D'EATH, Julius Alric
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D'EATH, Julius Alric

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D'EATH, Julius Alric Empty D'EATH, Julius Alric

Post by Alaric B. MacIntyre Wed Mar 20, 2013 2:08 pm

D'EATH, Julius Alric Chace-crawford-footloose



    FULL NAME: Julius Alric D’Eath

    NICKNAMES: Jules

    AGE: 17

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin

    CLASSES: Charms, Transfiguration, Poltion

    WAND: Cedar, Unicorn Hair, 13” + Unyielding

    PLAY BY: Chace Crawford


    HAIR COLOUR: Brown

    EYE COLOUR: Light green with a shade of grey


    BODY BUILD: Muscular body

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Jules has a pair of almond shape eyes of green with a shade of grey, covered with long lashes. His perfect shape of nose and strong jaw, made him looks arrogant and mysterious. He has a great warm smile, which is unfortunately, rarely seen. He is tall with not too muscular body. His hair cuts usually the same, a neat semi-long hair style, or with side-bang. He usually wears casual to semi-formal clothes. But whatever he chooses to wear, he wears it neatly.


    Poker Face

    A bit mean

    One person activity

    Group activity

    GOALS: To be seen as who he was, not as who they wanted him to be

    HABITS & QUIRKS: Leaves when annoyed, brush his hair with fingers while thinking

    BOGGART: Death of his siblings

    PATRONUS: Childhood memory when he and his siblings playing together as family.

    DEMENTOR: Whenever his father didn’t please with what he did, he whipped him hard using his belt.

    VERITASERUM: Although seem so annoyed and hate it when he is around his family, he truly care for them.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To be acknowledge by his father, to have his mother attention, to get to know his siblings better.

    PERSONALITY: Jules Is a quiet and cold kid. He never speaks more than he needed. He always observes first before he acts. He is rarely smiled; keep his plain poker face all the time. He actually is a honest kind of person, but with his arrogant-cold-plain face, people sometimes don’t know whether to trust him or not. He is smart, and with his mysteriousness and brains and family reputation people always look up for him, they respect him (or feared him, maybe). Despite the fact that he hates noise and crowd, there always a couple of people following him around. They wouldn’t go away, even after he scold them, so he just ignored them (especially women).


    FATHER: Cillian D’Eath

    MOTHER: Aoife D’Eath

    SIBLING/S: Lucifer D’Eath, Amaris D’Eath, Daedalus D’Eath

    OTHER: Uncle and cousins

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Half Vampire

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle to Upper class

    Snowy Owl named Wintermoon

    Books, Nimbus, pocket locket with his family picture on it


    Early Years: Julius Alric D’Eath was born as the second son of Cillian and Aoife D’Eath. HE was born with orange color of fall surrounding their manor. His childhood was filled with love and laughter from his parents and siblings. They played together, making pranks. Until they found out that his youngest brother was seriously ill. His mother and father begun to quarrel a lot. His father started to ignoring his younger brother, and put all his attention to either the first born of his family or the only daughter he has, but never to Julius. When he ran away to find the comfort from his mother, she was too busy taking care Daedalus. Whenever his father wasn’t please with Julius works or study or anything at all, he would took him to the dungeon and whipped him hard using his belt. As time passed by, Julius accepted that he has no one else to turn to, so he started to distant himself from his family. He became more and more arrogant and serious. HE never showed his true emotion; put his cold plain face all the time.

    Hogwarts Years: School never be much of a challenge for him. Sorted into Slytherin, he met with a lot of dark followers. He never care for having a friend, he enjoyed being alone. Even after all of his siblings sorted into the same house, he continued to live that way. Apparently, his quietness got people attention. Student from his house started to pull some pranks on him, and all he had to do after they succeed was throwing a single glance to them, and they started to pulled back and ran away. He never needed his siblings to protect him. From that, he gained a bad reputation to carry. Once, he tried to help a girl from Hufflepuff. Instead of thanked him, she screamed and ran away. Years after years in Hogwarts, Julius proved himself to be an extraordinary student with excellent mark. Combine with his mysteriousness and good looking face; there is always a couple of people following him everywhere. He shooed them once, using his famous icy cold glance, they won’t go. He even scolds them, once, and once again he failed. Julius then decided to ignore them, as long as they didn’t bother him and keep their distance.

    Adulthood: N/A


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Chase

    RP EXPERIENCE: On and off for a couple of years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: been here before.




Alaric B. MacIntyre
Alaric B. MacIntyre

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D'EATH, Julius Alric Empty Re: D'EATH, Julius Alric

Post by Elijah Krum Wed Mar 20, 2013 9:05 pm

Accepted and sorted into Slytherin! I also changed your username! Very Happy

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Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
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Sixth Year Slytherin

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D'EATH, Julius Alric Empty Re: D'EATH, Julius Alric

Post by Alaric B. MacIntyre Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:52 am

Thanks a lot, Eli. Very Happy
Alaric B. MacIntyre
Alaric B. MacIntyre

Number of posts : 161
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D'EATH, Julius Alric Empty Re: D'EATH, Julius Alric

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