It's a Wedding
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It's a Wedding

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It's a Wedding Empty It's a Wedding

Post by Maddie Kane Sat Jun 03, 2023 5:52 pm

flash back
Girls wedding attire
best man

The Kane family had gathered in the warm and cozy living room of their family home, huddled close together on the sofa and armchairs. With the snow covering the ground outside and the stars twinkling in the night sky, it was the perfect time to bond as a family before the younger siblings returned to Hogwarts.

Suddenly, Matthew and his long-time girlfriend, Evelynn, stepped forward with a beaming smile on their faces. The family couldn't help but feel the excitement and anticipation in the air.

“Eve and I have some exciting news,” Matt announced, his arm draped around Evelynn’s waist.

Evelynn took a deep breath and spoke nervously, “We're getting married!” She glanced over at Matt, who gave her a reassuring nod.

The room erupted with joy and excitement as Maddie, the second oldest of the siblings, jumped up from the sofa and threw her arms around the couple. She bombarded Evelynn with questions about the proposal, and Evelynn happily answered them all.

Their father chuckled and shook his head, “Maddie, let them have some space to breathe.”

Their mother wiped tears of happiness from her eyes and asked, “Have you picked a date?”

Matt shook his head in response, but Evelynn quickly added, “We want everyone to be there, so it will have to be in the summer.”

Evelynn turned to Charlie and James, the two youngest Kane siblings, “Will you be my junior bridesmaids?”

Excitedly, they both nodded in agreement, “Yes!”

Then, Matt turned to Kole, his brother, “And Kole, will you be my best man?”

Kole, who was known to be reserved, simply nodded his head in agreement.

Finally, Evelynn turned to Maddie, “And Maddie, will you be my maid of honor?”

Maddie squealed with joy and bounced across the room to embrace Evelynn once more. Her two younger siblings had to pry her away.

It was a moment the Kane family would never forget, and they knew it was just the beginning of an exciting new chapter in their lives.

It was a momentous day, eagerly anticipated by Matthew and Evelynn as they embarked on their journey of wedded bliss. The warm rays of the summer sun caressed the earth, infusing the air with a gentle, balmy breeze. The ceremony was scheduled to commence at sundown, set against the picturesque backdrop of the backyard overlooking the tranquil lake, where the sun's golden hues would dance upon the rippling water. Maddison, brimming with excitement, had been buzzing around since morning, tending to Evelynn's every need, ensuring every detail was flawless for her beloved brother and his soon-to-be wife. With utmost care, she busied herself with adorning the younger girls' hair, meticulously arranging their locks, applying makeup, and assisting them with their dresses and shoes. Maddie was determined to create a moment of perfection for this joyous occasion; her brother and his soulmate deserved nothing less.

"James, sweetheart, please refrain from rubbing your eyes. We don't want to smudge the lovely makeup," Maddie gently reminded her youngest sister, her voice filled with sisterly love and guidance. Taking a damp napkin, she tenderly wiped away any stray smudges from beneath the girl's eyes. Today was a special day for the younger Kane girls. They rarely had the opportunity to experiment with makeup, but this auspicious occasion had granted them permission to wear it for the first time that year.

After ensuring James was picture-perfect, Maddison turned her attention to Charlie. With meticulous precision, she delicately inserted the last few hairpins, securing each strand of hair in place. A soft murmur escaped her lips as she meticulously attended to every detail. "Just a few more pins here... There we go. Absolutely perfect," she whispered, a sense of satisfaction permeating her voice. Every lock of hair flawlessly arranged, Charlie looked radiant, a vision of beauty under Maddie's expert touch.

The three sisters and the bride stood before the mirror, their hair expertly styled with soft, cascading curls pinned up elegantly, except for Evelynn's. Her lustrous locks were left loose, enchanting curls cascading down her back, with a few delicately braided strands pinned back to frame her face. As Maddison took in the sight, her heart swelled with pride. Evelynn looked like a vision of beauty and grace, as if she had stepped right out of the pages of a fairy tale. It was as if Maddie had handpicked the dress and styled her hair herself, but this was a moment of pure serendipity.

"Oh, I know just what you need!" Maddison exclaimed, her face lighting up with excitement. With a skip in her step, she swiftly exited the room, making her way to her mother's flourishing flower garden. Snipping three pristine white roses, she hurried back, her anticipation palpable. With careful hands, she removed any thorns, ensuring a gentle touch. Placing the flowers in Evelynn's hair, just above the point where the braids met at the back, Maddie stepped back to admire her handiwork. "Perfect," she whispered, her voice barely audible, her satisfaction radiating through her beaming smile.

Evelynn gazed at her reflection, her smile soft and appreciative. "Wow, thank you, Mad. You were absolutely right," she murmured, her words filled with genuine gratitude. The addition of the flowers was the perfect touch, enhancing her natural beauty. Maddison's thoughtful gesture had elevated her appearance, and Evelynn couldn't help but feel a deep sense of love and admiration for her sister-in-law.

Maddison's gaze shifted upward, drawn to the elegant clock on the wall. Time was slipping away, and the anticipation grew. "I'll make sure everyone is ready for your grand entrance," she declared to Evelynn, her words barely escaping her lips before she hurried away once more. Descending the stairs with urgency, Maddie sought out Evelynn's two brothers, Kole, and their father. Matthew, Evelynn's father, would be standing beside the officiant at the end of the aisle, eagerly awaiting his daughter. Maddie playfully teased Matthew, vowing to never let him live it down if he didn't shed a tear or two when he caught sight of Evelynn for the first time on that special day.

Finally, Maddie found the four individuals she sought, gathered in the kitchen around the island at its center. "Matt!" she exclaimed with a mixture of excitement and urgency. "It's almost time. Go to your rightful place." With a gentle push, she guided her big brother towards the back door, ensuring it closed securely behind him. She then turned her attention to the remaining trio. "Are we all set?" she inquired, a sense of purpose emanating from her.

Kole responded with an eye roll, accustomed to his older sister's enthusiastic nature. "Yes, Maddie, we're ready. We're just waiting on you four," he replied, his tone laced with a hint of exasperation.

"Perfect," Maddie acknowledged, her eyes gleaming with unwavering determination. "Evelynn will be joining us shortly, and then we can commence the grand festivities." Without pausing for a response, she swiftly ascended the stairs, fueled by her purpose. Her shoes. She needed to retrieve her shoes. "Everyone downstairs is in their designated places," she sang cheerfully as she reentered the room she had just left, swiftly slipping her shoes onto her feet. "Are you ready, Eve?" she inquired.

"As prepared as I'll ever be, all thanks to your tireless efforts, Maddie," the older girl replied, beaming at the three individuals who would soon become her family as well.

"I would do anything for you and Matthew," Maddison confessed, a faint blush gracing her cheeks as blood rushed to her face. "Now, let us embark upon this joyous celebration!" Urging her younger sisters down the stairs ahead of her, Maddie followed closely behind Evelyn, gracefully supporting the train of her skirt to ensure her safe descent. This wedding would be an embodiment of perfection, an occasion to be treasured for a lifetime.

Once the entire wedding party had assembled in the kitchen, Maddison peered out to ensure that Matthew was in his designated place amidst the mingling guests who were finding their seats. Satisfied, she addressed the group, "Alright, James and Carter, you're up first." She guided the two youngest members to the front, aligning their arms perfectly, linked at the elbow. "Next, it's you and Antony," she instructed, repeating the process with Charlie and Evelyn's middle brother. Maddison herself would be escorted by Kole, and finally, Evelyn and her father would follow. Opening the door, she discreetly signaled that they were ready, propping it open for everyone to see.

As a gentle classical melody resonated throughout the venue, the guests stood up and turned to face the end of the aisle, their gazes fixed on Evelyn's entrance. The ceremony was precisely as Evelyn had desired—short and simple—a heartfelt sentiment that brought tears to the eyes of all in attendance, including Maddison. With vows exchanged and rings placed upon their fingers, the officiant spoke the final line, "You may now kiss the bride." A wave of applause and cheer erupted as Matthew leaned in and kissed Evelyn, gracefully dipping her backward in a tender display of affection.

In reverse order, Maddison followed Evelyn and Matthew down the aisle, leading them towards the specially arranged area in the yard where the reception awaited. The atmosphere was brimming with joy and anticipation as the celebration continued, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

During the dinner, Maddison's gaze remained fixed on Mason, her heart fluttering with mixed emotions. She flawlessly delivered her maid of honor speech, her words filled with grace and gratitude for Matthew finding Evelynn. As she spoke, her eyes never left Mason, capturing his attention and everyone else's in the room. The depth of their connection was evident in her sincere expression.

The first dances concluded, and the dance floor filled with joyous couples. Maddie saw this as her chance to escape, her mind overwhelmed by the whirlwind romance she had experienced with Mason. They had fallen in love quickly, their connection intense and passionate. However, recent suspicions of Mason's involvement with Brynnley and the emotional toll of the past year weighed heavily on her. Silently slipping off her shoes, Maddison lifted her dress and stepped into the darkness, leaving the fading music behind.

She needed a moment to gather her thoughts, to find solace in the quiet solitude. The cool night air embraced her as she walked, the moonlight casting a gentle glow on her tear-stained face. Each step away from the celebration felt like a step towards clarity, a chance to reflect on the complexities of her feelings. As she ventured deeper into the darkness, the sounds of laughter and music grew faint, gradually replaced by the rhythmic symphony of her own thoughts.

Maddie knew she had to confront the doubts that gnawed at her heart, the unanswered questions that lingered in her mind. It was in this moment of escape, amidst the serenity of the night, that she hoped to find the strength to face the truth. She yearned for clarity, to understand where she stood with Mason and what the future held for them.

As she walked deeper into the night, her determination grew stronger. The darkness became her refuge, offering a sanctuary where she could wrestle with her emotions without distractions.

Observing his sister Maddie slipping away, Kole interpreted it as his signal to find Michelle. Navigating the perimeter of the festivities, he attentively scanned the crowd until his eyes settled upon her. A radiant smile illuminated his face as he briskly made his way through the bustling guests, his heart filled with anticipation. Approaching Michelle, he towered over her, his smile widening as he spoke, "Hey there," his voice laced with genuine warmth. "Are you having a wonderful time?" dressed in his nice slacks and the bow tie he’d been forced to wear for his brother's benefit. Tugging at the tie nervously he looked from Elle to the dance floor as a slow song began to play. “Would you like to join me?” he asked, offering her his hand.
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