QUINN, Cordella Emilda
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QUINN, Cordella Emilda

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QUINN, Cordella Emilda Empty QUINN, Cordella Emilda

Post by Hugo Weasley Sun Mar 17, 2013 8:34 pm

QUINN, Cordella Emilda Tumblr_inline_milpb3bDmt1qz4rgp



    FULL NAME: Cordella Emilda Quinn.

    NICKNAMES: Della.

    AGE: Sixteen.

    ALLEGIANCES: The Quinn Family, Order of the Phoenix, Potter’s Army.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin.

    CLASSES: Charms, Potions, Transfiguration, CoMC.

    WAND: Aspen and Cypress wood, Mooncalf Blood and Doxy Wings, 14 inches, rigid.

    PLAY BY: Lily Collins.


    HAIR COLOUR: Dark Brown.

    EYE COLOUR: Sienna Brown.

    HEIGHT: 5’6

    BODY BUILD: Skinny with lean muscles.

    Cordella’s face has a soft, endearing femininity to it. Oval shaped, it is gently rounded and bears little of the angularity that her father possesses in his face; though she has retained his chin. In her face she took the most from her mother with plump cheeks and the ever so slightly sharpened plains of her cheekbones. She has a snow-white complexion, emphasised further by the dark locks that spring fruitfully from her scalp. Her skin is easily coloured in the sun, though, and her cheeks are often caught scarlet after an afternoon outside. Many trips overseas during the summertime has left her with an olive hue that fades evenly over her skin in the darker winter months, returning her to her original alabaster hue.

    Her nose is skinny from its source and spreads out only to accommodate her dainty nostrils, coming together as a buttoned tip. Flanking her nose either side are almond eyes coloured in a deep sienna brown. The dark surrounds the pupils of her eyes and is frayed on the outside, giving way to a thicker band of green that is in turn trimmed with a border of dark azure. Her eyes are framed by long, spider leg-like eyelashes that fan, making make-up in that area redundant as the darkness of each lock gives an overall smoky look that just cannot be achieved with any form of powder or liner. Adding to that are the heavy eyebrows that arc over her eyes and break up the creamy pallor of her forehead.

    In comparison to her brother, she has her father’s shorter philtrum that is extended ever so slightly by the length of her mother’s. The philtrum leads down into the sharply peaked tops of her lips that are an attribute of her mother. Her lips form a pouty cupid’s bow; her lower lip plump and full, giving her upper lip an appearance of a rather flat plane – rather like the main body of the bow. Her ears, finally, are discreet and do not command attention, instead they settle nicely, framing the side of her head and are covered much of the time by great swells of sooty hair that is in glorious condition as a result of consistent trips to the hair dressers.

    Cordella is quite tall for her age in her household, her family members being rather small by comparison, but anywhere else and she is decidedly average in height. Standing at around five foot six, she has not grown in over a year and has begun to worry a little as she often finds herself bobbing around well below the heads of her friends. Yet, unbeknownst to Cordella, it is a trait of her house and though she can hope to reach around five foot nine, she is more likely to graze five foot seven or eight by the time she stops growing. She is well proportioned; her legs longer than her body and her arms are of normal length for the other proportions her body holds. She has wide shoulders that are bony and angular. She is well built but has a dainty quality that makes her seem foolish and naive when she first presents herself to someone with a mind for playing a sport like rugby or quidditch. Built for neither, what she lacks in bodily skill she makes up for in passion and hand-eye coordination – not to mention her ability to stay on her broom. She is slender, indeed, but is not without the womanly assets that so many covet. Her hips are wide and curvaceous and her bosom is ample enough to put her mind at ease.

    Her fingers are long and dextrous with well maintained fingernails that change colour every few days as Cordella can never really settle on a colour. This is part of what is considered a rather erratic form of style and it is a style that the members of her family scold her for. Cordella is not a well-put-together Pureblood madam. In fact, she’s closer to Muggle than any one of her friends. Having had a long time love-hate relationship with robes, she is rather fond of Muggle clothes – particularly jeans and belts with extravagant buckles. She loves blouses and strappy tops and ankle boots with killer heels on them. She is also a patron of the large baggy jumper and knows that fluffy socks are a must and none of the above settle well with her mother who often scolds her – calling her a raggedy dog with her flyaway hair and scraggly clothes – but Cordella loves it.



    • Adaptable.
    • Adventurous.
    • Affectionate.
    • Ambitious.
    • Bad Tempered.
    • Charismatic.
    • Competitive.
    • Confident.
    • Conniving.
    • Crafty.
    • Decisive.
    • Erratic.
    • Facetious.
    • Funny.
    • Goofy.
    • Imaginative.
    • Loyal.
    • Mischievous.
    • Outgoing.
    • Passionate.
    • Patient.
    • Perceptive.
    • Persistent.
    • Persuading.
    • Playful.
    • Resourceful.
    • Sarcastic.
    • Shrewd.
    • Sneaky.
    • Talkative.
    • Trustworthy.
    • Understanding.
    • Unforgiving.
    • Unruly.
    • Vindictive.
    • Well-Mannered.
    • Wind-up Merchant
    • Witty

    001. Charms.
    002. Duelling.
    003. Sports.
    004. Dancing.
    005. Herbology.

    001. Potions.
    002. Art.
    003. Written exams.
    004. Arithmetic.
    005. Transfiguration.

    001. Motorcycles.
    002. Coffee.
    003. Toast.
    004. Red, Red Wine.
    005. Fluffy socks.
    006. Climbing.
    007. Poetry.
    008. Swimming.
    009. Talking.
    010. Thrillers.
    011. Parties.
    012. Summer.
    013. Dancing.
    014. Lychees.
    015. Reading.
    016. Sweets.
    017. Fresh fruit.
    018. Veggies!
    019. Pastries.
    020. House Elves.

    001. Cereal.
    002. Tea.
    003. Seafood.
    004. Blood Purity fanatics.
    005. Disloyalty.
    006. Jam.
    007. Losing.
    008. Clowns.
    009. Ignorance.
    010. Mornings.
    011. Waiting.
    012. Cookies.
    013. Winter.
    014. Make-Up.
    015. Insomnia.
    016. Rainy days.
    017. Arrogant Gryffindors.
    018. Being tickled.
    019. Needles.
    020. Meddling Krums.

    001. Graduate.
    002. Get a tattoo.
    003. Travel around the world.
    004. Spend the night in an aquarium.
    005. Meet the Kenmere Kestrels.
    006. Hike in every National Park.
    007. Build a giant sandcastle.
    008. Own a Venus Flytrap.
    009. Work in a bar.
    010. Marry.

    BOGGART: Cordella’s fears spring from her early memories as a child. She loathes being left alone and it is that which terrifies her the most. Her father would always tell her stories about his time working as a Healer in Azkaban on behalf of St. Mungo’s and the Ministry and she can remember the way he’d illustrate to her how utterly alone those people were. They asked, he told her, of their children, of their parents and their brothers and sisters but he could say nothing and would have to work in silence as they cried despite themselves. Proud people, he’d tell her, reduced to nothingness, left to plague themselves with what ifs and their fears. He could never tell them anything and it was something he would not wish upon anyone. Cordella had, once or twice, the unfortunate task of accompanying her father when her mother was working and she herself can remember the screams of the inmates – more ferocious than any story her father could tell. This she fears, the isolation of Azkaban – isolation at all. She could not bear to be alone.

    PATRONUS: Cordella’s fondest memory is of her father teaching her how to ride a bicycle and many other little important skills in the overgrown garden of their home in Ireland. She can remember every aspect of those days from the cologne her father wore to which flowers were growing abundantly in amongst the bushes and tall grass. Her Patronus takes the form of an Irish Rook and it is a skill that her mother has never liked her to have. Though she admits that it will be useful for Cordella in the future, she shudders at the sight of the silvery bird and scolds Cordella for it. As a result, Cordella does not often summon her Patronus and when she does it is out of sight of anyone she knows for fear that they would all scold her of her abilities. The Rook is seemingly sentient to her and is incredibly caring. It does not like her cats, however, and will scare them away if they’re about but otherwise is incredibly kind to Cordella and sits upon her knees with a gentle grace, making Della’s skin prick with goose pimples at the strange feel of the magic against her body.

    DEMENTOR: It is not a memory she can palpably catch hold of but she can remember, if she dwells upon it hard enough, the luminous hospital lights shining in her wide eyes and the sight of a man hovering over her, his face wrought with worry. In her ears she can hear the screams of the woman and the subsequent cries of a baby. She can set her gaze upon the man and feels somewhat at ease but every time he is forced away and she can hear him shout, command those bustling around her for some sort of explanation – but he gets none. She can hear her own wails then and feel wetness upon her cheeks and taste salt in her mouth. Then the memory fades and it is as if it never happened at all but she cannot shake off the feeling of total isolation and rejection. She does not often relive such a memory and has asked as a child what it all meant. Both of her parents remained staunchly against any mention of the nightmares – even her father who was the more liberal of the two – and she has been taking Dreamless Sleep potions ever since she was around eleven years old, when the dreams grew too much.

    VERITASERUM: Cordella has her suspicions that she isn’t actually her parent’s daughter. She has often looked at herself in the mirror and wondered what it is that she shares with her parents. Her father’s hair is an auburn hue streaked with grey while her mother’s is a warm chestnut colour that is nowhere near Cordella’s dark, kohl shade. She lacks the same depth of eye colour and even her proportions are different. She has had her suspicions since she was a little girl when one of her friends at nursery thought her brother was her babysitter as “you don’t look like brother and sister.” It is not something she would ever mute to her parents but she has been quietly wondering for something like ten years and though it isn’t something that keeps her up at night, it is enough to have her worry about herself as a person. Unsure of her roots, she has begun to question a lot of things – chiefly why her mother is trying to force her into dresses all the time.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Cordella really just wants to travel about the world and then shack up somewhere near the coast in a little cottage where she can potter around for the rest of her days. She has no mind for the whole marriage deal as she hasn’t met anyone that has really struck her fancy. She has wild ideas about her future relationships with people she loves but knows that much of it is unachievable so she is content with the idea of having a little bit of land to keep livestock and farm and busy herself with nature in the future. That’s her plan, that’s what she wants. But it’s not entirely what she wants. If she were to look in the Mirror of Erised she’d see herself with those she loves but she’d also see the man from her bad dreams and a blonde woman by his side; and Katarina and her brother. Thankfully it is something she has never looked into otherwise many questions would have been raised by the encounter with the mirror.

    From the Rookwood tree, Cordella has certainly fallen but not far at all. Had she grown up within the family, her haughtiness and facetious nature would have been magnified a hundred times over. It often terrifies her parents because when they look at her they see that they have raised a Rookwood instead of a Quinn despite their best efforts.

    Granted, Cordella’s personality is a lot less coarse but she has that same disregard and lazy aristocracy that the Rookwoods epitomise. She has a disastrously inappropriate humour that comes out at the worst of times and takes very little seriously. If she has a serious bone then it is when she’s alone as she is something of the entertainer when she is with friends – preferring to keep them happy instead of worrying about what’s going on in her life.

    She is an incredibly affectionate young woman who craves adoration from those around her. Despite that though she’s incredibly adaptable and changes as time goes on depending on the situations she is put in. She has an insatiable sense of adventure and has an almost dare devil attitude surrounding her. She does, for that reason, come off as quite reckless and dangerous but has an innate sense of self-preservation.

    Countering that though, she says the first things that come into her head – she’d devoid of that all important filter – and often offends more people than she charms but in that honest bluntness she is undeniably charming and provokes wry smiles in many of those who know her to be quite, well, indeed erratic but certainly rather tactless when it comes to people’s feelings. She is somewhat selfish in that respect because she is tasteless when it comes to others but takes it very personally if she is wronged or unloved.

    Cordella is a highly unforgiving, vindictive creature that possesses her father’s cruel, sadistic streak. She is well aware of her hypocrisy at times but staunchly believes she is in the right as she is a proud, stubborn creature that is not one to back down. She is right, everyone else simply has their heads screwed on wrongly.

    She is a highly ambitious girl and is incredibly intelligent – a combination which makes it impossible for her not to get her own way and if she doesn’t then, boy, there is hell to pay.

    Whimsical, she is almost naively optimistic but is a lot of fun. Her humour is insatiable and she is always up for a laugh but she does bear the Rookwood streak of over-indulgence in alcohol and makes no effort to hide that from her parents. She is a bad tempered little thing, though, and has a mean wand arm that you daren’t cross if she’s angry. She’ll remember it, don’t you worry, and she’ll strike you later.

    Had she been a boy born into the Rookwood household, Cordella would have been prized but as it was she was born a girl, more or less abandoned but is an incredible achievement none the less and a bit more of a handful than her parents had ever dreamed she would be.


    FATHER: Augustus Rookwood | b. August 9th 1986 | Former Ministry Unspeakable | Former Azkaban Inmate | Notorious Death Eater.

    MOTHER: Cordelia Rookwood | b. August 7th 1988 | d. December 2026 | Death Eater Sympathiser.

    Kendall Rookwood | b. November 29th 2008 | Death Eater.
    m. Athena Goyle | b. February 9th 2009 | Former Azkaban Inmate | Death Eater.
    - Augustus Rookwood | b. January 20th 2026
    - Archibald Rookwood | b. January 20th 2026

    Katarina Rookwood | Twin Sister | b. February 15th 2011 | Death Eater sympathiser.

    Aurelia Rookwood | b. September 13th 2012

    Cecilia Rookwood | b. February 29th 2024

    Raghnall Rookwood | b. 1945 | Former Death Eater | Head of the Family | Cordella’s Grandfather.
    m. Emelia Jane Rookwood née Conrad | b. 1946 | Raghnall’s official wife | Cordella’s Step-Grandmother.
    p. Kaeleigh Arleane Lambeth | b. 1967 | Raghnall’s permanent mistress | Cordella’s Grandmother.

    Thaddeus Rookwood | b. 1967 | Death Eater | Heir to the Rookwood Estate | Cordella’s Uncle.
    m. Desdemona Rookwood | b. 1971 | Cordella’s Aunt.
    - Catherine Rookwood | b. 1989 | Cordella’s Cousin.
    - Lionel Rookwood | b. 1975 | Cordella’s Cousin.
    - Irina Rookwood | b. 1997 | Cordella’s Cousin.
    - Adriana Rookwood | b. 2001 | Cordella’s Cousin.
    - Theodore Rookwood | b. 2006 | Cordella’s Cousin.

    Eamon Rookwood | b. 1975 | Cordella’s Uncle.
    m. Rosie Rookwood | b. 1973 | Cordella’s Aunt.
    - James Rookwood | b. 1994 | Cordella’s Cousin.
    - Jeremiah Rookwood | b. 1997 | Cordella’s Cousin.
    - Joseph Rookwood | b. 2000 | Cordella’s Cousin.

    Cedric Rookwood | b. 1983 | Cordella’s Uncle.
    m. Meredith Rookwood | b. 2006 | Cordella’s Aunt.
    m. Jane Rookwood b. 1980 | Cordella’s Aunt.
    - Edith Rookwood | b. 2000 | Cordella’s Cousin.
    - Nigel Rookwood | b. 2002 | Cordella’s Cousin.
    - Niall Rookwood | b. 2005 | Cordella’s Cousin.


    Darius Quinn | b. May 18th 1971 | Healer at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries | Order of the Phoenix Member | Cordella’s Adoptive Father.

    Persephone Quinn | b. December 2nd 1973 | Former Healer at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries – now a baker | Order of the Phoenix Sympathiser | Cordella’s Adoptive Mother.

    Elria Quinn | b. April 10th 1993 | Department of Fluffy Things | Order of the Phoenix Member | Cordella’s Adoptive Brother.

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood.

    RACE: Human.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle-Class.

    NATIONALITY: British-Irish.

    HOMETOWN: Leighlinbridge, Southern Ireland.

    Living Room
    Dining Room
    Master Bedroom
    Cordella’s Bedroom
    Elria’s Bedroom

    A tabby cat named Franklin.
    A maine coon cat named Mimi.


    Early Years:
    It was presumed that there was only one child and that single creature was in fact a boy of incredible magical capabilities. Instead it was twins, twin girls of decidedly explosive magical ability but were born with the wrong chromosomes. After a long, arduous labour, the twins were the first of many disappointments that Cordelia Rookwood would have in childbirth until her demise sixteen years later when both mother and child were lost. The first child was born strong and healthy, named Katarina and very much the disaster that Augustus Rookwood had feared. The second had been overlooked, not even considered, and was born tiny, a mere morsel in comparison to her sister. She was unnamed, the couple not even getting a chance to see her before she was whisked off by Healers hell bent on saving the child. Yet their efforts were in vain and the child was lost as quickly as she had been born, leaving the Rookwood couple bereaved but with the single child they had believed themselves to have been pregnant with.

    The Rookwood band left quite quickly, determined not to linger in a hospital which reeked of death, disaster and disappointment. A middle-aged Mediwitch that had been attending the birth was left to deal with the deceased child and she did so with a delicacy that was born out of fear rather than genuine care – though there was a mix of the two. She dressed the child in a soft linen robe in which she could be buried but it was as the witch did this that the child seemed to breathe once more, as if she were alive. Then she flexed her fingers and her eyelids began to flicker before she finally let out a tremendous wail. The witch was so shocked she nearly fainted and scooped up the girl before rushing to see her husband who had conveniently had the day off.

    Darius Quinn was used to his wife’s eccentricities but she had never surprised him as much as she did the day she brought the Rookwood child home. He had been quick to check the child over and found nothing to be wrong with her. As his wife fretted he dug out some of their son’s baby clothes and dressed the child before nursing her with some formula milk they had left over from when they had babysat their friend’s child while he had gone abroad on business. It was during that time that his wife, Persephone, composed a letter to the Rookwoods – addressing it directly to Augustus Rookwood, telling him his younger daughter was in fact alive and a mistake had been made, all was well.

    The letter never reached him. It was instead intercepted by his brother Thaddeus who sent the letter back with a note scrawled on the opposing side, telling them to dispose of the child however they saw fit as long as it was done. The Quinns were not evil people and had struggled to conceive, blessed enough to have their son. They had always wanted a daughter and did not believe in taking the child’s life because her birth family did not want her. Thaddeus had written that one girl was bad enough, it had been a miracle the other had expired and she was to remain as such. Needless to say they did not dispose of the child. Instead they registered her as their own daughter and brought her up.

    It was clear from an early age that what they had on their hands was a thoroughbred Rookwood. Darius had dealings with Augustus Rookwood in the past though not in the way you would expect. Darius had worked as a Healer in Azkaban Wizarding Prison for a number of years that spanned the length of the Rookwood man’s sentence there. He had seen to all of the inmates during that time and Augustus repeatedly due to malnourishment; the guards never making it particularly easy for Death Eaters to eat. Darius had gotten to know the man quite well but had never spoken on a personal level with him. Instead he had mostly humoured the younger man in a time when any light needed to be shed upon a world full of darkness.

    Darius had also known very well the siblings that had made his wife’s life as a paediatrics witch quite difficult. The children were rarely strong and the disappointment was palpable whenever girls were born. Subsequent check-ups had been documented by different Healers and through no genuine, conscious interest, Darius realised he knew a lot about the family and in turn he could see a lot of all of them in the child he was trying his best to bring up right. The bloodline was pure, though, and it was seen in the way Cordella would stride around. Her winning smile made the hearts of everyone in their village melt and she got her way much of the time. Her foul temper reminded him if her grandfather and her manipulative streak was something that set Persephone’s teeth on edge. Yet the child was the light of their lives and endearing all the same but it must be said that these people were not ignorant; they knew what kind of child they had.

    Had she been born into the Rookwood household and brought up with their ideals, by ten Cordella would’ve been a proper young lady. She was anything but that, though. Growing up with her big brother who was near enough two decades older than her, Cordella became mischievous and very boyish. She got into sports very quickly and climbed trees and wrestled with the other boys in the village and did all of the things a young lady shouldn’t have been doing. But she loved it. She learnt from her brother exactly how to take care of herself and was known to the elders in the village as ‘nipper’ rather than ‘lass’ – making her certainly one of the lads. She had a real aptitude for magic, too, and from an early age she was setting things on fire and smashing all of the precious, breakable items in the house in fits of rage.

    When she first joined nursery school she was received with enthusiasm but wonder and compliments to her mother as they ‘never thought she’d have another child.’ Yet it was this and an observation by her peers that made Cordella begin to wonder. When her brother came to pick her up one afternoon, late having spent too much time down the pub with his girlfriend, her friends commented that they didn’t look alike and, confused, Della was quiet the entire walk home. She ventured to ask her brother whether they were actually brother and sister but El merely laughed and rumpled her hair before telling her: ‘of course.’ Needless to say that didn’t quell her fears or put her mind at ease and has ever since wondered about herself and as she’s grown up she’s noticed all the more how different she looks from her parents.

    Her first trip to Diagon Alley was in the summer before her first year at Hogwarts and it was there that Cordella first encountered her sister – though she did not know it at the time and continues to be oblivious even to this day. The pair shared a shaky hello and a few pleasantries in the bookshop but at the call of her mother, Katarina hurried off and Cordella watched her go from behind a bookcase, interested in the way she interacted with her mother and a tall boy with dark hair and similar features that looked to be her brother. She also met Cerelia Avery there, bumping first into the girl’s brothers and then being introduced to the girl herself. They caught hands and smiled but the exchange was all but forgotten by the September but Cordella remembered the girls.

    She received her Hogwarts letter just before the annual family trip to the South of France and excitedly told all of her family members. She even took the letter with her in her luggage on holiday and continued to gush until the end of the summer when her excitement was replaced with anxiety and worry. She was reassured as much as possible but there was only so much she could be told. In the end her brother told her to quit worrying and just chill. Needless to say, she’s been chilled ever since and the holidays have repeated themselves with enthusiasm; Elria bringing a new girlfriend along every time since that year.

    Hogwarts Years:
    Come September 1st, Cordella didn’t want to go to Hogwarts anymore. Panicky and utterly devastated for no apparent reason, the girl declared she would not go and her brother had to haul her into King’s Cross and physically throw her on the train with her luggage in order to make her go. That didn’t stop her from bursting out and hiding herself in her father’s coat, however. Darius hugged her tightly, promised she would do well and Persephone wished much of the same ilk. Yet the parents were worried as already they had clocked the presence of the Rookwoods down the other end of the platform and Persephone had been watching intently as the boy, along with his sister, chatted amicably with their tearful mother and bored looking father. In the end kisses were exchanged and the children jumped onto the train – the parents did not waste time lingering.

    Persephone, Darius and Elria stayed until they could no longer see the train and Cordella waved until they were mere specks. It was then that she resigned herself to the fact that she would have to go and find a seat. Cordella sat in a compartment with a group of rowdy Gryffindors-to-be her age and she conversed idly with them, finding more joy in the book of poems that she had stuffed last minute into her bag from her father’s study. The other children had sniffed at that but Cordella merely retorted that they were uneducated and did not speak to them again until she had to ask the boy who was the twin of the loud girl to help her get her trunk down – he did, but with a certain amount of reluctance.

    Those same Gryffindors ended up in a boat with her to cross the black lake and the rocking of the boat sent them all into the lake. Cordella had to walk into the Great Hall sopping wet as punishment and made it her personal task to get the Gryffindors back – and she did when she ‘accidently’ lost control of a jug of pumpkin juice and spilt it all over them. Needless to say, her crafty ways were seen right through by the Sorting Hat which was provocative enough to whisper something to her that reaffirmed all of her early fears as a child: she was no Quinn.

    “Well, well, well ... you’re like your Slytherin brother aren’t you? Nothing like your Ravenclaw sister, though. Oh, my apologies, Miss Quinn. Your Hufflepuff brother. You’re not part of their family anymore are you? Needless to say, you do not belong there. No, you’d be better in the snake pit with your kin. Yes... I should think so.”

    Her house enveloped her and she found some firm friends there in the form of the people that would eventually become her Quidditch mates. Della was not gifted in potions or transfiguration but managed to scrape her passes and made up for that loss in Charms and other subjects. Della became more embroiled with the Ravenclaws than her own house, though, and found a good friend in Gisele Delacour who she spent quite a lot of time with. She studied with her and her friends who were more disdainful of her than they would have cared or dared to admit – yet they put up with her and Della amused them with her antics which earned her more than a few detentions for her luck.

    Then, sometime in her fourth year she grew closer to Gisele and got up to more mischief with her housemates. She began, she realised with initial horror, to get quite the crush on Gisele and began to quietly pursue her but nothing really happened until their fifth year and even then, Gisele vehemently denied any involvement with Della. Yet the girl did not give up and snagged the witch early in their sixth year. But in doing so she bred into her an amenity towards Alaric Krum who was supposed to be Gisele’s betrothed. As a result of being involved with Gisele she has befriended Katarina Rookwood and Cerelia Avery – something her parents have never been particularly happy about.

    As Della has grown up it has become clear as day that she is not a Quinn child but it is not something that her mother would ever admit to and the contented ignorance of those around her made it so no one noticed either. But quietly, Della realises but does not know what do with it just yet. She has to focus on enjoying herself ... and passing her N.E.W.T.s ... yes, that’s important too.



    RP EXPERIENCE: I dunno.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I live here.

    MAIN CHARACTER: You should know!

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Don’t ask. It’s complicated.

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Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Mar 17, 2013 8:47 pm

i like her. i like her history a lot. Typically compicated and involved...don't know where that comes from. rofl.

but wait....who the heck hates cookies AND arrogant gryffindors? Whats not to love? Seriously.

But...i think she should cause some sufficient family drama and interesting plotting.

Any possibility that Darius is remotely related to Brian Quinn somehow like a few times removed? HAHAHAHA

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Khaat Lupin
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate

Number of posts : 22766
Special Abilities : Energy Worker, Medium, Heightened Sensitivity
Occupation : Director of St. Mungos, Owner of Sparks Bistro

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