MORRISON, Maximus Merlin
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MORRISON, Maximus Merlin

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MORRISON, Maximus Merlin Empty MORRISON, Maximus Merlin

Post by Maximus Morrison Tue Mar 19, 2013 5:07 pm

MORRISON, Maximus Merlin Tumblr_inline_mhvnqwwYuU1qz4rgp



    FULL NAME:Maximus Merlin Morrison

    NICKNAMES: Max, Maxxie

    AGE: Twenty-four

    ALLEGIANCE: Whoever he believes to be the true "good", even if contrary to the popular belief. Max supports the Order and the causes they stand for but will not join them, as he thinks their actions are too extreme. He also supports the Ministry but believes that they are also succumbing to corruption from within. His loyalties to the ministry are therefore subjective and sometimes contradictory. Max's only true loyalty is to muggle government whom he believes to be much more pure than his own.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff
    Maximus embodies many of the key qualities of Hufflepuff house including his unswerving loyalty to friends and family, honest, strong work ethic, and kind treatment of others. When trying on the sorting hat he was also considered for Ravenclaw because of his thirst for knowledge and love of learning but in the end his kind soul won out over his bright mind.

    EMPLOYMENT: Works in Muggle Relations at the Ministry of Magic

    14 inches.
    Unicorn hair core.
    Very flexible and amorphous.

    PLAY BY: Benedict Cumberbatch


    HAIR COLOUR: Dark Brown

    EYE COLOUR: Electric Blue


    BODY BUILD: Slender

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Although being a handsome man, Max isn't one to immediately grab attention in a crowd. He is extremely tall and slender, though not particularly well-built. Max has high, defined cheekbones that could cut glass. His hair is a messy brown mop that doesn't enjoy lying flat and curls even more at the slightest bit of humidity. Max doesn't do much to try to improve his physical appearance, as a result of having no one to impress. He's content with the way he is. Max's style is fairly relaxed and predictable. He wears what he considers to be 'normal' (pants and a button down shirt) but not much else. Max dresses up when required but this isn't very often. He also owns a few ridiculously hideous Hawaiian shirts for when he finally fulfills his dream of having a barbecue. Shoes are a point of pride for Max and that is one article of clothing he always tries to look nice.


    001. Attentive
    002. Brainy
    003. Cheerful
    004. Childish
    005. Compassionate
    006. Curious
    007. Dependable
    008. Eager
    009. Happy
    010. Helpful
    011. Hopeful
    012. Imaginative
    013. Optimistic
    014. Protective
    015. Sweet
    016. Thoughtful
    017. Unbending
    018. Unorganized

    STRONG AREA OF MAGIC:Charms and Jinxes.
    Back in Hogwarts, charms was almost the most fun and interesting class for Max. Due to this interest he excelled in the class, always excited to learn new and strange spells. This love of the weird extended to jinxes and although Max has little opportunity to use them he still has a large resource of spells at his disposal.

    WEAK AREA OF MAGIC: Dark Magic.
    Because of his disapproval of this branch of magic Max hasn't dappled in it. He has close to no knowledge of any dark spells or curses and wouldn't know how to use them even if he tried. There is no way of knowing how skilled he would prove himself to be if he attempted.

    001. Animals
    002. Charms
    003. Family
    004. London
    005. Ministry of Magic
    006. Muggles
    007. Photography
    008. Quidditch (mixed feelings)
    009. Yellow
    010. Zen Gardens

    001. Dark Magic
    002. Death Eaters
    003. Floo Powder
    004. Golf
    005. Heavy Metal
    006. Overwhelming Perfume
    007. Roses
    008. Smoking
    009. Snowstorms
    010. Sour Candies

    - Achieve world peace
    - Prevent marriage laws from being passed.
    - Travel

    - Max sometimes spits out random facts into conversation, especially about world records. Sometimes he believes them interesting, sometimes they sorta-kinda-not really pertain to the conversation, and sometimes he feels awkward and tries to fill the silence.
    - When nervous he talks very rapidly, sometimes stringing long sentences of words together.
    - Doesn't sleep much (less than five hours a night)

    BOGGART: Max's greatest fear is becoming a dark wizard.

    PATRONUS: Max's fondest memory is a Christmas morning many years ago. He was ten, Maisie was two, and Aaron was one. The whole family was circled around a tree so weighted with ornimants that many branches were touching the ground. An old record of Deck the Halls is being played in the background and a still steaming pile of cinnamon buns sits on the table, filling the room with a sweet aroma. The whole family is happy, at least momentarily, as the two older kids tear at brightly colored wrapping paper. Max's eyes fill with delight as he reveals a book of beginner spells to read before he goes to Hogwarts next fall.

    DEMENTOR: Unknown


    MIRROR OF ERISED: Max searches and hopes for unity in the wizarding world. This would manifest into himself, Daisy (a Gryffindor), Patrick (a Ravenclaw), and Willis (a Slitherin) with their arms around each other laughing. As the three most influential people from his school days they represent the Hogwarts houses to him and therefore the unity of the school.

    AMORTENTIA: Fresh laundry, worn leather, beeswax, and cinnamon rolls.

    PERSONALITY: Max has a genuinely good soul. From a young age he has been distressed by the injustice in the world and the awful way people treat each other. He is especially bothered by the prejudices that wizards have against each other based solely on their blood status, heritage, and the house some stupid hat said they belonged to. I guess this means you could consider Max extremely accepting, though he has little tolerance for anyone with an unkind heart. He tries to do what he knows is best and most honorable, even if it won't be the best choice in the long run. Max likes saving the day in little ways - by buying a stranger lunch, complimenting a new sweater, or leaving flowers on a coworkers desk. He finds his own happiness and fulfillment by making the world a better place.

    Despite being a happy, generally optimistic person, Max can sometimes be awkward when around new people. He prefers to watch 'normal' behavior from more of a distance and many consider him to be unable to play well with others. Human nature frustrates him, especially when people are blatantly fake with each other. he tries not to judge, but once a clear opinion is formed in his mind he does not have a filter towards that person. Max is extremely smart but doesn't do much with it. He works a desk job that he loves dearly and gets angered quickly when people tell him he should do more with his life. Max's brains are mostly book smart and he has countless little facts memorized that he sometimes spits out without thinking. His brain is a sponge for names and faces.. he never forgets anyone he meets.

    Max tries his hardest to avoid conflict. He has been accused of being cowardly and yellow before but in all honesty violence just disgusts him. He sees it as untasteful and pointless. That being said, Max does get angry most quickly by any theories of pureblood supremacy or any mention of the rumored Marriage Laws. He believes in his heart that muggle life is equal to a wizards and that it shouldn't matter where you come from. Any involvement in the Dark Arts is also a great offense to Max and he disagrees wholeheartedly with their philosophies. He enjoys discussing philosophical topics and is known to get quite passionate about his beliefs. Unfortunately, his words prove to be much bigger than his actions in this sense. Deep down, a part of Max believes that if he were to let himself become truly angry and loose control he would never be able to regain it. This proves sufficient motivation for his pacifist tenancies.

    Maximus is a romantic. He believes in and trusts true love no matter how cheesy that may sound. He's a bit old fashioned and likes to court a girl, even meeting the father before taking her out. He's sweet around girls and sees them as majestic creatures and should be handled with great care. Like any average bloke, he is more or less clueless when it comes to understanding the other sex. Max wants nothing more than to make a girl happy but most don't really like to put up with him for long. He tends to get consumed in his work and has put almost no time into dating or relationships of any kind since his Hogwarts years. Without a doubt his job is the center of Max's universe and he spends way too many overtime hours behind his desk.

    Max is optimistic about life. He tends to air on the side that things will turn out for the best if you work hard enough and want it more. Everything about life seems to amaze him and he can find beauty in the simplest of things. Photography is one hobby he has picked up and some think that why he takes pictures is in a search to finally capture that beauty. Max wants to show other people the miracle he sees in everything. But when the situation calls for it Max can also be serious. He isn't oblivious and knows when people are upset or angry, at which point he is fully able to turn off the smiles and talk through whatever is haunting them. Max is a generally good listener - though he does sometimes interrupt with his own opinions.

    The one thing that would bring Max to violence is any threat against his family. His loved ones are the most precious thing in the world and he can't help but be extremely protective of them. Maisie is the apple of his eye and he would cross oceans for her. Any boy or girl who tried to break her heart should run for their lives. Max is pretty family oriented even though he lives far away from his kin. He loves them with all of his heart.

    Basically, Max just wants to give the world one giant hug.


    FATHER: Anthony Morrison, b. 1982

    MOTHER: Louisa Morrison (nee Brown), b. 1982

    Maisie Morrison, b. 2010
    Aaron Morrison, b. 2009

    Naomi Walker - stepmother
    Madeline Brown (nee Richards) - grandmother, deceased
    Spender Brown - grandfather
    Seamous Finnigan - uncle, deceased
    Lavender Finnigan - aunt
    Millie Finnigan - cousin
    Elliot Finnigan - cousin

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-Blood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class (comfortable but not extravagant).

    PET/S: None

    - A nice suit for fancy work occations (a bit dusty from lack of use)
    - The full encyclopedia sized set of A History of Magic
    - Several enchanted quills
    - Countless notebooks full of notes from meetings, doodles, and random thoughts.
    - Old Hogwarts robes and textbooks
    - One set of Hufflepuff Quidditch robes


    Early Years: On October 12th Maximus Merlin Morrison was brought into this world. Almost immediately he could be distinguished from the other infants by his giant blue eyes and already present black hair. He was born at St. Mungo's to the young couple, Louisa and Anthony Morrison. They had gotten married less than a year before and although the start of their life together was a bit rushed they still managed to be excited about the arrival of their firstborn. The couple purchased a small apartment in London to remain close to work and the social world. Maisie took a job at Gringotts and Anthony worked part time at a restaurant, taking lots of time to stay at home and raise their son.

    From a young age Max was an imaginative boy. He especially liked blocks and spent countless hours on his kitchen floor, building intricate castles and fortresses. He was placed in day care as soon as he was old enough in order to allow his parents more time for work. Still young, paying the bills for a baby was something they had not been prepared for. But as Max grew so did they. It was an undoubtedly happy household and the best seemed to be made of all situations. From a young age Maximus learned that even when things look to be at their worst that you can always find the silver lining. As time passed life only just seemed to improve. He grew and learned, discovering around age 7 that he had strange abilities that his classmates did not possess. With the information that their first born was a wizard, both Louisa and Anthony were eager to teach him early.

    Despite the knowledge of his abilities, Max's parents opted to send him to muggle school until he reached Hogwarts age. During his public education, Max made some of the truest friends he would ever have, and would last over the course of his life. It was though these relationships that he gained a later appreciation for muggles and their equality. At school he got a basic education of mathematics, language, and how to be social. Max liked school well enough but he was prone to doing things his own way, which often got him in trouble. In art he liked to color his people an exciting purple, as he simply liked it more than beige, pink, or brown. He also had trouble in social studies, constantly questioning why things were like they were. "But why?" were possibly his two most commonly used words.

    At age nine the family dynamic changed with the introduction of a new baby into the house. They named her Maisie and from the moment he laid eyes on her Max knew he liked his baby sister very much. The whole family adjusted rather quickly and three became four with little problem. Not even a year later a baby boy, Aaron, was born, completing the family. With two young children the focus shifted off of their oldest (and most self-maintaining) child. This never bothered Max much, even though he did find himself missing some family days in the park when he had everyone to himself. He was not better or worse than his two new siblings - it was just a different relationship.

    When Max reached age eleven he received his Hogwarts letter and the real magic began. Pun intended. His parents took him to Diagon Ally like the rest of the new students where he was bought a new cauldron, countless books and quills, robes, a wand, and to top it all off a new pet frog that he affectionately named Gibblit. In no time at all it was off to Hogwarts.

    Hogwarts Years: The new world of Hogwarts was not terribly shocking for Maximus because of this through exposure to the wizarding world as a child. The only really different thing about Hogwarts from home was the lack of his parents. And even this would have been more of a shock to his system if he hadn't been given less attention in the last few years due to the arrival of two new children into the family. Overall, Max adapted very well to his new environment, his homesickness held back by frequent hand scrawled letters from his mother. On his first day of classes he met Patrick, a Ravenclaw, who quickly became his best friend. The classes proved to be challenging but not impossible, and Max took a special interest in Charms class.

    As time went by Max's group of friends was expanded to include a Hufflepuff girl named Lacey (who Max befriended in the common room one stormy evening), a strong willed Hufflepuff named Jack, and a mousy-looking Ravenclaw named Charlie. By third year the group had become extremely tight knit, relying on eachother's company, laughter, and late night homework help. His Hufflepuff friends taught him how to be there for someone, no matter what happens, and his Ravenclaw friends taught him to nurture his intelligence and strive for nothing short of brilliance.

    In fifth year Maxxie made it on the Hufflepuff quidditch team as a keeper. For a boy who had never been a vision of strength and agility this was quite an accomplishment, and one he wore with pride. Max practiced daily, causing his grades to drop slightly (O averages to E’s). This was unfortunate timing as his newfound passion for sport coincided with OWL year. In the last few weeks before exams Maxxie pulled many, many all nighters as he studied material that his focus had wondered from. His final grades were as follows:
    COMC: O
    DADA: E

    Although these grades were above average by school standards, they were unacceptable to a boy who relied on across the board O’s. His report card was enough to pull Max’s head off of the clouds and make him realize schoolwork was more important than excellence in Quidditch. He remained on the team and continued to go well, but the peak of his talent was undoubtedly fifth year. One thing that did come out of his joining the teams was the affections of Daisy Rood, a quietly beautiful Gryffindor girl who was in the year below him. Slowly the pair spent more and more time together, their romance peaking over the summer between their sixth and seventh year. They were never officially together but he loved her deeply. They broke up right before start of term, seventh year.

    In the early spring of her seventh year Daisy had an accident by the Whomping Willow which rattled her brains even more than it bruised her body. Though he was never convicted, the blame was popularly placed on a gang of Slytherins, who targeted Daisy for her budding relationship with a member of their pureblood community. As a muggleborn, she was simply an unacceptable choice to be with and something had to be done to stop the proceedings. Everything got taken to far and Daisy became unintentional damage. Even though her ties with her were long broken, Max still raged over the girl who was now in St. Mungos for the rest of her foreseeable life.

    By the time graduation came around Max knew where he wanted to go. The sparkling halls of the Ministry of Magic called to him and he hoped that he would be able to find his passion there. A Quidditch scout that had been present at one of Max’s later games, and although his playing had declined to far below professional levels, his charm and clear intelligence proved enough to get him an interview at the Department of Magical Games and Sports.

    Adulthood: Without taking the summer off Maxxie jumped directly into the job at the Ministry that he received. In the department he primarily worked as crowd control at large events and filling out the paperwork for any accidents that happened. It was busy work like this for the first few years but eventually he was promoted into muggle-proofing event locations. Max enjoyed his time in the department, especially towards the end of his time there. He got the opportunity to travel around the globe on the Ministry’s dime and still be involved in the sport he had once loved. But what surprised him most about his new job was how much he enjoyed talking to and working with the muggle authorities and government officials. For the first time it felt as if he was actually doing something by bridging the gap between magical and non-magical in just the little way that he was allowed.

    Max stayed in this position for a little over a year, at which point he requested a transfer into the Muggle Relations department (backed by a strong recommendation from his current department head). The request was filled in a surprisingly short time and Maxxie filled his new role spectacularly. He rarely went out to handle jinxed muggle objects (the things wizards came up with sometimes disgusted him) but instead stayed in the office, only venturing out to deal with very specific situations. He missed the travel that Games and Sports had offered him but everything else about his new position satisfied him greatly. It was almost too easy for Max to spend way too much time at work, and although he had little opportunity to raise in ranks it didn’t stop him from working exceptionally hard.

    Only recently has Max become more involved as a diplomat to the muggle world, getting involved in both wizard and muggle politics. This branch of the job is less desirable to him but he remains involved simply because he knows the only way to make a real difference is to have influence.

    For the majority of his post-Howarts life Max has roomed with his childhood friend, Patrick. But in the last months, Patrick has gotten serious with his girlfriend and moved out to stay with her, far away in Portland. It felt wrong to stay in the apartment without his roommate so Max also opted to move on, and is currently looking for a new place to stay. Part of Max worries what this new chapter of life will bring him to, as he has never been particularly good at breaking out of his routines. But onward and forward we must go.


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Emily

    RP EXPERIENCE: 4-5 years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Unknown

    MAIN CHARACTER: Mira Anderson

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Civil Unrest/Pureblood Supremacy plots. And Jack, we mustn’t forget Jack.


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Post by Maximus Morrison Tue Mar 19, 2013 5:08 pm

Done! Sorry I missed the deadline last time guys. *sends kisses in apology*
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Post by Elijah Krum Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:19 pm

Accepted and sorted into Graduates!

Lovely app.
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Post by Jaquellene Jack Dyllan Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:23 am

-bursts into flames-
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Post by Elijah Krum Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:29 am

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Elijah Krum
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Sixth Year Slytherin

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