Belby, Marcus
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Belby, Marcus

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Belby, Marcus Empty Belby, Marcus

Post by Marcus Belby Wed Feb 20, 2013 12:32 am

Belby, Marcus Tumblr_m3vz9vjsUY1rw07qzo1_500



    FULL NAME: Marcus Damocles Belby

    NICKNAMES: Mark, although some of his friends can slip by with calling him Marky on rare occasion—very rare.

    AGE: 42


    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Former Ravenclaw.

    CLASSES: n/a

    WAND: Linden wood, sphinx whisker core, 11 7/16”, unyielding

    PLAY BY: Daniel Craig


    HAIR COLOUR: darker blond in the winter, lighter in summer months when its sun bleached

    EYE COLOUR:blue

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: 5’ 10.25 inches

    BODY BUILD: strong, with very defined muscles.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Mark is average height and weight, but the fact that he likes bodybuilding can make him stand out, depending on what he’s wearing. He prefers to keep a low profile and blend in to some degree, but refuses to compromise on what he calls “tasteless” clothes to hide behind. He works to not call attention to himself unless there is some deliberate purpose to it. He tends to be, generally, more serious and has a rather dry sense of humor. He prefers conservative, classical clothing and could care less about what’s in vogue. He’s aware he’s getting a bit older and isn’t interested in fitting in, necessarily, with people half his age—at least not for social purposes.


    Physically fit
    Fastidiously neat
    Well dressed
    Personal Security
    Muggle Studies and muggle weaponry, particularly guns
    Loyal—after he trusts them but not before
    Adaptable—thinks well on his feet
    Quick minded
    Good father, but often has to settle for quality time rather than quantity.

    Often snobbish about his food choices
    Adventurous—often too much so
    Doesn’t trust anyone until they measure up to his expectations
    Cannot cope with intense emotion—not his, and not anyone else’s
    Often confuses his “preference for being alone” with egotism
    Magical Creatures
    Hasn’t got the foggiest clue about how to understand small children.
    Chronic insomniac
    Generally doesn’t care about propriety unless it suits his own purposes

    Bodybuilding and exercise of almost any sort
    Cigarettes—especially expensive imported ones
    Expensive clothes
    Muggle friends with fast cars
    All sorts of fine arts
    Gambling and taking any sort of risk
    Shadows, and being alone
    All games of strategy
    Slow dancing
    Collecting muggle weaponry

    Loathes stupidity
    “drama queens”
    Being in the spotlight
    Giving up
    Hates “gas station food”
    Hates most current rock music, particularly any sort of heavy metal.
    Fast dancing
    Hawaiian shirts
    Being late for anything

    GOALS: Marcus has his own definition of what he believes is right and wrong. His goal is to defend what he believes is right.

    HABITS & QUIRKS: Loves all sorts of socks in wild colors or designs. He has drawers of them, but can’t bring himself to wear them. He keeps buying them, though. Loves all the muggle “need for speed” fixes—sports cars, extreme amusement park rides, bungee jumping, etc. Believes it relaxes him. Allergic to gillyweed—makes him itch.

    BOGGART: Getting emotionally attached to anyone.

    PATRONUS: The first woman he ever loved—truly loved.

    DEMENTOR: At the beginning of the summer holiday just before his 6th year, he found that his girlfriend from school was seeing another student—someone from her house. He was so angry he tricked the young man into the woods and pummeled him until the young man was almost unrecognizable. His parents helped him “cover it up,” but Marcus learned his lesson and promised never to allow himself to become that angry ever again. It also taught him, though, how fragile and expendable human life can be, and it was a lesson he has never forgotten.

    VERITASERUM: His greatest fear is also his greatest desire.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Finding the love of his life, whoever she is.

    PERSONALITY: Marcus prides himself on being able to blend in, but his conservative behaviors and dress are almost performances compared to his true nature. The meticulousness with fashion and food is part of that almost obsessive need to fit in on command. When the conventions and beliefs of others rubs him the wrong way long enough, he can be sharp tongued, sarcastic, and rude. He often projects a tough exterior in order to try to protect himself from being vulnerable. He works hard to look, on the outside, calm and in control, but often, that’s the farthest thing in his mind on the inside. He trusts very few, but when he does make that choice, he is unfailingly loyal. He is an adrenalin junkie, and loves all things that fuel it, not only to fulfill his need for speed but his need for action.


    FATHER:Jonathan Belby, age 74, retired

    MOTHER:Claire (Edgington) Belby, age 72, retired, (muggleborn)

    SIBLING/S:Sadie (Belby) Farmsworth, age 38, married
    Devlin Belby, age 35, married

    OTHER: Wife: Evelyn (Cole) Belby, age 40, separated (muggleborn)
    Children: Zane Niall Belby, age 15, twin
    Kai Louis Belby, age 15, twin
    Daria Nissa Belby, age 12
    Ezra Issac Belby, age 11

    BLOOD STATUS: halfblood

    RACE: only members who have been regularly active for one month are able to create non-human characters

    SOCIAL STATUS: Marcus’ family is upper middle class, but Marcus has made a great deal of money for doing things no one else wants to do, and has had nothing of significance he has wanted to spend it on, so he does have some amount of wealth but not exorbitantly so.

    optional. students may only bring owls, cats, mice and toads to Hogwarts.

    optional. magical artifacts must be claimed through the magical artefacts claim


    Early Years:Marcus was born into a middle class wizarding family but lived in a suburban muggle neighborhood. Marcus was the oldest of three. His father worked at St. Mungos as a healer in the emergency wards. Marcus’s mother was a homemaker most of her life, but she did grow magical herbs that she sold to Slugs and Jiggers to earn extra money. Marcus’s friends, when he was younger, were all muggle children. He became fascinated with muggle things that he didn’t’ have at home—cars, televisions, radios, stereos, convenience foods, microwaves, etc. He loved muggle toys and he loved the idea of having to do things for himself. He preferred construction sets to the point that his father believed he would be wizarding engineer of some sort. And then, Marcus discovered cowboy movies and spy movies. It started a fascination with him for not only speed but fighting and gave birth to his adrenalin need.

    Hogwarts Years: No one was surprised when Marcus got his letter. The only one who was disappointed, though, was Marcus. He had truly wanted to go study in America. He had childhood ideas that the American wizarding school was on a cattle ranch in the Old West. He was disappointed when he was told he was “only” going to Hogwarts, but he dutifully boarded the train and went. He made friends in Ravenclaw, and took to broom riding and the Quidditch team. He often would try to practice broom flying during unauthorized times but was always caught at it. It rarely deterred him. He didn’t have a large band of friends, but the ones he had were close ones. He tended to stay to himself and blamed it often on needing to study. He usually got better grades than what he let on to his house mates, but it gave him an excuse to distance from them. He did stay in touch with his muggle friends from childhood for the first three years of his time at Hogwarts, and then gradually, he lost touch with them.

    Adulthood: After graduation, Marcus enlisted in the ministry and had to work his way up to being able to take auror training. He started to collect muggle weapons and firearms. When he wasn’t working, he was frequenting the libraries or the bars—one or the other. It was in one of the libraries that he met the woman who would become his first wife. They fell madly in love and married on a whim after dating for three weeks. Marcus’s parents welcomed the girl warmly but saw no future for them. They were right, because once the bliss of being newlyweds wore off, Marcus and his wife found they didn’t have as much in common as they thought they would. They ended up divorcing after just shy of one year of marriage.

    Not long after that, he met Evelyn at a local summer festival. He was infatuated with her because she was so beautiful, and she wanted just the sort of man she thought he was. She wanted a strong protector, someone that didn’t need much of anyone but her. They married, and for awhile they were happy. Evelyn got pregnant almost immediately with twin boys. She started to furnish an elaborate nursery, and Marcus didn’t’ deny her if he made her happy. The drain on their finances was heavy, but Marcus believe it would ease once the boys were born. He was surprised to find that wasn’t the case. The spending simply changed from being devoted to the kids to being devoted to Evelyn.

    It seemed like the boys were barely out of diapers before Evelyn was pregnant again, and with it came the demand for another elaborate nursery. Marcus tried to reel in Evelyn’s spending, but it started bitter arguing between them. To keep the peace,as well as to get out of the house, Marcus started volunteering for extra shifts in the law enforcement division, or special missions or assignments—anything where he could be without his wife’s nagging. And it seemed that no sooner that his daughter was born than Evelyn was pregnant again with yet another. Neither Marcus nor Evelyn particularly had wanted a fourth child, but when the boy was born, Marcus was the parent that Evelyn was not. She started to go through the family funds faster than Marcus could earn it. The children were not being clothed or fed and often left alone because Evelyn was going shopping. Marcus exploded. He took the children and arranged for his parents to care for them while he worked every job he could get to try to provide for them. Marcus found a much higher paying job in the Bulgarian department of magic, working as a special agent in their law enforcement division. He has been living in a small flat in Bulgaria and banking all the money he can. It has amassed him quite a bit. Evelyn and Marcus separated, and she stopped contacting the children and started to pursue relationships with wealthy men to support her spending habits.. Marcus does see them every chance he gets and does his best to keep a good relationship with them. The burden was lifted from his parents when all four children started to attend Hogwarts.


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Khaaty


    HOW YOU FOUND US: uh…...*scratches head and shrugs*


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: support site plot

    RP SAMPLE: *waves and dances off* [spoiler][\spoiler]

Marcus Belby
Marcus Belby
Ravenclaw Graduate
Ravenclaw Graduate

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Belby, Marcus Empty Re: Belby, Marcus

Post by Elijah Krum Wed Feb 20, 2013 12:40 am

Accepted and sorted into Graduates! Very Happy

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Elijah N. Krum
Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
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Sixth Year Slytherin

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