Brooke Belby
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Brooke Belby

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Brooke Belby Empty Brooke Belby

Post by Guest Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:14 pm

Brooke Belby Annasophia-robb-2

Brooklyn Belby


    FULL NAME: Brooklyn Rosalie Belby
    NICKNAMES: Brooke
    AGE: 12
    ALLEGIANCE: potter's army
    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw
    CLASSES: Charms, CoMC, DADA, Transfiguration
    WAND: willow, 11 inches, nice and supple good for charms
    PLAY BY: Anna Sophia Robb


    HAIR COLOR: long blond hair that's either curly, straight or wavy depending on what mood she's in.

    EYE COLOR: blue

    HEIGHT: 5'0 in height

    BODY TYPE: Slender

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Brooke stands 5'0 in height with long blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. When Brooke is at Hogwarts she wears her Ravenclaw robe unifrom, but while she's on Summer holidays or on weekends she wears muggle clothes. Brooke isn't picky about what she wears, as long as it cute and fashionable. Although being the only girl in the house she was rasied to be a bit of a tom boy to where she hates pink and she tends to wear blue jeans and shirts alot. Although Brooke does wear some jewelry like earrings and necklaces but one you'll always see her wearing is her gold locket her parents gave her.


  • really smart
  • fast learner
  • tough
  • loyal
  • good listener
  • honest
  • stubborn
  • to shy for her own good
  • tends to be annoying with her smartmess
  • can be a loner at times

  • rainy days
  • winter time
  • quiet places
  • reading
  • drawing

  • Summer time
  • liars
  • backstabbers
  • evil people/ evil Slytherins
  • people who judge others

    goals while in Hogwarts
  • To become Ravenclaw Prefect
  • pass O.W.L with good grades
  • to become Headgirl in her 7th year
  • to have a boyfriend

    future goals
  • to become a auror just like her father
  • to get married but she has a long way to go! Razz
  • twirls her hair alot
  • bites her lip when scared or thinking
  • bites her nails
    BOGGART: Brooke greatest fear is death, she afraid of dying
    PATRONUS: her best memory is when she was accepted to Hogwarts
    DEMENTOR: her worse memory is when she was ten before she went to Hogwarts her grandfather died of a heart attack.
    VERITASERUM: Brooke real name is Brooklyn but she goes by Brooke for she hates the name Brooklyn
    MIRROR OF ERISED: she sees her older self with someone although she can't see the face of who it is
    PERSONALITY: Brooke is a very sweet down to earth type of girl who loves having fun doing new things. Although if Brooke doesn't know you, she is very shy and quiet and sometimes a bit of a loner. Brooke is very smart but her smartness does tend to get on her brothers and her friends nervous at times to where she can be annoying. Although like all girls Brooke can be stubborn and a bit clueless when it comes to boys or love not someting you can read in a book. Brooke os very loyal to her friends and family and will do anything to protect them from harm.


    FATHER:Marcus Belby

    MOTHER: Evelyn Belby

    ____ ____ belby, fifteen, fifth.
    ____ ____ belby, fifteen, fifth.
    ____ ____ belby, eleven, first.

    OTHER: N/A
    BLOOD STATUS:Halfblood
    RACE: Human
    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class
    PET(S): a snowy white owl named cookie
    BROOMSTICK: none doesn't like flying
    OTHER POSSESSIONS: Hogwarts the History that her parents brought her


    Early Years: Brooklyn Rosalie Belby was born on Oct. 31st 2013 by Marcus and Evelyn Belby. Brooke is the second youngest and the only girl out of the Belby siblings which made her tough through the years. Being a half muggle, Brooke went to a normal muggle school before she went to Hogwarts. Although she made some friends, alot of people thought she was weird and odd and didn't want anything to do with her. Before she went to Hogwarts her grandfather died of a heart attack which turned her whole life around seeing how she was so close to him.
    Hogwarts Years: At the age of eleven years old, Brooke was accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly. When Brooke tried on the sorting hat, it had a hard time choosing between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw but it decided on Ravenclaw seeing how she had more smartness in her. Like all first years, Brooke had a hard time getting around the castle and gotten lost every place she went. It only took Brooke a few months to learn her way around to her classes. But now being a second year Brooke knows every turn and where her classes are like the back of her hand.
    Adulthood: skippie she's only 12!


    YOUR NAME: Sophia but everyone calls me Soph!
    RP EXPERIENCE: about 3 yeears or so

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I been a member on here like FOREVER, but I found P.A. through searching for H.P. top sites.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Sophia Granger, Arabella Granger, Lily D'Eath, Leslie Darling, Kiara Lawrence and Leighanna Throne

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: we needed some more younger students so I decided to make one to help out


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Brooke Belby Empty Re: Brooke Belby

Post by Khaat Lupin Fri Aug 31, 2012 11:06 pm

she looks good to me, soph. accepted and sorted into ravenclaw.
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