Tyler, Jessie James
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Tyler, Jessie James

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 Tyler, Jessie James Empty Tyler, Jessie James

Post by Jessie Tyler Wed Apr 06, 2022 2:11 am

Jessie James Tyler
Name:Jessie James Tyler
Age:32 years old
Class: Werewolf

Mother:Suzanne Emily Whitaker
Father: Reginald John Tyler
Brother(s): Sam & Victor (Twins)
Sister(s):Ruby lyn

Playby:Channing Tatum
Eyes: Brown
Height:1.8 m
Build:wide shoulders, well toned muscles and defined abbs
Skin:Light Tan, scar above his left eye and below his third rib.
Clothes:smart casual,some times suit with waistcoat
Overall Appearance:
He towers over nearly everyone bringing more attention to himself than the average Joe. He is built strong, like an athlete, with broad shoulders melting perfectly into his toned chest and muscular arms. His legs were long like that of runner, perfect for his martial arts training as it gives him a long reach.

He likes to be clean and smart, his clothes are always pressed. His suits are all tailored to fit him as he can't buy off the rack, and he has many of them including waist coats to match. His casual attire consists of slacks, a light shirt and polished dress shoes. His hair is always kept short and swept back off his face and neatly groomed along with his nails.    

Nationality: American

Good Qualities:
1: Quick at picking up new skills
2: Very observant in all environments
3: Good with kids(if needed)
4: good at martial arts  

Bad Qualities:
1: Short tempered
2: He does not do well to authority figures and as such has been demoted or passed over several times.
3: Prefers to be a lone wolf

1: Good food
2: Fine wine
3: A well kitted out gym

1: Human traffickers
2: Warm Beer
3: Men who disrespect women

Fears: Changing in a public place so giving away that he is a wearwolf.

General Personality:
He is a quiet, observant, Loyal man. He will see each and every job to the bitter end, be it good or bad. Though he does on occasion speak his mind in rather colourful tones. Which can get on certain peoples nerves.

Though he does try and not speak out of turn it has on occasion got him into trouble. For this he has been demoted several times, and had noted in his file he is a bit of a trouble maker, a lone wolf you might say. If you can get past the tough exterior he is like any man, soft at heart, kind and gentle.

Early Years: He was born to Suzanne Emily Whitaker and Reginald John Tyler his father was in the marine corp as a sniper, even if it was a risky job. He is the oldest of four children he hated that it took his father away from his mother while she was pregnant with the twins but understood that once they were born his father would finish his time served and asked to be reassigned. So he could stay on base as a trainer and run a small off base pub. He grew up a happy boy playing with the other kids on base and watching the new recruits as they came in. Several years later his twin brothers were born and he helped his mother look after them, growing close to her before his sister was born.

Hogwarts Years: School was a little different, harder as he was constantly teased for being over weight. It was coach Lavender that saw potential in Jessie as a Quidditch player after spotting him rush down two ass holes for calling him names. After trying out and making the team, Jessie used his hours of training and natural quick-thought to prevent the other team from successfully scoring. This aided his team in becoming State Champs.

Several months before graduation, and the idea of entering adulthood, Jessie thought seriously about joining the Marines. While his mother was horrified by the idea of him enlisting, his father felt proud that he wanted to serve his country, but he was still concerned about his son going off to war. After Graduation Jessie went ahead and enlisted anyway

After Hogwarts / Adult:

It was while at boot camp he met an MP named Brenner O'keef , a feisty head strong man who on first meeting him sent him on his ass during a fight thinking he was involved but all he wanted to know was where the bunk house was. They didn't see each other until his first day of sniper training, when he found that Brenner was set up as his spotter. The two formed a bond over the course of a few months and they were eventually best buds. They watched each others back, whether it be on assignment or off base at a night club or bar. Brenner was always the one who got Jessie out of the bar if he drank too much to do it himself and he got him into cigars to help him calm down instead of drinking when he lost his temper, also taught him about martial arts and of a Dojo just off base where he could train. He did this for several years becoming the best he could.

But one day while on an assignment, his position was compromised and he was shot twice, once in the knee, shattering it and once in his side it ripped through his kidney. Brenner managed to get him out and back to camp, where he was sent home to have knee replacement and surgery to replace his kidney where he had to have a blood transfusion.

The event triggered something inside of him, he didn't sleep or associate with anyone for fear of hurting them from being on edge all the time. He stayed in his room, except for when he had to go through physical therapy and then he would have angry outbursts every time he could not do what they asked.

It took a doctor witnessing one of these outbursts that he was finally diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder it was also then that they discovered he had been given a bad batch of blood, it had been from a Lycan.

He knew as soon as he woke and saw the look on the doctors face something was wrong. The fact he healed too quickly to be human and he felt something else lingered inside him. He could feel it, a need to be out and to run free. This is when he started therapy for his, illness so they called it and after recovery from his knee and kidney surgery, Jessie was honourably discharged from the United States Marine Corps to stay on a psychiatric ward at veteran's hospital for a few months.

The hospital was where he met back up with Brenner again, who'd came to visit his old friend. That's when he started talking about where he lived now and how they accepted those that were different like he had become. Now he wanted a life where he would not hurt any one and could sort out what was happening to him other than the PTSD.. so he joined the ministry of magic as a free lance Auror.

Alias:Jess Dark Heart
RP Experience: on and off, 20+ years
Other Characters: None Active
How did you find us?:Khaat pulled me back
RP Sample:
Jessie Tyler
Jessie Tyler
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate

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 Tyler, Jessie James Empty Re: Tyler, Jessie James

Post by Founder Fri Apr 08, 2022 10:15 pm

he's fine, jess. do you want me to change the name for him on this login? You can always continue to use Jess Dark Heart as an npc for now if you want. just let me know what you want to do.

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