TIQUELLE, Jemma Louisa
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TIQUELLE, Jemma Louisa Li9olo10

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TIQUELLE, Jemma Louisa

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TIQUELLE, Jemma Louisa Empty TIQUELLE, Jemma Louisa

Post by Jemma Tiquelle Thu Nov 12, 2009 12:00 am

TIQUELLE, Jemma Louisa HeJgiaGJ8EtUVXbQg_2XFjR6BbiEYkAkBp9JpazcRK62sKGjkIClVIVau5ILHoCISP81IeyPW_9AocrbwyLIlrHEpkaTU2YzmK02F7TYcEDOYZoO4yQxSXdHtH1t2YOZMYnUT2as9VOyixiefAEq






FULL NAME: Jemma Louisa Tiquelle

NICKNAMES: Has recently started going by her middle name, Louisa. 

AGE: A lady never tells her age! She's 61, but nobody knows aside from her daughter. She was born July 19th, 1964.

ALLEGIANCE: Her loyalty will always lie to the Order of the Phoenix, though how active she is within the Order may change.

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ex-Hufflepuff (+ ex-Head of Hufflepuff)


WAND TYPE: Holly, 11 inches, Unicorn Tail Hair, Good with Transfiguration.

PLAY BY: Idina Menzel




HAIR COLOR: Relatively dark brown.


HEIGHT: 5'6" - so just above average for her age.

BODY TYPE: Slender - the curvy-but-not-fat body.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Jemma is the kind of woman who still hasn't given up on caring about her appearance. She will always dress herself in clothes that suit her, although she won't necessarily follow the latest fashions, but will always look well-dressed. She wears a variety of blouses with black skirts for work/formal occasions, though for day to day activities she'll wear casual dresses most of the time, her preferred colours being the warmer ones, like yellows, pinks and oranges.. She isn't a fan of trousers or shorts. 

Her hair is just below shoulder length, is dark brown and is wavy. She doesn't usually style it too much, she usually just leaves it down. For formal occasions though she may do something fancy. If she needs to tie it up for whatever reason, it will always be in a bun. Her eyes are brown and her skin is white, though she tans extremely easily so often looks a little brown, except in the middle of winter. She will wear a bit of make-up, but no more than a little mascara, blusher and concealer usually. Never a full face of foundation, just little bits here and there.





Divination (well, she is a Seer!)
Loyalty and fairness
Gets on well with pretty much everyone (not argumentative at all)
A good teacher (when she's teaching TIQUELLE, Jemma Louisa PVjnMRT_-sq8EC3XUL7UNu34ZHRg5xQJcVjLWcszXCdoa_N6IQHJddpM-Rs2UC0HHZlItXi8o22yKrwzsVhp_mYZzYxZP4MUjpz3s7y8CiIh-CSw828gzRN3tSsL4LSZG-0uVnrjvYdtthEnr13Q)


Extremely gullible
Can be cowardly
Only ever sees the best in people
Sometimes uses her visions of the future to judge people who have yet to do any wrong


Hufflepuff (has great house loyalty),
Silk painting (a muggle form of painting).


Discrimination (of all sorts)


To find true love for once and for all - most people have found it by now, why hasn't she?
To provide the best possible life for her daughter and grandchildren.
To find a job that she’s good at and can stay in.


She's right-handed but paints with her left hand.
She really hates doors that are partially-open - they should be closed or open, not in between!
She's a Seer...that must be a quirk!

BOGGART: Her daughter, dead.

PATRONUS: A badger.

DEMENTOR: Her ex leaving her and her daughter, many, many years ago.

VERITASERUM: How scared she is about fighting for what she knows is right.

MIRROR OF ERISED: A complete family - her married, her daughter and her husband and grandchildren.

PERSONALITY: Jemma isn't as quiet as she used to be when she was younger. She's not the most outgoing, but due to her sudden job changes and other events, she has had to become more confident. She is still a very loyal person. She kept in touch with a lot of students after they graduated - most of Hufflepuff, as she loves her house dearly, and other students who had an affinity for Divination or just that she got on well with. She still sends them owls, but hasn't met them up in years. She used to be such a happy person, but things have changed and she doesn't always have a smile on her face like she used to. Jemma is good at making friends and keeping in contact, but she doesn't have many close friends. She gets afraid that those close to her will leave her, which has happened multiple times in the past, so has subconsciously not let anyone become too close to her. She is ready to find love and has been for a long time, but is not good at choosing the right men and fears that she will never find ‘the one’.




MOTHER: Lydia Isabella Tiquelle was a pureblood witch who was born on September 7th, 1930. She was a Seer and had great career plans, but she fell in love with a muggle and so gave up the wizarding world for him. She worked as a Muggle secretary, though left after the divorce. She worked at the Ministry, in the Department of Mysteries, as she was a Seer, before retiring at 62 in 1993 and died of illness at age 66 on December 7th 1997.

FATHER: Michael Harold Foster was a muggle, born on April 27th 1929. He worked at the same company as Louisa (he got her the job) as an accountant, earning a fair amount of money - hence how they could afford to live in London. Jemma has no idea what he did after that, she assumed he retired and died of old age, given the average muggle lifespan.

BROTHER: Charles Harold Foster was also a muggle, born May 16th 1961. He went to muggle school along with Jemma and lived with his father when their parents split. He wanted to follow his father into accounting, but Jemma has no idea where is is at the moment. She assumes he stayed in London, but has made no effort to try and find him, since they had never gotten on particularly well in the past.

DAUGHTER: Marie Lydia Dupont (née Tiquelle) is a half-blood witch born November 19th, 1993. She went to Hogwarts in 2005 and graduated in 2012. She met someone at a Tri-Wizard tournament during her fifth year in Hogwarts, a guy named Jean-Claude Benoît Dupont. They stayed together through her final two years at Hogwarts, then he proposed once she graduated. She said yes, and they married the following summer, on May 18th, 2013. They currently live in France together. 

SON-IN-LAW: Jean-Claude Benoît Dupont, born March 9th 1992. He married Marie Lydia Dupont (née Tiquelle) on July 18th 2013, and the couple now live in France with their children.

GRANDCHILDREN: Phillipe Benoît Dupont born April 29th 2014, currently thirteen and in his second year at Beauxbatons Academy.

Véronique Louisa Dupont, born July 6th 2016, currently twelve and appears to be a Seer. 

Émilie Lydia Dupont, born October 16th 2020, currently seven and is the baby of the family.

BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood.

RACE: Human.

SOCIAL STATUS: Middle-class.

PET(S): None.


OTHER POSSESSIONS: Nothing out of the ordinary, apart from a lot of Seer/Divination related equipment - crystal balls, etc.




Early Years: 1964-1975, 0-11

Jemma grew up in a relatively normal muggle lifestyle. Her and her brother went to muggle schools. She was above average intelligence and worked hard, so her grades were always pretty good. Some of her magical and Seer abilities started to show, but only in small amounts. She just seemed to know what would happen a lot of the time, which her mother caught on to. She had nothing amazingly magical, she could do little things like move objects and such but she didn't know what it was and it scared her, so she tried her best to hide it. Until she turned eleven, she had a lovely childhood and she was just a sweet but shy little girl.

When Jemma turned eleven, she received her Hogwarts letter. This explained everything to her and she was ecstatic to find out she wasn't a freak or strange - she was a witch! However, this left some explaining for her mother to do. Her father left her mother in an instant, saying how he could never trust her again as she lied to him all these years. Her brother, now sixteen, was old enough to choose who he lived with - he chose his father, as he didn't want to be surrounded by magical people when he wasn't one of them. Her mother returned to the Ministry to work and they moved to another flat in London. They lived a magical lifestyle for a couple of months before Hogwarts. These two months Jemma will never forget - being introduced to everything in the wizarding world.

Another reason that Lydia, Jemma's mother, did not disclose that she was a witch was because of the upcoming war - Voldemort rose into power when Jemma was six and her brother, Charles, was nine. However, being a Seer, she had foreseen it years before and since she was a Seer, she would be a target for Death Eater recruitment. Hence she changed her name when she married and such. Jemma had her suspicions on this being the reason from her late teens, though they weren't confirmed by her mother until she was a bit older.

Hogwarts Years: 1975-1982, 11-18

Jemma loved learning about magic, at least for the first couple of years at Hogwarts. Like all the muggle-born students, she wanted to discover as much of the magical world as she possibly could. She was sorted into Hufflepuff, as was her mother, and she loved all of her Hufflepuff friends. She wasn't necessarily very close friends with them, but she spent a lot of time with them and she had fun.

In her third year she took Divination and it was confirmed that she was in fact a Seer. Professor Mannings, the Divination Professor at the time, was not in fact a Seer though. She loved Jemma at first, though became jealous as Jemma was a Seer so by her fifth year Jemma was better than the Professor. Luckily during her sixth year, a new Professor was hired called Professor Trelawney. She was extremely eccentric, she was also a Seer and the two of them got on extremely well. Her NEWT Divination classes were very enjoyable, there were only two of them taking it! Her and another girl from Gryffindor called Eileen Davis. The two got on fairly well and with Professor Trelawney too - it was Jemma's favourite class.

In her fifth year, Jemma was made a Prefect of Hufflepuff house. She was delighted, as was her mother. She became quite good friends with some of the other Prefects, especially with the other Hufflepuff Prefect, Jonathan Pierce. They ended up dating for half of their fifth year and almost all of their sixth year. However, he broke it off at the end of their sixth year and Jemma was devastated. This was the first close person to be taken from her, and it it her hard, though it certainly wasn't the last. She was also really good friends with one of the Ravenclaw Prefects, Cailigh Williams, but she had lost touch with her after graduation at some point.

OWL Grades: Astronomy(O), Divination(O), Arithmancy(E), Charms(E), Herbology(E), Potions(E), Transfiguration(E), Defense Against the Dark Arts(A) and History of Magic(A).

NEWT Grades: Astronomy(O), Divination(O),  Arithmancy(E), Charms (E), Herbology(E) and Transfiguration(E). 

After Graduation, Secretary at the Ministry: 1982-1993, 18-29

Over the years, Jemma became really close to her mother, despite the age gap between them and the fact that Jemma was away at Hogwarts for the majority of the year. After Hogwarts, Jemma moved back to live with her mother in London and got a job at the Ministry, though only as a secretary (you had to start low down and then work your way up), and spent many years of her life there. She was never that social, she was friendly to people at work but didn't see them outside of work.

Chris then came along and changed it all. He was an Order member who was working at the Ministry, as an Auror. He was strong and brave, an ex-Gryffindor, traits that Jemma admired greatly. He was the one that got Jemma involved in the Order of the Phoenix in the first place. They became friends, which then developed into something more. They stayed together for two years. They moved in together and everything. Jemma saw a lot less of her mother, though it when when her mother really needed her as she had retired due to her health slowly deteriorating. Chris was lovely to Jemma and they were in love. Everything seemed to be going fine. Too fine.

She had also started to help people in other departments too, as she looked for another role. The Department of Mysteries was on her radar, though you had to do a lot to get in there - but they had definitely seemed interested in her as a Seer. They never said what they did or when they did it, but she had a few ideas about it - when they spoke to her they probably didn't realise it gave Jemma clues which she could use when seeing the future.

Her life was going well. She had a great relationship with Chris, her job prospects were looking promising, everything was great. It was one of the few times in her life she was truly happy.

Post-Chris Breakup and Post-Marie's Birth: 1993-1997, 29-33

It all changed when once Jemma got pregnant though. Chris, despite being over thirty at this point, freaked at the thought of a child and soon left Jemma. This caused Jemma to go back to her mother, who comforted her, despite Jemma having barely seen her for the past two years. Jemma in turn looked after her mother as she was getting quite old now and needed taking care of, and together they raised the girl. They lived in a small apartment in London, with only two bedrooms - one for Jemma and the child, Marie, and one for her mother. Jemma worked part-time now at the Ministry to look after the baby, eradicating any hopes of getting an offer to work in the Department of Mysteries. The three of them could just about live off of Lydia's pension and Jemma's small income, but they didn't have the most extravagant lifestyle to say the least.

Jemma was called to the Order in 1995 as Voldemort rose once more, and she came willingly, although she did have to look after Marie so couldn't do so much. Voldemort was alive, but he wasn't doing so many attacks - at least he wasn't at that point in time. They just had to be extra careful to protect each other, which is what they did. Jemma became particularly close to two girls who were of similar age to herself - Emily Langham and Rachel Kerr. The three of them went out together on a regular basis, they were the closest friends Jemma had had since Hogwarts.

Voldemort was in the open as of mid 1996, and all hell broke loose. Emily was killed within a few months, on Order business and she got into a duel with many Death Eaters, though Emily did take down a few with her. It shook Jemma and Rachael completely. Jemma didn't properly fight in the battle of Hogwarts in 1997, since she wasn’t a massive fighter, her duelling needed work. She felt bad about it, but knew she would be absolutely useless. She went to the castle, leaving Marie with her mother for the day. Not that her mother was very capable anymore, her illness slowly getting worse, but it was alright for a short while. In the battle, Jemma was one of the ones chucking crystal balls down with her old Professor, Professor Trelawney. They did win the battle, but Rachel was killed. She was a good dueller and took many Death Eaters with her, but Jemma couldn't take it. Everyone she loved seemed to be leaving her.

Her mother died months afterwards. Her illness had weakened her immune system so much, that it couldn’t fight off a small bug that was going around. Jemma did take her to St. Mungo’s but was told there was nothing they could do, it was Lydia’s time to go. This left Jemma devastated. She felt that everyone who she had loved had left her. She felt it was her fault, that everyone who she got close would always vanish from her life, which would cause her to withdraw from society more in the future. All she had was Marie, but she couldn't exactly tell her four year old about her problems. She did gain some money from her mother's will though, which she used to live on for the next few years to pay for childcare whilst she remained at the Ministry. Still as a secretary as she didn't have the motivation to pursue anything further. After losing her mother, Jemma wanted to spend as much time as she could with her daughter and was less focussed on her work.

Post Emily, Rachel and Lydia's Deaths: 1997-2010, 33-46

Jemma hated living in her mother's old Apartment alone, so moved as soon as she could across London. She was further from the Ministry, but she didn't care. It was her way of grieving. She couldn't deal with seeing the things that reminded of her mother everyday. She was all alone now. For the first time. She had never been that social before. She had always preferred to be close to one or two people. Now that none of them were there, she felt like she was lost. All her colleagues had accepted the fact she wasn't social, not realizing her circumstances. She had Marie, but Marie went to Hogwarts at eleven, so she was more alone at home. She started working full-time, and was even looking into other roles at the Ministry which would be a bit more engaging, she was getting restless again.

During Marie's time at Hogwarts, the two of them became very close, much like Jemma had done to her mother. During her fifth year, there was a Triwizard Tournament and Marie met a guy from France, Jean-Claude Benoît Dupont, who she completely fell for, and who returned her feelings. They kept the long distance relationship up and shortly after graduation Marie moved to France, not realising how much this would hurt Jemma at the time. Marie was close to Jemma, but her love for Jean-Claude proved even stronger. Jemma had never felt that much for a man, even Chris those many years ago, so didn't understand it at all and felt completely deserted.

Post-Marie's Departure, Divination Professor (and Head of Hufflepuff as of 2017): 2010-2022, 46-58

That is how Jemma decided to take up a teaching position at Hogwarts. She applied for Divination, as she was a Seer, after all. She had attempted to block her sight before, not wanting to know what was going to happen. She had feared her mother's death for a long time. Now she had nothing to fear though. In her opinion, the worst had already happened. Aside from Marie dying, of course, but that wouldn't happen. Children rarely predeceased their parents. Jemma had a strong feeling Marie would outlive her, and her strong feelings were usually correct. So from her perspective, things could only get better. As soon as she began teaching, she realised how much she loved it. She had been a Prefect when she was at Hogwarts and had helped tutor younger students a lot before. She had always had a knack for teaching, though had never considered it before as she didn't want to leave London, as everything had been there before. Now London held nothing for her.

Jemma had a good time at Hogwarts. Professor Tiquelle, as she was known to the students. She taught Divination for a couple of years, before she was then promoted to Head of Hufflepuff. She loved her job. Being around people all day stopped her from being lonely. She always had things to do. She got on well with most of the staff, though the only person who she would consider particularly close was Gabrielle Delacour, despite the fact she was much younger than herself. They just clicked. The age difference didn't seem to matter. Truth be told though, not many Professor's were her own age. Jemma would visit her daughter in France from time to time, though less frequently as time went on - she would meet up with her daughter away from her in-laws as they didn’t appreciate the art of Divination and had an unfortunate disliking for Seers. After her daughter had children, these visits became even less frequent, leading to the inevitable breakdown of their relationship. This drove Jemma closer to her students, her only real sense of family she had left, those at Hogwarts, and also those in the Order.

Then there was yet another Battle of Hogwarts. This time she stayed and fought. Her duelling had improved though, so she could put up a reasonable fight - as long as she picked her opponents carefully. Her job was to take care of the students more though, as opposed to fighting. They won this battle, at least. 

The Muggle Lifestyle, Painter and Gallery Manager: 2022-2023, 58-59

However, then the Death Eaters rose once more and all Professors who were in the Order had a choice - their position at Hogwarts or their Order member status. Jemma chose the Order, because if there is one thing she is, it's loyal. She ended up living in London again and going back to her painting, something she had always missed. She ended up selling pieces and living in the muggle world for a while. She attended Order meetings here and there, though not much seemed to be happening with them from what she could tell. She ended up becoming completely distant to the wizarding world.

Just like her mother, Jemma ended up taking a muggle job. She started working in an art gallery in London. She started going by her middle name, Louisa, just so nobody from the magical world would know who she was - as she was a Seer, she was on a list in the Ministry and didn't want to be recognised. She loved art and she was hardworking and so it was a good job for her. She earned muggle money, had a muggle bank account and bought muggle food and had muggle friends. Still no close friends, but she would go out and have fun with these friends. She barely kept in contact with anyone from the wizarding world anymore. She has a box of everything magical inside her apartment, at the bottom of a cupboard, which hadn’t been opened it in over a year. Though she always kept her wand on her, just in case.

Secretly, she missed magic. It made life so much easier. She didn’t use it at all anymore, even at home. She can still see into the future, but she has blocked most of it out by this point. She didn’t want to be reminded of the life she used to have. She didn't know how to go about getting into the wizarding world once more. It would take someone else to initiate things, which is what happened. It was almost like she was in mourning for the magical world and couldn’t bare to remind herself of any part of it. It was her way of dealing with all the losses she had had over the years, everything that she had been pushing away over the years had caught up to her and this was the only way she could get through it all.

Dane Saget and Medi-Witch at St. Mungo’s: 2023-2024, 59-60

She was just doing the same thing every day, but was slowly getting tired of the muggle world. She was yearning to return to the magical world, but really it was easier said than done. Her confidence had been knocked and she didn’t know where to begin, it felt as though she was starting from scratch, despite being 59. She hadn’t even performed magic in years and it was like  there was a mental block preventing her from doing it. It wasn't until she was sitting in a café and some foolish wizard decided to apparate into the middle of the room that she was forced to use magic once more, performing memory charms on the muggles nearby and getting very cross with the wizard in question. Despite not having performed magic in at least five years, she still managed to do it - she had always worked well under pressure. After this incident she decided that she would return to the magical world, but she wanted to do it slowly. She stuck with the name Louisa, though. If any Death Eaters came knocking, they may know the name Jemma Tiquelle since all Seers were listed in the Ministry and she was sure they would love to have a Seer on their side.

She then ran into a man named Dane Saget at the Leaky Cauldron, who she then started to date for a while. He was a lovely man, a couple years younger than herself, but apparently he remembered her from Hogwarts and had always kind of liked her. They went out for a while and had a really good time. They slowly started drifting apart though, not seeing each other so much. Neither of them really knows what happened to their relationship, but something did, and it pretty much disintegrated. It was a good nine months though and it reminded Jemma of what it was like to be in a relationship which brought back want to be in love once more, hoping for a more permanent partner in her life.

Almost a year later, she had remained as a painter as well as a witch, she ran into Michael Tremaine and Robert Lupin in Diagon Alley, who pretty much offered her a job at St. Mungo's on the spot, which she lept at. She went to work for Mungo's for a while, helping healing and such. She was a good witch, and though had never done anything medicinal before, she picked it up quickly and assisted around the hospital where needed. It wasn't her ideal job, and she still painted on the side, but she liked seeing everyone and being a part of the wizarding world once more.

Post-Dane and Secretary at the Ministry: 2024-2026, 60-62

She quit about six months into the job though, feeling dissatisfied with the work. She had gotten over the fact that she had a job in the wizarding world once more and discovered that she actually got quite bored of running errands all the time. She wasn't the most skilled of healers, so she didn't do much medicinal work, and though she loved the people, it wasn't enough to keep her there. She said she'd keep in touch, but truth be told it didn't really happen. She went back to painting once more after that.

About six months later, she decided she couldn't paint for a living and needed to get a job. She wanted to do something exciting, something she loved. However her track record wasn't the greatest with getting bored of jobs fairly quickly. She looked at the Ministry, but there weren't any openings in anything she liked the look of. Then she remembered that they internally hired for most of the good jobs. Knowing this, she took a job as a secretary in the Ministry for the third time in her life, hoping for a better job to open up somewhere else that she could grab before hiring opened to the public. She missed teaching though, or more so her students. She had truly loved her students. Even though she was over sixty, she felt like she still had plenty of her life ahead of her.

During this time, she spent her first summer in France, seeing her daughter and her family for the first time in years. This was mainly due to the fact that one of Jemma’s grandchildren was showing the potential to be a Seer, which scared them enough to be willing to tolerate her presence for a whole summer. Jemma immediately clicked with Véronique, the grandchild in question, and also got on well with her other grandchild Émilie. The rest of the family, including her grandson Phillipe, were clearly unhappy about her presence.

France: 2026-2028, 63-65

With the combination of the political situation and the new rising illness (coined the ‘Welsh Green Itch’), plus the situation with her granddaughter Véronique, Jemma made the decision to move to France for a bit. Lucky she had some money saved, plus could pick up a bit of work where necessary, in order to rent a very small cottage near the Dupont Estate where they all lived - she knew she wasn’t really welcome there. During this time she spent a lot of time with Véronique at her cottage, which was lovely - they got on like a house on fire, plus Véronique was eager to learn everything about being a Seer, which of course Jemma was delighted to share with her. Teaching had always been a love of hers - in fact, she was still getting requests to come back to Hogwarts, though she knew now was not a good time for that, despite missing the castle.

Unfortunately she did not reconnect as much with her daughter as she had hoped. Marie seemed to be thinking more like the Dupont family in regards to Seers and was avoiding visiting her. This broke Jemma’s heart - everyone who she loved seemed to leave her one way or another. If it wasn’t for Véronique, she would never have stayed, but she knew the child needed her guidance. 

What was a shock to everyone was when Véronique was invited to attend Hogwarts, as well as the invitation from Beauxbatons that everyone was expecting. Phillipe had only been invited to Beauxbatons, as expected as the Dupont heir, but it seemed Véronique had caught the eye of Hogwarts, perhaps due to her being a Seer, though nobody would ever know the real reason why. It of course caused chaos in the family - some thinking Duponts should always attend Beauxbatons, others thinking with Véronique being a Seer she would be better off away from the family. In the end Véronique said she wanted to go to Hogwarts, and her family ended up agreeing, though not really for the right reasons. Jemma was secretly delighted, she had the standing offer to return to Hogwarts and decided to use this opportunity to return once more so she could continue to help Véronique being a Seer as well as maybe reconnecting with old friends of hers.

Hogwarts Once More: 2028+ 66+

Back at Hogwarts, Jemma returned as the Divination Professor. A lot has changed, but some things still stayed the same, which included her love for teaching and for the school itself. She started off as Divination Professor, but shortly became the Head of Hufflepuff once more as the old head chose to leave. She had missed these days, her years at Hogwarts had been so much more fulfilling than her trying and failing to figure out the details of the Department of Mysteries. She really felt like she belonged here.




ALIAS: Jemma

OTHER CHARACTERS: Jemma Tiquelle, Davina Corrispur (deceased) & Véronique Dupont.

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