MORRISON, Maisie Hannah
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MORRISON, Maisie Hannah Li9olo10

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MORRISON, Maisie Hannah

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MORRISON, Maisie Hannah Empty MORRISON, Maisie Hannah

Post by Alice Rousseau Sun Dec 29, 2013 11:33 pm

MORRISON, Maisie Hannah Tumblr_m2tdhsxjL51qaiasao1_500

MORRISON, Maisie Hannah Tumblr_lkhh5jSHXh1qek91eo1_500



FULL NAME: Maisie Hannah Morrison

AGE&BIRTHDAY&SIGNS: Nineteen | April 30th 2007

Sun Sign
[*] Taurus
Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
Ruling House: Second
Ruling Planet: Venus

Chinese Zodiac
[*] Pig
Fixed Season: Winter
Fixed Direction: North
Fixed Element: Water

Mayan Sign
[*] Flower
Mayan Name: Ahau
Direction: South
Qualities: Loving and Artistic

[*] Two
Ruling Planet: The Moon
Colours: Green, Cream
Gemstones: Pearl, Jade, Moonstone
Qualities: Diplomatic, Sensitive


BLOOD TYPE: Half-Blood

ALLEGIENCES: Order of the Phoenix
The Morrison Family
The Brown Family
The Finnigan Family

The Ministry of Magic
The Department of Magical Games and Sports
The Wizarding Arts Fund

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Hufflepuff House
Hufflepuff Quidditch Team

The Quidditch Federation
The English International Quidditch Team
The Falmouth Falcons

The Quibbler
The Daily Prophet ‘Humour Section’

Eynesbury Primary School – Aged 4-11
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – 11-18
The Ministry of Magic Auror Division – Aged 18-21



Core Classes
[*] Astronomy – Exceeds Expectations
[*] Charms – Exceeds Expectations
[*] Defence Against the Dark Arts – Outstanding
[*] Herbology – Exceeds Expectations
[*] History of Magic – Outstanding
[*] Potions – Outstanding
[*] Transfiguration – Exceeds Expectations

[*] Arithmancy – Exceeds Expectations
[*] Care of Magical Creatures – Outstanding

Extra-Curricular, Non-Exam Subjects
[*] Ancient Studies
[*] Art
[*] Muggle Art
[*] Ghoul Studies

OCCUPATION: Trainee Auror

WAND: Yew, 14 inches, Unicorn horn core with Dragon Heart-String, Whippy.


Jane would have been a better moniker for the young blonde Hufflepuff. Maisie Morrison is not the kind of woman someone is prone to glance at twice. Thankfully, though, top marks in her ‘Concealment and Disguise’ classes at the Ministry also means you’re less likely to notice her in the first instance. However, even if it wasn’t for that, Maisie is not the traditional beauty we all imagine when we consider the word. Rather she has interesting set of features that don’t comprise into anything strictly beautiful. That is not to say that she’s not pretty – rather, she is unique.

The young woman’s most prominent feature would have to be her nose which is caught between narrowness and wideness and sweeps up at its buttoned end. This, coupled with her firm, squared off jaw and pronounced chin gives her a rather masculine look about her which is, much to her mother’s relief, softened considerably by her small, gentle mouth which bears thin, bright pink lips and her wide, pale green-cum-blue eyes. These traits make her prime for the aforementioned disguise class however she finds that, always, her lips let her down – decidedly too feminine for pretending for too long to be a man.

In terms of that disguise, though, her body lends superbly. In many ways, she never really hit puberty – or did and it sort of gave up and moved on. She’s very narrow in terms of her overall carriage which she carries with a navy-style erectness to her, lending a few more inches to her already towering figure. As a result of this she’s rather gangly, all limb with nowhere to hide it. She’s got a rather small chest, ample enough for what she needs she supposes, but under a critical eye she’s small in that sense but what she does have going for her, that many would envy, is the washboard stomach and delicately nipped in waist.

In terms of modification, here’s where it gets interesting. Piercings were, and still are, a mid-teenage-years obsession and during the breakup of her parents’ marriage she took complete advantage to cannily get her way and ended up with a mass amount of metal tickling across her body. Her main area of attack was her ears and she’s had every bit of one or both pierced in some way or another before moving on. From there she deigned to try her nose and even deigned to have her hips done before her father burst out that ‘enough was enough.’ He was probably right, too, by that time.

Tattoos have also been a favourite of her family in that particular generation, with her cousins receiving more than their fair share over time. As it is, Maisie has a small phoenix tattoo on her right ribcage and, just like the real beast itself, it grows and changes and dies and renews itself in an accurate life cycle – one of the many magical tattoos that she has intended on getting. She also once had a bird on her ankle but some concern has been expressed as there was once an incident with a cat and the bird flew away from her foot and Maisie hasn’t been able to locate the thing since.

A trait that was inherited from her mother is Maisie’s love of clothes. She understands the necessity of them in terms of practicalities but also enjoys the prettiness of them and the way that they express much more than whatever job that you’re required to do that day. As such, Maisie has a healthy colour palette in her wardrobe and likes to try out different styles. However, her definitive preference has to be a t-shirt and a pair of jeans though she is certainly not opposed to anything else – particularly in her line of work.

In Maisie’s trunk in her little apartment in London near the Leaky Cauldron, beneath the books and such you’ll probably find, en mass, all of the t-shirts that she has. Hung up in her wardrobes are the coats and the blouses and such that she can’t really allow to be screwed up or left to rot or do whatever they fancy in the bottom of a trunk. With them, too, are her dresses which, granted, are few but she certainly enjoys wearing them when she does. She has several pair of fancy robes along that vein but, with those hung up are her normal work robes and plain black robes – whatever’s normal in the wizarding world, you know.

Shoes are a must for Maisie and she has many. This is mostly due to her mother indulging her as a child and applying growth spells to them – meaning that as her feet grew so did the shoes. So, she can still wear the little red shoes she had when she was little but her main staple has to be boots and low heels that give off a rather fifties vibe. The heels are often a luxury as she rarely gets to wear them but the boots are most definitely a joy – as who doesn’t like warm and comfortable feet in warm and comfortable shoes?

PLAY BY: Melanie Laurent


001. Arty,
002. Aspiring,
003. Calm,
004. Caring,
005. Charming,
006. Creative,
007. Dependable,
008. Flirtatious,
009. Goal-Orientated,
010. Hard-Working,
011. Kind,
012. Loving,
013. Loyal,
014. Outdoorsy,
015. Outspoken,
016. Patient,
017. Perceptive,
018. Perfectionist,
019. Persistent,
020. Picky,
021. Practical,
022. Romantic,
023. Sentimental,
024. Silly,
025. Spendthrift,
026. Sporty,
027. Steadfast,
028. Stubborn,
029. Tactile,
030. Tolerant.

001. Animals,
002. Cheese,
003. Fluffy socks,
004. Hash Browns,
005. Hiking,
006. House Elves,
007. Italian food,
008. Libraries,
009. Nature,
010. Old Movies,
011. Painting,
012. Pottery,
013. Sculpture,
014. Strawberry Jam,
015. Wine.

016. Bananas,
017. Cream,
018. Destitution,
019. Fast food,
020. Flying,
021. Gossip,
022. Her step-mother,
023. Lectures,
024. Liars,
025. Maltreatment,
026. Politicians,
027. Potions,
028. The Daily Prophet,
029. Unfairness,
030. Wet weekends.

001. Complete Auror Training,
002. Have her own exhibition,
003. Become a curator of a gallery,
004. Get art commissions,
005. Endeavour to stop getting paint on everything,
006. Go running more often,
007. Hike across South America,
008. Visit every wonder of the world,
009. Live in Italy for a while,
010. Read all of the Sherlock Holmes stories,
011. Learn to dance properly,
012. Gain a satire column in the Prophet or the Quibbler,
013. Keep bees,
014. Get a dog,
015. Buy her own home,
016. Get a steady income,
017. See the end of political corruption,
018. Learn the guitar,
019. Climb Mt. Everest,
020. Get full stars on all Angry Birds levels.

001. Talks quickly,
002. Never returns letters,
003. Whistles/hums while working,
004. Can’t maintain eye contact,
005. Can’t sit still,
006. Taps everything,
007. Particular about details,
008. Paces when thinking,
009. Walks in circles when upset,
010. Blinks a lot when afraid,
011. Repeats herself a lot,
012. Takes a long time to think between sentences esp. when telling a story,
013. Messy,
014. Forgetful,
015. Always ends up late to everything,
016. Rattles off random facts when she’s awkward or embarrassed,
017. Likes to eat her lunch in a museum or gallery,
018. Loses her paintbrushes,
019. Always leaves something behind when she Apparates,
020. Misplaces her wand a lot.

Embarrassingly, Maisie’s biggest fear has to be cockroaches and woodlice and anything with multiple legs that lives in crevices and is weird and gross-looking. Big, bad, ugly Dark Wizards she can handle but cockroaches and woodlice and, to a degree, spiders completely stupefy her. Her fear of all things creepy-crawly even prevents her from violently hitting any of the above with a slipper or something of the like. No, instead she springs like a cat onto any available surface to protect herself from any mystical harm that the beasts easily 500x smaller than herself could inflict upon her. Oh, the horror.

Maisie’s fondest memory would have to be the day one summer when she and Max decided that they were going to climb a large oak tree that was in their grandmother’s garden. It was old, there being very few low branches, but after giving her brother a boost, Max held out a hand to Maisie and hauled her up into the tree with the sandwiches and pink lemonade that she had in the little satchel hanging from her shoulder. They spent the afternoon up there, giggling, eating and drinking until it got too dark and too cold to stay outside any longer. When they got inside they were thoroughly scolded but neither one of them cared – their day had been too good to care about that.

The breakdown of normality is a difficult thing to anyone to cope with but the night that her father moved out, new girlfriend in tow having finally ended what had been, largely, a rock-the-boat-less marriage was easily the worst of her young life. Things were said which the children were never meant to hear. Things that Melanie remembered could not be spoken for. Aaron’s presence was barely consoling and Max was away, somewhere else. Maisie broke rank and got to spout out her two cents. What she exactly said she can’t remember but neither her father nor her mother were particularly kind in their responses. They were hurt, they all were, and nothing was ever the same again after that – not completely.

VERITASERUM: A decent one yet to be found – She used to eat all the fruit and blame her brother.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Maisie ultimately wants to reach all of her goals and have success and the reward that goes with it.

MORRISON, Maisie Hannah Giphy


FATHER: Anthony Morrison | b. February 4th 1982

MOTHER: Louisa Morrison nee Brown | b. August 3rd 1982

STEP-MOTHER: Naomi Walker | b. December 7th 1990

Maximus Merlin Morrison | b. October 12th 2002
Aaron J. Morrison | b. February 14th 2006
Melly A. Morrison | b. August 3rd 2010

Spencer Brown | b. 1962
Madeline Brown nee Richards | b. 1962 | d. 1995

Uncle William Brown | b. 1985
Aunt Evangeline Brown | b. 1985
Cousin Lewis Brown | b. 2006
m. Gwendolyn Brown | b. 2006
Cousin Michael Brown | b. 2008
Cousin Simon Brown | b. 2009
m. Lisa Brown | b. 2010

Uncle Charles Brown | b. 1990
Aunt Carolyn Brown | b. 1990
Cousin Eliza Brown | b. 2013
Cousin Lewis Brown | b. 2015

First Cousin, Once Removed Lavender Finnigan nee Brown | b. 1979
m. Seamus Finnigan | b. 1980 | d. 2024
Second Cousin Melissa Finnigan | b. 2008
Second Cousin Elliot Finnigan | b. 2008


HOME TOWN: Eynesbury, Cambridgeshire, England.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Falmouth, Cornwall, England.

Familial – Comfortable, middle incomes.
Personal – Indebted due to loans, earns a small income via her on-off jobs.

Familial – Middle-Class
Personal – Lower-Class, student.


Early Years:
The third born, Maisie Hannah Morrison was born on 30th April 2007 to Anthony and Louisa Morrison. It was an oddly blustery day and the trees refused to settle in one manner against the wind’s howl. The birds still sang, however, and a light rain had begun to fall just as the little girl, purple, dirty and plump, was brought into the world. Minutes passed thereafter in silence. A full five rocketed past to the tune of the young parents’ thundering heartbeats until finally her cries crackled into being and the whole room sighed a breath of relief. Thus, folks, Maisie was brought into the world with, well, a bang. Despite the wait, she was perfect and healthy despite her disdain for giving breathing a go at first and then, once she was cleaned off and swaddled up in warm clothes she was able to go home to the little family that was growing under the care of her parents.

The little blonde was the first girl amongst two boys and Maximus and Aaron were curious little creatures eager to see what all the fuss was about but sure enough there she was: their little sister. Of course the jealousy at the beginning was an inevitable thing and for a while Aaron was a typical middle-child, broody and dismayed at his lack of attention. Yet, soon enough the world cooled and a routine was found and everyone began to live in relative harmony, all with a place and a purpose. Maisie settled in fine in the end and her brothers certainly gained an affection for her. In fact, you could call it rampant over-protectiveness but every time she fell over they were always there to pick her up again and while that would get annoying when she grew older, she was always glad of them.

Little though she was, Maisie grew big and strong and had a special affection for all things green and of the vegetable variety much to the surprise of her parents and the dismay of her brothers. She quickly tumbled after them once she learned to walk and soon she was a part of their fun and their games. Once they started going off to school, though, there wasn’t really anyone to be with her and whether it was an accident or a specific choice, soon enough her parents had another baby: little Melly.

Granted, it wasn’t long before Maisie herself went to school but she and her little sister were inseparable regardless. Because of Maisie, Melly was an early bloomer in every way and could walk and talk well before it was perhaps sensible for her to be doing so. Their brothers, too, aided in this quest and Melly was left well on her own for six hours of the day when Maisie too joined her brothers at their school. Of course, it wasn’t too bad at first because in the first few months Maisie was home at lunch time but soon enough whole days passed and Melly was desperate to join her siblings – though her time would come eventually.

At school, Maisie blossomed. She was naturally clever and while she struggled here and there it was all easily overcome with some attention and time paid to her needs. She loved playing with the other children and it really brought out her bossy streak as she tried to order everyone into their proper places. Still, her teachers loved her and had a special affection for the blonde who, like her brothers before her, was as charming as she was trouble and as she never caused anyone any harm she was a favourite for it. Maths was a particular specialty of hers but, worryingly, something else was also becoming quite the talent: she was a witch.

For the wizarding family it came as no surprise that their daughter like her brothers before her also possessed magical powers. What they hadn’t properly counted on was the degree to which she had them. Before long it was out of control and no amount of coaxing, punishment or kindness could still it within her and soon enough they had to give in and go to St. Mungo’s to see if there was anything that could be done for their daughter. The Healers prescribed a calming hobby of sorts and the two were eager to try it: anything that would save the glass in the house. The ceramic, too, was taking one awful hit and they had to do something.

So, they took Maisie to an art class. They had her try pottery, painting, sculpture, mosaic – everything and anything and all of it worked. Eventually Maisie was going to the classes three or four times a week and always at the weekends, too. She found her talent and her love affair – delving into the mystical world of art that she found she utterly and totally adored. It pleased her parents to no end too because it ended the rife battle with her magic. It still acted up here and there but ultimately it was finished, over and done with. Then, of course, came her letter.

Hogwarts Years:
Hufflepuff was the choice of the decrepit old hat that could barely wheeze out enough words to goad her let alone call out the house she was chosen to go to. A raucous cheer went up around the hall and she stormed over to her brothers who, like Maisie, had been sorted into Hufflepuff. All around, other members of their family were scattered. Browns. Finnigans. They were everywhere. Knowing that there were so many family members completely reassured Maisie that Hogwarts would ultimately be a positive experience and she wasn’t wrong, either.

Slytherins would always, always be a trouble but her brothers were her protectors and they always would be. Any Slytherin that wanted to take a cheap shot on the little Hufflepuffs immediately felt Aaron’s ire. Maxxie, ever the pacifist, wasn’t as eager to jump in a fight but there was no talking to either of them once they got their battling heads on – especially Aaron. More detentions were had during his Hogwarts career for protecting his sister than ever for misbehaviour of his own volition. It was always, always for the sake of Maisie.

Her first years at Hogwarts were largely uneventful you could say. They were put to good use making firm friends for Maisie: her best friend appearing in the form of Mairen Tierney with whom she talked endlessly and remains her best friend to this day. The girls were inseparable, much like her baby sister and she had been when they were younger. Throw in a few other miscreants and they were a band – a gorgeous mix of people from all houses who bizarrely got along.

It was in her fourth year that Maisie decided she knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up. Of course, that coincided with an ugly scenario that saw the breakdown of her parents’ marriage and after that there was a notable change about the young woman. She returned to her art which she had abandoned having harnessed a hold on her magic via tuition at Hogwarts but during the turmoil of the aforementioned event her magic returned to its former ways. Much to the surprise of the teacher that ran the clubs, Maisie was prolific despite only being a terror beforehand. Then she began to calm and moved to study towards her O.W.Ls in the following year.

The O.W.Ls were difficult and not without requiring some definite and cruel toil. Yet, despite that Maisie did terrifically and moved on into her N.E.W.T years to pursue her goal of becoming an Auror. Needless to say, she certainly achieved that goal, too.

N.E.W.Ts out of the way, Maisie emerged into the world as a free woman. With the money she’d saved up over the years working in Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley during the summers and the weekends she put down four month’s rent for a flat in London and then set to work in the Ministry, going through the motions of the initial stages of Auror training. It was going incredibly well, superbly well in fact, until, of course, the mood changed and Article 203 came into play. Before she knew what was happening she was filling out a form and waiting for her letter, waiting for her match. Free, she was not.



RP EXPERIENCE: Six years, I think. Six? Maybe five.

HOW YOU FOUND US: I reside here.


PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To have Oliver Connolly's babies.

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MORRISON, Maisie Hannah Empty Re: MORRISON, Maisie Hannah

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she looks fine to me! accepted and sorted to graduates!
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