Tyler Lockwood
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Tyler Lockwood

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Tyler Lockwood  Empty Tyler Lockwood

Post by Tyler Lockwood Sat Jun 29, 2019 3:16 am

Name: Tyler Riker Anthony Lockwood.
Hair: messy blonde hair
Eyes: hazel
Height: 6'0
Build: Tyler is tall and slender built to him, but he has a bit of muscles in his arms and a well toned chest
Skin: Soft white skin with a bit of a tan during the summer time but pale during the winter months.
Tyler clothing is a mixture of how he's feeling,  if he's feeling bad boyish he wears a black shirt with skinny jeans.  Although if he's feeling sweet and goofy,  he wears anything from plaid colored shirts and skinny jeans
Overall Appearance:
Tyler is a mixture of his mother and his father, but he took mainly after his father in appearance.  There's no doubt that Tyler isn't Riker Lockwood's son. Tyler is a slitting image of his father when he was the same as Tyler is now.  Although Tyler inherited his father tallness standing 6'0 in height and his egg like face with a strong jaw structure with blond hair,  he gotten one thing from his mother and that was her hazel eyes.  

Tyler clothing is a mixture of how he's feeling,  if he's feeling bad boyish he wears a black shirt with skinny jeans.  Although if he's feeling sweet and goofy,  he wears anything from plaid colored shirts and skinny jeans.  Although Tyler's style changes due to his mood, his hair doesn't matter what.  He loves his hair,  and lets very few people touch it.  He wears it in a messy but manageable style with his bangs going to the right.
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Facts Known About Character:
Can write with both hands
Was suppose to be a Gryffindor but begged the hat to place him in Slytherin to be with Eva
Can speak French
Rumors Known About Character:
Turned into a bad boy for attention.
Cheated on his girlfriend Eva
Is a player.

Good Qualities:
+ quick learner
Bad Qualities:
- arrogant
- self-centered
- sarcastic
- reserved(at times )
- doesn't trust people easily
-cold hearted (at times)

Rainy days
New experiences
spending time with family and friends
- back stabbers
-  people who talk alot
-dishonest people
-not seeing friends and family
-people hurting his friends and family
- people who judge others
-summer time

losing Eva, his friends and loved ones
dying and never telling his friends and loved ones that he loves them
his friends and loved ones being tortured/dying in front of him and there's nothing he could do about it
General Personality:
Tyler is a person with walls of many personalities.  No he isn't crazy or anything,  it's just how much you know him to see his true colors.  Tyler is what you call a bad boy,  he's very much of a trouble maker and likes breaking rules.    He's very arrogant and  stubborn and a bit of a loner at times,  he likes to have things his way or the highway way.  Tyler is very sarcastic and he speaks his mind which leads him to get in trouble alot of times.  Although you might think Tyler is a complete arse,  he's actually quite the opposite of that,  once you get know his true colors.

No, Tyler is actually a sweet heart,  but it's covered by his bad boy image he maintains to keep his guard up from getting hurt anymore.  Although Tyler doesn't show this side often due to the fear of getting hurt,  you can say this is the soft nice side of him.  Deep down Tyler is a sweet guy and a bit of a goofball,  he's very brave and isn't afraid to protect his friends and loved ones.  He's very much a quick learner and very clever,  making it easy for him to get out of trouble at times.  He's very  hard headed down to the last core, but he's really a  compassionate loving guy deep down.  
Early Years:
Tyler Riker Lockwood was born on November 8th to Riker and Stormie Lockwood.  Tyler is the oldest boy out of the four Lockwood kids and out of his four siblings.  In the summertime of May Austin and Landen were born on May 22nd  proud to have two brothers to play with he was two years older then them,  it was two years later that his parents finally had a girl something Tyler really wanted a baby sister.  Serena was born on August 9th making Tyler one happy big brother. .  

Tyler's childhood was filled with laughter and good times with his family and siblings.   Before he went to Hogwarts, Tyler went to a muggle private school with his three siblings.  He had quite popular and had quite a bit of friends in his time of being in a muggle private school.

Hogwarts years 1-4
At the age of eleven, Tyler was accepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.   Excited but sad to leave his siblings,  Tyler took his place at Hogwarts being the first Lockwood sibling to go to Hogwarts.  When Tyler's name was called,  he set on the stool waiting to be sorted.  The sorting hat whispering in his ears,  the hat was torn between putting him in Gryffindor or Slytherin.  After a few minutes,   the sorting hat shouted SLYTHERIN! It

2nd Year: As a 2nd year,  Tyler knew the castle like the back of his hand and no longer was wondering around the castle as much. From turning beetles into buttons to cheering charms.  In his 2nd year,  he tried out for the Slytherin Quidditch team as seeker and made it.  

3rd year: Tyler was excited about his 3rd year,  he was finally able to go to Hogsmeade and his two brothers were finally coming to Hogwarts.  From Quidditch games to bringing candy back for his brothers,  his life came crashing down the summer of his third going on fourth year.   Tyler's grandfather died in his sleep,  Tyler was heartbroken, angry and confused.

4th year: Although Tyler was heartbroken by his grandfather death,  Tyler went to Hogwarts and started getting into trouble and getting detentions,  his parents shocked by it,  they knew he was acting out due to him missing his grandfather who he was very close to.
Playby: Riker Lynch
Tyler Lockwood
Tyler Lockwood
Fifth Year Slytherin
Fifth Year Slytherin

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