Starring Ruby Donagher
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Starring Ruby Donagher

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Starring Ruby Donagher Empty Starring Ruby Donagher

Post by Dominique Weasley01 Sun Nov 01, 2009 11:33 pm

Out of Character:
Name: Ema
Gender: Female
Age: Teen
How you found Potter's Army: The world wide web
Any other characters on Potter's Army: 3
Anything else: Ahhh… ummm….errrr…

In Character
Starring Ruby Donagher Emily_didonato_5337526
Name: Ruby Jezebel Donagher
Nicknames: Ruby, Rube, Ruby J, Jezebel(what her step-mum calls her)
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Year AND Age: 15, 5th year
Preferred houses: Gryffindor. If not then Ravenclaw.
Birthday: 29th July
Canon or Original: Original
Play-by: Emily Didonato
Blood Status: Pureblood

Height: Not so tall that she towers over people, but slightly taller than the average girl her age.
Hair: Chestnut brown, slightly wavy
Eye colour: Sea blue
Skin: Caucasian
Other distinguishing features: Small fangs, bulimic so quite thin, very pretty.

Personality: Ruby has a very bubbly personality. She is constantly bouncing around and smiling. She’s usually very friendly, but is prone to sudden mood swings. Ruby is quite stubborn and argues a lot. She is not afraid to defend herself or anyone else if she thinks they are being mistreated. She is absolutely terrified of the dark but will never admit it since she thinks it makes her seem ‘weak’. Ruby is adventurous and playful, but can be very naïve at times. Sometimes she overlooks other people’s emotions and doesn’t usually think before she acts. She is loud and charismatic and creates a strong impression on people when they first meet her. She makes rash decisions and is very spiteful to anyone she hates. Ruby is ambitious and independent, often doing daring things to achieve her goals. She is a BIG flirt and likes to show off. She’s smart, graceful, and lively, and very very honest. Imaginative and confident, Ruby is often described as ‘brilliant’ by her friends.
Skills: Running, dancing, talking, wasting time, flirting, sports
Weaknesses: Her mother, the dark, criticism, Summer, her ‘condition’,
Likes: Muggle stuff, music, flirting, holidays, flying, staying out late
Dislikes: The dark, her stepmother, bossy people, garlic, red hair, her father, death
Motto: Nobody’s perfect. I’m nobody. So, I must be perfect.
Family Information: Ruby was born to Heather Donagher (pureblood squib) and Carlo Kastle (pureblood wizard). Her mother died when she was eight and her father remarried three months later.Ruby’s stepmother (muggle-born witch) hates her and is always trying to get rid of her. Her father feels nothing for his daughter and hardly ever talks to her. Her stepmother is currently pregnant with her father’s second child. Ruby has a grandmother, Dorothy Donagher, but her grandmother is not in touch with her family anymore since her mother died. Ruby also has a godmother who is her mother’s best friend. She thinks of her as her aunt and calls her Aunt Susan.
Background: Ruby was born to Heather Donagher and Carlo Kastle. Her name was originally Ruby Jezebel Kastle but she changed it at the beginning of this year. She grew up in a pretty normal neighborhood in America, living right next door to her godmother, Susan and her son, Blake, who was and still is Ruby’s best friend. She was a very happy child. However, her mother died when she was nine and her neighbors moved to England 4 years later. Her father was completely inexperienced with dealing with children and they weren’t close at all. In fact, they hardly ever interacted and he was always at work busy making money. Ruby became Bulimic and even began cutting herself. She was lost and alone until her father remarried 3 months later. Then she became lost and wishing she was alone. One night when she was 11, she stayed out late and got attacked. Next thing she knew, she was at home being told she was now a vampire. She cared at first and made a big deal out of it but eventually she came to enjoy having heightened senses and better reflexes. Her stepmother hates her and her mother and is always trying to convince her father to get rid of her. Her father always agrees with her stepmother especially since she is pregnant with his kid anyway and so he sent Ruby to England. Because of this, Ruby changed her name to her mother’s name since she felt she did not belong to the Kastle family anymore. Ruby stopped cutting herself last year but is still Bulimic and is not planning to stop soon. She started Hogwarts this year but has spent the whole of her life in America so far.
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Starring Ruby Donagher Empty Re: Starring Ruby Donagher

Post by Guest Sun Nov 01, 2009 11:37 pm


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