LLEWELLYN-JONES, Gracelyn Hannah
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LLEWELLYN-JONES, Gracelyn Hannah

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LLEWELLYN-JONES, Gracelyn Hannah Empty LLEWELLYN-JONES, Gracelyn Hannah

Post by Ariel Damian Greyback Fri Jul 19, 2013 11:32 pm

LLEWELLYN-JONES, Gracelyn Hannah Tumblr_m43bnzi6tJ1r5cpiuo2_250 LLEWELLYN-JONES, Gracelyn Hannah Tumblr_m43bnzi6tJ1r5cpiuo3_250




    FULL NAME: Gracelyn Hannah Llewellyn-Jones

    NICKNAMES: Grace, Gracie

    BIRTHDAY: April 25th 2010

    SPECIES: Human - suffering from Lycanthropy - classified as a XXXXX Magical Creature while in Wolf-form.

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-Blood.

    ALLEGIANCES: Neutral
  • The Llewellyn Family,
  • The Jones Family,
  • The Ivanov Family,
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,
  • The British Ministry of Magic,
  • The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures,
  • The Caerphilly Catapults.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff.

    Core Classes:
  • Astronomy,
  • Charms,
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts,
  • Herbology,
  • History of Magic,
  • Potions,
  • Transfiguration.

  • Ancient Runes, Study of,
  • Arithmancy,
  • Care of Magical Creatures,
  • Divination.

    Extra-Curricular Subjects:
  • Ancient Studies,
  • Art,
  • Earth Magic,
  • Ghoul Studies,
  • Magical Theory,
  • Frog Choir,
  • Hogwarts Orchestra

    WAND&WAND TRAITS: Magnolia and Poplar wood, Diricawl Feather and Ramora Scales with a touch of powdered Unicorn Horn and traces of its hair and blood, 14¾ inches, a pliant wand.

  • Fidelity in love and marriage,
  • Honesty,
  • Integrity,
  • Boosts Healing spells,
  • Boosts Herbology ability,
  • Teleportation and evasiveness,
  • Aids Apparation,
  • Aids Invisibility Spells,
  • Aids Disillusionment Charms,
  • Transfiguration boost,
  • Boosts water-based spells,
  • Excellent Potion wand,
  • Ramora Scales found in the hands of those with sight,
  • Charms boost,
  • Unicorn’s healing traits taken on by the wand.


    Grace’s facial shape is one of two halves. The upper portion of her head is well rounded, supporting a wealth of tumbling red-gold locks that can neither decide upon curls nor straightness about her face and shoulders. The lower portion is angular and hardened with a square jaw-line and a prominent chin that gives her more of an adult, refined air. She has a long, thin nose that is slightly hooked at the tip, masking her small nostrils that will redden and get larger should she become angry. Her lips are thin with the lower lip only slightly more pronounced than the top. They give way to slightly disjointed teeth that haven’t been whitened but have had extensive dental work that looks to have been abandoned half way along the road. Her cheeks are soft and full, masking any definition on her cheekbones when she is at a healthy weight but when underweight they can suck back and hollow, making her look very ill indeed. Her eyes are small and framed by long eyelashes. They’re a soft grey-blue that is speckled by hazel flecks that spark like spears from the edge of her coal-rimmed iris to the dark pools of her pupils that shimmer with light, mirth and hidden knowledge. Her eyes are lidded by eyebrows that are thinner as you gradually reach the tail but thicker in towards the top of her nose. Her forehead is middling and largely unblemished but for a few unavoidable bumps and scars caused by childhood. She has avoided having ‘sticky-out’ ears and instead has rather small ones with fully fledged lobes that have been pierced thrice.

    Grace has a long neck that sweeps down into narrow, bony shoulders. Her collar bones are incredibly pronounced, giving way to a long sweep of milky skin that is spotted here and there with dark moles and patches of freckles. Her arms are skinny and long with particularly lethal elbows in their arsenal. Her hands are small and rather childlike yet give way to long fingers that are double-jointed. Her nails are kept short and clean, tipped with a natural frame of white that appears at the top. Her torso is long and thin, her ribs visible when she stretches her arms over her head. Her waist is narrow and her hips, by comparison, are rather large, preceding legs that go on for figurative miles. Her hip bones jut out fiercely from her skin and certainly draw attention when her clothes ride up. Her knees are weak - and not in the romantic fiction kind of way. Her left knee joint does not properly move and as a result tends to ache after a long period of having it bent or walking. She has a scar up her right calf from a particularly ferocious full moon and her feet are particularly long, having grown since she’d been infected, but still manage to appear dainty. She keeps her toenails much the same way as her fingernails but is keener to paint these a myriad of different colours as she tries out nail polish because you can hide your feet, not your hands.

    Largely, Grace’s body has not altered from when she was a child in terms of modification. Barring several piercings she had gotten on her ears there is very little to document. One could argue that a distinguishing feature is her flame-red hair that glistens and shimmers in bright sunlight, making it appear as though it is indeed a mane of fire. She isn’t particular about wearing jewellery barring a white gold, thick bangle that has her Ministry registration number and contact numbers etched into it, something which follows her into her werewolf form to show she is registered and is well looked after. Of course she is not exempt from having a number of scars - an occupational hazard, you could argue. Other than that, though, she is rather unremarkable in this sense. She isn’t one for tattoos or anything of the sort - but you never do know.

    PLAY BY: Sophie Turner.


    001. Ambitious,
    002. Creative,
    003. Honest,
    004. Hard-Working,
    005. Logical,
    006. Persistent,
    007. Patient,
    008. Tolerant,
    009. Kind,
    010. Generous.

    001. Pessimistic,
    002. Guarded,
    003. Coward,
    004. Cannot lie,
    005. Dreamer,
    006. Naive,
    007. Over-thinks,
    008. Submissive,
    009. Timid,
    010. Weak.

    001. Cool baths.
    002. Fruit.
    003. Herbology.
    004. Hogwarts.
    005. Learning.
    006. The Forbidden Forest .
    007. Sweet milk.
    008. Croissants.
    009. Fluffy socks.
    010. A warm bed.

    001. St. Mungo’s.
    002. Chimeras.
    003. The Full Moon.
    004. Wolfsbane.
    005. Cats.
    006. Summer.
    007. Having to lie.
    008. Intimidation.
    009. Cruel individuals.
    010. Selfishness.

    001. Graduate.
    002. Join the Ministry.
    003. Work briefly for the Catapults.
    004. Get a Catapults season ticket.
    005. End Werewolf discrimination.
    006. Buy her own home.
    007. Get married.
    008. Have a Lycanthropy-free family.
    009. Get a dog.
    010. Fall in love.

    001. Writes everything she has to remember on a piece of parchment.
    002. Prefers pencils to quills or pens.
    003. Is quietly quite the movie buff.
    004. Goes to bed late and gets up early.
    005. Loves to run.

    BOGGART: The Sorting Hat giving up trying to find a house, telling her instead she’s a Squib.

    PATRONUS: Her father trying to teach her how to fly.

    DEMENTOR: Her father’s death.

    VERITASERUM: She’s a Werewolf.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Her father is alive, her mother is truly loving, she isn’t a Lycanthrope and she has her own family and someone that loves her.

    Grace is genuinely a good person. She is kind and selfless, generous when she should be miserly and penny-pinching. She is forever putting other people before herself and is something of the mother of her group of friends but in the reserved way she’s always been shown motherhood. She has ambitions that she wants to fulfil and this wonderful creative streak that brings light and colour and art into the Hufflepuff dormitories.

    Grace is not without her secrets, though, and is guarded and resentful of anyone who tries to get close to her beyond what she allows. She’s timid, over-thinks the simplest of situations and is heart-breakingly naive. More often than not this trait gets her in a lot of trouble whether she realises it or not and is used by her employers and people that she should otherwise trust.

    The girl is timid and brutally honest, unable to lie lest she grows flustered or embarrassed. She is social awkward, making it a truly wondrous thing that she has firm friends and stutters and flutters uselessly around boys regardless of whether she likes them or not; she can’t talk to them, is all.

    Cowardly yet tolerant, patient and kind she is a myriad of different things but first and foremost she is good and untainted despite what one can only call a very difficult beginning to her life. She remains ridiculously optimistic, bright and happy and has not yet been tarnished by that which is waiting in the wings to strike her down, a profound depression of her happier emotions that have reigned for so long.

    It’s there, the darkness is waiting. It’s just not quite ready to encompass her yet.


    FATHER: “Dangerous” Dai Llewellyn | b. 1976 | d. 2014 | Professional Quidditch Player, Caerphilly Catapults | Order Member

    MOTHER: Jasmine Llewellyn-Jones née Godfrey | b. 1978 | Co-Owner of Llewellyn-Jones’s Café | Order Member

    SISTER: Lillian Llewellyn-Jones | b. 2011 | Hufflepuff Fifth Year | Potter’s Army Member

    STEP-FATHER: Tobias Jones | b. 1978 | Co-Owner of Llewellyn-Jones’s Café | Order Member

    Richard Llewellyn | b. 1954 | Baker | Order Member
    Emille Llewellyn née Price | b. 1956 | Hair Dresser | Order Member

    Elliot Godfrey | b. 1950 | Wizengamot Member, the Ministry of Magic | Order Member
    Jacqueline Godfrey née Isaacs | b. 1950 | Homemaker | Neutral

  • Family Pet - A Dalmatian named Pogo.
  • Hogwarts Pet - An Owl named Jaquetta.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Lower-Class



    Early Years:
    That particular April was unseasonably warm and that day the hottest of them all. It was a sticky, exhausting affair that brought Gracelyn Hannah Llewellyn into the world; a trial that was immediately forgotten by the enamoured parents. Initially, it was believed that her birth would stabilise the couple who were still caught up in the throes of Dai’s Quidditch career. It didn’t. If anything, it made matters worse and Dai was forced to throw out any ideas of an international career in order to provide for his family and be there for his daughter.

    The majority of the time during the early years of Grace’s life was spent with a nanny called Beatrix who she adored but now as a young woman can barely remember. The young couple were spinning the PR machine and forwarding Dai’s career as much as possible in Britain so that when he transferred to a team closer to home he would have much better opportunities in terms of pay. That didn’t leave time to raise a daughter but plenty of time to strengthen their own relationship and just over a year later; Lillian joined her sister in the nursery.

    They began to learn early. Dai demanded the best for the girls but also wanted to give them a balanced education. Initially, they were supplied with tutors that endeavoured and largely did not succeed to instil in the girls a love for the finer things and an unrivalled ability in languages and other womanly arts. The tutors were replaced by a different environment; an early learner’s Muggle pre-school that Grace loved but in the same breath resented for she knew that she was very different from her peers.

    In the summer after her fourth birthday, everything changed. During a family holiday in Greece, Dai was attacked and eaten by a Chimera that was hunting in the mountain range that they’d gone hiking in. Jasmine was saved from the ordeal by emergency aid and the girls were largely unhurt. Grace had been with her father when he’d been attacked, however. She’d seen him die. There was nothing she could do to help him but in the aftermath she remembered.

    No amount of probing thereafter would get her to talk about it. She was stoic, almost unfeeling, and did not cry at her father’s funeral. She couldn’t bring herself to, not in front of all of those people whose grief made her feel uneasy. She mourned in her own time, in private, when she could let herself go and re-gather herself afterwards in that same isolation. It was an event that made her grow up very quickly. She became her mother’s crutch in that respect and saw with more adult eyes the events that incurred great suffering from that point on.

    There had been no will and thus, they were owed nothing. Dai’s estate was separate from Jasmine’s and they found themselves turned out from their home and the assets in Dai’s name seized on behalf of Gringotts Wizarding Bank. Jasmine had made no money of her own from traipsing around with her husband for the majority of her early adult life and so found herself stuck with two young children and nothing to support them financially with.

    Quickly, Jasmine found herself a job. First of all she cleaned the houses of Muggles, something that left her feeling deeply degraded and upset. After that she joined a catering company and worked as a waitress at weddings and other large events, something which brought in enough money to pay the rent and ensure that her children were able to go to nursery school. She refused help from her parents and Dai’s out of senseless pride, something that hindsight now would have told her would have been a better idea.

    The turning point came just before Grace’s sixth birthday when Jasmine met Tobias Jones who swept her off of her feet. She then had no time for her girls - not that her job afforded her much time anyway - and paid over-priced babysitters to watch over them while she enjoyed the affections of a man again. It was in that same December that she and Tobias got married much to the surprise of everyone who knew them and in that Jasmine found her security.

    Tobias didn’t make any more money than Jasmine did really and as a result they initially had to come up with a plan that would ensure they could survive. Grace was by that point old enough to help out and as a family unit they found a Pureblood family that needed servants for the duration of the year. They’d have rooms in the attic and three straight meals a day so long as they showed loyalty and a sense of unwavering duty.

    They did all of that and more, earning over the course of two years what they liked to think of as a small fortune. With it they bought Llewellyn-Jones’ café and with the money they earned over the following two years from the same and different families, managed to gather enough to do it up and open it for the public. Grace - and Lillian by that time - remained in the service of the Ivanov family, the latest batch of Purebloods, just to prop up the family income while Jasmine and Tobias busied themselves with the café.

    Of course, for their money, Jasmine and Tobias had two more children to juggle by that time and so largely, Grace and Lillian were left behind. However, they caught up with their parents once more in a rather ferocious way. It was during the summer just before she received her Hogwarts letter that, while walking the grounds of the Ivanov residence in Russia, Grace was attacked by a rogue Werewolf.

    Lycanthropy did not escape her. Her injuries left her in St. Mungo’s for weeks and just as she was coaxed from her coma she was plunged into the horror of the Full Moon and that which would plague her for as long as she lived. No amount of Wolfsbane could keep at bay the creature that vied for blood on that first moon and nothing short of another wolf - an Animagus - could make her settle.

    A week afterwards, Grace was released into the care of her mother and step-father, both of whom treated her with hesitance and held her rather at arm’s length in terms of affection and conversation. No one was more relieved than Grace, however, to get her Hogwarts letter. It promised stability despite events conspiring to wreak anything otherwise. It promised a chance for her to grow a little as a person and perhaps, if she was lucky, even be a child for a little while.

    Her books were second hand affairs that had notes scrawled in the margins and pages ripped but they would do. Her robes were her mother’s old ones refitted by a dodgy wand-job. Yet, it would do. The only thing that was new was the wand, the beautiful Magnolia wood inlaid with Poplar with a core of Diricawl Feather, Ramora Scales and crushed Unicorn horn, peppered with traces of its hair and blood - a most perfect wand.

    Hogwarts promised to be something better, something that would give her the shelter that she needed - Werewolf or not.

    Hogwarts Years:
    The Hogwarts Express symbolised everything Grace had hoped for. A dangerous, draining Full Moon had left her fatigued and ill - leaving her unable to truly appreciate the beauty of the locomotive. Her step-father and sister had gone to see her off; her mother claiming to be busy or something of the like. She didn’t make friends on the train but certainly overheard the conversations of people that had as she poured through the textbooks she had packed into her bag, her step-father having put a feather-light charm on its contents, trying to decipher the scrawls.

    The Sorting Ceremony was decidedly, the most terrifying experience of her young life. The hat took its time, to the point where Grace wondered whether she was a witch at all and it was just trying to find a tactful way to tell her. Eventually she went to Hufflepuff - just and perfect choice, or so her Head of House later told her. Thankfully there she made thick and fast friends who proved to be as loyal and unafraid of toil as the song the hat had song had promised.

    Herbology, Transfiguration and Charms turned out to be Grace’s three main strengths but she also had a knack for Potions - though mainly it was all in her ability to create a nice consistency of potion, not a gloopy mess. Mainly, her strengths lie in Transfiguration and Charms and her Professors were very pleased with her progress, doubly surprised that her skill surpassed many of the Ravenclaws that understood the spells quickly but executed them sloppily as opposed to her slow time taken to learn them but accurate ability to cast.

    In her third year it was time for her to choose her electives as well as finally launch herself into the extra-curricular activities that were on offer. Grace had always been a rather talented pianist but the lack of piano in recent years had meant that she was rusty and it was something she admitted to the orchestra-overseeing Professor who also worked with the choir. The Professor was confident and soon enough, so was Grace who picked up the music as though she’d never taken a break.

    Oddly, the young Hufflepuff chose Divination as one of her electives along with Care of Magical Creatures, Arithmancy and the Study of Ancient Runes. Divination had raised alarm bells with her Head of House but after a short explanation, any worries were put at ease. Grace proved to be very open minded in that respect and certainly excelled in the subject, along with Care of Magical Creatures for which she was understandably suited. Arithmancy and Ancient Runes proved to be a challenge but one she enjoys very much and has elected to continue them onto N.E.W.T level.

    The extra-curricular subjects were numerous and there was concern her O.W.L grades would suffer as a result. Grace never professed to be a gifted student but hard-working was a Hufflepuff trait and certainly, she reaped the benefits hard work gave to her:

    Core Classes:
  • Astronomy, Acceptable
  • Charms, Exceeds Expectations
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts, Acceptable
  • Herbology, Outstanding
  • History of Magic, Exceeds Expectations
  • Potions, Exceeds Expectations
  • Transfiguration, Outstanding.

  • Ancient Runes, Study of, Acceptable
  • Arithmancy, Acceptable
  • Care of Magical Creatures, Exceeds Expectations
  • Divination, Outstanding.

    Sixth Year is due to dawn in September and it isn’t something that Grace is going to pretend she’s prepared for. For some reason her transformations during the Full Moon have gotten more painful and a bout of the Welsh Green Itch isn’t something she’s really recovered from. Nevertheless she’s optimistic and can’t wait for the new school year and everything that it’ll bring - the trials, the tribulations, the romance, the laughter and the heatbreak.

    All of it. It’s worth something. It is home after all.



    RP EXPERIENCE: Four years.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Another site’s affiliates.

    MAIN CHARACTER: Elijah Krum

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: A Hufflepuff, a Werewolf, a Redhead... do I need any more of an explanation?!

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LLEWELLYN-JONES, Gracelyn Hannah Empty Re: LLEWELLYN-JONES, Gracelyn Hannah

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Jul 20, 2013 12:13 am

Frog choir. ROFL. Nice touch. I forgot all about those frogs. Made me laugh out loud.

I don't know why I get an odd juxtaposition of The Wolfman and The Secret Garden, but it does work here.

Accepted and...I'll sort her as a Huffle as soon as I can spell her last name. LOL.

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