GREYBACK, Ariel Damian
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GREYBACK, Ariel Damian

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GREYBACK, Ariel Damian Empty GREYBACK, Ariel Damian

Post by Peter Howard Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:57 pm

GREYBACK, Ariel Damian 25605518

Ariel Damian Greyback


    FULL NAME: Ariel Damian Greyback.

    NICKNAMES: Ari, ‘My little lion tamer’.

    AGE: Seventeen.

    ALLEGIANCE: His Allegiance is to himself. He has no ‘master’.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin.

    WAND TYPE: Ivy, Kelpie Hair Core, 12¾ inches.

    PLAY BY: Boyd Holbrook.


    HAIR COLOR: Platinum Blonde.

    EYE COLOR: Pale Blue.

    HEIGHT: 6 ft. 1.

    BODY TYPE: Slender, Delicate.

    The animal in Fenrir was the person he became on the outside as he aged. That hideousness would have and should have been reflected in his children but Ariel did not inherit that darkness. May we eternally thank Merlin for that. In comparison to his father nowadays, Ariel is a great beauty. In him it is easy to see why his father fell for his mother as hard as he did. The woman, however, insists that it is Fenrir’s beauty that Ariel has inherited, not hers. Her beauty was always loud and very apparent where as Fenrir’s was subtle, like Ariel’s. Ariel is sceptical of that, however. He prefers to delude himself into believing that he has gained nothing from Fenrir besides the ‘curse’. He’d rather believe that he was his mother’s son in everything, including his appearance, instead of having Fenrir shine through him.

    Whether Ariel likes it or not, he has inherited the subtle beauty that Fenrir once possessed but with that he has gained an aristocratic air about him, one that screams “I’m better than you.” He wants to exude something other than the werewolf. Oh yes, Fenrir was keen for his eldest son to follow in his paw-prints and gave Ariel what he believed to be a gift. The young man has never been a particularly agreeable werewolf. The dog has a particularly bad temper and is easily riled but he does not handle the Full Moon well. Neither dog nor human understands quite why they are being confined and as a result Ariel has an array of faded self-inflicted scars across his chest. They are long and quite becoming against his snow-white skin but that doesn’t detract from the fact that they are there. However, against his snow-white skin they are quite becoming.

    His state of dress is definitely better than some of the slobs that enter the Hogwarts Gates. Ariel takes pride in his appearance, hoping to dispel any werewolf theories – that’s his business, no one else’s. He is meticulous and likes to look good. He won’t have a hair out of place unless there is intent behind it. He could wear anything yet still look as put together as he would in a suit. No matter what he’s got on his body he still carries the conceited, arrogant air.

    Bar the scars, Ariel does have two other defining things about him. An elephant has been tattooed on the inside of his right wrist. What prompted him to get said tattoo is unknown, the reasons his own and no one else’s to hear. He also has an orchid tattooed on his lower back. The tattoo sits at the bottom of his spine and disappears into his waistline.


    + Amateur Stylist.
    + Calligraphy.
    + Manipulation.
    + Intelligent.
    + Methodical about absolutely everything.
    + Tactical.
    + Incredible sense of smell.
    + Fair Cook.
    + Quick Witted.
    + Duelling.

    + Arrogant.
    + Conceited.
    + Abrasive.
    + Stubborn.
    + Cruel.
    + Untrustworthy.
    + Possessive.
    + Self-conscious of appearance.
    + Vindictive.
    + Lack of sympathy towards others.
    + His mother.

    + His perfected appearance.
    + Exercise.
    + Adrenaline Rushes.
    + Being in Control.
    + Autumn.
    + Early morning.
    + Baiting people.
    + Gin and Tonic.
    + Orchids.
    + Raspberry Jam.

    + Rumours and Gossip he’s not in on.
    + Being underestimated.
    + Hot weather.
    + Overly-happy people.
    + Idiots.
    + Dirty Clothing.
    + House Elves.
    + Spilled Ink.
    + Poorly made food.
    + Quidditch.

    GOALS: To achieve..
    + Great Wealth,
    + Great Power
    + and prestige.

    + Ariel carries a mirror around with him everywhere to periodically check his appearance.
    + Ariel has a set of Blue Amber Kombolói which he will flip constantly to keep himself calm, relaxed or entertained during a particularly boring lecture.
    + Ariel stole a packet of chopsticks from the local Chinese a few years ago. Now, when he cooks Chinese at home he won’t let anyone have a knife and fork, only chopsticks.

    BOGGART: Looking Like His Father.
    His mother insists that it was the darkness in his soul that turned Fenrir into what he is today. That is something Ariel wants to avoid at all costs. He doesn’t consider himself to be evil yet he would never be the tagalong or the wannabe his father was under Lord Voldemort’s rule. Werewolf or not he doesn’t believe he’s the monster outwardly. He goes out of his way to perfect himself, to detract from the fact that he’s a born and bred dog with a bite to get things really going. He doesn’t resent what he is but he resents what’s on the horizon, what could happen. He could remember the animalistic look in his father’s eyes when Fenrir finally turned him. He doesn’t want to end up like that. He neither wants to be the animal, nor look like it.

    PATRONUS: Lion.
    Ariel draws his Patronus from the day his mother presented him with his set of Kombolói. His mother had taken him to Greece for a holiday so they could spend time with her family. His step-father was away with his children from a previous marriage so Ariel and his mother could spend some time together. They took a boat out to the mainland and entered a shop where they could watch the beads get strung and the tassels spun. When the Blue Amber was set into his hands he felt a surge of happiness and self-importance, one that he feels even today. He knows that it doesn’t matter how many children his mother has....he’ll always be the one she loves the most and it is that that he draws his happiness from. The fact that it takes the form of a lion is incredibly apt, perhaps too apt.

    DEMENTOR: His Mother Crying On The Staircase.
    Ariel didn’t trust his potential step-father from the moment the man stepped through the door. One particular night long after they assumed he was asleep he heard them arguing. He didn’t hear the content of the argument but he crept out of his room and watched as the man slammed the door behind him and left his wife crying on the stairs. Ariel did not move from his space in the shadows, he did not move to comfort her because he knew there was nothing he could do to console the woman that was always so strong, that was his rock. He was terrified of the thought of his mother being fragile. She was a strong element of his life....a force to be reckoned with. Yet...her crying on the stairs... it terrified him and feeling so useless...he didn’t know what to do.

    + Clean Bed Linen.
    + Autumn.
    + Orchids.
    + Raspberry Jam.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Sitting in his Gringott’s Vault surrounded by piles upon piles of Galleons.

    Ariel is the manipulative bastard he appears on the outside. It is no act, nothing to make people stay away from him. He truly is a foul, rotten child yet he still manages to attract positive attention to himself. He’s all about instant gratification and gratification in general. He’d possessive about everything and believes he should have things just because. There’s no rhyme nor reason, he just thinks he should and therefore puts effort into getting it.

    He is very conscious of his appearance, a trait which has blossomed of its own accord. He does everything in his power to remain perfect in the eyes of so many. He wants people to feel envious, to be jealous of his good looks. He wants to be admired but at the same time he wants people to leave him the hell alone. He finds humans insufferable, people insufferable. He sees everyone as being the same, the same carbon copy of the unique entity they wish to be. If they didn’t all look different then they’d be identical.

    Ariel is incredibly stubborn, hot-headed and vindictive. He doesn’t take insults lightly and takes things to heart, even the littlest of things he will remember and make sure he reminds that person of their wrongdoing. He’s hypocritical, hating people doing wrong with him in mind to be the victim yet he will destroy a person with just words if need be. He’s fork-tongued, is shaken by nothing but shakes everyone else. He will always remain collected and concise, never losing self-control.

    As hideous as his personality is, Ariel has one redeeming quality, the love he has for his mother. He has the capacity to hate, to make people suffer and to suffer himself but he’s not all bad, not really. All he’s ever known is his mother’s love and it’s the one thing he gravitates himself around. He would give up the world for the woman that raised him, would do anything for her. In her eyes she’s the same smiling baby boy he always was. When he is around her there are no signs of the manipulative, cruel creature that he is and acts around everyone else. He’s just his mother’s son. The boy that’ll cook on a Saturday when everyone else wants a take-away. The one that’ll get up early the next day and do the washing while everyone else sleeps. When he is at home, with his mother and his siblings, away from the places where he has to wear himself, he can strip down and throw the asshole into the hamper and just be the person he is. The nice, harmless person that he should be.


    FATHER: Fenrir Greyback.

    MOTHER: Fiona Mariatos.

    Orion Mariatos-Brenner, half-brother.
    Penelope Mariatos-Brenner, half-sister.

    Richard Brenner, Step-Dad.
    George Mariatos, Uncle.
    Phaedra Mariatos, Second-Cousin, Recently Deceased.

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-Blood.

    RACE: Werewolf.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle-Class.


    Early Years:
    Fiona and Fenrir were young and in love when Ariel was conceived. He wasn’t planned by any stretch of the imagination and both Fiona and Fenrir were sceptical when they discovered that she was expecting. But Fiona was adamant that he be kept and Fenrir agreed. He promised to stay with Fiona but circumstances made it so he couldn’t as he was captured by Aurors a few months into the pregnancy and he was sent to Azkaban awaiting trial. This changed the nature of Ariel’s life whether he realised it or not. In a bid to be closer to her lover, Fiona moved to the United Kingdom, settling in a small village in Scotland. But he was born without his father by his mother’s side. The man had broken out of Azkaban and hadn’t been seen since. He was presumed dead but Fiona knew better, that didn’t mean anyone else did though.

    Her son, Ariel, was born at approximately 7:00pm on a Sunday evening. There was no hospital, just a local midwife there to deliver. In her haze, Fiona spouted off the two names she’d been thinking of had the child been a girl or a boy: Ariel and Damian. So, the midwife noted it down, oblivious to the meanings. Ariel is of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God’s Lion’ or ‘Lion of God’. Damian is of Greek origin and means ‘to tame or subdue’. From the moment the midwife wrote the names down on the birth certificate in her untidy scrawl, to his mother he became her little Lion tamer, gaining the nickname Ari at the same time.

    Scotland was quite possibly the best place for Ariel to grow up. There was, in his opinion, no place better. He was a happy baby, innocent of the world’s darker side and he was bursting with magic. He would be forever levitating things and turning the light bulbs on and off. But he would get in the foulest of moods. His magic was incredibly versatile and would find interest in different things but it was incredibly in tune with his emotions and feelings. His playful side would come out in how he aligned his toys, what he made them do. Darker moods would see him lining them up in army formations he’d seen when Fiona’s brother George would stay over to watch the television. He’d create two armies and make them fight, horrifying his mother but amusing him to no end. As he got older he moved to bigger and better things, namely the furniture.

    When Richard came onto the scene, Ariel was eight-years-old. He’d discovered long ago that he was a little bit weird and he knew what he could do. Therefore when he found that his potential step-father was a Muggle he used his magic hoping to scare the man away. He wasn’t his mum’s favourite person as a result of that but he truly wanted to make her see that Richard wasn’t good for her. But she didn’t exactly discover that until it was too late and they were married. Perhaps it was that that made Ari so resentful and selfish but he saw Richard as a threat. He loved his mother above all and the man was stealing her away from him. That didn’t bode well for Richard in anyone’s language.

    When Ariel was nine his father happened upon him. Fenrir had been watching Fiona for a long time and was saddened to see that she’d moved on. So he sought to spite her and when Ariel was out playing, he took him and bit him, injecting the amount of the curse needed to turn his son. Fiona was devastated and hated Fenrir for doing that to her boy. Richard was sickened by it, not understanding what was happening to his step-son. Ariel was merely smug, glad that he had been changed and glad that Richard was disgusted. He spent a lot of time in the basement after that. Every full moon his step-father would lock him down there and he’d sit, staring at the man who watched him, holding his shotgun close to his chest in case Ariel got out of control. It wasn’t until he actually broke out of the basement that Fiona put her foot down and told Richard that Ariel needed to run. By then he was already ten and Hogwarts was on the horizon, as was the prospect of a new brother or sister.

    Hogwarts Years:
    Hogwarts was salvation for Ariel but he didn’t forget to leave something behind for Richard to remember him by while he was gone. During the full moon before he began Hogwarts, Ariel killed a rabbit, decapitated it and put the head in his step-father’s underwear drawer for him to find on September 1st. Which, if his mother’s letter is anything to go by, he did.

    For Ariel, Hogwarts was one big adventure he couldn’t get enough of. It was there that he became refined and the disgusting creature he is today. He learned to watch people, to understand them and read their body language. That way he formed his own way of holding himself, gaining an air of arrogance about him. He learned to walk a certain way with his head held high as if he was looking down his nose at people, even those taller than him.

    Ariel is no book worm yet he gained his intelligence from studying, learning things many didn’t bother to until their professor set the assignment. He was a smart boy anyway with a lot of magical capabilities yet he had a strong desire to learn, to be better than others. But as he did that he closed himself off from people, learned to feel contempt for them and their idiocy. He explored the world that was his to explore and forged himself an outward appearance. The mask of what he was becoming: a foul bastard.

    It was in the summer before his sixth year that he finally did away with the man that asked his mother every year why the school couldn’t keep him for the entire year. He framed Richard for the murder of Elsie Burrows, an elderly woman that conveniently got herself run over the week before he arrived at home. The police had no leads to Ariel strategically placed clues where he knew they’d find them and eventually led them back to Richard. He was arrested two weeks into the holiday, fast in anyone’s terms. He was tried and sent to prison with thirty-five years hanging over his head. Ariel consoled his mother but was inwardly grinning a grin that could rival the Cheshire cats. He looked after his siblings while she went to see Richard and he went to visit the man during the weekends, giving his mother the excuse that he was going to the library. There he would taunt him, tease him and it was there that he revealed to Richard exactly what he did. Richard tried to tell the police but upon looking back at the tapes they found Ariel talking about shampoos Fiona was going to send.


    YOUR NAME: Amy.

    RP EXPERIENCE: A year! (:

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I don’t know, guys. Stop asking me – I can’t remember.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Rob, Jen, Eli, Rafi, Cy, Narcissa, Aimee.

    RP SAMPLE: *runs away*

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awesome app. you have this down to a fine art, don't you?

accepted and sorted into slytherin

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