IVANOV, Cael Garrick
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IVANOV, Cael Garrick

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IVANOV, Cael Garrick Empty IVANOV, Cael Garrick

Post by James S Potter Sun Nov 10, 2013 6:28 pm

IVANOV, Cael Garrick Tumblr_mu4pz9rCyg1qg22hlo1_1280



    FULL NAME/TITLE: Lt Cdr. Cael Garrick Delacour-Ivanov, RM, MD

  • Lieutenant
  • Doctor
  • Cae - pronounced KAY
  • Ellie - courtesy of his cousins
  • James Pickering
  • Elliot Ness

    AGE & BIRTHDAY: Thirty-Three | September 23rd 1993

    Sun Sign
  • Libra
    Element: Air
    Quality: Cardinal
    Ruling House: Seventh
    Ruling Planet: Venus

    Chinese Zodiac
  • Rooster
    Fixed Season: Autumn
    Fixed Direction: West
    Fixed Element: Metal
    Associated Sun Sign: Virgo

    Mayan Sign
  • Monkey
    Aztec Name: Ozomatli/Monkey
    Mayan Name: Chuen
    Direction: West
    Qualities: Clever and Demonstrative

    Vedic Moon Sign
  • Tula
    Element: Air
    Ruler: Venus
    Gender: Masculine
    Gemstone: White Topaz

    Life Path Number
  • Nine

    Birth Date Ruler
  • Mercury, the communicator

    Lucky Days
  • Friday and Wednesday, especially when they fall on the 5th or 14th

    Lucky Colours
  • Sky Blue, Lavender, Orange

    September Birthstone
  • Opal

    SPECIES: Human.

    BLOOD TYPE: Pureblood

    Durston House, Ealing, London - Aged 4-7
    King’s College School, Wimbledon, London - Aged 7-11
    Durmstrang Institute, Scandinavia, Europe - Aged 11-18
    Cambridge University, Cambridge, England - Aged 18-24
    Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts, USA - Aged 27-32


    Core Classes
  • Astronomy - Exceeds Expectations
  • Charms - Outstanding
  • Dark Arts - Exceeds Expectations
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts - Outstanding
  • Herbology - Exceeds Expectations
  • History of Magic - Exceeds Expectations
  • Potions - Exceeds Expectations
  • Transfiguration - Exceeds Expectations

  • Study of Ancient Runes - Exceeds Expectations
  • Arithmancy - Outstanding
  • Alchemy - Outstanding
  • Muggle Studies - Exceeds Expectations

    Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Ancient Studies
  • Earth Magic
  • Ghoul Studies
  • Magical Theory

    ALLEGIANCES: Neutral
  • The Ivanov Family
  • The Macnair Family
  • The Rookwood Family
  • The Krum Family
  • The Nott Family
  • The Goyle Family

  • The Russian Ministry of Magic
  • The British Ministry of Magic
  • Her Majesty’s Government

  • The Royal Marine Corps
  • The Royal Navy

  • The Quidditch Federation
  • The English National Quidditch Team
  • Puddlemere United
  • The Karasjok Kites
  • The Vratsa Vultures
  • The Russian National Quidditch Team

  • The Football Association
  • The English National Team
  • AFC Wimbledon
  • The Russian National Team
  • FC Spartak Moscow

  • Durmstrang Institute
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Harvard Medical School
  • Cambridge University

  • The Daily Prophet
  • The Quibbler
  • PlayWitch

  • Birch
    - Reputation for weakness
    - One of the finest light wandwoods in existence
    - Associated with driving out evil spirits
    - Associated with healing magic
    - Sure to produce a powerful Patronus

  • Cedar
    - Docile
    - Particular skill in Protective Spells
    - Wielders often potent Occlumens

  • Juniper
    - Main strength in Healing Magic
    - Used in rituals of summoning and creation
    - Strength in conjuration and subtle arts
    - Slight leanings towards the Dark

  • Magnolia
    - Promotes fidelity in love and marriage
    - Finds itself in honest wands
    - Promote Healing Magic and Herbology

  • Unicorn Hair
    - Subtle wand
    - Compatible with Charms and Transfiguration
    - Picks up healing capabilities of Unicorn blood


    From a strong line of ash brown curls, Cael’s squared face draws out its structure. In sun-kissed copper his skin is mapped out squarely, drawing around his jaw in sharp angles that knit together at his chin, browned off into a small line, bearing no pointed edge to it. His cheekbones are subtle, squirming beneath his skin, ready to draw out through if he skips a meal too many. Normally, the smooth plains of his cheeks aren’t interrupted but his cheeks are prone to hollowing if he’s malnourished, his cheekbones mirroring his collarbones in their penchant to jut out awkwardly from his chest. On his cheeks he has two moles, one either side just above where his beard will usually climb to, a stark contrast against otherwise unblemished face, they are both a help and a hindrance to him, adding to the childlike quality he seems to still persist on possessing. His eyes are shaped almost like raindrops, round and full in towards his nose and sweeping to a point towards his ear. They are framed by a thin smattering of eyelashes and glare out a deep, vibrant bottle green spotted with streaks of cognac brown, sparking across his irises like lightning. Overtop his eyebrows frown, thick and pointed at their ends like sharpened pieces of slate. Yet, it is through their flex and prowl across his forehead that most of his expressions appear, striking from one extremity to the other from humour to devastation. His nose is long and prominent on his face, a strong feature which also aids his expression. He has small nostrils, the one on his right ever so slightly larger than the other and his nose comes to a button point that he’s never truly grown out of, giving him still the air of a small child. His lips are thin, the lower fuller than the upper, and remain a just-kissed pink that curve into easy smiles often and without prompt. Spattering across his jaw and over his upper lip is a well-trimmed customary glance of facial hair which links up by his ears with his sideburns. Said ears are neither large nor prominent and both have been pierced. If he wears any earrings at all they will be gold loops, snug against his lobes, but he has occasionally been known to wear a lucky charm or two dangling there. The cartilage at the top has also been pierced on his left side where a cuff sits, inlaid with runes that are said to protect the wearer of them.

    Even as a child, Cael was always very tall and as an adult, his height is an exception, darting up over his family members and friends until reaching around six foot or just over. He has a long neck and, despite its strength, quite a delicate throat. His shoulders are broad, sweeping down into strong, muscled arms and slightly too-large hands. He has long, pliant fingers that, despite their size, are nimble and lithe in their own right having spent his teenage years enjoying painting little figurines. There’s also patience in his fingers and hands, and a deliberate nature of movement that is all his own. His chest is wide and full - well-muscled from years on duty - sweeping down to a thin waist. His legs jut out long and lean thereafter but powerfully built, alluding to hours walking and training on them. His feet are slightly thinner than the norm yet fill a comfortable size twelve shoe. His body is something he is keen to look after and while he has lost some of his muscle definition since leaving the armed forces he makes a special effort to make sure he is regularly going to the gym, knowing full-well what would happen to his skin and his muscles if he was to just let the strength in both waste and die. He is also very careful about how he dresses. A childhood spent in Pureblood circles with a fussy mother trying to make up for the happy accident that was her son and wean him into his family meant that he learnt quite quickly how to dress a certain part. Thus, it’s stuck with him and now Cael has more suits than he ever could need - one for every occasion, so his mother claims. Yet, his favourite manner of dress is just a pair of sweat pants and a white t-shirt. He’s also quite the fan of socks but other than that doesn’t care what he’s wearing. He understands the need to maintain a certain sense of style but when he’s in his own home he certainly enjoys kicking back and visibly relaxing - from head to toe.

    Things are never as good as they sound, atypically, and, certainly, Cael won the genetic lottery with the Veela blood he has swimming around in his veins. Unfortunately, time in the armed forces hasn’t treated Cael lightly and as a result he’s riddled with scars across his torso and one particularly nasty one at the back of his calf on his right leg where shrapnel had imbedded itself. His left shoulder, dangerously close to his heart, bears the splaying scar tissue from a bullet wound which made enough mess on impact - even more so when it was hastily dug out by a panicking comrade. The rest of the scars are superficial and largely unnoticeable but each one has a story. He also has a number of tattoos which aren’t all drunken mistakes. The majority of them are small and, like the scars, relatively hidden. They’re little runes said to bring good luck and safety and Cael understands the importance of having superstition on side. He can always be seen wearing two pairs of dog-tags and has a bracelet made of black cord with a hand-painted poppy medallion tagged to it. A wooden copy of Christ’s cross hangs from a piece of old string also around his neck and often his ornamental rosary, a little beaten around but still in good knick, can be seen swinging from his back pocket as well as a few other bits of religious symbolism. He has been accused on more than one occasion of being a bit of a superstitious lout and he is more than willing to go along with that idea - so long as, of course, he doesn’t have to wander under a ladder.

    PLAY BY: Thom Morell


    001. Artistic
    002. Attentive
    003. Balanced
    004. Blunt
    005. Brave
    006. Charismatic
    007. Companionable
    008. Convincing
    009. Cooperative
    010. Cultured
    011. Determined
    012. Diplomatic
    013. Direct
    014. Educated
    015. Energetic
    016. Fair
    017. Generous
    018. Helpful
    019. Honest
    020. Intelligent
    021. Just
    022. Listener
    023. Loving
    024. Lucky
    025. Miserly
    026. Natural Leader
    027. Neat
    028. Noble
    029. Objective
    030. Observant
    031. Organised
    032. Outdoorsy
    033. Passionate
    034. Perfectionist
    035. Persuasive
    036. Playful
    037. Polite
    038. Possessive
    039. Practical
    040. Quick-Thinking
    041. Selfless
    042. Social
    043. Strategist
    044. Stylish
    045. Suave
    046. Tactful
    047. Team Player
    048. Unprejudiced
    049. Virtuoso
    050. Witty

    001. Art
    002. Ballets
    003. Breakfast
    004. Cars
    005. Dancing
    006. Films
    007. Folklore
    008. Football
    009. Languages
    010. Music
    011. Order
    012. Quidditch
    013. Reading
    014. Snitches
    015. Socks
    016. Sunrises
    017. Tea
    018. Theatre
    019. Travelling
    020. Variety

    001. Aggression
    002. Arguments
    003. Bad Jokes
    004. Boredom
    005. Businessmen
    006. Cats
    007. Champagne
    008. Cheap Cigarettes
    009. Dark Arts
    010. Death
    011. Extreme Weather
    012. Failure
    013. Indecisiveness
    014. Injustice
    015. Nightmares
    016. Parties
    017. Poverty
    018. Sand
    019. Sleeping
    020. War

    001. Save the life of every one of his patients Failed.
    002. Deliver a baby Blotted out due to unlikelihood.
    003. Fall in love.
    004. Marry.
    005. Become a parent.
    006. Join a band.
    007. Set up his own business.
    008. Educate.
    009. Protect his mother.
    010. Make a difference.
    011. Buy his own home.
    012. Learn woodworking.
    013. Avoid divorce.
    014. Set up a charity.
    015. Write a play.
    016. Write poems.
    017. Work at Great Ormond Street Hospital.
    018. Return to school.
    019. Watch every film made in the 1930s.
    020. Read as extensively and broadly as he can ever possibly.

    001. His hands shake; no longer steady.
    002. Never follows a recipe.
    003. Paces when concentrating.
    004. Enjoys regiment and routine.
    005. Squints.
    006. Wriggles his nose.
    007. Bounces his legs up and down when sat.
    008. Hugs everyone he greets.
    009. Tugs on his earlobes when nervous.
    010. Smiles all the time, to everyone.
    011. Hums along to music.
    012. He’s perfected a stoic mask.
    013. Maintains eye contact at all times.
    014. Doesn’t realise his own strength.
    015. Doodles.
    016. Bites his nails.
    017. Records his days in a journal.
    018. Spendthrift when it comes to others, miserly in regards to himself.
    019. Rarely finishes his writing.
    020. Over-treats Sammy.

    The smells that most attract Cael link to the best times of his life when he was travelling and in the Navy with his Marines. The first smell is the irreplaceable burning stench of gunpowder that reminds him of both difficult and happy memories yet it’s something he treasures all the same. That is followed by the scent of crepes which drum up recollections of his time in France under the alias of James Pickering, courtesy of the playwright endeavouring to throw-off those he believed to be trying to capture him. The third is of the tea that his mother always used to make him when he was ill during his childhood. The fourth is, simply, autumn and all of the smells that encompasses from dewy rain on blades of grass to hot cinnamon and a chocolate brew. Of course, he’s never ever smelt that all in the same place, about the same person, before so perhaps that’s why he’s been quite unlucky in love.

    The biggest fear that Cael has ever held in his heart is letting the people he loves down. When he first came across a Boggarts he was greeted a disdainful expression his father has worn only a few times and a forlorn look in his mother’s eye. That has long since been eclipsed by the attendance of others - not all family, some friends. Mostly, his comrades tend to stand shoulder to shoulder but right in front, in the pretty pink dress that he can remember her crying over being too big to wear, Eliza Winchester stands holding her mother’s hands, her thumb sucked into her mouth and her wide blue eyes staring up at him, crystallised with tears. To let any of them down, especially Liz, would hurt him more than anything else, especially considering how hard he tries to make them all proud.

    Bizarrely, his happiest moment was when he first felt the scratchy hospital sheets and the hard mattress beneath his back. Then he heard the blistering clatter and rumble of people around him and could sense the light bearing down on his eyelids. The sterile smell of the hospital atmosphere invaded his senses and when he opened his eyes he met the concerned, hazel gaze of a nurse unfamiliar to him who rubbed ice over his lips to get moisture into his system. Her lips, he remembers, were broad and a sweet pink, as though freshly kissed, and her hair was set down around her in amber curls, frizzy and confused around her head as though she’d spent fourteen hours on her feet without stopping - and she had. Her first words allow him to conjure his Patronus: “You’re safe, Lieutenant. Captain Elliottson survived.”

    Ironically, his worst memory is not of getting shot. His left arm has never really been the same but it’s never really bothered him. In fact, at the time he saw it as something of an accomplishment - proving he was worth his muster despite the way his friends teased him. No, his worst memory was one which linked him irrevocably to the lives of Pippa and Eliza Winchester. It had been a routine day but not one he’d ever forget. When a friend dies in your arms, you don’t move on lightly - doubly so when you should’ve been able to save him. The medical evacuation never came. The morphine only helped the process along and he’d been ‘damn stupid’ enough to leave his wand and potions back amongst his personal effects. Jack bled out and died in the early hours of that night. If Cael closes his eyes, he can still hear Jack’s cries and the promise they made, for Cael to watch over Jack’s girls, still rings in his ears. It’s a promise he’s kept to this day but, regardless, he can’t forgive himself.

    Once, Cael almost, almost married. He’d discussed it with his long-term girlfriend who he’d been with throughout university and on the night he was going to propose she upped and left, moving out of the house they shared. Luck, you could say, was on Cael’s side for having not revealed he was a wizard but that didn’t make it any better. She later wrote to him, explaining her decision but it’s not one Cael likes to dwell on. He pawned the ring he’d been saving up for and spent the money on gifts for his friends who were dubious but accepting all the same of what he had to offer. They didn’t ask after his girlfriend and, most certainly, he never offered up information and thus it’s gone unacknowledged for years - he doubts his family ever even knew about her.

    It’s a milestone, albeit a terrifying one, for any doctor but after all the death and destruction Cael has seen he wants to witness life and be able to bring that into the world instead of recklessly trying to preserve a waning life in an environment that wants to so desperately snuff it out. He wants to deliver a child safe and sound into the world and wrap him or her up, listen to their first wails and hand them over to their parents, content in the knowledge that he’d done that; he’d made sure of that baby’s safe passage into the world. Of course, working in a warzone and then, at the expense of routine, a trauma centre it seems highly unlikely that he’ll ever be able to do it. Still, he holds out hope. Amongst that, he also wishes most fervently for everything to be right in the world for his friends and his family. He’s sick of the waves and the drama.

    In one phrase?
    IVANOV, Cael Garrick Let_Me_Love_You


    FATHER: Peter Ivanov | Seventy-Five | Bookmaker

    MOTHER: Emmaline Ivanov née Delacour | Fifty-Six | Socialite

    STEP-MOTHER: Celine Ivanov | Sixty-Eight | Socialite

    Aleski Ivanov | Forty-Eight | Russian Ministry of Magic | Businessman
    m. Eudora Ivanov née Flint | Forty-Five | Socialite
    - Dashiell Ivanov
    - Deus Ivanov

    Ruslan Ivanov | Forty-Four | Coach of the Russian National Team | Former Seeker/Captain of Moscow Murders
    m. Orli Ivanov née Bennett | Forty-One | Head of Department of Magical Games and Sports - French Ministry
    - Sonia Ivanov | Sixteen | Slytherin House | Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


    Dimitri Ivanov
    m. Hana Ivanov née Cuffe

  • Roland Ivanov
    m. Gwendolyn Ivanov
    -- Misha Ivanov
    -- Robin Ivanov
    -- Caspian Ivanov
    -- Pollux Ivanov

  • Archibald Ivanov - deceased
  • Ignatius Ivanov - deceased
    -- Ignatius Ivanov Jr.

    Sebastian Delacour | b. 1962 | d. 1980
    Clement Delacour | b. 1967 | d. 1980


    Alderic Delacour | b. 1940 | d. 1981
    m. Julietta Delacour | b. 1942 | d. 1980

    Emil Ivanov | b. 1911 | Deceased
    m. Irena Ivanov | b. 1926 | Deceased

  • Rickard Samuels | Eight | Son of Jennifer and Isaac Samuels - Isaac a fellow comrade
  • Eliza Winchester | Three | Daughter of Pippa and Jack Winchester - Jack a fellow, fallen, comrade.

    On his mother’s side, Cael is related to the Delacours and the Weasleys via his grandfather whose brother, Emeric Delacour, was the father to Fleur and Gabrielle. Thus, when Fleur married into the Weasley family, Cael became a familial relation. As such, he and the rest of the Ivanovs are therefore linked to the Potter and Black families. This takes him through many other families - the Blishwicks, Bulstrodes, Burkes, Crabbes, Crouches, Flints, Gamps, Malfoys, Macmillans, Lestranges, Longbottoms, Lupins, Prewetts, Rosiers, Tonks and Yaxleys as well as the Rookwood and Krum lines. Needless to say, the Delacours are very, very well connected and, as a result, so too are the Ivanovs.

    NATIONALITY: French-Russian

    HOME TOWN: Moscow, Russia

    CURRENT RESIDENCE: Chelsea, London, England

    FINANCIAL STATUS: Solvent bar student fees he owes his father.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Pureblood Elite

    Sammy the Golden Labrador

    001. His dog-tags.
    002. Jack Winchester’s dog-tags.
    003. A box of journals.
    004. An ornamental rosary.
    005. A poppy pressed between the hardback cover and the first page of a collection of Wilfred Owen’s poems.
    006. Hospital bands.
    007. A wooden cross strung onto a piece of coarse string.
    008. The bullet that had lodged itself in his chest.
    009. A trunk full of books - mostly poetry.
    010. A treasured moleskin journal - his newest - with a gilt fountain pen, the one constant throughout his life.


    It was one for the history books, this affair. It lasted the barest number of hours yet had the most long-lasting consequences of any that went before it. Emmaline Delacour and Peter Ivanov met during a Ministry function where the Russian Politicians tried, in vain, to liaise with their French counterparts. Emmaline came across Peter as they both went to refill their glasses with the sickly-sweet pomegranate punch that was dotted around. They both reached for the ladle at the same time and their eyes met in the typical romantic fashion that all young girls dreamed for. Only, the problem was that Peter was married and Emmaline was engaged. Of course by that point both had withered and grown tired of their spouses and a change of face was a blessing for the pair. They talked animatedly for the rest of the evening, both abandoning those who they’d made a promise to converse with in exchange for the company of each other, seated at one of the round tables off in the shadows of the ballroom. Then, as it goes in these kinds of stories, they fell in bed together and woke up the next morning to return to their lives. Usually, that would be that - or perhaps they’d meet again for a similar rendezvous. Unfortunately for them, Emmaline swelled up like a balloon over the course of that next year and in September she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Her fiancé had already left her, storming out when she began to show, and her cousins had neither the time nor the desire to put her up for any length of time - especially not with a newborn. So, Emmaline had no choice but to reach out to Peter. Like that her life changed and she became, first, his mistress, then, sometime around Cael’s second birthday, his wife. Never had anyone come of quite as well as she had and, certainly, Emmaline wasn’t going to waste it.

    Marrying his mistress was not a popular move within the Ivanov family and while the extended family gloated, that particular branch tried to smother out any gossip that threatened to brew. Problematically, Peter had to try and introduce his new son to the ones he already had - the eleven and fifteen-year-old Ruslan and Aleski. Naturally, neither young man took the news well but, blessedly, tolerated their younger brother - though, mindful never refer to him as such. Infuriatingly, Peter seemed to favour his youngest son and even, at points throughout Cael’s childhood, suggested making him his heir. However, Celine put her foot down at every point. Aleski was his heir and there was no skirting around that fact regardless of how much he wanted to. Nevertheless, Peter cultivated Cael as best he could; culturing him in all artistic and athletic pastimes as much as possible before paying for his education to take place in London, England until his letter from Durmstrang came. Naturally, this meant that Peter’s relationship with his son was not as strong as it, perhaps, should have been but nevertheless, Cael was and still is to this day immensely grateful for all that Peter has afforded him in life. Of course, their relationship changed dramatically when Cael expressed his intention to go into the armed forces. Cael was Peter’s special, precious boy and the idea that he would wantonly put himself in harm’s way was boggling. Little of his anxiety was put to rest when Cael was going in as a medic but Peter’s initial refusal to condone it subsided somewhat at the press of Emmaline who was right - he had to let the boy do as he wanted to. Nevertheless, the favouritism has persisted - even if it has abated somewhat during recent years.

    From the age of four, Cael was placed in a formal education setting, beginning in a preparatory school in London until he turned seven, at which time he strayed to Wimbledon for his education up to eleven when he had been informed he would be going onto Durmstrang Institute. However it was easily the best time of his life. Durmstrang was marked by the chilly atmospheric heights of Scandinavia whereas his time in London allows him to reminisce about schoolboy mischief. For the sake of his father’s ego, Cael became the ringleader of his group of friends who moved with him from the prep school to his middle school. Muggles, the lot of them, but wealthy ones with connections and that was the important thing. Cael had been strictly told not to tell them about his wizarding heritage and so he lulled them into believing he was merely the son of a wealthy Russian whose money came from oil or some such business. They accepted him easily and fell into rank the way boys do, the eldest of them under Cael becoming his second command. Thus they began to torment their teachers and tease the girls who were at the school across the road. Other escapades included midnight kitchen runs and escaping on a jaunt into London for the afternoon which got them all boxed round the ears - first by the Headmaster and then by their parents. Of course, time and age tore them apart when Cael received his Durmstrang letter in the summer just before his twelfth birthday. Then, Cael knew it was time to grow up and faced the expectations his father laid on him with surprising agility. He performed well academically while at his newest boarding school and had become rather used to never actually being at home - and when he was, needless to say, he was upset and confused. He didn’t become the ringleader of a group there, preferring instead to be a little more shadowy and more studious, realising that everything he’d done up until the point where he entered Durmstrang had been utilised but, in part, wasted and so he spent his five years there trying to make it up to his father even though, in reality, he hadn’t done anything wrong. Cael’s O.W.L scores were exemplary, followed by another band of excellent N.E.W.Ts. He graduated as Head Boy and had even had a spell as Quidditch captain in his fifth year. Certainly, he fell into the category of a son making his father proud.

    In his first year at Cambridge as a medical student, Cael met the wildly brilliant artist and photographer Cliona Van Der Ven. They met all of a sudden and fell in love just as abruptly and all at once. In a fashion similar to how his parents made him, Cael and Cliona fell in bed together and didn’t really get out of it for weeks - unless of course they had classes. One night, Cael coyly asked Cliona if they should go on a few dates before taking anything seriously and the pair laughed well into the night as they settled to eating nonsense from his cupboards as they worked their way through a case of wine and all of the movies on his shelf. He’d thrown himself into Muggle life, helped massively by the Muggle Studies N.E.W.T he took, and Cael was flourishing - though he’d never expected to have a Muggle girlfriend, that was for sure. It was then that they began to date properly, Cael turning up suit-clad on her doorstep with flowers in hand. From there, their relationship grew and they even went on a mini-break somewhere warm for Christmas instead of returning home to their families. Their relation lasted throughout their university years and Cael proposed in his third year, only to be showered in kisses and one reply: ‘yes.’ Of course, nothing ever goes as planned and though Cael thought things were fine between them - better than fine, even - the worry that he hadn’t noticed had begun to eat away at Cliona. He hadn’t exactly been mute about his intentions after university but unbeknownst to him, she’d hardly been happy about it but communication had always been a problem with them - they didn’t face things together and were more content to think about happier things. However, as the date to the wedding and his eventual graduation and taking of the Queen’s Shilling neared, things began to break down and while Cael should’ve seen it he was still blind and the day after their graduation, Cliona disappeared off of the face of the earth, moving out all of her things from the house they shared - never to be seen again. Cael didn’t have to think twice about joining up.

    Due to the necessity of sealing records, very little is recorded about Cael’s jaunts in the armed services. Between the ages of twenty-four and twenty-seven he went on a total of eight tours as a medic and spent quite a bit of time in the field hospital that he returned to for his last tour. It is recorded that one John ‘Jack’ Winchester died in his platoon but very little else is commented on bar, of course, a glittering record and the injuries that Cael sustained. There have been mentions of issues with his commanding officer but other than that, it is a largely sparse account of his time with the navy. As far as his own hospital records are concerned he had a penchant for shrapnel wounds but it was during his penultimate tour that he was actually, finally some would say, shot. That was when he was medically discharged much to both his frustration and his relief. The corps, it is suggested, wanted him to take time off - to start a family or do whatever else his lot actually did. Determined to do something, however, Cael found himself in Paris at a desk job for the navy. Which, due to his desire for movement and progress, didn’t last long at all.

    Paris was a place of eternal interest for Cael and it was there that he spent six months getting reacquainted with the arts and how much he loved them. It was there that he met James Pickering and Elliot Ness - two playwrights who lived, worked and played together around the French capital and other outlaying cities. They took to Cael immediately and remain his fast, firm friends but, for some ungodly reason, sought to corrupt him. Thus, they informed him to use their names, aliases in themselves, everywhere he went if he wanted to get around covertly. He was quietly introduced to their business in the capital and the laundry of funds around the globe. As such, they certainly achieved their goal and for putting one or both of their names down somewhere wherever he goes he gets a monthly stipend for ‘keeping the police busy.’ So, they remain friends, James and Elliot often coming to stay with Cael - turning his life upside down, rarely for the better. Still, he loves them and, for everything they’ve done for each other, they adore him too.

    After his time in Paris, Cael returned to school and took up his post-grad continuation of medicine at Harvard in America. There he stayed for around four years, basking beneath the radar of his family and old friends, and it wasn’t until he received a phone call from Pippa Winchester that he returned home fully. He stepped easily into a role he’d not know he’d had - godfather of her and Jack’s daughter Eliza. He helped Pippa back onto her feet, halving his stipend from James and Elliot and give it over to her in order for her to support herself while she got back onto her feet. He completed his post-grad easily enough and it was then that he helped them move to the countryside and tried to furnish their lives as best they could with better memories. Eliza had only been a baby when her father had died and still was, barely able to comprehend the fact that she’d had a father - let alone lost him, too. From there on, Cael became her stand-in parent throughout all of the boyfriends that Pippa tried to get and focus upon unsuccessfully. In the end, she abated her desire for love and instead allowed Cael to fill the void of the crutch that Jack had been for her. In that time, also, he found out he was also the godparent of Rickard - Jennifer and Isaac’s son. It was a role he knew but thankfully didn’t have to launch his self into with quite as much gusto. He settles on visits and presents for Richard but for Eliza he’s become a father. Only, he has to remind her not to call him ‘dad’, for fear that she’ll truly forget a man she couldn’t ever truly remember wholly and fully. Occasionally she slips, though. Occasionally they all do. They all have to try and remember that Jack’s gone. Pippa has to contend with the fact that Cael is not him. Cael has to remember he’s not Eliza’s father and Eliza has to deal with the fact that the man who is her father was never, properly, a part of her life.

    After one final tour, confined to the field hospital, Cael returned home and was finally, fully discharged. From there he bought a flat in Chelsea and furnished it with all of the bits and bobs he’d found over the course of his life thus far. He’s got a room for himself and a spare that is somewhere caught between Eliza’s and any guest who wanders through his front door. He didn’t stay static for long, though. In the autumn he applied for the role of Head Healer at Hogwarts - determined that he was going to help people yet unwilling to go through the traumas St. Mungo’s would offer him. Instead, now he’s content to soothe potion burns, minor scratches and deal with the aftermath of the Full Moon. But also, he’s an ally of the students, having become more than just a healer but a friend, too, and something of a conspirator. He’ll often be the one offering to take their detentions, allowing him to talk things through with the offending student and work out what went wrong where and decide what to do about it. Truly, Cael’s come into his element at Hogwarts, however the introduction of the Ministry’s Marriage Law is something he knows will bother him to no end for as long as he deigns to stay in the country - which he full intends to do.



    RP EXPERIENCE: Nearly five years.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Affiliates from another site.

    MAIN CHARACTER: Elijah Krum

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To be cute. Squared history/relations with Em who has the Ivanovs and the Delacours. Very Happy

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James S Potter
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I read it. I promise I did.

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Whee! Thank you, m'love.
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James S Potter
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Gryffindor Graduate

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