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DYLLAN, Jaquellene

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DYLLAN, Jaquellene Empty DYLLAN, Jaquellene

Post by Jaquellene Jack Dyllan Sat Jun 26, 2010 11:21 pm

DYLLAN, Jaquellene Tumblr_nzdsknHCx61ufp31zo3_540



NICKNAMES/ALIAS:  Her name. Is. Jack.

AGE: 23. 11 July 2006.

Gryffindor Quidditch

Falmouth Falcons

The Order of the Phoenix
Oliver Connelly

The Knight’s Watch

The Department of Mysteries
The Department of Control and Regulation of Magical Creatures

The Potter-Weasley Clan
Ariel Greyback
Maximus Morrison
Claire Bishop
Aaron Marcheti
Nemo Omara

Jack is careful with her alliances, but considers anyone an ally if they are someone she would rush to the rescue of at any point in time. This actually means she’s loyal to pretty much the whole of the country, but these groups and individuals have largely retained her loyalty.

HOGWARTS HOUSE: former-Gryffindor.

”There are two schools of thought regarding the placement of students into the houses at Hogwarts. Though each school has their own placement system, recent years have seen the development of the idea that a student may choose which house he or she belongs to. Before this view, the unchallenged thought was that the hat was able to look inside a child’s brain and see the traits that defined their actions, and were likely to shape them into adults. Furthermore, it explored the intentions of their child. Were they based in the collection of knowledge? In the keeping of promises? In the pursuit of success? In the defense of the defenseless?

Where the idea came that the student has a choice in the matter is, as of now, still of unknown origin. Though some source it to the platitudes of a famous wizard to a nervous child (very likely an urban myth meant to soothe the fears of incoming first years) this writer chooses not to postulate beyond these claims. Whatever the origin, it is now a commonly held belief that the Sorting Hat takes into account the preference of the child being sorted.

An interview with the hat seems implausible, as it does not seem interested in explaining its methods, and its sentience has earned it the respect to not be tested unwillfully. A new theory has arisen and one that provides a marriage between these two schools of thought. Perhaps the most important note the hat makes of a child’s character is not a list of traits the child currently possesses, or which house appeals to them, but the characteristics they value. A shy child who desires to be brave may be placed in Gryffindor where they might be challenged to overcome great challenges. A muggleborn with no prior knowledge of the magical world may strive to learn all they can, and Ravenclaw can help form their character along their intellectual journey.

This makes us once again consider the importance of these houses, these potentially divisive labels, these words that we may project upon ourselves and others. Just an eleven year old might aspire to greatness through what they value and find themselves in a house that suits their needs, it is true that this same child, still developing and much at the mercy of an unformed frontal lobe, may choose to value the very traits that work against their favor, putting them not in the house not that simultaneously accepts and challenges them, but in the house that steeps them in these misdirected values without the breadth of personalities that can help them reevaluate what is important to them. This child finds themselves trapped in a mindset that only reaffirms that this is the way they must be.”

-Eleanor Flay, Philosophy of British Magic Society

WAND: Willow, dragon heart string, thirteen inches, rigid.

PLAY BY: Bryce Dallas Howard


THE BODY: Jack has somehow achieved a towering stature despite being five foot three. She’s rather short, all considered, but she is one of those people who seems much larger than she is. Much of it has to do with her reputation and how she strikes people, but she also has a very strong stance, often with squared shoulders and feet at shoulder’s width apart. She also has a relatively muscular body from her years as a Quidditch player, her training as an Unspeakable, and from her habit of running a few miles each morning. She has a nice layer of muscle throughout her limbs, and is proportionate despite her short stature. Her stride is short and quick, with a bit of an assertive swagger thrown in.

An inch or so above her right hipbone is a short, thick scar, and on her left shoulder is a thin, long scar. Both are knife wounds inflicted by Vito Dee Symons.

THE HEAD: The first thing people notice about Jack is her crazy mop of red hair. As a student, her hair rarely went combed or treated and often took on the form of a lion’s mane of sorts. On the few days where she has a day to herself, she lets the mane go free, but she has let her hair grow out so she can get it out her face. She doesn’t wear makeup most of the time, choosing only to indulge in eyeliner and mascara on occasion, on the days where her pale skin looks gaunt. Active and outdoorsy as she is, she doesn’t hold much color, though her arms get freckled during the summers. Her face has sharpened over the years and she holds her head high. Her green eyes are sharp but have lost a bit of their brightness. Insomnia and her unhappiness have created permanent dark circles under her eyes, and she looks much older than she actually is.

When Jack actually smiles, everything changes. Her face was a face that was made to laugh, having been cemented in lines of exhaustion from years of disappointment and danger.  But when genuinely happy or tickled, her face brightens, her eyes sparkle, and she will bark a laugh. There could be a real softness in her if she really cares.

She has three thin scars on her head. Two reach from her her scalp and cross just passed the hairline - one from a duel with Nerezza Ferruccio, the other from banging her head on the ground while dodging a killing curse from Vito. The third runs perpendicular to these two, and occurred on her final trip to Hogwarts when the train was attacked.  

THINGS YOU MIGHT NOTICE: When you shake Jack’s hand, you’ll most certainly notice her hands are calloused and her grip is strong.
She doesn’t wear perfume, but she tries to stay clean, so you’ll probably smell the sweet tinge of hay and the tang of broom polish.
She holds her wand strong in her fist, but twirls it between her middle three fingers to execute wand movements.
Her head often turns in the direction of noise.
She has a low, growl-y sort of voice, and a barking sort of laugh.
Not resting bitch face, per se, but she doesn’t usually look approachable.
She wears a chain around her neck that features a gold chess piece, and a silver wedding band.
She still carries around that stupid knapsack.

FASHION, OR LACK THEREOF: Jeans, military jackets, red leather jackets, grey t-shirts, plaid button ups, Hogwarts alumni gear, baseball tees, short combat boots, converse, jean button-ups, beanies.


Complicated morals
Empathetic – see history
Fearless, seemingly
Hero complex
No-bullshit attitude
Paranoid at times

+Comfort food
+A good fight
+Horror films
+Animals, the more dangerous the better

-Most government
-Most factions
-Most people
-All that pureblood superiority bull
-Overly sensitive people
-Self indulgent people
-Traditional romance
-Being called Jaquellene – Ari excepted, sort of.




FATHER: Gregory Dyllan, muggle.

MOTHER: Rae Dyllan, nee Morris, muggle.

SIBLING/S: Riley Dyllan, 28.

Skye Thomas, Riley’s long-term girlfriend and baby-mama, 27.
Kipling Parsons, half-brother, 28.

COUSINS & OTHER: Chip Martin, uncle, presumed deceased in 2024.
Elliot Cartwright, cousin, son to Chip, deceased in 2024.
Charlotte Dyllan, cousin, daughter to Chip, 19.


SOCIAL STATUS: It’s a little odd. It would probably be best to describe her as middle class, as her financial situation constantly fluctuates. There has been times where she had to scrimp to get by, and other times, she found herself able to invest copious sums into her car. She came out of a middle class family.



PROLOGUE:  Gregory Dyllan was not an exceptional man on paper. He had gotten decent grades, was in business school, and was setting his sights on getting to some sort of management position eventually to be able to support himself. But Gregory was a kind man, a quietly sensitive one, with soft eyes and a patient, if tired spirit. He was easily captured, and lived for the quiet hour at the end of the day when he could settle into a chair and do something he loved – for awhile, it was model-building.

Two women in his life have captured him – one in the beautiful metaphorical sense, and another almost quite literally. Raelyn Connoly was a tough as nails woman, born of a traditional father and a weak-willed mother, who pendulated between wealth and poverty her entire childhood. This instability had become a seed within her, and while Gregory was initially attracted to her for her strong spirit, it was this spirit that began working to destroy his. Rae seemed intent on establishing the dominance her mother never had, whilst also making high demands on Gregory as a breadwinner. Their life had already been forged together by the heat of Rae’s aggression, so it finally got to the point where Gregory ought to marry her.

During their engagement, Gregory met Luciana Parsons, a gentle witch (of course he had no idea what magic was and she played the part well) who had been thrown into his life quite by accident. Gentle, wonderfully intelligent, exceedingly funny, Gregory began building up the courage it would take to leave Rae and really pursue things with Luci. A week before the wedding, however, Rae did something ever so kind and gave Gregory a pre-wedding present. It was a positive pregnancy test. Gregory was too good a guy. After the wedding, he never saw Luci again.

Riley Dyllan was the much needed outlet Rae needed. No person has zero kindness within them and, before long, it needs to be directed somewhere. So all that she denied her husband was soon lavished upon Riley, though much in the form of gifts and overprotection and insistence that he was the most perfect child to ever exist. Riley certainly was an easy child. Rarely cried, reacting pleasantly to his mother’s doting, prompt in all of his milestones.

For four years, Rae got used to this dynamic. She had the man that provided for her needs, allowed her to stay at home with her precious child, and did not flinch under her barrages, just accepted the duties placed upon him. And she had her little man who greedily took all of her smothering and mothering. Her life was perfect.

And that was when Jack ruined everything.  

EARLY YEARS: Jaquellene was also a surprise birth but this time was a shared surprise – yes. Riley’s unexpected arrival was not so unexpected by Rae, who had suspected her fiancée had been pulling away. Was this new child karma? This child who had bits of Gregory and Rae’s mother’s hair, all reminders or the people who had been points of disgust for Rae. Rae felt threatened by this new child, as she looked nothing like her mother, as she seemed to be a consequence… and all of her concerns were confirmed when Gregory looked into their finances and informed Rae she would have to work at least part time.

Jack and Riley were enrolled in daycares. Riley functioned as expected, right around average, well-liked by the other children. Jack was exceedingly calm in the arms of a stranger, though not exactly cuddly. Her preference was to have some sort of manipulative toy in her hands, something to work on and change and move. One of the women at the daycare had an emotional support dog that came to work with her, and the young redhead bonded with the dog more than any other child or even teacher. It was at the behest of one of the teacher’s that Gregory rescued the little terrier Jack would come to name Scottie, and Rae would come to hate.

At home, Jack was vocal. Her mother did not like to hold her, but when she did – usually to keep Jack out of the cabinets – her arms were stiff and cold. Jack did not scream or cry or writhe. She looked her mother dead in the face and also went rigid, back straight as a board, impossible to hold comfortably. Gregory only once broached the subject of this apparent mother/daughter war. Rae swore that it was Jack’s fault, she was a difficult child, and Rae knew what she was doing. Jack pooped on her mother.

Despite these assertions, Jack met her milestones quickly. She was running about by ten months old, talking relatively coherently by a year. She did not say much, mostly keeping to herself and exploring the backyard. Gregory was never around and Jack had little interest in him. Rae had all but given up. So it was Riley who bore the burden of her main companion. He did so well, and the two got along exceedingly well.

Jack entered “big girl” school but found it difficult to concentrate. When she did find the motivation to do her assignments, her instructors were pleasantly surprised at the results. However, no one was patient enough to mine for the complications, as the girl spent any free time she had being disciplined. Sloppy as she was, and with a distant mother, Jack often showed up to school with a shirt inside out, or sneaker’s tracking mud in. Her classmates jumped on the opportunity to pick on the loud girl who saved every spider at risk of being squashed, and Jack never let these verbal assaults go unpunished. Hitting, shoving, punching, and stomping were all in her file. Which, of course, fueled the fires to antagonize her.

And there were other things too. One time, she went to pick a stray flower that had somehow appeared in the cracks of the concrete play yard, and as her classmates approached, it burst into flames. Another time, a cat wandered in from outside and as Jack pet it, the cat’s fur turned steadily green. There were times where she appeared on top of the fences or the play structures, impossible heights for even one as adventurous as herself, and no one could account for how she had gotten there.  

These moments which might have been points of pride for wizarding parents were further evidence to Rae that this child was a punishment sent by… someone.

The holidays were miserable affairs at first. Her parents too busy or unwilling to do anything, Riley old enough to want to get ahead on his reading lists or to hang out with the neighbor boys, meant that Jack got to know every inch of her backyard. It was not until her Uncle Chip came around, needing a place to stay for a few nights while he waited for the restraining order on a vindictive ex to become legal, that Jack found any sort of excitement. Chip had made tons of money through gambling and other seedy pursuits, and had homes and connections all over the world. Jack began to spend the summers camping and fell in love with it. By her early teens, she and Chip could show up at Chip’s treehouse out in the middle of nowhere with only a box of matches and a length of rope.

Her summers also got much better the summer of her eighth birthday when she was introduced to her cousin, Elliot, son of Chip. Elliot did not seem please to be reunited with his father, but took on some strange obligation to befriend his youngest cousin. The two got along and Elliot had a tickling suspicion that Jack was magical, like him, but could not find an opening to prep her parents.

So yeah… That hit rather hard.

They were on a vacation when the professor came. Things were already bad. Chip had joined them but a huge fight broke out between him and Rae, and the latter demanded he leave and never come back. Tough words turned on Jack, who had made the week difficult with more of her hijinks – all soon to be explained by a man who claimed to teach something called Herbology – and was now currently demanding she accompany Chip, as the kennel has just called Gregory to inform them that Scottie the dog was mysteriously, and what seemed to be seriously injured. The ten year old was expressive, to say the least, in her insistence that the dog’s life take priority.

When Professor Longbottom spoke to her, it was like a light had been turned on inside of her. Everything made sense, and the explanation for all of the unexplained so far in her life were enough to convince even her stubborn parents. She could feel herself being freed, and could see a future in which she roamed the halls of this elusive castle, where she made friends because she was no longer too strange, too loud, too big. She would be just right surrounded by her peers, she would be better at subjects for which her body was prepared.

But when she allowed her ten-year-old brain come back down from the stars, a place her practical nature rarely let her venture, she found the harsh light of truth smothering her happiness. Her parents had no interest in helping her, were refusing the stipend that could be granted to poor students, refusing to speak with someone above his rank. If their daughter was disabled by magic, Rae said, they would place her in a reform school where it would be worked out of her system, thank you.

The quiet anger that had been forming bubbled over when Rae slammed the door in her face, and the word freak was spat out at her.

A bang and Rae was sporting a nosebleed of no tangible origin, and Jack was out of their vacation house. Her feet carried her to the cliffside and she somehow made it down the dangerous cliff with ease – once again, magic was throbbing through her body. She unleashed her fury and hatred against the sea, letting it sap out of her as she saw her life stolen from her. Professor Longbottom had followed her, and gathered her up when her strength failed her, exhausted as she was from the accidental magical expenditure. He took her back to her parents…

And never noticed the figure that had suddenly and inexplicably appeared on the beach.

Time passed. They came home. Jack was preparing for something, she wasn’t sure what. But her room was packed up and her mind was set on not staying.

It was Chip who came to the rescue. Prodded and informed by his own son, who had discovered Jack’s pitiful situation, Chip donated enough money to ensure his niece went to the school that would truly appreciate her. Rae had given up on fighting, and Gregory made the case that a boarding school meant she did not have to work during the school year, as they were not paying. Rae released her daughter and Jack was taken to Diagon by Elliot, who ensured she had everything she needed, even if most of it came secondhand – he was a man who believed in thrift, so even if Chip had the money for the newest and the best, Elliot could not give his father the satisfaction of being the savior of the situation.

Jack didn’t care. She was going away. For nine months, she would not have to see her mother, she would not be going to school with those horrible children. Everything was changing. She felt different, felt connected to the world.

The day came. Her father wasn’t home, Rae refused to say a word, and Riley gave his sister an awkward hug before Elliot picked her up and took her to the station.

HOGWARTS YEARS: Jack had developed a love for exploring through her various camp expeditions, but her arrival at Hogwarts was a whole new level. This was a new world and she was going to be taught how to be apart of it! She didn’t mind that while she was on the train, no one talked to her. She didn’t noticed that she managed to get in a boat with only two other people, and they were already too good of friends to notice her. She was too busy taking in the racing landscape, trailing her fingers over the water of the Great Lake.

She had been given the down low on all of the houses from Elliot. Having been bullied by Slytherins, Elliot had developed in Jack a prejudice against House Green that was only confirmed when she heard a fellow first year pledge his loyalty to the house because of his undying hatred for mudbloods. He caught her staring at the term and clarified. “People with muggle parents.” It was a prejudice she would struggle to overcome.

She thought it was a no-brainer that she was meant to be Gryffindor. She was adventurous, brave, daring, stubborn. And yet, the hat deliberated. She was by no means the hardest choice for the hat, but she was surprised at the fragments of thoughts that the hat uttered, before finally conceding “but really, I suppose it only makes sense… It would follow… GRYFFINDOR.”

Jack did not make many friends. She spent most of her time exploring, taking in the school. Though she revered the school and magic and all she had access too, it did not take long for her track record to continue at Hogwarts. Caught out of bed wandering, on the grounds after hours, plunging into the Forbidden Forest, browsing professor’s offices when she had not been invited. She spent a lot of time prepping potions ingredients, polishing trophies, and organizing the caretaker’s office.

It was during one of these sessions that she began snooping and discovered a map…    

Yes, this was the Marauder’s Map. It had been tucked into a file that explained how to use it, and the plans for it, which were to keep it hidden and out of the hands of children. Jack obviously kept it and once she realized the gem it was, did some digging. The map became much more treasured to her when she discovered that it had been handled by Harry Potter, by James Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black – all who had become heroes to her, as the wizarding war was a particular point of interest for her. It was the names of Fred and George that were less familiar to her, so she did her research…

And wow, if she didn’t find a pair of role models.

Their role in the war, their shop that still stood… both were points of respect. But the legacy they left at Hogwarts hit her hard. It didn’t take much snooping to hear peers tell stories of their parents who had gone to school with the Weasley twins, tales of fireworks, tales of beards, tales of toilet seats… It was with laughter and wonderment that these stories were told, and there wasn’t a soul who didn’t seem to respect them. She sought to continue the legacy, and found she had a bit of a knack for it.

It wasn’t just pranking she seemed to have a talent for. By her second year, she was a Beater on the Gryffindor team. Her natural aggression carried that bat through soaring arcs, and her determination to distinguish herself and further the legacy she intended for her years in Hogwarts (her interest in Beating was a pure coincidence to her respect for the Weasley twins) made her into a competitive player. She was yet to make any actual friends, but she had teammates, and she had respectful rivalries. James Potter seemed taken with her talent, and Fred Weasley II (yeah, guess who she secretly admired) enjoyed prodding her into a rage. She found Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter to be some of her most challenging opponents, and she soon noticed, people forgave her personality the better she played. She didn’t need their approval, but she certainly enjoyed their applause. The real thrill, however, was the manipulation of the heavy Bludger.  

So the first five years of her schooling passed thus. She practiced Quidditch until her hands practically became five-fingered callouses, she made mischief and suffered her punishments with minimal complaints, and spent her time in class considering the next time she would do either. During this time, she didn’t develop any real friendships, the closest being her relationship with her teammates.

Now, one relationship did distinguish itself before this time. During her summers, Jack kept up her usual tradition of exploration and camping, but now that the magical world was opened to her, she spent a lot of time exploring Diagon Alley and other magical hotspots, getting her kicks messing with folks. She, like many students before her, found herself wandering into Knockturn Alley. It was here she met Vito Dee Symons, a wine-guzzling poltergeist, whose cruel nature she initially mistook to be more innocent than it was. He became a favorite target of hers. Even as his malicious nature became more and more clear, Jack found herself too attached to the challenge, to the game of one-upmanship to be able to break herself off before it she was in too deep.

It would be her undoing.

It was her sixth year that this changed.




RP EXPERIENCE: I began in 2009 or 2010, but started here during the summer of 2010.

HOW YOU FOUND US: Browsing forumotion.



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Jaquellene Jack Dyllan
Jaquellene Jack Dyllan
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Gryffindor Graduate

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Excellent accepted and sorted into GRYFFINDOR!
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Yay! Thank you!
Jaquellene Jack Dyllan
Jaquellene Jack Dyllan
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate

Number of posts : 10287
Special Abilities : Occlumency
Occupation : Unspeakable | Beater for the Falmouth Falcons | Deed-Holder of Satan's


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