Smith, Sofia Jaylee
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Smith, Sofia Jaylee

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Smith, Sofia Jaylee Empty Smith, Sofia Jaylee

Post by Hayden L. Fawkes Jr. Tue May 24, 2016 5:47 pm

Smith, Sofia Jaylee Ronan-3-xlarge

Sofia Jaylee Smith


NICKNAMES/ALIAS: So, Sof, Sofi, others will developed in game play

AGE: 15



WAND: Holly, unicorn tail hair, 103/4 inches + bendy

PLAY BY: saoirse ronan


GENERAL APPEARANCE: Sofia has blonde hair that curls just slightly and frames her small face with her straight nose and blue eyes. She is averagely built for a fifteen year old girl. She looked best when dressed in either pink or blue though she wears blue most often with dark high waist pants or shorts. Occasionally you’ll see her in a dress but not often.


TRAITS:+ Friendly
+ Compassionate
+ Good Student
+ Tom Boy
- Bites Nails
- Quiet
- fear of Spiders
-fear of hights
-fear of blood and needles

+ Music
+ Silence
+ Friends and Family
- Cold
- bad additudes
- the dark
-seeing others hurt

GOAL: to be a healer


FATHER: Aaron Riley (Unknown Never Around)

MOTHER: Stephaine Smith

SIBLING/S:Andrew Smith (twin brother) Baby Smith (unborn/miscarried)

OTHER: Tanner Whitt(Baby Smiths Father) Uncle Michel (not her real uncle but adopted)




EARLY YEARS:Sofia and Andrew were not yet born when their mother and father split. So they were rised by their mother and her various boyfriends and their Uncle Michel was ever present. One of the Boyfriends names was Tanner. He and their Mother almost had a child that they lost. The twins thought of Tanner as their father as he was the one who had been there for them from their birth. The twins loved to play outside. Andrews favorite place to play was on the swings where Sofia loved to slide. But the two were inseparable most of their lives. They grew up in a small town in northern Missouri. Andrew loved the snow that came about occasionally in the winter. But Sofias favorite time of the year was summer when she was allowed to go out and play more often. The two were home schooled up until their eleventh year.

School YEARS:At the age of eleven the twins found out that they had magic in their blood and were sent off to school for the first time. They clung to each other as they waved good bye to their mother tears and fear in their eyes. They had never been away from their family for this long. Sofia had many problems making friends as she spent more time studying. But her brother liked to play sports and made many friends leaving her alone more often but they still spent a lot of time together.





HOW YOU FOUND US:An old member who is no longer here. I miss him.

Hayden L. Fawkes Jr.
Hayden L. Fawkes Jr.
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Ilvermorny Student

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Smith, Sofia Jaylee Empty Re: Smith, Sofia Jaylee

Post by Elijah Krum Tue May 24, 2016 6:29 pm

Lovely! Sorting <3
Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
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Sixth Year Slytherin

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