Jemma & Véronique need plots!
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Jemma & Véronique need plots! Li9olo10

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Jemma & Véronique need plots!

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Jemma & Véronique need plots! Empty Jemma & Véronique need plots!

Post by Jemma Tiquelle Tue Mar 28, 2023 5:25 pm

I need some more plotting for both my characters.

Any plots with other Hogwarts staff members. Jemma's been back teaching for a few years now so probably knows some of the staff fairly well.
Any older characters at all (Jemma's in her 60s) would be good to plot with too (open to romance with male characters too).
She's been heavily involved in the Order in the past too, so Order members could work for plots.
Anything else you think could work I'm open to as well. She has a very long history in her application if you're curious.

Véronique (Vee)
Mostly looking with plots for other students. She's very social and wants to be friends with everyone (even if they don't want to be friends with her lol).
She's a Prefect, so anything with other Prefects would be interesting (open to all kinds of plots).
She's a Seer (though still learning), so if you want to use that in any way I'd be up for it.
Romance wise, I imagine she may have an ex from last year or the year before, probably male, probably ended on friendly terms. Open to a lot going forwards, but her being a Seer makes it more difficult for her to date - though could make for interesting plotting!

I'm pretty open to a lot of ideas for either character really, just trying to get the ball rolling again with both of them.


Jemma & Véronique need plots! Qw9nLyk
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