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QUINN, Brian James

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QUINN, Brian James Empty QUINN, Brian James

Post by Brian Quinn Thu May 06, 2010 12:18 am

[O U T O F C H A R A C T E R
[Name: Khaat
Gender: female--still
Age: stop asking. I’m always going to be old enough to be your mom. Besides asking a woman her age is just not nice.
[How you found Potter's Army] (If your answer is Google, what you searched would be nice. Bing
Any other characters on Potter's Army--4—Robert and Katherine Lupin, Khaat Lupin, Michael Tremaine, Zada Forbes, Angus Donohue and Andrew Diamond
Have your read the Plot?:yes
Have your read the Must read threads?:yes


Name: Brian James Quinn, nickname BJ
Gender male
Race: human
Blood Status::pureblood
[Year AND Age Aug 1, 1989--32
[Preferred houses: former Gryffindor
Canon or Original:
Play-by: Kevin Costner

[A P P E A R A N C E
[Height: 6’1’’
[Hair: ash blonde, straight
Eye colour:blue
General Appearance: (One paragraph.)tall, well defined muscular figure. Handsome. Close cropped, well maintained hair that is cut in layers and sometimes goes almost to his shoulders in the back. Sometimes has a slight stubbled appearance on his face that makes him actually more attractive to women than just a lack of grooming look. The more casual Brian is, the more sexy he looks, although he doesn’t try for that. It just sort of happens. He is most comfortable looking as though he has a bit of American Southwest flair. He prefers jeans, southwest boots, long-sleeved shirts, although he almost always rolls up the sleeves, loves leather jackets and long leather coats. He does have other clothing and always knows how to dress well, but it does not have to be expensive designer clothing. He seems to make anything he wears look good. He appears to be both a man who can well take care of himself, is exceptionally responsible, and seems to easily cope with whatever the business is at hand very effectively. He comes across as being gentlemanly, chivalrous, a good man through and through.

[P E R S O N A L I T Y

Skills: Healing, exceptional Auror skills, accomplished with using muggle guns and knives and other muggle weaponry. He is also an experienced physical trainer. Brian is an accomplished fighter--all sorts of fighting, and he is very experienced at training other people to fight in either wizarding or muggle methods. He is well versed at different types of physical fitness and how to rehabilitate after an injury. He exercises daily and is constantly honing his dueling skills. He pushes himself to be in peak form as much as he can. Excellent at surviving in the wilderness if he has to, very intelligent, is very wealthy but prefers to live as “the common man”, loves coffee, hiking, fishing, mountain climbing and all other outdoor sports. Used to prefer to spend most of his free time at his very large log cabin in the Colorado mountains. Now he prefers to spend his time with his wife and children, wherever they're called to be for the moment.

Weaknesses: holding his temper when injustice is involved. He has a “short fuse”—it doesn’t last long, but he does have a short fuse. He can be very impatient. Uncomfortable in formal affairs—he can do them, but they make him uncomfortable. Becomes decidedly more difficult to deal with if he does not have coffee, especially first thing in the morning. Is rather obsessed with constantly trying to increase his skills. He is very protective of those he loves, sometimes too much so.

Likes: strong black coffee, native American art, Firewhiskey, and a very natural lifestyle and look, loyalty, honesty, treating his friends exceptionally well, likes almost all sports and outdoor life, and likes cooking--especially any sort of outdoor cooking.

Dislikes: tea, overly fancy foods, contemporary furniture and art, fad clothing, dishonesty or disloyalty of any kind, despises mistreatment of women and children

Motto: Wise men are not always silent, but they know when to be.

Patronus: Gazelle.

General Personality: Brian is a true Gryffindor spirit. He always fights for the right thing even when that means he puts himself at risk. He believes the greater good is generally more important. He keeps the majority of himself and his life private except to those he trusts the most. With them, he is open, happy, joyful, fun loving, and easily liked and accepted. He takes a bit longer to know and trust people, but when they earn his trust, he is loyal to them to the point of not thinking twice about risking his life for them. However, if they “burn” him with dishonesty or disloyalty, he is done with them forever. He loves to return when he can to his massive log cabin in England or in Colorado and live in relative solitude there. His favorite way to wake up is to take his first cup of coffee outside and sit and watch the sunrise while he drinks his coffee. In his mind, the best way to spend an evening, is to catch a fresh fish out of the lake on his property, and fry it for dinner with some fried potatoes and watch the sunset. He sometimes drinks whiskey, but likes top shelf firewhiskey or American Kentucky whiskey better than Irish whiskey. He loves to play poker, though he is not a gambler and doesn’t believe in it. He just likes the game. He collects Native American art and artifacts and is a heavy benefactor to a nearby Native American tribe in Colorado. They consider him an adopted son. They have given him the name Strong Eagle, and they tell him the Bald Eagle is his totem. Ironically enough, it is also his patronus.

]H I S T O R Y
[Family Information:
Patrick Quinn—Irish father, deceased
Shannon Quinn—Irish mother, deceased
Fiona Quinn Cunningham—younger sister, moved back to Ireland after the death of their parents. Brian and Fiona are not very close right now because of Brian's work. Fiona is married to a local tradesman--Dean who has an abusive streak. Fiona is a superb seamstress, and loves to grow her own food, do canning, etc.
Kieran Quinn—Oldest Quinn child. Kieran wanted nothing to do with Brian almost from the outset. Kieran is an experienced gambler, cardshark, and con artist. He lives at the Colorado house because he sometimes doesnt' do well in the casinos and lives off of Brian's wealth. Recently, he has been double thinking that whole lifestyle and is trying to stop his alcoholism and womanizing and to try to become more than man that, to his surprise, his little brother became with no support from the Quinns at all.
Khaat Lupin--wife, age 32.
Miseria Lupin--stepdaughter
Abbey Lupin--stepdaughter
Dakota Lupin--stepgrandaughter
Robert Remus Lupin--stepson
Michael Brian Lupin--stepson
Robert Lupin--former legal guardian, now father in law and employer
Katherine "Kate" Lupin--former legal guardian, now mother in law

Childhood: The Quinn children were all born and raised in Cork, Ireland. The family for years did not know how Patrick made his money, although a good bit of it was old money from generations of wealth. Patrick never involved his family in whatever it was he did. Shannon was a talented witch in her own right, and was a healer. She taught all her children many healing skills and potion making skills. Shannon was a wonderful, nurturing mother. When Fiona and Kieran were in school, Patrick and Shannon took Brian on a long weekend to the northern reaches of England to a fishing village for a quiet holiday. Horrifically, the family was in an auto accident in the muggle car that Patrick had rented. Both Patrick and Shannon died. Kieran and Fiona were contact, but both children emotionally buckled and did not come to help raise their 8 year old brother Brian, who sat abandoned in the local hospital after the deaths of his parents. Brian had very recently met Khaat and had befriended her on a beach, and they'd played together for a couple of days. When Khaat learned what had happened, she alerted her parents about her orphaned friend. Robert and Katherine Lupin assumed guardianship/custody of the Quinn children raised them and made sure they all finished Hogwarts. They remain a very close family.

Brian met Khaat Lupin when the family made a trip to the fishing village Khaat lived near. He had become Robert and Katherine's foster son when his parents died. Brian has learned to think of Khaat as his very best friend in the whole world and a lot like a sister to him. In many ways, they are still inseparable. The main difference is that it never leaves Brian's mind as to how beautiful Khaat is and how much of a lady she has become. He loves Khaat with all his heart and he has become a loving father to their children. He willingly accepts fatherhood to all the children Khaat is the legal guardian of.

Hogwarts: Brian was a Gryffindor at Hogwarts and played on the Gryffindor quidditch team. He was the captain his 6th and 7th years. He could play any position but preferred the Keeper position. He excelled at Potions, DADA, and Charms. He always did very well with his studies and his grades and still managed to find time for fun with his friends. He was well liked by the headmaster at the time because he did try to take the first years under wing and make sure they weren’t taken advantage of. He often protected them and “showed them the ropes.” He was well known for his athletic abilities, and often had young women wanting his attentions. He was always considered to be a “really nice guy” who treated everyone well, even the women he never had any intention of dating. He had one steady girlfriend at Hogwarts, Melissa Eggleston, but they lost track of each other after graduation. He dated often.

Adulthood: Brian was contacted some months ago by Robert Lupin and offered an extremely lucrative job. Brian had been living in relative obscurity in Colorado, but when Robert called with such an intriguing and well paying offer, he could not refuse. He bought a property within 10 miles of Robert. A piece of land that is dominated by thick woods with a river running through it. Brian made another log mansion home there with magical means. He continues to collect his native American art and furnishes his log home in American Southwest style. He has learned to like this home, actually, more than his home in Colorado, although he holds onto the property in America so his brother has a home. Brian never talks about what exactly he does or who he works for. He does not reveal that to anyone. He rarely admits that he even knows Robert Lupin and precious few people know that Robert was his legal guardian for a period of time after the death of his biological parents, except if it is to a person he deeply trusts. He has known Khaat since their youth, and she is one of his closest longtime friends. He saved her life once, shortly after Remus’s death, when she decided, impetuously, to take a massive overdose of potions she stole from her father and took them. Brian found her and saved her life and transported her back safely to Robert. Brian and Khaat have been tightly bonded since. Brian is currently, among other things, working at the Ministry as an Auror. Recently, on a trip to Venice, he and Khaat fell deeply in love and they were married. He has stepped in as the father to all of Khaat's children. He and Khaat have also purchased a vacation home in Tuscany.

Short Roleplay: Skipping, please!!

OOC: I am SOOOO frustrated. My PB pic did not attach itself to this app. It was there--I swear!!

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Brian Quinn
Brian Quinn

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QUINN, Brian James Empty Re: QUINN, Brian James

Post by Matthew Lestrange Thu May 06, 2010 12:26 am

Ahaha, looks pretty good Khaat.
Accepted and sorted into Graduates!

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Matthew Lestrange
Matthew Lestrange
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Post by Khaat Lupin Thu May 06, 2010 12:28 am

Thanks, Matty! You're wonderful!

Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Post by Matthew Lestrange Thu May 06, 2010 12:37 am

No problem Khaat, I'm a fast readier lol Smile

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Matthew Lestrange
Matthew Lestrange
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Seventh Year Slytherin

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