MCCOY, William Winston
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MCCOY, William Winston

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MCCOY, William Winston Empty MCCOY, William Winston

Post by William Winston McCoy Sun Nov 08, 2009 4:31 pm

Out of Character:
Name: Poe
Gender: Male
Age: 17
How you found Potter's Army: RPG-D
Any other characters on Potter's Army: Arthur Severus Poe, James William Wilson
Anything else: Nope

In Character
MCCOY, William Winston Jack-mccoy-big
Name: William Winston McCoy
Nicknames: Bill
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Year AND Age: 60
Preferred houses: Hufflepuff
Birthday: June 21
Canon or Original: Original
Play-by: Sam Waterston
Blood Status: Pureblood

Height: 1,85m
Hair: Gray, short, straight
Eye colour: Green
Skin: Caucasian
Other distinguishing features: None

Personality: McCoy is a rather simple personality and will seldomly show any tratis that he does not show regulary each day. In classes he is very strict and demanding, but he will always reward those who work and who try. He will also hel those students who deserve help and will repeat his spells in order for them to master them. He does not tolerate quarrels and agressive behaviour and will stop any such acts in the making.

Out of class, he is not much different. He is not strict, of course, but is very calm and will never allow for something unjust to happen in front of him. He is somewhat a father figure to all of his friends because he will always be there to give advice and/or to help them in any way. He is very loyal, especially to his current colleagues, Hastings and Poe, and will always help them in any was. He is also very wise and intelligent and that also adds points to his role of the 'father figure'.
Skills: McCoy has lots of personal strenghts, much more than weaknesses, which makes him a very strong personallity. His firs strenght are his wizarding skills. He is a great wizard, a Transfuguration Master able to master any spell known. He is also a great duelist and such tratis make him a worthy adversary to anyone. He is also an Animagus, a strenght which can be very useful in both worlds. Such an ability allows him to get out of sticky situations without leaving any trace of his presence. His proably biggest strenghst is his loyality. Whomever he finds worthy or has a strong bond to, he will never betray and will always help as much as he can. He developed such bonds with his colleagues Hastings and Poe and several of his friends such as Slughorn and Flitwick.
Weaknesses: While he has not major fear, he has some pretty harsh weaknesses. His temper being one of them. He has a great sense of rightousnes, which is also his weakness, but is sometimes to cold in pursuing justice. In order to clear a situation he will stop at nothing to see justice done and will never look after the guilty party, disregarding the consequences. That is also what he teaches his students. His other weakness is his strictness. He is probably the most strict professor at Hogwarts, surpassing even Poe, and will ultimately punish failure and students who are aither too lazy or too unwilling of learning. But, he will also reward success and those who try, disregarding the final result. His probably biggest weakness is the care for his students. Although he will punish them occasionaly, he loves them and is ready to put his own life at stake for them which can also have some disasterous consequences.
Likes: McCoy, as stated many times before, likes justice. No need to explain that any further. Also, like his colleagues, he likes hard-working students and he rewards success as much as he can. He is known to give a lot of house points to students who manage to do his tasks, but he also rewards students who have tried with a number of house points. He also likes flying since he was a Quidditch player during his student years and for a short period afterwards. He still keeps his 1967 Nimbus 1000, a brilliat broomstick at the time. He is also fond of Muggles and their culture, especially their music. He likes listening to old bands such as the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, but also some recent bands like Coldplay or Maroon 5, for which he is famous around the school. He is also known to turn on some of that music during his classes.
Dislikes: McCoy dislikes injustice in general. He alaways wanted to see justice served, regardless of the punishment for the guilty party. Whenever he sees something done wrongly, he tries to correct someone's mistake. Also, like many of his colleagues, he dislikes lazy students and those who take education for grantes. He is also known to punish and fail such students. He, like any normal wizard. as he would say, dislikes the Dark Army and any corrupt or evil wizard who has some ideas on Purity and the inhabitants of the Wizarding World. His most silly dislike are animals. Although he is an Animagus and he has to deal with animals on his classes, he never had a pet and has always stated that he did not dislike animals in general, just in the way that he had to take care for them.
Motto: Justice prevails all.
Family Information: Jack McCoy, former Head of the Department of Law Enforcement and Claire McCoy, an ex-Order member.

Born in Dubilin ond June 21, 1942, two years after the Battle of Britain to Jack and Claire McCoy. His parents avoided any fights during WWII and moved to London in 1945, after the war had ended. There, his father got a job at the Ministry where he worked until young William was old enough. His father taught him some spells when he was just a little kid so he came to Hogwarts prepared.
Background: Born in Dubilin ond June 21, 1942, two years after the Battle of Britain to Jack and Claire McCoy. His parents avoided any fights during WWII and moved to London in 1945, after the war had ended. There, his father got a job at the Ministry where he worked until young William was old enough. His father taught him some spells when he was just a little kid so he came to Hogwarts prepared.

He was sorted into Hufflepuff because of his sense of righteousness. He exceeded in all subject and was one of the best students of his generation. He was also a part of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team where he played as a Seeker. Hufflepuff won the Cup in those years. After finishig his education he wished to succeed his father in the Ministry. He went to a Muggle Law University in London and got a degree there. No one knew that he was a wizard during those years.

In 1970, his father went into retirement and young William became the new HoD. Under his mandate, all of the major cases in the Wizarding world were succesfully tried and the guilty parties got their deserved punishments. He was also one of the Judges who tried the Death Eaters after the First War. As soon as the Ministry was occupied be the DA in the Second War, McCoy resinged and went to the Order where he fought alongside his colleagues. After the 2nd war, he again tried the Death Eaters but never returned to the Ministry. When prof. McGonagall became Headmistress and the position of Transfiguration teacher became vacant, he applied and got the job and has since been working at Hogwarts.
Short Roleplay: 3rd char
William Winston McCoy
William Winston McCoy

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MCCOY, William Winston Empty Re: MCCOY, William Winston

Post by Jemma Tiquelle Sun Nov 08, 2009 4:40 pm

ACCEPTED and sorted into GRADUATES!

Great application! I especially liked the Muggle university bit, nice touch! Look forward to RPing with you, Jemma needs some people around her age Smile.
Jemma Tiquelle
Jemma Tiquelle

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