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MCGEE, Ciara

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MCGEE, Ciara Empty MCGEE, Ciara

Post by Ciara McGee Thu Mar 30, 2023 3:02 pm

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Name: Ciara Alexa McGee
Age: 15
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Hogwarts Year: Fourth (held back)
Member Name: Krissu

Play By: Sabrina Carpenter
Appearance: She has blonde hair like her mother, brown eyes like what she got from her father. Her hairs happens to be straight most of the days, but it can get curly on rainy days or when she feels like curling it. Her hair is over her shoulder. She loves the length it is now. She is around 152 cm and that makes her not be really the tallest one for sure, she is rather short. So she often needs help reaching out to reach stuff. She has never complained. Her body is quite slim, she just has a fast metabolism.
She has always been someone who loves jeans, t-shirts and jackets on her free time. She has never been someone to wear dresses much, unless it's some fancy party where you have to do it. She just feels more comfortable in jeans or leggings. She doesn't even wear jewelry much or makeup, she has never been very girly.

Facts Known About Character: Has sister who died before she even started Hogwarts.
She had cancer in her fourth year too (made her be held back, so she repeats fourth year now).
Rumors Known About Character:
She was supposed to join Quiddicth team but they didn't want her there due to her being sick (could get cancer again).

Old Bio:
Early Years:
Ciara was born ans third and second daughter to Desmond and Saoirse McGee. Her older sister ended up dying due to the cancer, when Ciara was only five. So she doesn't have much memories with her older sister. That made her become quite protective of her other siblings. She has one older brother and a younger brother alive. She just loves them very much and would do anything for them. The siblings have always been very close, they even share friends.
Ciara knew about magic her whole life, she had magic sings already when she was three. She did make dolls fly with magic, when ever she wanted to play alone with them. Her older brother confirmed it to her that their family is magical. She loved the idea of it, she thought at some point that she was crazy. Years seemed to go by and she got her letter from Hogwarts like her older brother before her. Her older sister should have gone before her too but she wasn't here anymore.
Hogwarts Years: At her first day here she was sorted into Hufflepuff. To be honest she was a bit surprised about it. But she didn't mind it. At first it was time to get used to these new things. She had never chared a room before. At home she had just for herself. Also being away from her family for so long was new. She knew her brother was around, but he was already in fifth year at the time when she started. Anyways she managed to adjust and make friends. She even kept her grades good. But in the middle of the fourth year she ended up very sick suddenly. She didn't get what was going on. She was even hospitalized, which is where it was found out she had cancer too. So she ended up going through a lot, which made her miss her classes and school. So this made her be held back as yeah she was so behind and they didn't feel like she should just skip on year. So now she has beaten the cancer and she is back at school again. She has no clue what is gonna happen. She has slowly grown her hair back again.
Adult Years: Not there yet.
Ciara McGee
Ciara McGee
Fourth Year Hufflepuff
Fourth Year Hufflepuff

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MCGEE, Ciara Empty Re: MCGEE, Ciara

Post by Khaat Lupin Fri Mar 31, 2023 1:09 am

she looks good to me. Accepted and sorted to Hufflepuff. Smile
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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