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Post by Sofie Elkin Sat Jun 09, 2012 8:05 am

ELKIN, SOFIA ALICE Dark-shadows-movie-image-6



    FULL NAME: Sofia Alice Elkin

    NICKNAMES: Sofie

    AGE: 19.

    ALLEGIANCE: Death Eaters

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Durmstrang

    WAND: Elder, unicorn tail, ten inches, rigid.

    PLAY BY: Bella Heathcote


    HAIR COLOR: Brown

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: Just over medium height.

    BODY TYPE: Slender.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Sofie is delicate. She is thin and has soft, light skin that makes her like a porcelain doll. Her cheeks curve to end in a pointed chin and her nose is a tad upturned. Her blue eyes are very large, and make her look like a frightened doe in the headlights of an approaching car. She usually styles her brown hair so that the shoulder length hair curls at the bottom. She likes to wear ribbons and dresses. Her voice is melodious and deep, perhaps because of her Russian side, but is the nonetheless feminine. She has tapered, long fingers perfect for her favorite activities and a fit, slender body. Everything about Sofie is soft, elegant, and innocent.


    • Maternal
    • Thoughtful
    • Literate
    • Well-spoken
    • Logical
    • Fluent in English and Russian

    • Soft spoken
    • No sense of home
    • Detached
    • Easily manipulated
    • Pressured by family easily
    • Overly gentle

    • Piano
    • Chess
    • Books
    • Puzzles
    • Her family
    • Conversation

    • Indecision
    • Puzzles she can’t solve
    • Her failures
    • Being confronted
    • Personal questions
    • Unneeded violence

    • To take her father’s place
    • Bring honor to her family

    • Her detached nature

    BOGGART: Finding out about her father.

    PATRONUS: Christmas when she was nine and her father bought her a beautiful hand carved chess set.

    DEMENTOR: Failing her mission and dishonoring her remaining family.

    VERITASERUM: She is lonely.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: The approval and security of her family.

    PERSONALITY: Sofie is delicate and intelligent, highly sensitive but highly desensitized. She is a product of her family’s notions. Left to her own devices, Sofie probably would have strayed towards the light, as her little sister secretly is, but under the care and tutelage of her loving family, she has been bred into a bloodthirsty, revenge-seeking killer. Though maternal and desperate for someone to help, Sofie is on a mission to kill. Her countenance of innocence, however, is no joke. She is just a much a victim of her own cruelty as she is. She works like a robot, or an unevolved predator- harming because she is programed, because her deepest instinct is to do just that.

    Sofie is simple. She likes puzzles, books, music, and warm days. She likes a nice conversation with a passerby, because that is the most she is comfortable with. She longs for more in her life, she longs for her own choices, but she had not realized it yet.


    FATHER: Mikail Elkin, pureblood, deceased.

    MOTHER: Alice Anderson, halfblood.

    SIBLING(S): Sister, Grete, seven.

    OTHER: Grandmother, Anfisa Elkin, pureblood.
    Aunt, Valerie Elkin, pureblood.

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Upper class, diminishing to lower class steadily.

    PET(S): Her borzoi puppy Boris.

    BROOMSTICK(): None.

    Her chess set.
    A small library of books.


    Early Years: Alice was escaping her difficult home life when she moved to Russia. A girl heavily interested in the Dark Arts, she fled her tight-knot Order/Ministry affiliated family to seek a new culture. Learning Russian by trial and error. It was there she met Mikail Elkin, a pureblooded Death Eater in charge of his own little ring of scoundrels, he awaited the time when he could put their talents to use. When Alice walked through the doors of his office, asking to join, he was swept away.

    They were married in a few months. She moved into his manor with his mother and sister. His mother, Anfisa, took it upon herself to school Alice the Russian way. She was taught Russian, chess, violin, and of manners. Mikail’s sister Valerie struck up a love-hate older-sister type of relationship with Alice. Valerie not only helped Alice, but she treated her as though she were ignorant and weak. Alice was determined to fit in, however. She took all of Mikail’s clerical work into her own hands, learned Russian, and had a beautiful daughter, named Sofia.

    While Valerie and Anfisa worked hard to bring Sofie up as a proper Russian girl, Alice tripled her efforts to retain the English in the girl. During the summers, mother and daughter travelled to London and were exposed to the familiar sights of Alice’s younger years. The two were very close, though Sofie always wondered why her mother so preferred to be alone from the Russian side of the family.

    Sofie was her father’s pride and joy. He read with her, played chess with her, helped her with the piano, and gave her everything she wanted. All in the family were tough, but very loving. The dark business that occurred in their manor meant nothing to Sofie- it was simply the only way of life.

    Durmstrang Years: Naturally, the family was proud to send Sofie off to Durmstrang, though nothing of real importance ever happened to her. Sofie did well in her classes, and generally was favored by her professors, most of whom knew her father well. Sofie did not, however, excel socially. Ostracized for her father’s name and stories of the deeds he had done to sabotage their British counterparts made Sofie a prime target.

    Sofie deflected this, however, by becoming captain of the dueling team to show she was not to be meddled with. Rather than risk awkward social contact, she spent her time eating meals and studying with her professors. She played wizard’s chess in the school club and did any activity that took up more time, never making friends within the activities for the sake of saving herself. At home, she was a star. At school, she was no one.

    Two very important events happened during her time in Hogwarts. During her second year, her sister Grete joined the family. Much plainer and simpler than Sofie, Anfisa and Valerie’s efforts with her were less strict and she grew to be more of a Russian than her sister. The second event happened in her seventh. Her father had travelled to London on business when Aurors swooped in, aided by Alice’s family who had been calling for his arrest. Having been a minor at the time of their marriage (she was shy of coming of age by a month or two) he was accused of kidnapping and statutory rape. Mikail reacted brashly and ended up killing an Order member, sentencing him to life in Azkaban.

    Adulthood: Sofie was seventeen when her father disappeared from their life. She fell into a deep depression, as did the other Elkin women. Her mother tried to handle the finances, but a series of bad investments left them leaning towards debt. At eighteen, Sofie was told her father was on the brink of death. A visit to him gave her time to receive his final wishes- to continue getting back at the hypocritical Order and Ministry.

    She returned to Russia and got several jobs, once as a spy, to bring home so money. She worked hard to provide for her family, and put away money for her eventual move to London. Her father’s supporters had disbanded but she knew of a more active nucleus of Death Eaters closer to the home of her mother and father’s murderers. After her nineteenth birthday, she was alerted her father had passed on and a representative was needed for his ‘funeral’ arrangements. It was time to travel to London. She left with her family’s blessing and the name of the man she needed to see: Ne’Os Emof.


    YOUR NAME: Jackles

    RP EXPERIENCE: What’s a RP?

    HOW YOU FOUND US: You were under my bed.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Jack, Reid, Naomi, Wally and Roxi are soon to be gone, Peeves (is up for grabs), Judd (probably gonna deactivate him), Kirby and Ellie. So... Jack, Reid, Naomi, Kirby, and Ellie.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: We need Death Eaters!


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Post by Sofie Elkin Sat Jun 09, 2012 8:06 am

Complete. =)
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Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Jun 10, 2012 1:21 am

it will be interesting to see how she gets along w/ zada. lol

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