KIRKE, Isadora Emilda
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KIRKE, Isadora Emilda

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KIRKE, Isadora Emilda Empty KIRKE, Isadora Emilda

Post by Ariel Damian Greyback Sun Oct 14, 2012 2:57 pm

KIRKE, Isadora Emilda 2ni0h01



    FULL NAME: Isadora Emilda Kirke.

    NICKNAMES: Dora.

    BIRTHDAY&AGE: March 22nd 2010, Fifteen.

    SCHOOL YEAR: Fifth Year.

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff.


    Core Classes
    Defence Against the Dark Arts
    History of Magic

    Study of Ancient Runes
    Care of Magical Creatures

    Ancient Studies
    Earth Magic
    Ghoul Studies
    Magical Theory
    Frog Choir
    Hogwarts Orchestra

    WAND: Holly with a Juniper inlay, Dragon Heart-String, 10¾ inches, Pliant.

    PLAY BY: Jac Jagaciak


    HAIR COLOR: Light Brown.

    EYE COLOR: Greeny-Blue.

    HEIGHT: 5’1

    BODY TYPE: Slender, Willowy.

    Isadora’s style is very much influenced by the woodland in which she lives. She loves deep browns and greens and colours that really are associated with nature. She doesn’t really own anything that’s new in terms of clothing – no statement items and only a few bits of jewellery. Her clothes are plain and simple and have lasted her a very long time as nothing ever bought by her mother or her aunts is useless and throw away; everything they purchase is made to last a lifetime. Much of what she wears is also made by herself as more often than not they will buy material rather than items already made so Isadora is quite a dab hand at sewing and needlework. When they have the dye she really enjoys making her clothes bright and airy as even she realises that the browns and greens, though helpful when foraging or hunting, does get a tad boring and so she loves to make her clothes bright – she especially loves purple.

    Oddly short for her age, Isadora is all leg and while she may seem utterly unremarkable in terms of appearance, once she smiles her entire face changes and she grows to be rather beautiful. She has soft light brown hair that falls around her shoulders in waves as she has had it recently cut but it grows at an abnormal speed and is most often around her waist, tickling at the skin just above the waistband of her trousers or her skirt. She has large, bright green eyes that can be a deep emerald or even a watery green-blue colour depending on the day and, sometimes, depending on her mood. Overall, she is quite a pretty girl but is also quite plain. She is not a pretty face that can turn heads at will and she knows this but, unlike most girls her age, she doesn’t actually mind this. In fact, she thinks it’s a rather good thing, actually!


    001. Hyperactive.
    002. Adventurous.
    003. Intrigued.
    004. Helpful.She
    005. Optimistic.
    006. Imaginative.
    007. Forgetful.
    008. Mischievous.
    009. Logical.
    010. Generous.
    011. Eager.
    012. Honest.
    013. Loyal.
    014. Uncommunicative.
    015. Reckless.
    016. Emotionally immoderate.
    017. Dependable.
    018. Defensive.
    019. Determined.
    020. Compassionate.
    021. Absent-minded.
    022. Trusting.
    023. Brooding.
    024. Unconfident.
    025. Sensitive – see 016.
    026. Dreamer.
    027. Observant.
    028. Disorganised.
    029. Anxious.
    030. Romantic.

    001. Peaches.
    002. Plants.
    003. Forests.
    004. Reading.
    005. Fireflies.
    006. Storms.
    007. Foraging.
    008. Exploration.
    009. Animals.
    010. Hiking.
    011. Star-gazing.
    012. Runes.
    013. Music.
    014. Birds.
    015. Bicycles.
    016. Post.
    017. Goblins.
    018. Butterflies.
    019. Tea leaves.
    020. Chocolate.

    001. Social-Political Factions.
    002. Aubergines.
    003. Her home.
    004. The Ministry of Magic.
    005. Death.
    006. Unfairness.
    007. Her family’s legacy.
    008. Loneliness.
    009. Hogwarts Castle.
    010. Blatant gluttony.
    011. Her aunt’s stew.
    012. Poverty.
    013. Crowds.
    014. Judgement.
    015. Prejudice.
    016. Examination.
    017. Azkaban.
    018. Winter.
    019. Quidditch.
    020. Aggressive Centaurs.

    001. Graduate from Hogwarts.
    002. Prevent her brothers from following in their father’s footsteps.
    003. Buy her own telescope.
    004. Name a star.
    005. See her mother and father together again.
    006. Teach her aunt how to make decent stew.
    007. Find out how to brew Wolfsbane.
    008. Rebuild the mansion.
    009. Live outside of the poverty bracket for once.
    010. Furnish what little of the house they have properly

    001. Takes long walks whenever possible.
    002. Prefers her vegetables raw.
    003. Lets bits of twig and feathers stay in her hair.
    004. Prefers vibrant colours over dull ones.
    005. Often goes barefoot.
    006. Rarely wears trousers, prefers leggings if she has to.
    007. Paints with her fingers rather than brushes.
    008. Chews her hair.
    009. Her hands shake involuntarily.
    010. Has poor hand-eye coordination.

    BOGGART: Werewolves.

    PATRONUS: Her first ever birthday cake.

    DEMENTOR: Her father’s imprisonment.

    VERITASERUM: She doesn’t actually have a real home.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Her family home repaired and her family members returned safely.

    Isadora is an oddity; that much is obvious. She is an effortlessly charming girl who really is rather adorable. She’s a hard worker that certainly doesn’t believe in giving up and desperately wants to see the best in people which is perhaps why she comes over as naive as she does. She is easily trusting and does not deal well with betrayal. She is a fiercely loyal girl that believes very much in sticking to her word and being the better person. She loathes arguments but often finds herself quarrelling with someone – something she takes very badly and does not like very much when she broods upon it afterwards. She’s incredibly thoughtful and generous even when she has little to give. She is oddly optimistic and is, really, a bright and happy soul but that is the side of her that those around her see. She has a more private side, on that is as real as the happy nit of the girl she tries to be. Neither side is a lie but she knows that they would not do well to be moulded together.

    Her family was long ago torn apart by war and by extremism despite being previously one of the pillars of polite society and through no fault of her own, Isadora has to live amongst the rubble left, both literally and metaphorically, by her forefathers. This has created quite a large amount of bitterness within the girl and it she is incredibly resentful of the family members that both caused her plight and those that refuse to help anyone that is left to try and pick up the pieces. She is for that reason incredibly withdrawn and uncommunicative. She does not trust people with the truth about her family and tries to maintain the idea that they are Middle-Class and reasonably well off. During the holidays she’ll disappear into London, towards one of the residential districts before entering a Wizarding cafe where from there she’ll floo to the nearest village and walk the rest of the way home. Her anger is often taken out on her mother and on her aunts but she tries her hardest to reign herself in, to just grit her teeth and get on with it. Sometimes though, it all becomes too much for her to bear; too much for all of them to bear.

    Yet despite her hardships, Dora is not a bad person and she strives to be positive and do well and really excel beyond her expectations and those of her family members and prove that she can move past the rubble of their past and make a better life for everyone.


    FATHER: Rowan Favian Kirke b. 1987

    MOTHER: Isla Alcinda Kirke née Hampden b. 1991

    SIBLING: Edrian Kirke b. 2015

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-Blood.

    RACE: Human.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Lower Class, poor.


    Early Years:
    Spring had not yet sprung and all manner of life was still buried under the snowy hold of winter come the March of 2010 when Isadora Emilda Kirke was brought into the world. Her mother’s efforts continued throughout the night before the girl was born ever so slightly underweight but just after two o’clock on the morning of the twenty-second. Isadora was blessed with several enchantments in the hours after as the women around her mother struggled to keep the child alive but, much to surprise of all of them, her sickliness did not last long and though the night was one that Isadora struggled through, she came out the other end strong and raring to live. She was cared for by her grandmother in the early days of her life as her mother had not exactly come out of the birth scot free. She had suffered from bleeding and so they had to pay for a Healer to come and attend to her. It proved to be worth the gold they could ill afford to pay in the end because within two days of the Healer coming, Isla was on her feet again and ready to look after her daughter.

    Decades before, the Kirke family had been ravaged by political extremism and war that had resulted in the family being left in tatters. With most of the males in the family either in Azkaban, dead or worse, the women were left to look after what was left and were forced to move around the country for much of Isadora’s early years until finally, just before her mother gave birth to her second child, conceived during one of Rowan’s many appeals, they settled somewhat awkwardly back into the castle that their forefathers had built that had long since been in disrepair. They managed to pitch one of the roofs again and it was in a mix of the dilapidated building and pitched tents that the Kirkes lived and so Isadora and her younger brother Edrian were more or less brought up in the woodland, learning everything it had to offer them.

    She lived quite the odd life up until her Hogwarts acceptance and she was acutely aware of her abilities as a witch, her mother eager to train her little by little before she was due to go off for her formal education. She learnt all manner of different things. She became an expert at foraging and the identification of animal tracks and she was always happy to help out during October when they would pitch a brightly coloured tent in the village that flanked the dense woodland for the fete that happened every year. It was there that she’d help her mother sell remedies or aid her aunt as she told the future of some unsuspecting Muggle, one who Isadora can remember being told to avoid taxis only to find out months later that he had been hit by a cab that was being driven by a drunk that had just come out of the pub.

    When she received her Hogwarts letter it was no real surprise but what worried her family was that they would not have enough money to send her there. They pulled together as much gold as they possibly could – the vaults the Kirkes had once owned having been seized by the Ministry long ago – and purchased her wand and then scoured through second hand shops for robes and other items that they used to supply Isadora with enough for school. In the end the wand was the only new thing she had and so she was sent off to Hogwarts ever so slightly apprehensive and left feeling incredibly lost amongst her peers.

    Hogwarts Years:
    Entering Hogwarts was an incredibly big step for the young girl as it was the first time, really, that she’d ever worn shoes for an extended period of time and it was the first time ever that she’d actually been warm while asleep. It was something that really upset Isadora for the first few weeks and despite the comfort of the Hufflepuff dungeons, she really rather hated trying to get to sleep in there. Often she found herself drowsy when entering class as she had spent most of the night walking across the grounds but eventually she got used to it, opting to open the window nearest her bed so as to get some ventilation and feel the chill of the night air; something her roommates did not appreciate, especially in winter.

    Being sorted into Hufflepuff would have been embarrassing for any other witch but Dora took it in her stride and seemed to fit in perfectly. She found that her best strategy was to just be friendly and that way she’d make lots of friends. Only, she didn’t really get many at all. See, Dora’s quite odd and that didn’t really go down too well with her housemates. She found that her friendliness was gaining her friends but not those that wanted to really be her friend and so most of her time at Hogwarts was spent alone or with Gisele Delacour, a girl whose wealth Dora understandably envied but whose generosity Dora would not dare call upon regardless of whether the price of something was so much as a knut. Dora was too proud to ask for help. She instead persevered and even got a job, come third year, in the Hogsmeade Post Office.

    Her fifth year dawned much the same as the ones before but this time her brother is joining her at Hogwarts and Dora is facing her O.W.L’s. Determined to do well, she and her Head of House assigned her courses that even a Ravenclaw would struggle to keep up with but so far, Dora has done swimmingly!


    YOUR NAME: Amy.


    HOW YOU FOUND US: I live here.


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To boost my activity. *fingers crossed*

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KIRKE, Isadora Emilda Empty Re: KIRKE, Isadora Emilda

Post by Sophia Granger Sun Oct 14, 2012 5:59 pm

Me like her, I can see her and Kiara being good friends! Wink accpeted and sorted into Hugglepuff Er... I mean Hufflepuff!
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KIRKE, Isadora Emilda Empty Re: KIRKE, Isadora Emilda

Post by Aleksa Carlevaro Sun Oct 14, 2012 6:14 pm

I know I'm volunteering a character that isn't mine, but she and Suzanna can make awesome friends :3
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KIRKE, Isadora Emilda Empty Re: KIRKE, Isadora Emilda

Post by Elijah Krum Sun Oct 14, 2012 6:36 pm

Thank you! c:

I shall put up an rp-rq and we can all plot! Very Happy
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