WINTERS, Caspian
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WINTERS, Caspian

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WINTERS, Caspian Empty WINTERS, Caspian

Post by Caspian Winters Mon Aug 29, 2016 7:44 pm





AGE: 11

ALLEGIANCE: Type Neutral, however more likely to be swayed to Potters Army


WAND: Aspen, Thunderbird tail feather, 11.5'' + mildly springy

PLAY BY: Asa Butterfield

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Cas is not particularly tall as of yet, in fact he is a little on the scrawny size and is no doubt sue a growth spurt as boys of his age most often are. He has short cropped dark brown hair which when going out or attempting to make a good impresison he styles by spiking it up. His face is round and charming, yet neither absoultely stunning or handsome in appearance, Cas is happy with how he looks, if one were to remark on his appearance no doubt it would be the intense curiosity that lies behind his unaturally blue eyes. When going out Cas will usually wear jeans, and a shirt, rarely seen without his brown oxfords. Yet on a daily basis when lounging or he knows he does not need to venture out he will opt for a more causal white t-shirt and cotton jogging bottoms or jeans.
While not overly prideful he does believe appearance matters and it is rare that Cas neglects to at least style his hair as desired.

TRAITS: 1.Rarely does he give up
2. Once a friend he is always firend, both loyal and reliable
3. He is honest and conciencious

1. Cas doesnt always see anothers point of view, sometime can be headstrong and brash
2. Cas doesnt like getting things wrong, he finds it frustrating when things don't always go the way he desires, especially when he doent know why.
3. Cas is a problem solver and get annoyed when someone won't open up to him

LIKES & DISLIKES: He likes a variety of music, taking part in muggle sports such as football and squash. He prefers being outdoors and exploring as to being cooped up. He likes honesty and people who say what they mean.

Cas dislikes complications, he doesn't sit well when something unforseen arises, although an ability to think on his feet he still dislikes the unforseen or more so the upset caused by it. He dislikes feuds or fallings out, he feels it his duty to solve it and sometimes he can't, this bothers him. He dislikes lack of manners and respect of others.

GOAL: To become an Auror


FATHER: Benjamin (Ben) Winters

MOTHER: Jemima (Jem) Winters


OTHER: Grandmother of whom Cas was very fond of, she died when he was nine.




EARLY YEARS: Cas was born to muggle parents Benjamin and Jemima Winters in an average sized town in the middlands. For the early years of Cas's life he led an unassuming average muggle born life up until the age of six. He attended nursery and began school and it was a far cry from the wizarding world. Yet this was all to change after Cas's seventh birthday, arriving at school on a day that most his age would be jubilant about, Cas was not. For earlier that morning his parents had argued, as it transpired the presents that had been expected to arrive had not, so not only had Cas not received any presents as of yet he had the fallout to cope with as his parents bickered. As I am sure most of you are familliar, strong feelings possess an usual quality and provoke within us powerful emotions. It only took the breaking of a ruler in class. You see Cas asked a bo opposite Sean Murphy to borrow the ruler, Sean held it out, yet being slightly devious decided to hold on to the ruler far tighter than one should. As such Cas pulled, the ruler broke and the ruler being school property and all led to Cas being in trouble. An unforseen event, an unkind boy and the earlier events, well, it was all too much. Needless to say the wooden legs on Sean's chair shattered and sent him collapsing groundward and as such Cas had his first, although slightly undesirable encounter with magic.

For the next three years Cas became increasingly more aware of his magical ability, first assuming the incident with the chair was an accident, yet privately at home he, after several attempts managed to make smaller objects move, such as pencils or rubbers.

Upon nearing his eleventh birthday and abouts to commence on his forray into the higher education system there came a knock at the door.
When Benjamin opened the door nothing greeted him except a strnagely adressed envelope which detailed that the Winter's should expect a visit from a school interested in their son. An hour later and a professor claiming to be from a school for the gifted arrived telling Cas's parents that Caspian was gifted and had abilities that should not be squandered. The school professor
enlightened Caspian's parents about his magical abilities, much to their shock, upon conclusion Benjamin and Jemima decided to put Ben's Mother's inheritence to good use and fund Cas's schooling at Hogwarts.


RP EXPERIENCE: Have been writing and playing play by post text based roleplaying since 2002

HOW YOU FOUND US: Google search

MAIN CHARACTER: Caspian Winters

Caspian Winters
Caspian Winters
First Year Hufflepuff
First Year Hufflepuff

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WINTERS, Caspian Empty Re: WINTERS, Caspian

Post by Elijah Krum Mon Aug 29, 2016 8:19 pm

He's lovely! Accepted and sorted into Hufflepuff!
Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
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Sixth Year Slytherin

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