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Post by Kaden Phoenix Thu Jun 09, 2022 7:30 pm

RUBY LYN TYLER 280x280_middle

Name:Ruby Lyn Tyler
Age:32 years old
Class: Witch
Blood: Pure

Mother:Suzanne Emily Whitaker
Father:Reginald John Tyler
Brother(s): Jessie James Tyler, Sam & Victor (Twins)
Other: Currently in a relationship with Angus Donahue
Playby:Sandra Hess
Hair: Light blond
Eyes: Brown
Build:she is Slender in build but with curves in the right places, she was a late bloomer so isn't big chested. This she uses to her advantage. She does have some scars from failed practices with her wand. Her eyes are a light brown with flakes of gold in them.    
Skin: Lightly tanned from being outdoors a lot but she does look after her skin.
Clothes: Practical but smart clothing,Trousers, tee shirts and sometimes men shirts for comfort. Her favourite Jacket is a leather bomber jacket her mother gave her of her grand mothers.
Overall Appearance: She had shoulder length blond hair that is mostly kept neatly tied up in a bun, braided over her shoulder or up in a ponytail. She wears little makeup except for lip gloss or salve to keep her lips from becoming chapped. Her nails are always kept trim and clean with clear nail varnish.

Good Qualities:
1: Kind
2: Caring
3: Listens
Bad Qualities:
1: Skitish around anything to do with toture or death.
2: long term borrows Anguse's shirts.
3: lacks confidence in her own abilitys
1: Cooking simple dishes
2: Watching the sunrise
3: Taking early morning runs
4: Being around good people
1: Alcohol and alcoholics
2: late nights
3: wearing a formal dress to a formal occasion

The fear of being locked in a room with tons of rats
General Personality:
She is bubbly when needed, but focused and she is very independent, so much so that she left home at twenty one to pursue her career at the ministry against her fathers wishes.

Though growing board of the same old routine she switched departments to allow herself to experience more of the magical world and its laws. She likes to prepare before doing anything not normal and always has a book and tooth brush in her pocket encase she has to be gone longer than a night.

She loves to cook simple foods enjoying the therapeutic rhythm of gathering the ingredients and then the final dish that every one enjoys. She like simple things in life too like seeing a view for the first time of tasting some quality foods. She's quick to defend those she cares about and use her wand where necessary but also knows she needs to keep improving her skills.

Early Years:
Born the oldest of four, twins and a younger single brother. Evan at an early age she loved to see what was going on always looking around her self, when she began to crawl she would always be found sitting in a plant pot or rooting in cupboards for what ever lay in its depths.  
Hogwarts Years:
Soon came school,much to her parents approval, since now they had twins and her brother to look after. she was quiet and shy but also asked questions, a lot of questions. She excelled at DADA and was good at charms but Herbology and the others not so much she just wanted to read her books and cook this gained her a noticeable bully follower which made the rest of her school years hell, but she learned to wait her time.

After Hogwarts / Adult:
After Hogwarts she moved back home gaining a job at the ministry firstly in Department of Magical Transportation but found it to be lacking for her she stayed for about two years then decided it was not for her researching her options she moved to the Department of International Magical Co-operation

RP Experience: Please don't ask how long.
Other Characters: Jessie Tyler, Kaden Phoenix, Jack black heart, Jessica Black heart
How did you find us?: all ready member
RP Sample:
Kaden Phoenix
Kaden Phoenix

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