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SMITH, Philipp Joseph

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SMITH, Philipp Joseph  Empty SMITH, Philipp Joseph

Post by Philipp Joseph Smith Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:53 pm

SMITH, Philipp Joseph  1iy8es



    FULL NAME: Philipp Joseph Smith

    NICKNAMES: Just Philipp

    AGE: 24

    ALLEGIANCE: DeathEater

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Went to Slytherin

    WAND TYPE: Rosewood, unicorn tail hair core,12 inches

    PLAY BY: Chace Crowford


    HAIR COLOR: Dirty Blond

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: 6’2

    BODY TYPE: Athletic

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Philipp is one of those guys which you would send a drink in a bar. With his blue eyes and dirty blond hair his exactly the type of a womanizer.
    He is tall and thin, but still muscular. His body is well toned.
    As a child he was rather skinny and the one who couldn´t put on weight and what say muscles. Until about 8 years he was rather ugly,skinny and could have past for a ten years old.
    Over one summer,when he turned 16, he suddenly grew. Philipp worked out a lot this summer and as he came back for his sixth year in Hogwarts a lot of his classmates didn´t recognized him.
    Since he is 16, Philipp has kept the same hairstyle - kind of a skater-boy look. He had the typical quirks for a person with this type of hair - twitching his head to the side, throwing the hair that was in his eyes back.
    Right now, he has a good, well taken care of body, the skater-boy kind of hairstyle and the ocean blue eyes.


    - Dark Magic
    - Flirting
    - Drinking
    - Painting.

    - Jealous
    - Quick-tempered
    - Impatient
    - Women

    - Women
    - Cigarettes
    - Alcohol
    - Painting
    - Using Magic
    - Cup cakes
    - Red lingerie
    - Vodka
    - Summer
    - Musicals
    - Old books
    - Beaches
    - Dogs
    - Chocolate

    - Studying
    - Snow
    - Headaches
    - Hangovers
    - Little girls who fancy him
    - People who go on his nerves
    - Mudbloods
    - His family
    - Being told No
    - Cats

    - To find this one person
    - To learn to play guitar
    - To fly to the moon

    - Hates when somebody sings while there is no music

    - Death

    - Lion

    - His best friends death

    - Oil Paint
    - Chocolate
    - Weed

    - Him and THE woman

    Philipp is actually the biggest jerk you could imagine. He is cold, he likes threating people like there are worse than himself. But actually behind this mask he is very insecure, just seeking for someone to love him.
    He likes using women for their bodies and their money, if they are rich.
    Philipp is very annoyingly loud. He is the heart of the company, if you don´t count the amount of tasteless sarcastic jokes.
    He likes making people thing that he is stupid, which he actually isn´t. He thinks about everything three times before he says or does it. He enjoys the company of girls, staying more aside of the boys all together.


    John Smith , Decreased

    Emmelia Smith, Decreased

    Jacklyn Smith, 28

    His aunt and uncle - Jenna and Steffan




    White labrador named Lucas

    None in the moment, his sold his old Nimbus 2015



    Early Years:
    Philipp was born on the 20th of June 1997 in Berlin, Germany. He was the second child of Deatheaters Emmelia and John Smith, who were killed when Philipp turned 2. He has a sister named Jacklyn, who is 4 years older then him.
    His parents were killed in one battle between good and bad. Yes, sounds like in a bad Hollywood film doesn´t it?
    Because he had no relatives in Germany, Philipp and Jacklyn got send to London to their aunt Jenna and uncle Steffan. They were good people actually. Had no kids themselves so they enjoyed taking care of the children.
    His parents left Philipp and Jacklyn a fortune. A lot of money with which they could have everything they ever wanted.
    Philipp grew up in the world of magic, so he wasn´t surprised to get his letter for Hogwarts.

    Hogwarts Years:
    In his first couple of years, Philipp often got picked on, because of his size. But that is just a thing that made him stronger. Or maybe a little bit meaner. He always enjoyed going to classes, just for the matter that he knew a lot of things, there was a place where he could show off. Most of all he enjoyed the there he met his best friend - named Lucas. They were always together, until Philipp´s and Lucas´s summer break between his fourth and fifth year.
    Lucas was killed. It was an accident. A accident because of a stupid muggle. A stupid muggle and his car. Lucas was killed and Philipp was left alone.
    His fifth year was the hell for him. He was alone and sad. Philipp was all concentrated on school and dark magic. A skill that made everyone else fear him.
    When he came back for his 6th year everything changed. From being the ignored,ugly boy who no one knew, he became one of the most popular kids in school. Suddenly girls started wanting go out with him, he made the quidditch team... everything except his memories changed. He finished school, being one of the best in his year.

    Philipp has been out of school for 6 years now. He bought himself a big house in the center of london and started working. He never kept one job for over six months. There was always something that he disliked in the job. It was either the boss, or the thing that he was doing... He never could keep himself on one place.
    When it comes to women... there was never someone serious in his life. Philipp is the type of person who likes one-night stands and being with many women at the same time. You could say he had a problem settling down and getting involved in a relationship.
    But even thought he isn´t saying it - he wants to find the love...



    not all soo long


    Natasha Elisabeth Grey


Philipp Joseph Smith
Philipp Joseph Smith

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SMITH, Philipp Joseph  Empty Re: SMITH, Philipp Joseph

Post by Elijah Krum Tue Apr 05, 2011 3:55 pm

I love him. He's so cute!
Well, obviously he's not cute because he's a little git (xD) but he is still cute!

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Elijah Krum
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SMITH, Philipp Joseph  Empty Re: SMITH, Philipp Joseph

Post by Philipp Joseph Smith Tue Apr 05, 2011 4:00 pm

okaaaay Very Happy

Philipp Joseph Smith
Philipp Joseph Smith

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SMITH, Philipp Joseph  Empty Re: SMITH, Philipp Joseph

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