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We have been a Harry Potter Roleplaying site since 2007. If you're an old member we hope you come check out the discord link provided below. And if you're looking for a new roleplaying site, well, we're a little inactive. But every once and a while nostalgia sets in and a few of our alumni members will revisit the old stomping grounds and post together. Remember to stay safe out there. And please feel free to drop a line whenever!

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What’s Happening?
Since every few months or so a few of our old members get the inspiration to revisit their old stomping grounds we have decided to keep PA open as a place to revisit old threads and start new ones devoid of any serious overarching plot or setting. Take this time to start any of those really weird threads you never got to make with old friends and make them now! Just remember to come say hello in the chatbox below or in the discord. Links have been provided in the "Comings and Goings" forum as well as the welcome widget above.

Hallie's Threads

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Hallie's Threads Empty Hallie's Threads

Post by Hallie Cooper Sun May 12, 2013 4:51 pm


Hallie's Threads Tumblr_mmr6dzUXqu1s5w0azo4_r1_500


- Raspberries Are In Season: Hallie tells Theodore of her promotion.
Characters: Hallie & Theodore Rookwood

- - - - - -

- Undercover: Hallie does some snooping to find information about Gideon Pierce.
Characters: Hallie Rookwood & Gideon Pierce.

- Ministry Riot: Hallie works alongside other Ministry employees to push back rioters in the Atrium.
Characters: Hallie Cooper, Jack Dyllan & Christie Whittle.

- Back In Action Meeting: Hallie attends the Order meeting.
Characters: Order Of The Phoenix Members.

- Family Matters: Hallie informs Theodore that she is keeping their baby and they decided to get re-married.
Characters: Hallie Rookwood & Theodore Rookwood

- Little Running Mates: With the help of Marcus Belby, Hallie safely returns Khaat Lupin and her newborn twins to the Lupin Manor.
Characters: Hallie Rookwood, Khaat Lupin, Marcus Belby, Robert Lupin, Brian Quinn

- The Battle For Khaat Lupin: Hallie helps Marcus Belby rescue Khaat and the babies whilst other members of the order and death eaters distract James Blood and his pact.
Characters: Hallie Rookwood, Marcus Belby, Michael Tremain, Robert Lupin, Khaat Lupin, Katherine Lupin, Jack Dyllan, Katrina-Carlotta Du Hunt, Henry Yewbeam, James Blood, Rookwood Family, NPC Werewolves.

-Ryaura's Wedding: Maura and Ryo's Wedding.
Characters: Maura Goldstein, Ryo Hiroku, Hallie Rookwood, Sophia Granger

-This Daydream Is Dangerous: Hallie discusses she is pregnant and tells Theodore she wants an abortion.
Characters: Hallie Rookwood & Theodore Rookwood

-Sorbet Sunday: Hallie and Maura catch up for the first time since before Christmas
Characters: Hallie Rookwood & Maura Goldstein

- Awkward Love: Valentines Day
Characters: Hallie & Theodore Rookwood.

- Swish And Flick: Hallie takes an exhausting trip to Diagon Alley to purchase a new wand.
Characters: Hallie Rookwood & Vivianna Varnes

- Scars Don't Fade: Hallie gets her prosthetic fitted and meets an old enemy.
Characters: Hallie Rookwood & Steppe Seker

-Helping The Half Breeds: Hallie attends the secret meeting to help the half breeds.

- Life's like an hourglass glued to the table no one can find the rewind button now. So breathe. Just breathe. Hallie has her leg amputated and wakes up in a violent manner.
Characters: Hallie Rookwood, Theodore Rookwood, Toby Cooper & Amelia Cooper

- Skeletons In The Closet: Hallie is held hostage.
Characters: Henry Yewbeam & Hallie Rookwood.

- A trip to Godrics Hollow: Hallie is abducted during a visit to Godrics Hollow with Maura
Characters: Hallie Rookwood, Maura Goldstein, Sophia Granger & Henry Yewbeam

- Your move: Hallie visits the Rookwoods.
Characters: Hallie Rookwood & Theodore Rookwood.

- The beginning of a new life: Hallie goes with Maura for her pregnancy check up.
Characters: Hallie Rookwood, Maura Goldstein, Ryo Hiroku, Sophia Granger

-We dont go looking for trouble trouble usually finds us: Hallie is taken to St Mungos after falling from Gryffindor Tower
Characters: Hallie Rookwood, Maura Goldstein, Shane Diamond, Katie Knight, Cupid Litherland, Sophia Granger, Theodore Rookwood, Amelia Cooper

- Always clean up your own mess: Amelia defends Hogwarts and leads the evacuation of the castle during an attack from James Blood's Rouge Werewolf Pack and Thaorson, notorious dark wizard.
Characters: Amelia Cooper, Hallie Rookwood, Khaat Lupin, Katherine Lupin, Robert Lupin, Marcus Belby, Cupid Litherland, Katie Knight, Shane Diamond, Sophia Granger, James Blood, Scorpius Malfoy, Katrina-Carlotta Du Hunt

- The Headmasters Wedding:: Hallie gets married to Theodore
Characters: Hallie Cooper, Maura Goldstein, Amelia Cooper

- Codes And Oaths: Hallie has responded to a distress call and arrived at St Mungo's to find someone had attempted to assasinate Khaat Lupin.
Characters: Khaat Lupin, Marcus Belby, Sophia Granger, Brian Quinn, Jessica Darkheart, Hallie Cooper.

- I Love You Not: Hallie discussing her future with Theodore Rookwood.
Characters: Hallie Cooper & Theodore Rookwood

- A Family Reunion: Hallie, Toby & Amelia are together for the first time in five years.
Characters: Hallie Cooper, Toby Cooper & Amelia Cooper.

- Bad Things Always Lead To Good Things: Hallie & Maura Catch Up
Characters: Hallie Cooper & Maura Goldstein

- Appointment One 09:0-: Hallie's meeting with her spouse-to-be.
Characters: Hallie Cooper & Elijah Krum

- Hit And Run: Hallie is mugged and meets Toby for the first time in five years.
Characters: Hallie Cooper & Toby Cooper

- Chilling London Day: Hallie bumps into Maura & Kenneth after her auror interview.
Characters: Hallie Cooper, Maura Goldstein & Kenneth Knight
Joining Status: Open

- Super glue for broken families: Hallie is informed about Toby's current status.
Characters: Hallie Cooper & Jaquellene Dylan

- Murder At The Ministry: Hallie takes Charlotte in to await trial.
Characters: Charlotte Topez, Jude & Other Death Eaters

- The Battle No One Planned: Hallie arrived at the battle of the Shrieking Shack as the on call auror and captured Charlotte Topez.
Characters: There is too many to list!

- Looking Into Something: The third stage of the hostage plot.
Characters: Sophia Granger, Ryo Hiroku, Maura Goldstein & Carth Brownlowe

- Where The Night Takes Us: Hallie hooks up with Joshua Alden.
Characters: Joshua Alden & Hallie Cooper

- Graduation: The Hogwarts class of 2026 graduation ceremony.
Characters: Robert Lupin, Nick Potter, Arabella Mason, Christopher Moore, Ryo Hiroku, Maura Goldstein

- Exams Are Out: Relaxing in the courtyard after the final NEWT.
Characters: Zane Wakefield

- First Meeting: The first PA Meeting.
Characters: Amelia Macmillan& Dominique Weasley

- Celebrity Appearence: Hallie is at the public appearance of famed quidditch player.
Characters: Charlotte Topez & Rivah Trenton

- The Terror Now Begins:The second stage of the hostage plot.
Current Characters: Taranee Raine, Alexis D'eath, Maura Goldstein, James Darling

- Throwdown Of The Century: Dressed to impress at her final Hogwarts party.
Characters: Darcy E. Deas, Brian Sullivan, Erika Dixon, Molly Weasley, Vivianna Varnes, Henri Finch, Wilhelmena Abercrombie, Padril Crennet, Mavis Oakes.

- Through The Whomping Willow: The first stage of the hostage plot.
Characters: Maura Goldstein.

- Potions Class #2: Calming Draught/ Polyjuice Potion lesson.
Characters: Potions Students.

- It's Not A Product It's A Time Machine: Hallie watched and discussed movies on the muggle film reel that Padril had set up.
Characters: Padril Crennent.

- A Midnight Feat: Hallie and Brian grabbed a bite to eat before venturing to the fourth floor for a romantic kiss.
Characters: Brian Sullivan

-End Of The Day: Hallie is tryed to get some information out of Molly about Brian.
Current Characters: Molly Weasley, Mavis Oakes.

- Ugh Why: Hallie served detention with student Viola Owens where she also met Vivianna Varnes.
Characters: Viola Owens, Vivianna Varnes.

- Sneaking A Sip: Hallie sneaked into Hogsmede for a drink at The Hogs Head. Here she met Brant Crawford and promised to write to him.
Characters: Brant Crawford.

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Hallie Cooper
Hallie Cooper
Fifth Year Gryffindor
Fifth Year Gryffindor

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