Ariel Damian Greyback
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Ariel Damian Greyback

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Ariel Damian Greyback Empty Ariel Damian Greyback

Post by Ariel Damian Greyback Mon Jul 01, 2019 5:56 pm

Ariel Damian Greyback

Age + Birthday: Seventeen // October 31st
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Appearance: Tall, blonde, grey-eyed, liberally scarred, slender but covered in lean muscle, a sickly hue to him but very well dressed.
Facts Known About Character:

1. He is not a particularly "well" human being due to his experience with Lycanthropy. Instead of embracing the wolf, Ariel has always tried to fight it and, as a result, in the build-up to the Full Moon he becomes incredibly unwell and is almost always confined to a bed in the Hospital Wing. Sometimes, when he's nearly at his worst, he needs three Pepper-Up potions just to get through the day.

2. His mother is a bespoke broomstick maker so Ariel has always been interested in woodwork. He would eventually like to own his own carpentry shop, or perhaps take over her business. At the moment, he enjoys carving little models of animals and he has taken to leaving them around Hogwarts in the hope that they might be found by people who need something to make them smile. He has overheard people talking about the models but no one knows it's him that makes them.

3. He feels most at home in nature, likely because during the Full Moon he spends most of the night running through the Forbidden Forest. He often misses afternoon classes because he doesn't take well to being cooped up. The clear Scottish air helps to assuage many of his symptoms.

4. He carries a set of blue amber kombolói which he fiddles with constantly in order to keep himself cool, calm, and collected. Results vary.

5. He can be very stubborn, is often hot-headed, easily provoked, and vindictive when crossed.

6. He is very careful about how he keeps his appearance, ensuring it is always highly polished. This is done in an effort to counter-act the rumours that he is just like his father. He hopes that if they always see someone who is very put together, people will stop drawing comparisons between them.

7. Almost always seen with a book.

8. Surly. Defensive.

9. He has got a lot of love to give and only needs the chance to give it.

10. And, finally, he really, really, really would just like a shot at a normal life. He knows the chances of him getting that shot are slim to none, though.

Rumours Known About Character:

1. He is the son of Fenrir Greyback and based on that fact alone, many have made the following assumptions about him:

  • Ariel is in possession of the same wickedness and predilection for violence that marks his father. He's not, therefore, to be trusted in any positions of authority.
  • He is solitary not because a large proportion of the student body at Hogwarts avoids and ignores him but because he resents being amongst humans and would rather be in wolf form always, just like his father.
  • He is inclined towards the Dark Arts and already has associations with the remaining Death Eaters that are scattered across the country.
  • Ariel is also a Lycanthrope. Now this rumour is accurate although his affliction is not something that Ariel advertises himself. What he doesn’t bother to do is correct those who make the assumption. The rumour came in quite handy during his fourth year when a gaggle of aggravating younger Gryffindors took to harassing him in the library while he was trying to study. Bared teeth and the thought of being attacked over the Full Moon soon sent them packing.

2. Though he is confined in the Hospital Wing during his periods of illness, many think that he has left Hogwarts to wreak havoc with his father during these episodes.

3. His skill in Defence Against the Dark Arts comes from a knowledge of the dark arts rather than real talent for defence against it.

4. His mother had to have been under the influence of the Imperius Curse in order to enter into a relationship with Fenrir Greyback.

5. Some people even think his parentage is just a horrible rumour and even though he's got the surname, he couldn't possibly be the son of Fenrir Greyback. But then, who would willingly carry such a name? Merlin.

- Ariel was born in the city Heraklion on the island of Crete in Greece. His mother, Cora Mariatos, was also born on the island but was raised in Britain by her father after her mother's death. She returned to Crete to give birth partly in homage to her mother. Her labour was long and painful. Her decision to name her son 'Ariel Damian' was made in a haze of pain as she cried out the names she had settled on for if he was a girl or a boy. The midwife, not realising that she was supposed to pick Damian as his name, wrote both down and thus he was to be, forever more, Ariel Damien Greyback.  

- Cora and Ariel returned to Britain shortly after his christening and settled in a small wizarding village in the Highlands of Scotland. Alone and without obvious income, Cora turned to her old craft of woodworking. Once residents of the village heard about her knack for making broomsticks, they urged her to set up her own shop and over the course of Ariel's childhood she set up a successful business.  While she worked, Ariel was often looked after by a little old lady with too many cats in the village. She is the reason why he does not care for the creatures but he's always sweet on old ladies.

- Ariel was nine when his father found him. Fenrir and Cora once had love between them. Shortly after she fell pregnant, he was arrested and found himself in Azkaban awaiting trial. When Cora realised the extent of his crimes, she attempted to move on without him and it was a slight that Fenrir never forgave. He was devastated to see that she had moved on and did not, at first, know that Ariel was his own. It likely would not have impacted his choice had he known, either. To spite her for her disloyalty, Fenrir stole Ariel away when he was out playing in the village and bit him. When Cora found her son, she knew exactly what had happened to him. For weeks, until the first moon, she was utterly inconsolable. Eventually, though, they fell into a rhythm of sorts and Cora has brewed Ariel's Wolfsbane ever since.

- Ariel was overjoyed to go to Hogwarts but, in many ways, his name and affliction preceded him. People knew of Fenrir Greyback, of course they did. Even if Ariel didn't really, the other children did and they couldn't quite accept him for the association. Ariel did toy for a while with changing his name to Mariatos to avoid the association but the damage had already been done. The friends he had made to start out with faded away with only one really remaining. He got used to being solitary and eagerly looked forward to returning home every summer where his childhood friends were always there to welcome him with open arms. In the end, he just learned to sort of "own" the name. He is a Greyback. Take him or leave him, he doesn't mind anymore.

- In his fourth year, shortly after the Gryffindor episode, Ariel retrieved a Hufflepuff in the year below from a sticky situation with his fellow Slytherins. Some of them had chosen the Hufflepuff to pick on but while the Hufflepuff was terrified of the Slytherins, the Slytherins were petrified of him. He tersely shooed them away and informed the Hufflepuff briskly that he had no intention of hurting them - he just wanted to help. Thereafter, aside from a few former-friends who had really only paled into associates, he had a friend. A real, firm friend. Seeing him with someone else - who was, incidentally, universally liked - softened public opinion of Ariel somewhat. The Hufflepuff was good to him, always picking up their homework assignments, sharing notes, and they were even occasionally with him during the full moon. They remain close to this day and is one of the only people in the world Ariel feels he can truly count on.

- During his O.W.Ls, unhelpfully, Fenrir became more interested in his son again and began to meddle more in his life. Ariel has never quite been able to get rid of him as a result. Despite the distractions, Ariel did impressively and elected to do N.E.W.Ts in most of his subjects. Of his electives, he dropped Arithmancy - a surprise to his mother as she thought he was quite interested in the subject - and kept on with Care of Magical creatures - another surprise - and Ancient Runes - expected.

- In many ways, Hogwarts was doubly hard because of how ill Ariel gets during the Full Moon. He's forever catching up on work and it's a miracle, in truth, that he made it through his exams. He has probably spent more nights in the Hospital Wing than in the Slytherin dungeons. As he moves into his last year, Ariel is quietly terrified about what's to come. He knows that the school is a cocoon where his safety and security is guaranteed. When he leaves, everything hangs in the balance. And at it's most basic: who's going to hire a werewolf with a pedigree like his, irrespective of how far the wizarding world has come? He can feel his father closing in around him and despite his mother's lightness, he can feel darkness beginning to encroach. His fear is that he will never be able to keep to the light - not when the shadows are right there, ready to engulf him.

Playby: Boyd Holbrook
Ariel Damian Greyback
Ariel Damian Greyback
Seventh Year Slytherin
Seventh Year Slytherin

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