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Landen Lockwood

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Landen Lockwood Empty Landen Lockwood

Post by Landen Lockwood Sun Jul 07, 2019 6:09 pm

Name:Landen Michael Morgan Lockwood
Class: Wizard
Alias: Christy


Father:Riker Lockwood
Brother(s): Tyler Lockwood
Austin Lockwood (twin brother)
Damon Lockwood
Sister(s):Serena Lockwood


Eyes: Hazel
Build:Average, yet slightly muscular
Skin:fair, not quite pale
Overall Appearance: Landen is not the tallest member in his family by any stretch. He does proclaim to be the best looking aside from his twin brother Austin. He tends to dress in jeans and a t-shirt, often wearing them under his school robes instead of traditional uniform despite multiple warnings about it because he would rather be comfortable.


Good Qualities:
- Goofy
-Caring (to those he lets get close enough to get in(
Bad Qualities:
-Overly flirtatious

General Personality: Landen is almost overly cocky. Always with a grin on his face, he can be a bit of a class clown. Even though he is extremely outgoing, he is very reliant upon his twin brother Austin, even more so since their parents divorce. He often drags Austin along for his pranks and quite often finds himself getting them both in trouble for it. Having been separated from all of his siblings except Austin due to his parents’ divorce, he feels a sense of betrayal from his parents causing massive trust issues more recently, especially towards his older brother.


Early Years: Landen is the second born Lockwood child, quickly followed by his twin brother Austin by only two short minutes on May 22nd. They were followed two years later by their sister Serena and then thinking there wouldn’t be anymore siblings they were surprised once more by their brother Damon who became the fifth and final Lockwood child.

Growing up, Landen spent a great deal of time following around his older brother Tyler, including going to a private muggle school with him and his other siblings. Landen was constantly following on Tyler’s heels as a child, looking up to him immensely. Despite having to live up to the reputation that Tyler had left behind, he managed to be fairly popular and well liked during his time in muggle school. He had been super excited when he got his letter to go to Hogwarts.
Hogwarts Years: After spending two years hearing all of Tyler’s stories about the school, Landen was excited to finally get to see it for himself. He quickly found himself sorted into Slytherin. During his second year, he lost his grandfather, and while not as close to him as Tyler was, he took it hard. It was then that his sarcasm and pranks started happening more frequently at the school. After his second year at school he went home for the summer to find out his parents were getting ready to go through a brutal and nasty divorce, effectively separating him and his twin brother from the rest of their siblings. Over the summer, he found himself sneaking out of his father’s flat and had picked up smoking. He had been caught on several occasions, effectively resulting in severe punishment, quite often physical in nature, making his return to Hogwarts that much more looked forward to.
Landen Lockwood
Landen Lockwood
Third Year Slytherin
Third Year Slytherin

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Post by Jack Dyllan Mon Jul 08, 2019 3:18 am

Added! Still looking into Youtube personalities as face claims and will update soon! Otherwise, go claim him!

Jack Dyllan
Jack Dyllan
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