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Daisy Lamberton

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Post by Daisy Lamberton Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:56 am

Name: Jemma
Gender: Female
Age: Seventeen
How you found Potter's Army: Google images, looking for a Ravenclaw avatar (and found one from 'Professor Flitwick' who was a member two years ago).
Any other characters on Potter's Army: Jemma Tiquelle, Benjamin Macmillan and Alicia Wood

Daisy Lamberton Sarah_172498t
Name: Daisy Olivia Lamberton
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Blood Status: Pureblood
Year AND Age: Sixteen, Sixth Year
Birthday: April 18th, 2004
Preferred houses: Gryffindor/Slytherin
Canon or Original: Original
Play-by: Sarah Bolger

Height: 5'4"
Hair: Long, light brown and fairly straight.
Eye colour: Blue.
Skin: Caucasian, pale.
General Appearance: Daisy doesn't look too different to the average girl, to be honest. She has a thin, pale face with very delicate features. She looks really pretty when she smiles, which is most of the time. Her hair goes halfway down her back, which she doesn't actually like but her mother likes it so she keeps it.She's not overweight nor slender, just average. She's not as tall as most people, but she has been all her life so has gotten used to it by now. She also looks a bit younger than her age, most people seem to think.
Daisy doesn't care about what she wears too much, either. Her mother always did though, so she has grown up wearing what her mother said - the most girly things possible. She doesn't wear trousers unless she has to. She likes wearing dresses, but will wear a skirt for school. She never wears very bold colours, as her hair, eyes and skin are relatively pale.

Skills: Writing, drawing, listening to people, comforting people, Quidditch and is good with animals.
Weaknesses: Shy, talking to people, being put on the spot and duelling.
Likes: Quidditch, reading, animals and her friends.
Dislikes: Duelling, homework, bullies and being bossed around.
Motto: -
General Personality: Daisy is a shy, more gentle character than most. She's relatively easy-going, but this can also be seen as her being a 'doormat' and letting people take advantage of her good nature. She loves animals and her friends way more than anything materialistic. She's dying for an owl but her parents haven't let her have one - yet, anyway.
Daisy also loves to daydream, which had often got her into trouble in lessons. She doesn't pay full attention to something for very long, unless she's really interested in it. Which is rarely. She's quite a patient girl though, if she thinks something is worth waiting for. She's very creative and loves her creative writing, whether it's poems, novels, whatever. She and her best friend from Muggle school used to write a story together when they were little.
It remains a mystery why Daisy was sorted into Gryffindor. She wishes she could be brave, though hasn't proved to be that much so, so far in her life. The sorting hat must have had a reason for sorting her there though, right?


Family Information:

Mother - Ruth (Collins) Lamberton, Housewife/Artist
Father - Michael Lamberton, Ministry Employee


Daisy's parents always wanted her to live a normal, muggle childhood. As Daisy was an only child, they were able to do this relatively easily. Besides some random spurts of magic, which occasionally occurred, especially through her younger years. Luckily her magic didn't show too much around other people, being a shy and introverted person. She had had a couple of "incidents" at her Muggle school though, like her maths grades always mysteriously seemed to go up after she was given her school report. She had liked her Muggle school, none the less. She had a few good friends, though she was never the most popular student. She wasn't top of the class, but wasn't below average (apart from Maths and Science). She was good at English and Art though, her two favourite subjects.

The day Daisy received her Hogwarts letter had been a complete shock for her. She didn't know anything about magic, her parents had hidden it well. Her parents of course had been expecting this letter, though were really proud of her and had high hopes for her. She was excited herself for Hogwarts, and hoped that the lessons there would be more interesting than the Muggle ones.


The first year at Hogwarts was one of the best years of Daisy's life. She was discovering everything about the magical world, which to someone who had lived a Muggle life before was a massive change. She was fascinated by all her lessons as well as the castle itself. She loved every minute of exploring the magical world, she had felt like she was walking into a dream world, from a book or something. She had been utterly amazed by the entire concept of this magical world that she was now a part of.

Daisy was sorted into Gryffindor, which surprised her. Both of her parents had been in Gryffindor, but she didn't see herself there particularly. She just assumed she was sorted into the house because of her parents. She didn't feel that she was very brave or courageous.

The novelty soon wore off, however. Her second to fifth years were just same old, same old. She tried new classes and did fairly well, except she failed Arithmancy as it was too much like maths. She soon just felt like she was back in Muggle school - dreading doing her homework every night. Daisy didn't have many friends though. She had a couple of good friends, but she wasn't too outgoing and found it hard. Gryffindors weren't usually shy, she found. It was like she was the odd one out.

She didn't exactly have the best time at Hogwarts, to put it simply. She wasn't like the Gryffindors, so had mainly made friends out of her house - Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, namely. Still, the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws were closer to friends withi their own house, rather than Daisy. Daisy tried to avoid Slytherins, as she had been badly bullied by a group of Slytherin boys in her third and fourth year. It only stopped when one of her Ravenclaw friends hexed him for her - she never did anything about it herself. For the moment, at least.

Adulthood: -

Short Roleplay: -

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Post by Jemma Tiquelle Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:19 am


Yes I'm accepting my own application/choosing my own house. But I did discuss it with another admin first and we need Gryffindors the most, so yeah.
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