WAKE, James Dermien
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WAKE, James Dermien

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WAKE, James Dermien Empty WAKE, James Dermien

Post by James Wake Wed Jul 22, 2009 3:16 am

Out of Character:
Name: (Or alias if you prefer.) Robert Adams
Gender: Male
Age: 18
How you found Potter's Army: Would Google suffice?
Any other characters on Potter's Army: None, as of yet.
Anything else: (Optional.) Hi.

In Character
WAKE, James Dermien Insert Picture URL here
Name: James Wake Dermien
Nicknames: Ace
Gender: Male (straight)
Race: Half-blooded werewolf, but does not suffer from the curse. May experience heightened senses during the full moon.
Year AND Age: 15 and fifth year
Preferred houses: Slytherin, Ravenclaw
Birthday: February 14th
Canon or Original: I think he’s pretty original.
Blood Status: Half-pureblood, with werewolf forming other half. (Half-blood)

Height: 4’11”
Hair: James has sandy-brown hair, with curls at its ends at the back. The longest his goes to is the point where his head meets his shoulders.
Eye colour: Crystal Blue eyes
Skin: Caucasian. A bit tanned though.
Other distinguishing features: One of James’ arms is an alchemic arm, an arm that requires considerate skill to create and control. The arm looks wooden upon first appearance, but is in fact composed of a multitude of minerals. This allows for expansion of the arm as the wearer ages and grows. He has had this arm for nine years, and has found it, and it’s many functions rather useful.

Personality: James has been sleepwalking his life for almost nine years, following the heart-rending death of his parents, and his discovery of magic. He may initially want to isolate himself, but as he grows onto people (or vice-versa), he opens up, revealing all there is to him- save the first years of his life. James clings onto secrets, but has not been trusted with one before. He is not excitable, and presents a dark sense of humor. He can be a good actor, and has proven it many times at the parties his uncle is often invited to. It takes a great deal to smile when your enemies are pretending to be your friends, after all. This acting leads one to believe that his mind is full of ingenuity and overworking itself with the slightest of details. If James makes a plan, it has to be idiot-proof. He is not as vain as to believe in anything like “the perfect plan.” Every plan has a facet that can break it all apart, and in order to evade that facet, one must be quick in both thought and body, right off the fly.
-Has a good working knowledge of Alchemy and the Dark Arts, though he doesn’t use the latter.
-Is a good actor.
-Is a quick analyzer
-Feels that love is the great chink in anybody’s armor, but none can escape it.
-His time in Durmstrang has left him unaware of what is black magic, and what is not.
-Feels that no matter what, all destiny has in store for is disappointment and loss.
-Vanilla Ice Cream
-His Uncle/Guardian
-His wand- Yew, 11 inches with a dragon heart-string core.
-Cats. Just one of those Cat-dog things
-The Rules against Dark Magic
Motto: Magic is Magic. It doesn’t matter who uses it- as long they want to cast a spell, let their wands be free.
Family Information: James Wake Dermien comes from two old families- The Wakes, an old wizarding family from the back waters of London, and the Dermiens, the former core family of the Lancaster Werewolves. His parents were wed out of political desire between the heads of both families. After the death of Voldemort, the wizarding community seemed ready to accept the werewolves into their inner workings at last, and the perfect medium was the most beautiful daughter of the Head, Penelope. Penelope was married to Terrence Dermien, then second heir to the Lancaster “throne.” They went off to live a less tumultuous life in Germany, after gaining their fathers favorable positions within the ministry. But in Germany, Aurors had gone on a wild Dark-hunt, slaying suspected Death Eaters. In their books, Werewolves were just one step away from Death Eater. The Lancaster Werewolves, who had, by then, moved to the same locale, were all slain on one full moon night. Of the aurors responsible, only one remains, but has since been placed in St. Mungo’s to undergo testing for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. He makes continuous claims that a five-year-old had killed his brother, another Auror that had attacked the village. This incident took place about nine years ago.
Background: Ace, as James now prefers to be called, has moved in with his uncle, Alan Wake, a black sheep from the Wake family. Alan is an aide to the Head of Alchemy, and teaches Ace daily on how to properly use alchemy. Ace’s alchemic arm was given the day after he was found amongst a pile of decaying corpses somewhere in the outskirts of Germany. He was missing an arm when he was found, and would’ve died had he not been taken to St. Mungo’s immediately. Ace was sent to Durmstrang for his first four years, but for his fifth year, Alan is sending him to Hogwarts. These experiences give Ace his distinctive “leave-me-alone-or-die” aura, which he finds rather useful.
Short Roleplay: Alan was out for the night. It was good night to be out, but for his uncle to actually enjoy a night was rare. Ace stared at the empty bowl in his hands, and considered putting it away. He rescinded the thought, adding one more scoop of vanilla ice cream to his bowl. One of the things he hated about England was that the Ministry of Magic knew how to track you down. Alchemy was perfectly possible, but Alan had to be in the building in order for Ace to disguise it. As he shoved the carton of ice cream back in the freezer, he turned on the TV. There was a news report about more dead people for unknown reasons.

The News turned out to be drab and depressing, much to Ace’s annoyance. He knew that it wouldn’t be fun, but still…. He spun his wand around his fingers marveling at the pale wood and the way the light reflected off of it. He pocketed it and got up, stretching. A whole night ahead of him, and he was already devoid of entertainment. He considered sleeping, but dismissed the very thought from his mind.

He chose to jump out the window. It was rather easy at night- the moonlight that bathed his form seemed to give a new sense of endurance, one he wished he could have forever, but knew better than to dream. He skated around the corner, checking for anyone that might’ve seen him. His hand drifted to his wand as his instincts began to flare. He heard the footsteps off people he couldn’t hear. He smelled the all too distinctive stench of London’s sewers. But he saw better- finally, a plus side to his wolfen blood. He looked around, seeing more clouds than he thought he would, and finally deciding to head down to see the night life at Diagon Alley. He started forward, a brisk canter towards the wizard’s one-stop-shopping experience.
James Wake
James Wake

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WAKE, James Dermien Empty Re: WAKE, James Dermien

Post by Jemma Tiquelle Wed Jul 22, 2009 9:38 am

ACCEPTED and sorted into RAVENCLAW.

Oooh, alchemic arm. What exactly can James do with it?
Oh, and changing your name to 'James Wake'.


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WAKE, James Dermien Empty Re: WAKE, James Dermien

Post by James Wake Thu Aug 16, 2012 6:41 pm

Graduate me? Please?

(I don't want to be a lonely 7th year...)
James Wake
James Wake

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WAKE, James Dermien Empty Re: WAKE, James Dermien

Post by Darren Thu Aug 16, 2012 11:54 pm

Heyyy James, welcome back!

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