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Austin Lockwood

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Austin Lockwood  Empty Austin Lockwood

Post by Austin Lockwood Sun Jul 07, 2019 7:30 pm

Name: Austin Lockwood
Class: Wizard
Blood: Half-blood

Mother: Stormie Lockwood
Father: Riker Lockwood
Tyler Lockwood | 15 | Slytherin
Landen Lockwood | 13 | Slytherin ( twin brother )
Damon Lockwood | 11 |
Serena Lockwood | 9 |
Logan Lockwood | 17 |(cousin on father's side )
James Lockwood | 15 | Hufflepuff ( cousin on father's side )

Playby: Jack Harries
Hair: brown messy hair that styled to the left
Eyes: hazel eyes
Build:Average, yet slightly muscular
Skin:soft white skin with a bit of a tan to it during the summer months, but pale during the winter months
Clothes:Austin's style is a bit more laid back and colorful then his twin brother's is, to where his brother wears black ALOT,  Austin wears different colors with black in them.  Although he does wear quite a alot of plaid shirts at times,  a love he gotten from wanting to be just like his older brother Tyle
Overall Appearance:
Austin stands at around five ten. Austin has a strong but slender body with a bit of muscles on him due to him playing soccer, football and running. Austin has a egg like shape face with hazel eyes and unruly messy dirty brown hair that has a mind of it's own at times. He has hazel eyes that changes different colors according to what mood or color he wears, so they are never the same color.

 Austin's style is a bit more laid back and colorful then his twin brother's is, to where his brother wears black ALOT,  Austin wears different colors with black in them.  Although he does wear quite a alot of plaid shirts at times,  a love he gotten from wanting to be just like his older brother Tyler.  Although him and Landen wear there hair in the same messy style,  Austin's swooped is to the left of his hair while Landen is on the right,  its one way to tell them apart if you really know them.

Nationality: British
Good Qualities:
Caring (only to those he lets close)
Bad Qualities:
hard headed
Cold hearted (At times )
+Jokes/ pranks
New experiences
+Rainy Days
+Thunder Storms
+ his friends and loved ones
- People who talk a lot
-School work
- Rules
-Being stuck in one place for too long
-people who judge others
-summer time
Being separated from Landen since he was already separated from his other siblings due to his parents' divorce.

General Personality:
Austin is very much a trouble maker and hates following the rules, he's also very lazy and tends to put everything off to the last minute,  especially school work due to him hating to do it.   Despite all that,  Austin is very friendly and goofy and loves new experiences and lives life on the edge.

He's very smart and clever,  but doesn't use it towards school work but trouble making due to his brother dragging him into it.  He's very caring towards the people he's closest to,  and will do anything to protect them.  Having felt betrayed by his parents for splitting him and his siblings, he has trust issues and doesn't like to let people in. He feels like it's his mother's fault for their dad walking out and eventually separating them from his siblings.

Early Years: Austin was born to Stormie and Riker Lockwood on May 22nd, shortly followed by his older twin brother who was born two minutes before he was. Austin is the third oldest boy out of the five Lockwood siblings.  Austin and Landen were very close to there older brother Tyler before Serena and Damon were born.  Two years after Landen and Austin were born, Stormie and Riker Lockwood were finally blessed with a beautiful baby girl they named Serena,  after thinking that was it for them,  they were wrong when litte Damon was born two years later after Serena.  Despite Serena and Damon being born,  Austin and Landen were still very close to their older brother Tylerand looked up to him and wanted to be just like him.

Before going to Hogwarts,  Austin went to a muggle private school along with his twin brother Landen and his older brother Tyler.  Although it wasn't Hogwarts,  Austin made some pretty good friends and was quite popular along with his twin brother Landen and his older brother Tyler.  
Hogwarts Years:
At the age of eleven Austin was accepted into Hogwarts, excited to see the castle after hearing all of Tyler's amazing stories he told him. Austin took his place at Hogwarts, quickly being sorted into Slytherin just like his older brother Tyler and his twin Landen.  Like any first year Austin tended to get lost and kept as close to Ty as he possibly could becoming his shadow.  Second year Austin tried out as beater for the Slytherin team, unfortunately the spot was taken, he hopes to play this year maybe.  
After Hogwarts / Adult: Still in Hogwarts!

Alias: Sophia ( Soph )
RP Experience: ALOT!
Other Characters: Sophia Granger,  Tyler Lockwood, Maura Goldstein,  Kace Lecium
How did you find us?: bahaha!  LOL really?
RP Sample: do I have to?
Austin was bored out of his mind after he woke up early due to him not being able to sleep any longer.  He was rather pissed that he was up early seeing how the Lockwood's hate getting up early. After a hour of flying,  Austin was bored out of his mind.  Looking at his watch he seen that it was nine o'clock in the morning,  which made him smirk to himself.  Sneaking back upstairs,  Austin got his wand out of his room before sneaking into Tyler's room.  

Pointing his wand out him water came out of his wand as Tyler jumped and fell out of his bed.   " AUSTIN!!!"Tyler screamed as Austin laughed before he ran out of Tyler's room as Tyler chased after him.   " You are so dead Austin Christopher William Lockwood! " said Tyler angrily.  He knew that Tyler hated being woke up more than anything,  and now he was drenched in cold water.   Finally catching him, he tackled him to the ground.  " Not cool Aust not cool!"said Tyler honestly crossing his arms at him.  

Going back into his room, Tyler grabbed his wand changing into a black shirt and ripped blue jeans.  " Now that I'm up much to my dismay might as well have breakfast. " said Tyler yawning.   " That's one of the reasons why I woke you up,  I was bored and hungry! "said Austin smirking at him.  Tyler rolled his eyes at him.  " You don't know how to cook? "Tyler asked him with his eyebrows raised.   " Some of us wasn't raised by our mum Ty Bear and become a mama's boy! " said Austin smirking at him.   " Shut up you prick! " said Tyler pushing him before they headed downstairs
Austin Lockwood
Austin Lockwood
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Third Year Slytherin

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Austin Lockwood  Empty Re: Austin Lockwood

Post by Jack Dyllan Mon Jul 08, 2019 3:17 am

Added! I'm still looking into whether or not we're allowing Youtube personalities for face claims. I think it might have been a legal issue. Remind me about it though!

Jack Dyllan
Jack Dyllan
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Austin Lockwood  Empty Re: Austin Lockwood

Post by Christabelle Whittle Mon Jul 08, 2019 3:18 am

I'll remind you! Cause if not we have to share a face claim lol
Christabelle Whittle
Christabelle Whittle
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Austin Lockwood  Empty Re: Austin Lockwood

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