BELBY, Poppy
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BELBY, Poppy Li9olo10

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BELBY, Poppy

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BELBY, Poppy Empty BELBY, Poppy

Post by Poppy Levski Thu Aug 07, 2014 5:03 pm

BELBY, Poppy 33z92fn



FULL NAME:Poppy Levski

NICKNAMES:Pip, Pix, Pixie  

AGE: 10--will be 11 on Aug 30th--Makes her a Virgo.


HOGWARTS HOUSE:The list says she's a Huffle.

CLASSES: Students only. Please choose from Charms, CoMC, DADA, Transfiguration, and Potions.

WAND: Willow and Eucalyptus, Pegasus Wing Feather core, 10 1/8", flexible

PLAY BY: Thylane Blondeau


HAIR COLOUR:light brown


COMPARATIVE HEIGHT:short--at 11, she's still significantly under 5'.  

BODY BUILD:petite, willowy.
GENERAL APPEARANCE:  Poppy is a small, petite child. She's always been viewed as a beautiful child. She has long light brown hair, bright blue eyes, and her delicate, fine features and translucent skin give her a mystical look like the fairies or the tall enchanting elves she's seen in muggle movies.  She's fairly graceful, perhaps a bit more than the average 11 year old, and she tends to have a natural fluidity to her movements. She's been told she should pursue dancing. She prefers bohemian looks to her clothes, and hates choppy, boxy, chunky fashions. She is rather specific on her clothes, and only wears a school uniform if she absolutely has to.


Intelligent--beyond her years--see what being alone does? One reads a good deal
She'd be very loyal--if she had anyone to be loyal to, besides the house elves that care for her
Distant from those who don't want to invest in her
Determined--especially about being seen and treated as grown up
Hard working
Naturally gifted towards fine arts
Quick tempered
Flexible--if the change makes sense to her. Otherwise, she's very dug in and stubborn.
More introverted than extroverted
Good at bird handling
Hungry for learning
Artist--likes drawing and painting with watercolors.
Writer--loves writing poetry, fiction, journaling
Not particularly athletic.

+ moonlight and starlight--she's a "moon child"--likes all things mystical and of nighttime and moonlight
+ her collections-porcelain dolls (15 of them, but she's got one favorite), antique toy tea sets  (21, thank you), and vintage paper dolls  (a whole trunk of them).
+ peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches
+ drawing and watercolors
+ bubbles
+ stained glass and colored glass
+ dragonflies
+ muggle tv and movies
+ making her own clothing choices
+ jewelry
+ muggle makeup--especially lip gloss and nail polish
+ music boxes
+ honesty
+ spontaneity
+ surprises
+ treacle tart
+ fashion magazines
+ reading
+ animals, particularly large birds, like Nyx

- cold weather
- spicy food
- dishonesty
- her father
- her father's habit of putting her "on display"
- being told what to do
- cigarette smoke
- alcohol
- nannies
- being raised without friends
- pretention
- contemporary décor--she thinks its cold
- being treated like a little girl
- school uniforms
- quidditch
- almost all sports for that matter
- heavy metal music
- cheap, convenience foods of any kind

GOALS:To be loved genuinely, deeply, and unconditionally

HABITS & QUIRKS: She has no regard for her mother, especially her mother's possessions. If Ana has something Poppy wants, Poppy merely goes to her room and takes it, no matter what it is, scarves, jewelry, perfume, shawls--whatever she wants she takes.  She hates looking like a little girl and works really hard to look older than she is.


PATRONUS:Its a very brief fragment of a memory from when she was little. She and Ana were stringing popcorn for a Christmas tree, and they were laughing. She remembers the look of love in her mother's eyes.

DEMENTOR:Its a nightmare she has frequently. A memory of Christmas two years ago. Her mother was out--working, or so Poppy believes. Her father went out after Ana left for work, saying he'd be "straight back." But he wasn't. She spent the day sitting on her bed, curled up with her favorite doll. In her nightmare, she's always wandering her house on Christmas and finding herself alone--over and over.  She's never told Ana the truth, and she doesn't know quite why

VERITASERUM:She still likes her dolls.

MIRROR OF ERISED:Being muggle. Having the sort of family that she believes muggles have. She believes muggles are happier b/c that's what they all look like on muggle tv. Surely it must be true. If she were muggle, then she believes maybe her parents would love her.

PERSONALITY: Poppy is a bright and beautiful child with a mystical fragile appearance. She's a gentle soul with strong opinions.  She's good hearted, creative, and enjoys being alone. She does, though, hate being lonely. There is a big difference. She loves playing with her dolls, her tea sets, or reading, or expressing herself in her diary through writing, drawing or painting. She seems to come to life when she's with Anton or when she's spending time with Nyx.  

Poppy, long ago, stopped liking anyone picking out her clothes for her. She takes Ana's fashion magazines most of the time before Ana even knows they arrived at the house.  She prefers bohemian styles, and she's managed either to get the house elves to transfigure her "ugly" clothes to duplicates of what she sees in the magazines, or, if Ana has something she likes, she takes it and has the elves resize it.

She detests her father, Pavel, and she is becoming increasingly disobedient to him. She largely just ignores his orders, as much as she can.  When he becomes cruel, she shuts herself in her room. She depends on the house elves and Anton to remember to bring her food if he goes on a binge.  

Her sleep is irregular because she doesn't trust Pavel when he's drinking. Even if he isn't, she has nightmares about him when she closes her eyes. She doesn't cry often, but it is never in front of him.  Her increasing rage at Ana takes the form, usually, of avoidance or of taking whatever she wants from her. When Anton is gone at school, she writes him often, trying to get him to help her find someplace else to go besides there.  

Poppy still has some childlike thinking, largely because of her isolated childhood. She has spent quite a bit of time watching some of Pavel's old muggle movies on an old TV and VCR in the attic She has seen countless episodes of happy muggle families, and believes they surely must be real depictions of muggle life. She doesn't understand why anyone would want to be magical and miserable when they could be muggles and be one big happy family. She prayed and prayed she'd be a squib and wept bitterly when her own abilities began to show up. She was sure it meant she was doomed to be unhappy forever.  She does often try to plan how to run away to join the muggles.


FATHER:Pavel Levski (legal)

MOTHER:Ana Levski

SIBLING/S:Anton--13. Good relationship but distant. He's a Ravenclaw so Poppy doesn't see him much anymore. He is protective when he's around.

OTHER: other significant family or family-like people

BLOOD STATUS: halfblood

SPECIES:Metamorph--a recessive gene from her biological father.


PET/S:Spotted owl named Nyx--She's been Poppy's best friend, and is well trained. They're very attached to one another. Nyx wear a mystical looking key as a pendant around her neck--its the key to Poppy's diary.

Poppy's diary.


Early Years: Poppy was born on a hot, humid August afternoon to Pavel and Ana Levski.  The youngest Levski child was seen as a blessing to the family because both Ana and Pavel were gone so often from home that it was hoped that Poppy would repair their broken family.   In Poppy's toddler years, Ana was home more, and she and Poppy and Anton were quite close. Poppy never did like Pavel much. He was gone too much, and was hard to get to know. He was nice enough when Ana was around, but when Ana started working more hours again, Pavel stopped trying to be so appropriate.

It didn't take long to figure out that when Ana was gone, Pavel was going to drink--a good deal. He often had friends from his Quidditch days over to the house, and the house sounded very much like a pub.  Pavel regularly would get Poppy out from her room, dress her in some of Ana's sophisticated clothing and her make up, and show her off to his friends, bragging about the beauty he'd " created."  It was a habit of Pavel's that Poppy's older brother, Anton, hated and still does hate. He stepped in to try to protect her from such displays and still does. Anton sees how despondent and withdrawn the episodes make her, and she gets darker every time they happen.

Pavel often calls her names and is verbally cruel to her. She isolates herself from Pavel, and is growing to hate Ana more and more all the time because she believes if Ana were there, Pavel wouldn't drink and wouldn't do what he does. She has tried to initiate a conversation with Ana many times over the years, but Pavel manages to intercede or interrupt. And so Ana still doesn't know.  The next time Ana leaves, Pavel threatens Poppy--unless Anton steps in.  However, when Anton is at Hogwarts, its all fair game.

Poppy has taken all of Pavel that she can stand, and her behavior gets worse and worse at home. She and Anton have promised Pavel that they will indeed tell Ana what happens when she's gone. Pavel, in turn, makes up hideous stories about Poppy's behaviors to the point where Pavel and Ana have petitioned Hogwarts to allow her to be admitted this fall term. She misses enrollment by just a couple of days because her birthday falls just two days short.  

Poppy has received her letter that she will indeed be granted her parents' petition and will be allowed to board the train this fall and go to Hogwarts. The family members, at this point, all appear to be relieved.

However, when Pavel was not exploiting Poppy, she spent a great deal of her time playing with the dolls and the tea sets in her room.  Her favorite porcelain doll is an Elven princess that is over 30" tall and is quite exquisite. Poppy is rarely without her with she is at home. She is an interpretation of a character from a muggle fantasy book.

Poppy also is quite skilled at drawing and at watercolors, and at writing fiction and poetry. Her  oversized diary is full of her works and her journaling.  The diary locks and the key hangs on blue satin ribbon around the neck of Nyx, her spotted owl. Poppy doesn't go outdoors much, but when she does, it is to be with Nyx.  Nyx is her very best friend in the world, and the two are inseparably bonded.  Pavel has said the "bloody bird" cannot be in the house, but Poppy leaves her window open year round, and Nyx comes and goes as she pleases.  Nyx has attempted to attack Pavel once when, in a drunken rage, he went after Poppy. He attempted to fire a killing curse at the bird, his shot coming nowhere close.  When he sobered up, he didn't remember the incident at all.

Poppy has also discovered in the last couple of years that when she is truly upset or angry that she can change things about herself. The first it happened, she changed the color of her hair to a bright fire engine red.  She has accidently changed the length of her fingernails, and once she accidently gave herself feathers on her left arm. She doesn't know how it happens and has no idea how to control it. She usually hides in her room until either the house elves find her and put her to rights or until Ana gets home and puts her to rights. Poppy wasn't sure but she thought she heard her parents arguing about the business with the feathers not so long ago. Perhaps, she thinks, they will be happy again once she goes to school and is away from them.  

Hogwarts Years: n/a

Adulthood: n/a




HOW YOU FOUND US:I live here


PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: personal and site plot


Poppy Levski
Poppy Levski
First Year Hufflepuff
First Year Hufflepuff

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Special Abilities : Metamorphagus, Heightened Sensitivity

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BELBY, Poppy Empty Re: BELBY, Poppy

Post by Elijah Krum Thu Aug 07, 2014 11:03 pm

BELBY, Poppy Huffle11

Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
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Sixth Year Slytherin

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BELBY, Poppy Empty Re: BELBY, Poppy

Post by Poppy Levski Thu Aug 07, 2014 11:05 pm

Poppy Levski
Poppy Levski
First Year Hufflepuff
First Year Hufflepuff

Number of posts : 34
Special Abilities : Metamorphagus, Heightened Sensitivity

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