average) with lots of muscle and very good reflexes. It just reads as a little overpowered and I was wondering if you might be able to tone that down a bit? Maybe he's physically weaker since he spends all his time studying magic - just something that would bring him a bit closer to the norm.

Tied to that is his weaknesses - are there any branches of magic he isn't so good at? Potions, herbology, divination? Charms? A character can very rarely have too many weaknesses, I've found.

Hope that didn't get too long, and I hope to accept you soon!
Keith Nicholas

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CROSS, Alex Damian Empty Re: CROSS, Alex Damian

Post by Alex Cross Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:44 am

Edits made, and don't worry about it your fine. Doing your job.
Alex Cross
Alex Cross
First Year Hufflepuff
First Year Hufflepuff

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CROSS, Alex Damian Empty Re: CROSS, Alex Damian

Post by Keith Nicholas Thu Nov 08, 2012 3:59 am

Wow, that's awesome! Thanks for the changes - and remember, you can always have your character overcome his newfound limits via RP. As long as you build it up over time and keep it realistic, nobody should have a problem with it.

Accepted, and sorted into...

Alex sat on the stool as the Sorting Hat was placed on his head, the too-large black folds falling to cover his eyes. A voice, emanating as if from inside his own mind (but most certainly not his own) whispered to him...

"Alex Cross, Alex Cross, Alex Cross," it said. "A new name, but a familiar mind. I remember your mother and uncle before you...I sorted them both, you know, such talented children, such are talented as well Alex, and I can see your life before you. Two long for knowledge, but also recognition. You crave both strength and wisdom. Which will it be, Alex? Which path will you begin on?" The voice fell silent for a moment, as if listening to an answer only it could hear. "Well then," it said finally. "I believe you'll find your home in

Keith Nicholas

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