A Trip to The Three Broomsticks
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A Trip to The Three Broomsticks

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A Trip to The Three Broomsticks Empty A Trip to The Three Broomsticks

Post by Alana York Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:21 pm

Julia was wandering around Hogsmeade in the gorgeous sunny weather. It was pretty chilly for a midsummer's day, but the sun made everything warmer. The breeze picked up Julia's long golden brown hair and whipped it lightly around her face and the air around her. She looked around the large center in Hogsmeade, seeing some people she recognized from shops and school, but others' faces remained unfamiliar. This made Julia miss her friends dearly, she hadn't spent a lot of time with them throughout the summer holidays, most of them traveled to different countries or just left London altogether. Which left her with a couple of good friends she would make sure to spend a lot of time with until the rest of them came back.

It took Julia a moment before realizing that she was standing directly in front of the door to The Three Broomsticks when a few people asked her politely to move. She took one step to the side, letting the people go through the door. In doing so, Julia entered the restaurant as well. The air was slightly cooler than that of the outside, mostly due to their air-conditioning. The atmosphere was filled with the high and low hums of everyone's voices, including their laughs and giggles. The feel of the place was very welcoming, and made anyone want to join in on the fun. Julia smiled and found a vacant table next to two other full ones, and took a seat at it. She ordered a cold butterbeer and removed her gold-colored cardigan, which she had been wearing over her white dress.

In spite of the jolly atmosphere in the room, Julia felt lonely. She wished that she had brought someone with her, but she hoped that someone would join her in her visit.

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Post by Guest Fri Aug 06, 2010 8:14 pm

Just as it was sunny, it began to grow darker out. This was perfect timing for a Demon to strike. The clouds causing the sun to disappear, the wind rustling the leaves. It would be chilly to the mortals, Balthazar however felt know warmth nor chill. He barely felt, he was to be guarding the leader of them but who the hell was he to order him around? As far as he knew, he could make a much better leader than that idiotic fool. He was the smart one, but even that wasn't much.

The demon was hidden in the shadows, one of the perks to being a shadow demon. He could follow someone in their own shadow. Thankfully there was just enough light out yet people were beginning to show their shadows. His slitted pupils looking around, hidden in the shadow of a tree. He found a particularly pretty girl walk into a pub. He preferred to go after the pretty ones, everyone paid attention to the deaths of those.

He jumped between the shadows of the passers by, he slid under the door of the pub. It was dark in there, only a few candles to be lit. This was going to be almost too easy, the pub was nearly empty however. So the demon stood, hidden in a corner watching the girl. His deformed mouth spread into a grin.


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