MORRISON, Rudolph Isaac
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MORRISON, Rudolph Isaac

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MORRISON, Rudolph Isaac Empty MORRISON, Rudolph Isaac

Post by Rudolph Morrison Tue Sep 04, 2012 12:18 am

MORRISON, Rudolph Isaac Tumblr_m04p9ff9rY1r7416k



    FULL NAME: Rudolph Isaac Morrison

    NICKNAMES: Rudy 'roo-dee'

    AGE,YEAR,DOB: Fifteen (15), Fifth (5th), 00.00.0000

    SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral, Dark Followers (eventual)

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin

    CLASSES: Potions & Transfiguration

    WAND: Elder, griffin claw, 13", reasonably springy

    PLAY BY: Evan Peters


    HAIR: In a bold statement of rebellion, Rudolph had stripped his once mousy brown hair of its color with the passing of his fifteenth birthday. And in its place he had adopted a glaring, brassy blonde that only accentuated his stringy curls, and had been combed with the darker hues of his roots as it grew ever longer. Only when the frayed ends began to dip past his thick lashes and prick his eyes did he trim it, before stowing it away beneath one of his infamous hats once more, where it stuck against the sweaty skin of his forehead and the sides of his face where it belonged.

    EYES: Beneath heavy lids, Rudolph's brown irises glinted; never lit by the smiles that graced his lips, but quite alive with something else.

    HEIGHT: 5' 7", 152.4 cm

    BODY TYPE: Rudolph is lanky and has lost the majority of the fat from his childhood, standing tall and lean. He is not particularly athletic, as such things bore him, and has a low tolerance for physical activity as a result.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Due to his long hair and the large, loosely-fitted clothing that Rudy hides behind, he has adopted a raggedy and careless appearance. Were it not for his well-crafted smile and disarming remarks, his appearance may very well have overtaken his disguise.

    OTHER DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Rudy's fingers are forever stained with the chemicals, dyes, and potions that he utilizes in his studies, purple being the most prominent color. And his cheeks are pocked with the freckles that he inherited from both his mother and his father, which only grow bolder with increased sun exposure.

    CLOSET: "Sweaters for Scientists"


    ' Intellectually quick
    ' ' Well-versed in a variety of sciences
    ' Sociopathic tendencies
    ' ' Violent
    ' ' Impulsive
    ' ' Lacks empathy
    ' ' Superficially charming
    ' ' Exceptionally glib
    ' ' Inconsistent
    ' Deceptive
    ' ' Particularly skilled at the 'false smile'
    ' ' Seemingly gentle and shy
    ' Ever curious
    ' A dependent personality
    ' ' Heavily reliant on others
    ' ' Lethargic&Unmotivated
    ' Quick to anger
    ' Varying confidence
    ' ' Insecure (Personality&Appearance)

    ' Insects
    ' Knives
    ' ' Surgical tools
    ' ' Razors
    ' Cigarettes
    ' Matches
    ' Hats&Sleeved shirts (all the better to hide behind, my dear)
    ' Thrill&Risk
    ' Aggressive music
    ' Potions

    ' Responsibilities
    ' Organization
    ' Confrontation
    ' Writing (per academic requirements)
    ' Opinionated individuals
    ' Fruit
    ' Solitude
    ' Early mornings
    ' ' Sleep deprivation
    ' Routine

    ' Procure a labratory
    ' Drop out of Hogwarts
    ' Find someone with whom he doesn't have to make such a conscious effort to be normal
    ' Thoroughly research Animagi
    ' To drive, at least once

    QUIRKS: Though he possesses a vast vocabulary, Rudolph refuses to put it to use while amongst his peers for fear of revealing himself to them. Thus, he speaks only in their tongue and resists his urge to correct their mistakes.

    After several 'close calls' with his scalpel, Rudolph has come to fear (to his very core) the loss of any of his fingers/toes. He frequently has horrific dreams about severing them by mistake.

    BOGGART: Rudolph's greatest fear is that he may lose himself and hurt someone as a result. This fear stems from his repressed sadmism and takes the form of a Frankenstien's Monster-esque form of Riley.

    PATRONUS: Though it had required much effort on his part, his memory of the first time he had successfully persuaded his peers of his shy and gentle persona is one of the best that he can conjure. For it was only then that he could maneuver without confrontation amongst his fellows. And he found that he was graced with much more luck when he was wearing his mask.

    Rudolph has yet to successfully conjure the Patronus Charm.

    DEMENTOR: Rudolph's worst memory is of the evening that he allowed his attention to be stolen from his brewing potion. The cauldron was forgotten, and over dinner word was spread that a Slytherin dorm had caught fire in an explosion. It had been said that one boy had been severely wounded. And a visit paid to his roommate in the Hospital Wing proved that it had been Rudolph's mistake that had brought him so near death.

    VERITASERUM: This is self-explanatory.

    AMORTENTIA: Isopropyl alcohol

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Rudy's greatest (present) desire is to drop out of Hogwarts and live as he pleases. He would love nothing more than to be a mad scientist with a lab of his own.

    GENERAL PERSONALITY: Rudolph is forceful in his opinions and has little tolerance for others, whether it be their opinions or some form of 'stupidity' that he has found in them. He is quick to anger, and when this is combined with his impatience he becomes a time bomb of a threat. His instinctively morbid personality does little to combat these impulsive traits, and if it were not for the role that his father crafted for him, surely, he and everyone incapable of holding his attention would have little hope of survival.

    Despite his near-arrogance in the previously mentioned matters, Rudolph is painfully self-conscious of his appearance. In his attempt to hide himself behind a hat and the lengthy hair that coils from his scalp like springs, he has acquired a particularly stubborn case of acne along his hairline, the likes of which does nothing to boost his confidence. His height too proves to be a disadvantage, as he towers well above most boys his age. It is in this manner that he is still very much a child.


    FATHER: Dean Morrison, 43, Wizard

    MOTHER: Jessica Morrison, 38, Muggle

    BROTHER: Riley Morrison, 12, Undetermined

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood

    RACE: Red-nosed reindeer

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle class

    ' Dracula, Tarantula
    ' Morphine, Blizzard Corn Snake
    ' 10 Dissection frogs
    ' Several mice for Morphine



    Early Years: From an early age Rudolph had struggled with the monitoring/filtering of the words that left his lips. His opinions, morbid thoughts, and other such private information often slipped free, upsetting those in his midst. His brother endured the worst of it, being the target of Rudolph's curses and violent threats when they quarreled or he did not get as he wished. Until Jessica, at her wit's end and fearing for Riley's safety could see no other solution than to insist that Rudolph leave their home (at age ten) to live with his estranged father.

    Only then was Rudolph made well aware of the damage and harm that he had been inflicting upon his family, for it was painstakingly spelt out by his father, who was much like his son. In an attempt to moderate his son's impulsive tendencies, as he had done so for himself, Dean provided Rudolph with a spoken guide, or 'checks' to aid him during social encounters. He stated that Rudolph was to lie; to act in a manner that suited the mood of the conversation/encounter and never to allow the temptation to act brashly to overcome him. No one was to be threatened or spoken to in the way that Rudolph had previously towards his mother and younger sibling, because, as Dean had explained, "It freaks them out, Rudy... when you tell them things like that. It makes them fear that you're serious. No one expects that kind of thing from a kid."

    And in a similar fashion, the rules were constructed. Rudolph Morrison became "Rudy", the shy and ever curious teenager who had inherited his magic blood from his father's side of the family - and he was sent off to Hogwarts.

    Hogwarts Years: No student who had ever acquainted themselves with Rudy could begin to understand how such a gentle, quiet soul had been sorted in the House of the Cunning. Certainly, he was intelligent - that much was evident even in the way that the boy walked - but it seemed to all that he would have made a marvelous fit in Hufflepuff, or perhaps even Ravenclaw. Professors made no verbal note of what Rudolph's peers never ceased calling to his attention, but Rudy had his suspicions that they too had questioned his sorting.

    The only redeeming Slytherin quality, in the eyes of his House Mates, was his love for and his skill in Potions. He excelled in the course - though, truthfully, he excelled in most everything that was capable of holding his interest - often winning points for his fellows and earning their acceptance (while very narrowly avoiding ridicule). There were a few in every handful of students who looked at Rudy oddly; who paid him crude stares in the halls and concealed insults behind their coughs, but the lad had otherwise convinced his audience that he was no real threat.

    Thus, it was in secret that he conducted his experiments, dissections, and surgeries. What he had informed those who shared with him a dorm room was merely practice in potions or unfinished coursework, varied from studies in the effects of electrical pulses on the deceased to the consistency of amphibian blood under different conditions, and everything in-between. He was successful; anyone who had 'known' Rudy during his years at Hogwarts believed him wholeheartedly. And it was there, in their blind spots, that he was allowed to be himself.




    OTHER CHARACTERS: Poe, Vito Dee, Cal, and Lena.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I don't have any students. I think I could use one.


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Rudolph Morrison
Rudolph Morrison
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MORRISON, Rudolph Isaac Empty Re: MORRISON, Rudolph Isaac

Post by Jaquellene Jack Dyllan Tue Sep 04, 2012 12:48 am

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Post by Rudolph Morrison Tue Sep 04, 2012 1:04 am

Hush. He's still cooking.
Rudolph Morrison
Rudolph Morrison
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Fifth Year Gryffindor

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Post by Rudolph Morrison Wed Sep 19, 2012 12:56 am

I have left a few of the optional feilds blank, but I intend to fill them in as I learn more about him. Otherwise, I believe I've finished. (Hallelujah!)
Rudolph Morrison
Rudolph Morrison
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Fifth Year Gryffindor

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Post by Milo Dorsey D'eath Wed Sep 19, 2012 1:07 am

New toys!
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Post by Khaat Lupin Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:14 pm

hm....he's going to be very interesting. i might have to start thread stalking again. rofl

accepted and sorted into slytherin.
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