Magical Artefacts

Magical Artefacts

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Magical Artefacts

Post by Elijah Krum on Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:30 am


  • There is only one item allowed per character.
  • We will not accept crossover items, so take your lightsabres elsewhere! *points at Jedis.*

Item Name: If the item has a name, what is it?
Item Type: spell book, jewellery, gadget, etc.
Creation: Does your character know how & when it was made?
Possession: How did your character come to own it?
Use: How does your character use it? Give some pros and cons.
Roleplay Sample: It's pointless for your character to have the object if you can't realistically use it in RP. Show us how you'd use it!

[b]Item Name:[/b] If the item has a name, what is it?
[b]Item Type:[/b] spell book, jewellery, gadget, etc.
[b]Creation:[/b] Does your character know how & when it was made?
[b]Possession:[/b] How did your character come to own it?
[b]Use:[/b] What does it do? Try to give it some pros and cons.
[b]Roleplay Sample:[/b] It's pointless for your character to have the object if you can't realistically use it in RP. Show us how you'd use it!


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Re: Magical Artefacts

Post by Elijah Krum on Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:34 am

Accepted Artefacts

Leader of Potter's Army
Item Name: Marauder's Map
Item Type: Map
Creation: Created by James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew sometime between 1975 and 1978.
Possession: The map is passed down to each new leader of Potter's Army when the former owner leaves or graduates.
Use: Acts as a living map of the Hogwarts castle and grounds. Can track anyone, even a transformed animagus or someone otherwise undetectable. Can't map unplottable areas and can't differentiate between two people with the same name.
Roleplay Sample:

Aideen Armour
Item Name: Silenda
Item Type: A silver charm bracelet with three small charms hanging off it (a fox, a clear stone and a crescent moon).
Creation: The bracelet was made by Aideen’s great grandmother Avery, and was passed down through the generations to her. The bracelet itself is an ordinary bracelet; it is the charms on the bracelet that make it magical. Each generation creates a charm that has some form of magical ability to go on it before passing it down.
Possession: Alannah gave it to her before she left for Hogwarts.
Use: At present the charm bracelet only has three charms, the fox, stone and moon. Each charm has a different ability. Only one charm can be used at a time. This means that even though some charms, the fox, are almost always active in the moments that Aideen chooses to use another charm it will become inactive.

Fox: The fox detects lies and ill intentions towards the wearer, when the wearer is in danger the charm heats up. This charm was created by Aideen’s mother.
- Can detect lies when a person is speaking to the wearer
- Only heats up if the lies/ill intentions are directed towards the wearer
- Does not allow the wearer to always specify who has lied/has the ill intentions
- Can heat up over minor things (ie. Lying about a surprise party)

Stone: When used to its maximum ability the stone allows the user to project images of significant emotional meaning into the mind of other people. At its minimum ability the stone will cloud when the wearer is under emotional duress. This charm was created by Aideen’s grandmother.
- When used properly can be used over a distance
- Allows the user to communicate without speaking
- Requires a lot of practice and magical control to use properly
- Can be activated by accident when the user is emotional
- Not very useful if you do not know how to use it properly

Moon: The moon allows the user the ability to, ‘see in places where your eyes might fail you’. To Aideen’s knowledge this simply means the charm allows to her see her in the dark by admitting a white glow. When used to its maximum ability the charm will allow the user to see through illusions or sense some disguises.
- Works well with the fox charm
- Can have multiple uses
- Requires a great level of concentration to use
- You must have some idea of what you want to ‘see’
- Can only be used for a maximum of 3 times a week
- Requires a recharge (must be left in moonlight)
- Missing a recharge leaves the charm ineffective and takes double the amount of recharge time to reactivate it

Roleplay Sample:
Aideen peered cautiously around yet another dimly lit corridor her green eyes bright and alert. Excitement pulses through her, no sign of any teachers, so far so good.

“Going somewhere?” Aideen knew that voice and dread quickly replaced her excitement.  Anthony Hill faced her, a gin plastered on his face, “Sneaking out of the castle this late for that stupid competition are we? You know I am going to have to report you”. Aideen clenched her hands, no way! She wasn’t going to let Anthony stop her from getting to the competition.

“You’re not going to do that” Aideen forced as much confidence and finality in the words as she could manage. Anthony raised an eyebrow,

“Yes I will” The moment the words left his mouth Aideen felt it. The fox charm on her wrist grew warm and she grinned.

“No you won't, because you want to come with me” And with that she turned and continued down the corridor. After a moment the footsteps of her older cousin followed.

Destrey Ashcroft
Item Name: Unicorn Blood
Item Type: Dark magic potions ingredient
Creation: Destrey and her brother killed a unicorn in fifth year, they've been hoarding the blood for years.
Possession: see above
Use: It's said drinking it will keep the user alive even on the brink of death.  So of course Destrey has tried it.  

It's also a powerful potions ingredient and when Destrey is hard up for money she pawns a vial off to one of the apothecaries in Knockturn.

Roleplay Sample:

Gwen Fawcett
Item Name:2 Way Mirror Locket
Item Type:Gold locket pendant with two way mirror inside, communication device
Creation: Uk creator. The locket is antique
Possession: see above
Use: Allows her to communicate with who gave her the locket
Roleplay Sample:
"Congratulations on your new post," her new friend said to her, handing her a small, wrapped box. "Just a small token for luck."

Gwen frowned, with a slight smile, opening the box. Inside she found a lovely, elegant gold locket on a long antique gold chain. The locket was clearly an antique, and was rather large for being a locket. It was obviously handmade, with an unusual opalescent round stone set in a much larger filigreed gold fitting that was shaped much like an inverted pear. It was, for its size, adaptable enough to work for either daily wear or for more formal occasions.

"Oh my!" she said softly. "It's lovely. I haven't seen anything like it anywhere."

"And you won't," her benefactor said. "Open it."

She found a little gold button that flipped open the round stone to reveal a magical two way mirror.


"A woman alone in a new world might well find herself in need of a bit, shall we say?" Gwen looked up and then saw the deeper meaning. 'Try it on. See how it looks."

"And what would be the terms of your companionship?" She tried the locket on, and she had to admit, she did like it quite a lot.

"Paultry, I assure you," was the reply. "Something we should discuss sometime over, say, dinner? And a drink perhaps?"

"Alright. Dinner sounds lovely," she smiled. "Thank you."

Katherine Lupin
Item Name: Albus Dumbledore’s Pensieve.
Item Type: Pensieve.
Creation: Unknown.
Pensieve was specifically left to Katherine in Dumbledore's last will and requests because she was a member of the Order of the Phoenix, and Dumbledore specifically wanted a seer who would understand the information in the pensieve and what it would mean to the future of the Wizarding world, a seer who would know how to use it in, as he believed, the proper way. Katherine knew Dumbledore when she joined the original Order of the Phoenix while she was dating Remus, prior to dating Robert Lupin--while they were all students at Hogwarts. Being the headmaster, Dumbledore was often informed on which students were excelling and in which subjects. However, Dumbledore became acutely and directly aware of Katherine's exceptional skills as a seer during her time participating in the Order.

Katherine stopped participating in Order activities when, after graduating Hogwarts and marrying Robert, she became pregnant with Khaat. However, over the years, she and Dumbledore remained friends, and they met and talked together several times, particularly during the Harry Potter days, as he continued to seek out and use as many friends and allies as he could think of to help him try to defeat the Dark Lord. He believed that her seer's insights might help give the Order an advantage over the Dark Lord, but what little information she was able to give him did not prove to be enough to be significantly helpful to him in the end.
Use: The Pensieve stored Albus Dumbledore's memories, as many as he put into the pensieve. The information is invaluable to those who know how to access it and use it. However, those thoughts are limited as to not only which memories he stored in the pensieve but sometimes are incomplete and sometimes not of as much benefit as Dumbledore intended them to be. Katherine also has the ability to store her own memories in the pensieve. They are distinguished from Dumbledore's because his memory "threads" show up as blue in the pensieve, and hers show up as violet threads in the same pensieve.
Roleplay Sample:
After her meeting with Jess Potter about the current state of affairs with the Order, Katherine felt that there was something nagging at her. Something she could not place. She sat, with a cup of cinnamon tea, for the better part of an hour, but when her thoughts would not clear, she went to her sitting room and opened the secret door that hid Dumbledore's pensieve behind a bookcase. She waved her hand over the waters, and as she did, she saw a blue thread rise up in the stone bowl. She concentrated on that thread and saw, from Dumbledore's perspective, a conversation he had had with the original members of the Order and his thoughts about what he believed the purpose for the Order shoudl be, along with some very specific foreboding cautions about it and how they would need to always worry about keeping the members safe. She wondered how much of their future he had actually seen after all, and if what she had seen would be of any use to Jess Potter and the current Order members at all.

Khaat Lupin
Item Name: Lupin Family Necklace.
Item Type: Necklace.
Creation:  made by Nicolas Flammel when Khaat's mother was pregnant with Khaat
Possession: Put on Khaat's at birth by Remus Lupin who enchanted it so that it could not be removed except by himself.
Use: necklace protects the wearer both from changing into a werewolf and from being killed by a werewolf. since Khaat has never been able to remove it, she does not know if she is a werewolf or not, but it also kept her from being harmed by her uncle when he was in werewolf state. It used to alert Remus if Khaat was in danger and allow her to call for him by clutching it in her right hand and calling for him. This also allowed him the ability to find her at will, whether Khaat wanted to be found or not. Once Remus died, Khaat felt she had no real reason for wearing it anymore except that it reminds her of him. She does not realize fully yet that it still protects her from being killed by a werewolf. the stone, however does not protect her from injury by one. The necklace does not have any sort of clasp or catch in the chain to allow Khaat to even try to remove it. The necklace's energies come from sunlight, in order to counteract the effects that are generated by the moonlight connection to a werewolf. this requires the user to spend at least an hour outside in natural light every 24 hours before it begins pulling on the wearer's own lifeforce for its energies. That's why Khaat's family has always strongly encouraged her to be outside as much as possible. Each day without sunlight diminishes the wearer's lifeforce by 10% of its total capacity, therefore making its use fatal in a maximum of 10 days without natural light.
Roleplay Sample:
It had been a late meeting at Hogwarts about the alumni society. Khaat walked in the autumn darkness across the grounds towards the waiting carriage that would return her to where she parked her muggle car. She was preoccupied with the society's plans for a Halloween ball when she heard an odd noise in the woods. She left the path to step into the woods and didn't get far when she saw a silouette of a werewolf against the moonlight. It saw her and charged at her, when her green necklace shot a beam of bright green light towards the creature. It howled in surprise and anger, turned and dashed deeper into the woods.

Michael Corner and Terry Boot-Corner
Item Name: Michael & Terry's wedding rings
Item Type: jewellery
Creation: A matched pair made & engraved by a muggle jeweller, Terry placed the protean charm & location spells on them
Possession: Michael and Terry had them made
Use: They work on the same premise as the Dumbledore's and Potter's Army coins.  Activating the protean charm allows the user to change the engraving on both.  There's an additional location charm to allow apparition to the location of the ring.

Drawbacks are that they're wedding rings, so obviously having something like that heat up as an alert can get painful.  And if they're stolen or something the location charms can be rendered useless or even used against their owners.

Roleplay Sample:
They get used in this thread

Michael Tremaine
Item Name: Hiss.  
Item Type: Sentient Climbing Rope.
Creation: by accident by Michael and his friends during their post-Hogwarts years.  Hiss was the result of a spell gone bad, and Michael kept him/it.
Possession: N/A
Positives:  rope follows directions well and Michael can use it to help with his wizarding catburglarly. That's about it for  the positive effects in it.  Negative effects: Well, its just a bloody rope. It is very limited at what it can do.  It thinks and slithers, can tie itself in knots, etc., but can't cast any spells or anything else.  Its just a rope with a brain.
Roleplay Sample:    Michael pulled an enchanted rope from his pack. "Go," he told it softly. It slithered like a snake and tied itself to the inside of the airshaft. "Its name is Hiss," he told Rob. He didn't know why he'd named the bloody rope, but he'd had it for years, and the sentient rope was the closest thing Michael had ever had to a partner in his work.

Pansy Parkinson-Nott
Item Name: Invisibility Cloak
Item Type: Clothing
Creation: The original was made by death, or so is believed in the tale of the three brothers however Pansy's is made from demiguise hair weaved with cloth by Madame Malkin.
Possession: Pansy requested that her husband make her one or find her one in some way. Of course any manmade invisibility cloak known apart from the own in ownership of the Potter's fades over time and loses it's ability. Of course Pansy doesn't have the original one, something she still wants from the Potter's of course, but is none the less happy with the cloaks her husband provides her with when it starts to fade, from which he pays Madame Malkin, the expert seamstress, to secretly make for him out of demiguise hair.
Use: The invisibility cloak conceals the person wearning it from the sight of others, allowing them to blend into the background as though camouflaged from view. This comes in use to Pansy when she is working because she can get the latest scoop as all she needs to do is slip on the cloak and intrude on people's private conversations, much like how Rita Skeeter did via the skill of being an animagus. One of the disadvantages is that she does need to be silent, making the scratching of a quill beneath the cloak noticeable and could give her away. Because of this she can't always use it in quiet situations. Plus she would need to go away and hide underneath before going to a private scene of some sort and she would have to walk slowly as to not reveal herself and may miss on important information by taking her time to get there - that is of course if she can get into the location. As a result Pansy will only use it when it is necessary to go to such a hassle to scoop a story and so doesn't usually have her cloak in possession unless she is purposefully setting out to investigate. It also is a risk because it could start to fade at any time and whilst she is waiting for another one to be made she can't use it, meaning it doesn't get used as much as one would expect.
The main con with her artifact however is that, because it is not made from death and is manmade, it requires more than the magic that the demiguise hair offers. As a result when worn it essentially feeds on the magic within Pansy draining her of her energy meaning that it can not be worn without having serious consequences - something Madame Malkin warned her of and of course Pansy doesn't want to find out what the devastating effects are in case she dies, is injured in the process (most definitely) or worse: her cover is blown.
Roleplay Sample:
One of her colleagues had beaten her to a story, by complete luck Pansy thought. Anyone could have easily been at St Mungo's the time when Khaat Lupin was taken in after almost being savaged by the rouge werewolf: James Blood. Thankfully Brooks, her colleague, hadn't gotten every detail. To the readers it seemed as though the Prophet was telling them everything, the whole truth. Being a reporter herself Pansy knew differently.

There was a promotion on the line to editor and to Madame Parkinson-Nott it was treasure, lost treasure with an 'x' labelled besides it. Pansy wanted nothing more than to own the Daily Prophet and the step to editor mean't a giant leap towards that. As a result she needed the extra information on what was happening, the mystery that surrounded the Lupins.

After apparating two streets away from St Mungo's, finding the disused store and stepping through the glass window Pansy found herself in the hospital reception area. Now was the difficult part: finding the Lupins. For some the difficult part would be sneaking in unknowns to the Ministers daughter and her many, many, bodyguards but not for Pansy, for the reporter had something the petty peasants could only dream of: an invisibility cloak.

Following the signs for the toilets Pansy slipped into one of the cubicles, turned the lock and extracted the cloak from her bag. It was so sleek, luxurious. Her husband really had out done himself with this one, who knows how much it would have cost. Not that Pansy cared, it was his money, which ironically made it hers. The perks of having a weedy, infatuated, rich worm of a husband.

Leaving the bathroom Pansy began to walk the halls of St Mungo's. They would be here somewhere, most likely a high security room away from the main walkways. If only she had Lupin's medical files. If only. A grin gleamed across her face for she was Pansy Parkinson-Nott and could get whatever she wanted right now.

Heading up a flight of stairs Pansy followed the directions for the directors office, which given the fact Lupin wasn't in any fit state to work, would be empty. How convenient.
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