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Jack Dyllan

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Post by Jack Dyllan Fri Jun 28, 2019 2:21 pm

Name: Jack Rachel Dyllan
Age: 17
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Playby: Jane Levy
Appearance: Jack usually has an untidy mop of red hair, muggle clothes thrown on haphazardly (jeans and baseball tee’s being her favorite) and bright green eyes. She has a military jacket she wears consistently. This year, Jack has arrived to school with her usual mop dyed PITCH BLACK. (Scandal!!!) The dye job isn't great and she hasn't bothered explaining it. Jack looks considerably stronger this year, with muscle definition in her arms and stomach when she flexes. She's average height, a bit slight without much to show for in the curves department, but she strikes an imposing figure.

Demeanor: When you shake Jack’s hand, you’ll most certainly notice her hands are calloused and her grip is strong.
She doesn’t wear perfume, but she tries to stay clean, so you’ll probably smell the sweet tinge of grass and the tang of broom polish.
She holds her wand strong in her fist, but twirls it between her middle three fingers to execute wand movements.
Her head instinctively turns in the direction of noise.
She has a low, growl-y sort of voice, and a barking sort of laugh.
If she has her knapsack with her, she has supplies to pull off some sort of stunt.

FASHION, OR LACK THEREOF: Jeans, military jackets, grey t-shirts, loose fitting tank tops, plaid button ups, Hogwarts gear, Quidditch team sweaters, baseball tees, short combat boots, converse, jean button-ups, beanies.

Enneagram Type: Type 8 with a 7 Wing

Facts Known About Character:
-muggleborn with a permanent seat in detention
-When she first came to Hogwarts she was constantly getting in fights - she now saves that for the Bludgers.... usually
-class clown
-pocketful of Wheezes products at all times

Rumors Known About Character:
-ummm gurl went crazy and dyed her hair??? What is that about?
-some sort of psycho? Obviously has anger problems but is almost an aggressive class clown
-supposedly hoping to recruited by a pro Quidditch team? Some claim she is is secretly practicing like crazy
-does she have any actual friends? The few people who seem to be friends usually get annoyed under the weight of her humor and pranks

Miriam Dyllan - mother
Howard Dyllan - father
Riley Dyllan - brother
Charlie Dyllan - little cousin, in custody of her parents.

Jack was born to a very religious mother and a very weak willed father. Jack has always rebelled against the traditional life forced upon her and her siblings, often sneaking out to hang out with kids on the block, and often getting pretty roughly disciplined for her lies.

When she began to show signs of magic, she was subjected to multiple meetings with her mother’s pastor. When it turned out her daughter was a bonafide witch, Jack’s mom went ballistic and quickly became a very hateful, aggressive presence. Jack was desperate to get to Hogwarts where she could breathe, and she was hit with the word Mudblood on day three. It lasted for about a month before she punched the offender in the mouth, and he never dared again. At home, she was the Other, at school, she was the Other. But she had found a method that worked for her.

Jack took up the position of Beater largely to outgrow and outmuscle her mother. Jack has given up trying to report her mother, concerned that being taken out of the home will leaver her younger cousin Charlie (who lives with them) to bear the brunt of it.

She hasn’t done exceptionally well in school, though she has a knack for potions and care of magical creatures, and is one of the better duellers in the dueling club. She’s made friends of sorts but tends to pull away - she’s not sure why herself. She considers herself a lone wolf and is a little terrified of leaving Hogwarts, as unkind as it has been to her at times. She’s never really had public opinion fully on her side, she’s trouble to the professors, and she’s not a great student. But unless she finds a way to make good money, she can’t get out of her parents house immediately, and she can’t fight for custody of her younger cousin. Which, as of now, is the plan. No one knows about her homelife and she doesn’t plan to change that.

The black hair is her latest rebellion. Dear ol’ Mom called her a product of Sin and Satan and Jack… well, she couldn’t resist.

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Jack Dyllan
Jack Dyllan
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Sixth Year Gryffindor

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Jack Dyllan Empty Re: Jack Dyllan

Post by Khaat Lupin Fri Jun 28, 2019 8:26 pm

I like the new developments for her, and I'm looking forward to see how she deals with them. Looks good to me!
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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