WEASLEY, Casey Louisa
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WEASLEY, Casey Louisa

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WEASLEY, Casey Louisa Empty WEASLEY, Casey Louisa

Post by Casey Lou Weasley Wed Oct 23, 2013 4:00 am

WEASLEY, Casey Louisa Tumblr_mumoe1uts41rahgjgo7_250



    FULL NAME: Casey Louisa Weasley

    NICKNAMES:  Casey Lou, by most of the family

    AGE: Twelve

    ALLEGIANCE: Lily Potter
    The Potter-Weasley clan

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor
    "Hm, a Weasley-"
    "I'm going to stop you there, because we both know I'm a Gryffindor."
    "Most people enjoy my little speech. For example, you're very bold, relatively fearless-"
    "I know who I am, let's get this show on the road."
    "Alright, then. You're definitely a GRYFFINDOR!"


    WAND: Dogwood, Veela and kelpie hair double core, eight inches, unyielding

    PLAY BY: Maisie Williams


    HAIR COLOUR: Short, brown, razorcut hair.

    EYE COLOUR: Grey

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Short - to be fair... she's twelve.

    BODY BUILD: Fit.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: More than once has Casey been called a tomboy, a badge she wears with pride. She's not feminine, nor girly. She prefers her hair short and always has Lily cut it when it gets too long. She does little with her hair, if anything at all. (Lily is constantly yelling at her to brush her hair.) Her locks are usually just brushed backwards with her hands, if not hidden under a beanie. Her cheeks are round and her chin is pointed. She has very prominent eyebrows, which gives her a very expressive face. Her eyes are strange, and many people are captivated by them. They look like stormy skies and seem to be endless. She is fit from leading an active lifestyle. She does not have a particular style, but wears whatever she happens to have in her closet. She wears feminine clothes when forced too, but prefers jackets and beanies. She likes wearing the same pair of disintegrating sneakers, despite everyone pleading with her otherwise.


    +Fearless (relatively)
    +Puzzle/Problem Solving
    +A powerhouse of energy
    +Quidditch - Seeking

    -Occasionally violent
    -Lack of self control
    -Limited world view
    -Easily offended

    +Breaking rules
    +Her family
    +Junk food
    +Passionate people

    -Rules - when being forced to follow them
    -Etiquette - and being reminded of it
    -Death Eaters
    -History of Magic
    -Pureblood supremacy
    -Bulgarian National Quidditch team
    -Potter-Weasley haters
    -Currently, the Ministry

    GOALS: She does not have specific goals - she just wants to have fun.


    BOGGART: Losing family members.

    PATRONUS: One night at Salem's, when she and Lily snuck out and drank soda all night long, talking about home, in a large oak tree until they fell asleep and fell out of the trees.

    DEMENTOR: The night Lily was attacked by the werewolves.

    VERITASERUM: Lily's attack.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Currently... she wants a dog. Badly.

    PERSONALITY: Casey feels very strongly about everything. She lives passionately and puts energy into everything she does. She's very athletic and loves to run, climb, fly, wrestle, and pick up skills and sports. (She's currently on fencing.) She likes doing things for the hell of them, and considers herself a pretty positive person. However, she is easily incensed, especially on matters of pride. An insult to the family is almost a guaranteed punch in the face. She's been in trouble several times for fighting, and was even suspended once when she beat up a kid especially violently.

    Casey spends most of her time with Lily - firstly, because they have always been close and secondly, because she feels more obligated to as she blames herself for the werewolf attack. She loves Lily madly, and is not closer to anyone else in the family. She loves her family and extended family with all of her heart and feels the most like herself when surrounded by family and family friends. In fact, she's quite a favorite as one of the youngest, and she enjoys the attention. She loves to entertain with stories, which she of course, acts out.

    She puts everything she has into whatever she does, unless it bores her. She can argue for hours, and then study until two in the morning. She has practiced Seeking until her fingers turned purple. She has climbed trees until she fell asleep in them. Her view in life is currently pretty cut and dry. She doesn't understand how Lily could resent her family, and resent being a Potter. Though most people see her as a vivacious, outspoken fireball, she is also a thinker, and could become the brightest witch her age if given the right intellectual guidance.


    FATHER: Charlie Weasley

    MOTHER: Melissa Weasley, nee Hains.

    SIBLING/S: Sawyer "Sully" Weasley

    OTHER: The Potters, Weasleys, Longbottoms, Lupins, Lovegoods, etc.

    BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood.

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle class

    A Pinyon Mouse named Edgar that Sawyer has gifted her.

    "Practice" snitch


    Early Years: Casey's older brother is thirteen years older than her. It was strange being raised in a household with a sibling so long away at school. She almost felt like an only child, but did not mind terribly. As a baby and young child, Casey was the apple of her parent's eyes. They had time to devote to her, and any interest of hers was pursued, from calligraphy to martial arts. They delighted in her strange habits. As she got older and they had less and less time to devote to her, they allowed any of their nephews and nieces to come and babysit. Typically, Lily Potter ended up taking on the job, and the two became very close.

    Casey went to regular school, but had to be very careful. Her magic began showing itself at two years old - things would change color, or blow up, or begin whistling loudly - and her parents were nervous that she would have trouble assimilating into a nonmagical environment. She thrived. She soon had many muggle friends and worked hard in all of her classes, proving herself to have a clever mind.

    Her father insisted on putting her on a broom as soon as she could walk. She adored it and developed a love for flying. Her father gave her a practice snitch - an old, rusted thing that was going a bit haywire - and she took to Seeking at the age of eight. She eagerly awaited going to Hogwarts... when it all changed.

    Lily's attack made Casey reevaluate. She wanted to be near Lily in this hard time, and as Sully had already graduated Hogwarts, she saw no particular reason to choose Hogwarts over Salem's Witches Academy. Her parents conceded to her wish, as they always seemed to do, and she and Lily moved to America for the school year.

    School Years: Casey loved school just as much as she loved primary school. She got on the school Quidditch team (it wasn't nearly as cutthroat as Hogwarts teams, but she was still by far, one of the most talented on the team) and excelled in some of her classes, failing in others that bored her. She wore the Weasley name with pride and beat up anyone who thought it shameful to be a Weasley. She also beat up anyone who picked on Lily.

    The two girls entertained themselves be rebelling in any ways they could. Casey followed Lily because Lily was older and cool. She tried cigarettes with Lily, but quit them quickly. She ditched class. She went skinny dipping with Lily. She practiced petty shoplifting. Anything to get a small thrill. The girls had friends, but relied on each other for consistent companionship. When Lily was required to move back, Casey had no question - she would go too. School wouldn't be the same without Lily.



    ALSO KNOWN AS: Jackles

    RP EXPERIENCE: I can't.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Long, clever story.

    MAIN CHARACTER: Jack Dyllan

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: 'Cause of the reasons stated in Lily's app.


Casey Lou Weasley
Casey Lou Weasley
Fifth Year Gryffindor
Fifth Year Gryffindor

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WEASLEY, Casey Louisa Empty Re: WEASLEY, Casey Louisa

Post by Casey Lou Weasley Wed Oct 23, 2013 7:13 am

Casey Lou Weasley
Casey Lou Weasley
Fifth Year Gryffindor
Fifth Year Gryffindor

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WEASLEY, Casey Louisa Empty Re: WEASLEY, Casey Louisa

Post by Khaat Lupin Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:12 am

I don't know if Hogwarts is ready for the pair of them. LOL.

Anyway, I shall allow the mayhem to begin.

Accepted and sorted to Gryfindor.
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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WEASLEY, Casey Louisa Empty Re: WEASLEY, Casey Louisa

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