DUPONT, Véronique Louisa
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DUPONT, Véronique Louisa

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DUPONT, Véronique Louisa Empty DUPONT, Véronique Louisa

Post by Véronique Dupont Mon Mar 27, 2023 7:46 pm

DUPONT, Véronique Louisa OsEAukB






FULL NAME: Véronique Louisa Dupont


AGE: July 6th 2016, fifth year

ALLEGIANCE: Potter's Army. 


CLASSES: Divination is her favourite, others she doesn’t care about as much.

WAND: Cherry, Unicorn Tail Hair, 10 Inches, Flexible

PLAY BY: Alisha Newton






HEIGHT: Average for her age

BODY TYPE: Pretty average, a bit on the less curvey/more rectangle side though.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Véronique has dark brown hair that goes past her shoulders - not wavy or curly, but not quite straight either. Just annoying enough that you have to either straighten or curl it to make it look properly done (no natural waves or anything!). She wouldn’t be considered either extremely pretty or ugly by most people (though those who love her would say otherwise) and doesn’t have any major distinguishing features.When she’s happy she has a massive smile that lights up her whole face, and at Hogwarts she generally is so. 





Good at Diviation (being a Seer helps!).
Thinking outside the box, she’s very creative.
She’s a good listener.


She’s overly keen to make friends.
Can get very one-track-minded when she wants something.
Never admits she’s wrong.


Learning new things.


Being ignored/left out.
Quidditch (or anything sporty or outdoorsy in general).
Talking about her family (outside of her grandmother).


Become a proper Seer.
Get good grades in OWLs and NEWTs.
Try and find a friend at Hogwarts.

BOGGART: Being abandoned by her friends/family.

PATRONUS: When she was allowed to go to Hogwarts with her grandmother and spend a few weeks in England early together.

DEMENTOR: Losing her abilities as a Seer.


MIRROR OF ERISED: Her family supporting her as a Seer in England,


Véronique, often known as Vee to her friends, is a people person at heart. She wants to be surrounded by friends at school, as well as doing well in her exams. She’ll usually be found in the common room chatting, or sometimes in the library working - though she’ll often be the one being told off for talking! She’s not the bookworm you’d stereotypically think of as a Ravenclaw, but more the one with new and interesting ideas.

She’s very creative, which helps with her interpreting her visions that she receives. This also helps in her lessons as she’s good at problem solving and finding interesting ways to learn and constantly improve her magic across all subjects. WHile she is a Seer, she likes to keep that separate from her friends as she worries about it ruining her friendships.




MOTHER: Marie Lydia Dupont (née Tiquelle) is a half-blood witch born November 19th, 1993. She went to Hogwarts in 2005 and graduated in 2012. She met someone at a Tri-Wizard tournament during her fifth year in Hogwarts, a guy named Jean-Claude Benoît Dupont. They stayed together through her final two years at Hogwarts, then he proposed once she graduated. She said yes, and they married the following summer, on May 18th, 2013. They currently live in France together.

FATHER: Jean-Claude Benoît Dupont, born March 9th 1992. He married Marie Lydia Dupont (née Tiquelle) on July 18th 2013, and the couple now live in France with their children.

BROTHER: Phillipe Benoît Dupont born April 29th 2014, currently thirteen and in his sixth year at Beauxbatons Academy.

SISTER: Émilie Lydia Dupont, born October 16th 2020, currently eleven and in her first year at Beauxbatons Academy.

GRANDMOTHER: Jemma Louisa Tiquelle, known as Nanny Jemma to Véronique, is a half-blood witch, July 19th, 1964. [Full details of her in her application HERE].

GRANDPARENTS: Henri Benoît Dupont and Gisele Marie Dupont, Pépé and Mémé to Véronique, are her grandparents on her father’s side who she lived with for her childhood.

BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood.

RACE: Human.

SOCIAL STATUS: Well-off, from a pureblood family with their own estate in France.

PET(S): None






Early Years:

Véronique grew up on the Dupont family estate in France. She grew up with her siblings, her parents, her grandparents and often saw various aunts, uncles and cousins. Despite being part of a large family though, she often didn’t really feel like she belonged there. Her older brother Phillipe was often favoured - he was popular, and was the firstborn male so was heir to the Dupont estate, and everyone loved him. Her little sister Émilie was the baby of the family and everyone always doted on her. She could do no wrong and Émilie definitely revelled in all of the attention. Then there was Véronique in the middle, often feeling a bit left out of the family. This wasn’t entirely due to middle child stereotypes, but also due to her apparent Seer ability.

She first started to discover her ability when she was a child, but she never said anything for years. She vaguely knew her grandmother was a Seer, but nobody talked about her mother’s family ever. She had asked once and it made her mother upset so she never asked again. Then she started to get dreams, at first she thought it was coincidences, then far too many of them turned out to be true. She had a couple of visions, but mostly her thoughts came to her overnight.

It wasn’t until one terrible vision when she was seven, which later turned out to be true, that her family realised she was a Seer. At first everyone was so overwhelmed by the tragedy that nobody gave Véronique a second thought. However, a few weeks later, her little sister commented on how funny it was that Véronique warned everyone about what happened. There had been a few occasions in the past where she had mentioned things that came true, but only on occasion. However this had gotten her mother curious. Her mother knew the signs, after all, she was raised by a Seer. For the first time in ages, Véronique’s mother sought her out for a private conversation and asked Véronique if she had seen any of these things coming. Véronique was a terrible liar anyway, not that she would have lied in the moment. She told her mother the truth, hoping that she would still love her anyway - she knew the Dupont attitude towards things like this. Unfortunately, that was not was not exactly the case.

Everyone started treating her differently. Some people pestered her for answers about the future, like her little sister. Some just tried to avoid her, like her father, her grandparents and her brother. Her mother was a bit all over the place, unsure how to deal with her. Véronique desperately tried to talk to anyone who would listen, but apart from her sister nobody seemed to want to talk to her. Her mother would, but anytime anything relating to her being a Seer came up she hastily changed the topic. Véronique was having a really tough time, this event seemed to unlock something inside of her and she was having visions at weird times and was in a really bad mental state - something needed to be done. After much persuasion by her mother, the family reluctantly agreed to invite Véronique’s Seer grandmother, Jemma Tiquelle, to spend some time with Véronique, to hopefully help her handle the situation.

When Véronique was eight, she met her Nanny (Jemma Tiquelle) for the first time (at least that she could remember, apparently they met when she was a baby before) when she visited for the summer. Véronique instantly clicked with her, she wanted to know everything about being a Seer and her Nanny was happy to share. The rest of the family wasn’t quite as welcome to Jemma, the Dupont family itself was never a big believer in Divination and Prophecies, so Véronique and her grandmother ended up becoming very close. Her grandmother even moved to France for a couple of years when she was nine, as there were various problems in England and Véronique needed to learn more about being a Seer. Jemma stayed in a small cottage near the estate, which Véronique frequented so they could spend time together away from the rest of the family.

Then, the summer before school, when all the letters arrived, there was a bit of a surprise. Her brother got his book list as usual, but everyone was expecting Véronique to get her invite for Beauxbatons. Well, she did, but she also got a letter from Hogwarts. This caused many arguments in her family. From ‘She is a Dupont, she needs to go to Beauxbatons.’ to ‘She is barely a Dupont anyway with that Seer blood in her.’. Her Nanny was the only one who asked her what she wanted. That was the Dupont was of course, family first, individual wants never mattered. Her Nanny had also been invited to teach at Hogwarts again (she frequently got asked to return to teach Divination as she did in the past, but had been too busy over the last few years). Véronique decided she wanted to go to Hogwarts if her Nanny was teaching, and her Nanny seemed happy to take the job offer this time. The rest of the family eventually conceded, though not necessarily for the right reasons, and Véronique was off to Hogwarts!

She spent a few weeks in London with her Nanny before school, and she had the best time of her life. She shopped for all her school items, she stayed in a flat and learnt lots more about being a Seer and could actually do some of the Divination by herself now! For the first time in her life, she felt free.

Hogwarts Years:

Véronique was excited, though nervous, to start at Hogwarts. She desperately wanted to make friends, she loved being around people and felt abandoned by her family so needed some good friendships to help her through school. She felt a bit out of place, worried her accent and her being a Seer might make her stand out, but she did manage to make some friends eventually.




ALIAS: Jemma

OTHER CHARACTERS: Jemma Tiquelle, Davina Corrispur (deceased) & Véronique Dupont.

CONTACT: Message me on Jemma Tiquelle or on discord

RP EXPERIENCE: All on PA since 2007!

HOW YOU FOUND US: Searching Ravenclaw avatars on Google.

Véronique Dupont
Véronique Dupont
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Post by Jack Dyllan Mon Mar 27, 2023 9:18 pm


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