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Caspian Ivanov

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Post by Caspian Ivanov Thu Jul 11, 2019 4:19 pm

Name: Caspian Valentin Ivanov
Age: 16
Caspian's hair is a chocolate brown color that is usually kept a medium size and is usually messy. Cass likes to leave it messy because even if he tried to tame it, those brown locks most likely will not comply with what he wants. The only way his hair can be tamed 

Cass' eyes pretty much match his hair. They are the same color but different shades. While his hair seems to be a chocolate brown color, his eyes are more like a hazel color. His eye color seems to change though. Depending on the lighting of where he is, his eyes can look a darker brown or even red.

Caspian's height is about average for boys his age. He stands at about 5'11 and there's a possibility that he might still be growing. Of course, if he doesn't grow and he wants to, a simple spell can change that. But he hopes to grow just a little bit more naturally.

BODY BUILD:Slender/Athletic
The sixteen year old's body is rather slender and he has a sort of athletic build to him. Being a Quidditch player, he has to stay in shape and therefore has a pretty nice body, which seems to attract a lot of girls - not that he really seems to care.

Caspian isn't a fan of really bright colors, as in neon colors. He prefers darker colors and likes to dress casually for pretty much everything. He also seems to like to wear sporty clothes as well. Though he doesn't need to wear glasses or anything like that, he likes to wear fake glasses because he thinks they make him looks cool and smarter. Although while they look rather dumb when on someone else, a lot of people think that they look good or cute on him. Something that he rather likes to hear.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Facts Known About Character: 
•Transfer student from Durmstrang
•wants to be an auror
•His best friend is Dylan Davies
Rumors Known About Character: 
•Some believe he's gay because of how close he is to Dylan (false; they're just best friends, duh.)
•Has a crush on Rose Granger-Weasley (false; had a crush on her but no longer feels anything.)
Early Years: Caspian Valentin Ivanov was born on September 3 and is the second youngest of about five children, the youngest being his brother Pollux Ivanov. Almost as soon as Caspian became aware of everything that went on around him, he wanted to be like his older brother Robin, whom their father favored out of the rest of the siblings. Caspian always looked up to the older boy and he always tried to act like him. Though it didn't always work out so well, since Caspian wasn't much like his brother at all. 

Caspian was always too innocent or naive to ever really be like Robin. Still, the boy always tried and whenever he was told he was like his older brother it was the biggest praise in the world to him. With the main Ivanov family home being in Moscow, Russia Caspian was almost constantly getting sick from the rough winters he experienced. Still, even being ill the boy found ways to explore and though he was not allowed to wander off very far away he still found ways to hide himself in the large estate his family had.

With his father's distain for house elves, the house was filled with human help, both magical and muggle. There was one particular woman among the help that Caspian enjoyed the company of. Even though his father disapproved of any socialization with the help, Caspian often disobeyed his father to be around the young woman. 

When he was around seven years old, his brother received an invitation to attend Durmstrang Institute and almost immediately, he was interested in the school that would he his brother's home for seven years, and would be his home in another four years. Caspian couldn't wait to be old enough to go to Durmstrang like his brother. When his letter arrived, Caspian immediately packed his bags without a second thought.

Durmstrang/Hogwarts Years: The first five years of his school career at Durmstrang went by rather quickly. He made friends and seemed to get along with everyone he met. Most of the students knew he was Robin's brother and with respect for his older brother, they didn't like to mess around with Caspian. However, always being referred to as Robin's brother and being compared to him got old, very quick, and Caspian soon wanted nothing more than to be recognized as his own person. Not just "Robin's little brother". The boy seemed to have a knack for Herbology as he loved plants and Care of Magical Creatures with his love for animals. Another one was potions. He seemed to really excel in that subject.

Caspian tried hard to get good grades and surpass everything his brother did, to no avail. He just wasn't good at the things his brother did and with each passing year, Caspian felt himself sink further and further into his brother's shadow. It got to the point where Caspian would do everything in his power to stay away from Robin, practically cutting off his ties to the elder Ivanov.

Just before his fifth year in Durmstrang, his cousin Sonia introduced him to her massive group of friends and while he was happy to meet them all, there was one person in particular that he really clicked with. Dylan Davies. The two of them quickly became best friends and did almost everything together. Throughout the year, it became increasingly obvious to Cass that Nate had a crush on a girl in their group, who had become another close friend of Caspian's. The way Nathan spoke about her, just screamed that he liked her - if not loved her. At that point Cass became just a bit on the defensive because he felt she might take Nate away from him.

But he realized that was less than likely going to happen. The three of them became closer and had their own little group within the larger group and with the addition of Olivia Jones to that smaller group, Caspian began to feel like he would feel more at home in Hogwarts rather than Durmstrang. Thanks to these thoughts, Caspian began to beg his parents to allow him to transfer to Hogwarts. His wish was later granted after his O.W.L's and the boy was allowed to transfer thanks to his high grades.

It would be a fresh start for Caspian, away from his brother, family, everyone that knew who he was linked with. He could make a name for himself without riding on the "fame" of his family, as he called it.

*Was taken from his old bio with small changes to it because in all, he's the same person I supposed.

Playby: Dylan O'Brien
Member Name: Kim

Note: If something about him is off lemme know. As I mentioned, this was taken from his old app but I can rework whatever needs to be.
Caspian Ivanov
Caspian Ivanov
Sixth Year Ravenclaw
Sixth Year Ravenclaw

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