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Everyone with their own adventures

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Re: Everyone with their own adventures

Post by Stephen Meyers on Thu May 18, 2017 11:41 am

Stephen nodded at that recognizing the same taste on books on her. "It is quite amazing to go along with an adventure, if not only in a story. Real life is way too much boring to be lived without anything going on" he said. "My grandmother was a Muggleborn. She never spared us a dinner without saying how much the letter from Hogwarts was important to her and how much it changed her life. And that happening during the time I was waiting for mine..." Stephen remember how much he had expected the letter, how much he wished to come to Hogwarts and her stories about it as much as anyone else's from the family was just unbearable...

Now, however, Stephen would consider it twice. Coming to Hogwarts was, in a way, the most amazing thing that had happened to him. He never found in the world a greater pleasure than to finally learn how to become what he always was: a wizard. But the price of it seemed to be too high now. The moment he came here and more specifically he had been left stupefied when he was sorted into the Gryffindor house destroyed the last bit of connection with his father. Gosh, he had tried to make him see that it was not the house that defined a good student and later wizard and he always worked so hard. But still, there was no way for his father to ever care... Moreover, he never really had made one friend that was worthy. Maybe he was always too deep in his own world of self surpassing at first. And when he noticed everyone had already their groups of friends and, newsflash, he wasn't in any.

Story had it as that one lonely guy who no one would ever care of if not when they were in a rush to finish their homework. Stephen wondered what there would be in other people's mind about him... Was he like that one text book everyone went to look for in the library and after they were done it was back in the shelf for the next time? Or was he like a statue of salvation whose name no one remembered but everyone went to look for when they were in need?

Thinking back to the real matter there Stephen started looking for the missing pages. "Yes, with a little bit of luck the lake hadn't catch any either" he nodded and smiled a bit to the thought of it. It was indeed an adventure, the first he had had in awhile, and thinking of it as a first chapter was indeed nice. It usually meant there would be another following that unless the story was dropped which always seemed to be the case.

"Yeah, I imagine" Stephen nodded back it took him a great deal of imaginations to generalize that to both of his parents. His mother was always nice and telling him how much she was proud of him. Stephen just thought that parents should be those on whom a person relies on at any time and till this moment he feared he hadn't find that in him as well... Being a few steps from her, Stephen could only tell the limits of the horse. He nodded though. "It is pretty good" he said. "Look, there is another one" he said and walked towards it picking it from the floor. It seemed it had landed on a pool of mud and the paper had gotten a bit stained by it. "I'm sorry" he said extending it to her.
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