SMITH, Julius
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SMITH, Julius

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SMITH, Julius Empty SMITH, Julius

Post by Julius 'Cobalt' Smith Tue Nov 18, 2014 1:33 am

SMITH, Julius Simonroberts003

Julius 'Cobalt' Smith


FULL NAME:  Julius Smith


AGE: 35


HOGWARTS HOUSE: Graduate of Hogwarts (Slytherin)

WAND: Ash, Dragon Heartstring, 13 inches + unyielding  

PLAY BY: Sean Bean


HAIR COLOUR: Light Brown

EYE COLOUR: Bright blue


BODY BUILD: Toned but slim

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Apart from a few choice scars that aren't very easily seen, Cobalt (as he prefers to be called) is a rather thin man with firm features. He has grown into the ruggedness that his working class father had, perhaps exceeding it with the addition of rough stubble.


TRAITS: Mercenary, Ruthless, Independent, Driven, Dark sense of humor, Selfish, Violent temper

LIKES: Money, Status symbols, Expensive muggle suits, Being in control
DISLIKES: Being looked down on, Being cheap, Mess

GOALS: Cobalt's goal is simple - Julius 'Cobalt' Smith wants to be rich.
Not just rich but respected within the community as a man who has more means than others. To be someone people look to with envy. He wants nothing more than to have all the fruits of his labor coveted in vein, knowing that what he has can never be taken away from him.

HABITS & QUIRKS: Cobalt rarely pays for muggle items or services with coins as he prefers to pay with either a card or cash.
He often plays games of chess with himself in the evenings.

BOGGART: Cobalt has always been trying to better himself, his standing and his bank account. Because of this desire, and because of his early life as the son of a lower class worker, Cobalt's boggart is himself as a beggar, pride, skills and money nowhere in sight.

PATRONUS: One of Cobalt's happiest memories was being handed a wad of cash by his grandfather on his thirteenth birthday. It had only been £50 of muggle money and 3 galleons but it had been more money than he had ever held before and it had been his.

DEMENTOR: His worst memory is of being taken to a football match by his father to see a game between two big rivals. He had been five at the time and upon the finale of the match the young Julius was separated from his father by the crowds who were surging all around him, fueled by beer and bitterness at the dramatic loss of their team. With the stadium's exits being narrowed down to only two due to construction work, he found himself almost crushed by the surge of humanity that rushed from their seats to vent in their nearest pub.
He was found almost an hour later by his father, shaking as he clung to a wall with more than a few bruises and a fear/hate of football matches.

Serious - Cobalt is actually a father. He got the woman pregnant when they were both young and pays both the mother and child a monthly payment that he claims to hate but honestly would never dream of stopping. Due in large part to a mixture of shame at leaving and misplaced pride in that he hates the idea of any spawn of his being poor.
Funny - Cobalt has spent more on cat toys for his "Char-kitty" in the last year than he has on birthday presents for his family members in the past five.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Cobalt's greatest desire is to be a massively rich, successful member of society. To look into the mirror with Cobalt is to see a man sat atop a mound of gold, content to let onlookers gape and glare jealously.

PERSONALITY: Cobalt is very reward-orientated. Wherever possible, Cobalt likes to dissect any decision he has to make with the simple question... "What's in it for me?"
Although extremely cold and ruthless when it comes to business of any kind, Cobalt has a soft spot in his heart for cats. Particularly the albino kitten he keeps with him as often as possible.
He is sharp witted, not particularly caring if his words cut someone deeply. His attention to detail is very keen and he is loathe to leave anything, no matter how important, unfinished.


FATHER: Gavin Smith (Currently employed as a 'Magical' construction worker)

MOTHER: Victoria Smith nee Ceason (Currently unemployed)


OTHER: Cato Ceason (maternal grandfather) deceased - Left Cobalt his entire, meager, estate.
Others Cobalt doesn't really keep in touch with include an Aunt Dawn, Uncle Taylor and Grandmother Clara

BLOOD STATUS:  Half-blood


SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class (with dreams of a Upper Class life)

Albino kitten called Charlotte - aka Char-kitty

- Silver knife (Mainly due to the rise in werewolf activities and a hatred of the idea of being one)


For as far back as Cobalt cared to remember he had always wanted something and had been denied it either due to a lack of money or status. He had wanted some enchanted auror action figures - too expensive. Because of this, Cobalt began to hoard any money he could get his hands on, loving the freedom and options it gave him.

Early on in his school career, Cobalt was bullied by his housemates due to his family's lack of social standing and his own meager means. He quickly found that the best way to stop being bullied was to make it so hard for them that it wouldn't be worth it. The risk would outweigh the reward.
So he began to focus on his studies extensively so that he could bribe some bullies with tutoring in the lessons they were struggling in. For those who he couldn't bribe with knowledge he resorted to his cunning in order to scare them into stopping their attacks on him. Either by humiliating them so badly their standing fell too far in the House for them to be able to get away with bullying him.
Or by putting them into the hospital wing, in extreme cases.
He was almost expelled several times but with some heavy bribes to other students in the form of favors, he was let off the hook with warnings due to 'witnesses' agreeing he couldn't possibly have done those things as he was with them at the time.
However, Cobalt learnt quickly that he was rather suited to violence, having inherited his father's impressive temper. Not only that but he decided that it was one of the most effective methods when charm failed.
He quickly discovered he had no qualms about being the bully rather than the victim.

His parents tried to curtail his greed and desire to better himself by any means but he ignored them to the point of cutting almost all ties with them, visiting only briefly at birthdays and Christmas. His extended family haven't seen him in many years.
After travelling around in search of a way to put his talents to work making him money, Cobalt stumbled across a few drunk muggles who were bragging about the money to be made in being a member of a PMC, of being a mercenary. Seeing a chance to not only use violence to prove his worth in an organisation (putting his temper to good use), but to use his charm to work his way up the ladder of a company, Cobalt joined up immediately.
Attaining control over two squads of PMC mercenaries, Cobalt assumed the role of a junior officer and proved his skill in battles and security missions. He was blocked from gaining more promotions due to a rival managing to sink his claws into the daughter of the company's CEO - Before Cobalt could do so!


Been RPing on and off for the better part of about five years including co-admin duties for a site for roughly two years. More of a writer than a RPer but I am always willing to improve.


Julius 'Cobalt' Smith

Proof of concept for character in further writings + to hammer out a working personality base and style for the character.

"I can't believe that... that... peon! I can't believe that peon manged to get his claws into Ingrid like that!" he raged to his mostly empty penthouse apartment. He growled and drank some more of the whiskey from the tumbler he clutched tightly in his hand, "He's used her influence to block me in the company!"

There was a small mew that sounded like agreement to Cobalt's angry mind.

"You're damn right Ingrid deserves better than that fool!" he agreed with his cat, patting the little albino kitten on the head softly as it sat up attentively atop the cat-scratch post, "I would have treated her much better than him!"


Cobalt lowered the class and spotted the kitten just looking at him silently, head tilted cutely to the side slightly. He smirked wickedly,

"Okay, okay... she would have been a stepping stone to me as well." he admitted with a chuckle as he stopped to refill the tumbler, "But at least she would have enjoyed her time better with me. But what am I saying eh?"

He reached out and scratched the cat under the chin, causing the small creature's eyes to close as it purred contentedly. Grinning a little bit, he nodded,

"Love and relationships are too expensive." he admitted to himself before smirking lightly at the cat, "And you're the only girl for me."

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Julius 'Cobalt' Smith
Julius 'Cobalt' Smith
Slytherin Graduate
Slytherin Graduate

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SMITH, Julius Empty Re: SMITH, Julius

Post by Michael Tremaine Tue Nov 18, 2014 2:20 am

Hi, Nefi!

Welcome to PA.  I've read your app.  There are parts of your character that work for me, but, unfortunately, there is an issue. Because we need to be sensitive to any and all disabilities, we don't accept characters who have them. As such, we don't accept mental health issues here, and, even if it is just suggested in his history, he isn't making sense to me.  I need to understand what really is his issue.

He doesn't have any real reason that drives him to do what he does, or I'm not seeing it, anyway. I'm looking for something logical. The history doesn't justify the behavior, and there is very little "normalcy" to him.  It needs to fit together coherently.  We don't mind a bit of creepy.  We're generally okay with that, so long as it fits within the character and with the scope of the Rowlings world.

Can you polish him and lose all the mental health issues--not just the mention of them, but also the behaviors, please? He sorta needs dialed down a bit. If you have questions or if I can help, please let me know.

Michael Tremaine
Michael Tremaine
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate

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SMITH, Julius Empty Re: SMITH, Julius

Post by Julius 'Cobalt' Smith Tue Nov 18, 2014 10:55 pm

Thanks for leaving me your thoughts!

I admit to having originally written this character rather late at night after a full day of work... I admit he wasn't as well put together as I would have liked.

Instead I've edited the character so much that he is only vaguely similar to the first version but someone I would enjoy playing - bad guys are fun no? ;P

Please let me know what you think Very Happy
Julius 'Cobalt' Smith
Julius 'Cobalt' Smith
Slytherin Graduate
Slytherin Graduate

Number of posts : 14
Special Abilities : Non-Verbal Magic, Occlumency
Occupation : Magical Law Enforcement Officer

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SMITH, Julius Empty Re: SMITH, Julius

Post by Khaat Lupin Wed Nov 19, 2014 12:59 am

much, much better! he should be fun to see what he gets into on the boards!

accepted and sorted to grads.
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate

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