IVANOV, Robin Oscar
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IVANOV, Robin Oscar Li9olo10

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IVANOV, Robin Oscar

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IVANOV, Robin Oscar Empty IVANOV, Robin Oscar

Post by Robin Ivanov Fri Jun 21, 2013 11:44 pm

IVANOV, Robin Oscar Tumblr_me07v0JdfZ1ryddha

    FULL NAME: Robin Oscar Ivanov
    NICKNAMES: Robbie, Rob
    AGE: Twenty
    Death Eaters
    Durmstrang Institute
    Ivanov Family
    Rookwood Family
    Krum Family
    Nott Family
    Goyle Family
    Mcnair Family
    Russian Ministry of Magic
    International Quidditch League
    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Durmstrang Institute
    - Quidditch Substitute
    - Treasure Smuggler
    - Investor
    - Public face of the family
    - No one is really sure what Robbie does and no one dares ask. All we know is it's definitely awesome.
    WAND: Birch, doxy wing core, sturdy, 12 inches
    PLAY BY: Sebastian Stan


    HAIR COLOUR: Light brown.
    EYE COLOUR: Blue
    BODY BUILD: Muscular, but not large
    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Robin is by no means ugly, but his true appeal comes from more the way he presents himself rather than his genetic gifts. He is pleasingly tall but by no means a giant and fits quite averagely among his group of friends. He has a strong well-shaped face, light skin, and dark blue eyes, all traits that are trademark within the family. Robin resembles both his brother and his deceased uncle (the latter of which may be the reason he is held in such high respects by his father) and appreciates his ability to fit in. Where many of his friends are giggle-worthily handsome, Robin is attractive in a more subtle way. He holds himself up high, walks with confidence, and speaks with more authority than he actually has.
    When it comes to clothing, Robin has been taught to dress himself well. While on business he wears button up shirts, dress pants, and expensive Italian shoes. Suits, ties, and formal wear is also common around the social seasons and whenever he really needs to knock someone’s socks off. Because Robin owns so little casual clothing he tends to wear very little at all when alone in his apartment. Boxers are his most common garment of choice, which he never seems to get cold in, even in the dead of Dublin winter.
    Robin doesn’t have very many distinctive marks. Even though he is a Death Eater he has never received the dark mark and his allegiance leaves no physical mark on his body. He has no other tattoos or piercings and only a few scars. Before they were removed, Robin used to have a tattoo of a falcon on his bum and his family motto (solem oriri lucidiores – translation: the sun will rise brighter) on his upper arm. His most prominent scar is a thin ring around his elbow/inner arm where the lower section of his limb had been temporarily removed during a bad splinching accident. There are other small scars scattered around his body (primarily on his hands) from adventures as a child, accidents at school, and duels gone bad.


    001. Good Listener
    002. Charismatic
    003. Quick Learner
    004. Protective
    005. Adventurous
    006. Persuasive
     007. Confident
    008. Inquisitive
    009. Charming
    010. Persistent
    011. Brave
    012. Social
    013. Clever
    014. Forgiving
     015. Thrifty
    001. Lazy
    002. Arrogant
     003. Uncommitted
    004. Unresponsible
    005. Jealous
    006. Moody
     007. Excitable
     008. Quickly Bored
     009. Cheeky
     010. Flighty
    011. Impulsive
    012. Fidgety
    013. Irritable
     014. Egocentric
    015. Disorganized
    001. Attention
    002. Brunettes
     003. Springtime
    004. Lazy Afternoons
     005. Shiny Coins
    006. Vintage Motorcycles
     007. French Toast
    008. Fire-Whiskey
    009. Small Pubs
    010. Cigarettes
     011. Durmstrang Institute
    012. Family Parties
    013. A Challenge
    014. Women
    015. Playing Quidditch
    016. Cobblestone Streets
    017. Potions
    018. Experimenting
    019. Red Wine
    020. Campfires
    001. Russian Winter
    002. Floo Powder
    003. Apperation
    004. Chain Stores
    005. Hospitals
    006. Beaxbatons
    007. The Order of the Phoenix
    008. Chinese Art
    009. Jellyfish
    010. Wizard Robes
     011. Studying
    012. Putting in Effort
     013. Yachts
    014. Fruity Iced Tea
    015. Performing Forbidden Curses
     016. American Accents
    017. His Father's Mistress
    018. Big Weddings
    019. Responsibility
    020. Manual Labor
    001. Regain his full time position as beater on the Falmouth Falcons .
     002. Avoid a betrothal.
    003. Remain on his father’s good side.
    004. Protect his little brothers. 
    001. Laughs when uncomfortable or nervous
    BOGGART: Robin has never been a very fearful boy. The combination of his confidence and connections is enough to give him a (sometimes false) sense of security of his position in life. Because of his involvement with the Death Eaters he does not fear them himself, but rather knows what they are capable of and worries for his family instead. Robin’s primary concern in life is for his two younger brother’s safety.  Depending on the day and Robin’s sentimentality his boggart either appears as Caspian or Pollux bloody and beaten or himself falling apart piece by piece (as he had after his apperation accident).
    PATRONUS: Robin’s fondest memory is from a summer day when he was nine years old. He and Misha run around with childish innocence on the lawn of the family home. They spent the day exploring a newly discovered area of the forest and trying to catch a glimpse of a rumored unicorn.
    DEMENTOR: Robin’s worst memory is the night he spent in St. Mungos when they had to reattach his arm. He already hated everything about a hospital but his own situation only added insult to injury (no pun intended). From the nurses to the medicine to the looks on his brother’s face, no memory sticks out quite as sorely as this one.
    VERITASERUM: Robin’s greatest secret is his tolerance for both muggleborns and muggles alike. The compassion he feels towards anyone who is injured or upset is startling even to him and he purposely avoids the more violent Death Eater missions.
    MIRROR OF ERISED: Robin’s greatest desire is somewhat a mystery. He decides little for himself and has a habit of just following the paths that other people set out for him. Currently, he finds joy in having relaxed days at home and then a night out with his friends in the local pubs. Robin’s goals are rarely long term and he searches for small pleasures in life. If he were to look in the mirror he would see himself happy. The type of happy he has never been able to achieve on his own.  
    PERSONALITY: Robin is the kind of man who prefers to have friends in high places than be in high places himself. A lifetime in high pureblood society has taught him the extreme importance of knowing, and remaining close to, the right people. Many wizards search for power and status in the hopes that someday their name will become famous but Robin has never been motivated by this. He seeks approval from his family (specifically his father) but his reasons are primarily financial and he feels little blood loyalty to anyone who has not gained his trust from reasons beyond their family name.
    Arguably, Robin’s greatest weakness is his laziness. Because he is given almost everything he could ever ask for, he has not learned how to go and get things for himself. Additionally, most jobs he completes have been given to him by either his father or the Death Eaters, making him quite undirected when it comes to his own activities. When left with himself, Robin can be quite aimless and tends to amuse himself with either meaningless thefts or odd little tasks. He does enjoy to experiment. Strange vials of exotically colored potions can often be found lying around the house, all of which he has invented and have different functions (with varying degrees of success).
    Robin can be very protective, especially when it comes to his younger brothers or his close friends. He treasures the innocence of children and sees Caspian and Pollux as just that. The two boys are the only members of his family that he truly, selflessly loves. He is quite loyal to his family name and would be prepared to defend it if necessary (more for his own honor than that of his father). He hates to see any sort of pain, both physical or mental, and as a Death Eater this can be quite conflicting for him. But despite his hatred of others being unhappy, Robin can get into very low moods. At times he can be brooding and grumpy, especially when he is idle for too long.
    Robin is quite charming and socialable. There is nothing he likes more than a night out with friends. He is quite confident when out on the town and has a hard time understanding why someone doesn’t have as much fun as he does. At times he can be oblivious to other people’s awkwardness or simply choose to ignore it. Robin enjoys meeting new people and has no problem attending parties and other large gatherings that his family organizes.


    FATHER: Roland Ivanov | Sixty-Seven | Retired Bank Owner | Death Eater
    MOTHER: Gwendolyn Ivanov (née Eisenhower) | Forty-Three | Housewife | Death Eater Sympathizer
    Anastasia Nott (nee Ivanov) | Thirty-Four | Herbologist | Half-Sister
    Misha Ivanov | Twenty-One | Head of the Department for Magical Law Enforcement (Russian Ministry)
    Caspian Ivanov |Sixteen| Durmstrang Student
    Pollux Ivanov | FIfteen| Durmstrang Student
    Natasha Ford (formerly Ivanov, née Polkoff) | Fifty-Eight | Mother of Anastasia
    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood
    RACE: Human
    SOCIAL STATUS: Pureblood Elite, Wealthy
    OTHER POSSESSIONS: Anything his heart desires (but nothing particularly notable at this time).


    Early Years: When Robin was born on March 1st, 2006 it became clear that Natasha, the third wife of Roland Ivanov, was succeeding in her duty to produce male offspring. It was here that his first wive had failed him, providing only a single daughter in their years of marriage. Robin was Natasha's second son in two years, a fact that was celebrated throughout the family and Robin was welcomed into the world with giant parties to honor his birth. Roland quickly began to favor this son over his older one, as Robin was already bigger, stronger, and healthier than Misha ever had been. Even in the first few days of life there was an incredible spark within the youngest Ivanov child that demanded the worlds attention.
    The main Ivanov family home is located just outside Moscow, Russia and it was here that Robin was raised. Despite his status he was still allowed quite a bit of free reign and from a young age was allowed to wander around as he pleased (granted, only if he put his mittens on). Because his father had a strong disgust for house elves, the family employed both magical and muggle maids to clean and cook for them. Because it was strictly forbidden, Robin enjoyed striking up conversations with the help and it was from them that he was first exposed to the world outside of his little bubble of luxury.
    Misha, although a year older than his brother, often resigned to letting Robin lead them on adventures. By all means he was the better son with his unwavering loyalty, respect for rules, and ability to behave himself in public. Yet somehow the younger boy was always the clear leader of their two man group. Robin was charming from a young age and never had much trouble getting adults on his side. He was always his fathers favorite, which was both a blessing and a curse for the young Russian boy, teaching him early on how to push the limits of the rules without getting in too much trouble.
    When Robin was ten, Misha received an invitation to attend Durmstrang Institute of Magic, which was of course accepted. By this time in life both boys (and even their younger brothers) had shown distinct signs of magical ability and were confident of their future as wizards. Somewhat sadly, the least powerful of the Ivanov children appeared to be his older sister, Anastasia, possibly as punishment of centuries of inbreeding between the Ivanov and Polkoff families. She also attended Durmstrang and before long two of the five Ivanov children had something to bond over and share. For a boy who easily got bored with the Russian landscape, the prospect of moving on to the school he always heard about was intoxicating. And when Robin's letter arrived a year later he finally felt as if he were being let in on an inside joke. The young boy packed his bags without looking back once.
    Durmstrang Years: Almost immediately upon arriving at his new school, Robin found himself slightly disappointed. Sure, he was excited at the prospect of learning to make people explode, but the distinct lack of grandeur was quite a change for the boy who had everything back home. Within the first few days he acquired the nickname "Robbie", which he would remain known as over his next seven years at school. He also quickly became close to a Bulgarian boy named Elijah Krum. The two lads had known of eachother since childhood and their families had always been close but it wasn't until school that they truly bonded.
    Where his first impression of his new school wasn't glowing, Robin still quickly learned to love the cold stone hallways. Where his home was filled with the finer things in life, Durmstrang Institute possessed something much more rare and valuable - constant excitement. When it came to his studies, Robin was somewhat of a mixed bag. Upon finding a subject he succeeded in he would jump right in, studying and learning absolutely everything he could, eager to discover. But as soon as things became too confusing or difficult he would pull back and become quite indifferent to the work and be quite unwilling to try.
    Robin had a knack for the Dark Arts despite having little cruelness about him. The ability to turn any living creature smaller than a flamingo into dust with a twirl of the wand was a family skill. His true favorite subject quickly became potions. Before he had come to school the idea of blowing things up had sounded great but but it turned out it was even cooler than it seemed. On breaks he traveled to Diagonal Ally with his Hogwarts friends and purchased more books to experiment with in his free time. By third year he was skilled enough that he could have passed his O.W.L. exams without too much trouble.
    Robin's other free time activities were far less academic. In his early years most of his time was spent with Elijah and a small band of similarly minded boys. They pulled childish pranks on the less fortunate, talked about girls way out of their league, and drank small amounts of really bad whiskey. Basically they were boys pretending to be men. But by forth year, when Elijah transferred to Hogwarts, the tides of puberty were in full swing and it appeared that the young Ivanov heir was truly beginning to became the man he was needed to be. Around this time he also began to date, more often then not choosing girls from foreign schools because their distance allowed for more freedom in his home life. It was through these relationships, as well as whole summers spent with Elijah, that Robin became familiar with many of the Hogwarts population his age.
    In his later years of Durmstrang, Robin became increasingly unmotivated as the coursework became increasing more difficult. But somehow even in his seventh year, Robin was never bored at the school that had become a second home. He was able to find excitement in the most insignificant of things and although sometimes moody and brooding himself, couldn't bear to see others in such a state. Quite ironically, nothing was able to make Robin perk up quite like coming to the rescue of someone in a bad mood. Due to his upbringing he was a vocal pureblood supremacist and future Death Eater but this prejudice and hatred did not extend all the way into his heart. It hurt him just as much to see a muggleborn cry as it did his own sister.
    In his final years of school Robin found himself a leader among a group of students with similar ideals. Almost all of the group members would become Death Eaters after graduation, a plan that they had developed together and waited impatiently for. Because of his family name and apparent interest, Robin was recruited for the Death Eaters before graduation. Though he did not bear the Dark Mark, the title still filled him with a childish pride and he made his alliances perfectly clear to the world. This 'accomplishment' was greeted with celebration by his father and pushed Robin to be even more favorited out of the siblings.
    Adulthood: After graduation Robin's confidence increased even more - a feat that many of his schoolmates would have deemed impossible. It was a relief to be able to go where he wanted, whenever he wanted. The freedom Robin had longed for since childhood was finally within his grasp and he didn't waste a moment of it.
    What Robin didn't understand at this time is he did in fact have some responsibilities to the family. His fathers health was it ever rapid decline and his position in family affairs was being shifted to Robin. Because of old favors owed to the family, his brother Misha was able to secure well paying and increasingly important jobs at the Russian Ministry right after school. He was a hard worker and extremely dedicated to his profession. Though he was less involved than Robin, Misha also held ties with the Death Eaters and was known to occasionally assist them with insider information from the Ministry.
    Under the shadow of expectations that followed his brother's instant success as an adult, it is amazing how little Robin ended up doing. His family suggested many suitable career paths including working alongside Misha at the ministry, taking over his father’s business, and becoming a full time Death Eater. He ended up doing a variety of things, but primarily doing nothing. With Roland's money and permission he purchased his own apartment in downtown Dublin, Ireland. It was much smaller than any place he had ever lived before but he loved it, even when very few magical improvements.
    From then on Robins time was spent about 50/50 at the family home in Moscow and his apartment in Dublin. After a splinching incident the summer after graduation, he had developed a growing fear of apperation and floo power. On his frequent trips back and forth between homes he was transported either by muggle train, muggle plane, or broomstick. He took these opportunities to transport all illegal and/or rare goods that he acquired through his jobs with the Death Eaters and for his family.
    When in Dublin and away from the prying eyes of his family, Robin proved himself very lazy. Unless he had been given direct instructions from his father (which was often the case) or instructions from the Death Eaters, Robin had very little motivation to go out and get things for himself. Being out of school and living away from the expectations of his family does not suit a personality like Robin’s. More often than he would like to admit he ends up spending his time doing odd little tasks and experiments around his house in his underwear. In the evenings life becomes more interesting when he decides to get ready for the day and goes out to be social. He spends this time in dingy Dublin pubs, where the crowd he has become acquainted with would make his mother cringe.
    During the half the time he is home in Moscow, Robin is much more productive. It is there that he primarily interacts with his family and is reminded of his responsibilities in life. Roland turns a blind eye to Robin’s uselessness and still favors him as the true heir to the family name over his older brother. Over time this has created a growing (though somewhat one-sided) resentment between the two men that makes co-existing more complicated than it was when they were children. Robin remains a loyal son to his aging father and consciously keeps himself in his favor. In Moscow he helps deal with the affairs of the home that the sickly Roland is no longer able to (both business and personal).
    Robin is not entirely unemployed. In his seventh year he had been recruited for the Falmouth Falcons as beater but due to poor attendance he was demoted to substitute. He rarely practiced but natural talent and a childhood of playing with the other pureblood boys was enough to carry him through. Recently, he has begun to pick up his involvement and practice hours, hoping to regain his old ranking in the team.
    Overall, Robin’s life has been quite cushioned and without hardships. He has never experience true heartbreak and struggle, nor has he ever had to work for anything in his life. But he’s only nineteen, still a baby, only just now beginning to become acquainted with the ways of the world.


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Emily
    HOW YOU FOUND US: Unknown
    MAIN CHARACTER: Mira Anderson
    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I needed another boy. Also pureblood and Death Eater plots.
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IVANOV, Robin Oscar Empty Re: IVANOV, Robin Oscar

Post by Elijah Krum Sat Jun 22, 2013 1:06 pm

Beautiful! I adore him. Don't forget to do the claims and such!

Accepted! and sorted into Graduates! Very Happy
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