WILSON, James William
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WILSON, James William

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WILSON, James William Empty WILSON, James William

Post by James William Wilson Wed Sep 23, 2009 2:45 pm

Out of Character:
Name: Poe
Gender: Male
Age: 17
How you found Potter's Army: RPG-D
Any other characters on Potter's Army: Arthur Severus Poe
Anything else: (Optional.)

In Character
WILSON, James William Dsch
Name: James William Wilson
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Year AND Age: 28 years, Ex-graduate
Preferred houses: Gryffindor
Birthday: July 7
Canon or Original: Original
Play-by: Dimtry Shostakovich
Blood Status: Pureblood

Height: 1,90m
Hair: Short, black, straight
Eye colour: Brown
Skin: Caucasian
Other distinguishing features: Wears glasses

Personality: James has an awkward personality which he is able to control, avoiding St. Mungo's in that way. He is nervous and impatient, but also, in the same moment, calm and rational and will never do anything unless he thinks about it thoroughly. He will also try to avoid any verbal or physical conflict and will always try to settle things diplomatically, although he will always accept a Duel challenge. Although he is ambitious and cares for himself, he knows his boundaries and will never try to achieve something good for himself at the expense of someone else. He likes doing everything he can by himself. He is also extremely intelligent, a trait which he showed and exercised from a young age. He is a great chess player, never losing a match, and was also the tactical consultant for the Gryffindor Quidditch team when he was in school, although he never played himself because of his lack of sport skills. He is also analytical, which combined with his intelligence, helps him to solve all kinds of puzzles and get out of a vast variety of situations. He will also take risks very rarely and will never bring himself in danger unless it is crucially important that he does so.

Regarding some of his bad traits, he is very cold and rarely shows his emotions, even to people he is close to. The only people who currently have that privilege are his student Arthur Severus Poe and Mariana, whom he cares about because of Arthur. He is also not so trusty off people and will never trust anyone, except those two, completely. He can also be very sarcastic, even sardonic, and will probably hurt a person he does not like exactly where it hurts. His psychological war with his opponents helps him a lot in achieving victory. He knows and collects a lot of information on people so he can use them.
Skills: Great Duelist, Intelligence, Logic, Rationality, Manipulation skills, Strong will, Courage, Magic mastery
Weaknesses: Nervousness, Impatience, Poor eyesight, Weak flying skills, Weak sport skills
Likes: DADA, Transfiguration, Potions, Herbology, Charms, Poe, The Order, Hogwarts, Dueling, Justice
Dislikes: Divination, Voldemort, Death Eaters, The Ministry, Traitors, Injustice
Motto: Wisdom and Knowledge will always be your mightiest allies.
Family Information: His father was James Wilson, a doctor at St. Mungo's and a famous wizard, while his mother, Amber Wilson, works in the Justice Department and is unhappy with how the Ministry works currently.
Background: Born into a famous wizard family, Wilson has been taught Magic since he was just a little kid. When he came to Hogwarts, he exceeded in all subjects and passed all the O.W.L's and N.E.W.T's with an O. He soon embarked on a trip, but soon returned to work as an Auror. Seeing how the Ministry works, Wilson quit and went to Hogwarts t teach Defense Against the Dark Arts where he took Arthur Poe as his personal student, teaching him advanced magic (Occlumency, Legillimency, Non-verbal). He is a member of the Order and one of the brightest and best wizards to day, although he is a little loony. Soon he departed from his teaching job and became the Dueling Instructor in Hogwarts (I hope this position is acceptable, since both DADA and Potions are taken)
Short Roleplay:It was early morning when Hastings awoke. He was always an early bird waking up at 6:30 at the most. He stood up and opened all the windos in his room with a spell. His room was on the fourth floor. A large, antiquely decorated room with a big mahogany bed, two very big closets, which where mostly empty and a large mahogany desk, positioned next to the entrance. On this desk he kept all of his books, his working papers and other important documents. The drawers of the desk contained a lot of objetc he had confiscated during his classes from children who were not listening to his lectures. The majority of those objects were notes written on small paper that contained private or love notes from one student to another. His wand, which he kept with him all the time was positioned on his night table next to his bed. He stood up and put his dark green slippers on and went to the bathroom to wash his teeth. Unlike his room, which was antique, medieval even, his bathroom was modern and in touch with all the newest standards. He finished with the washing quickly and then went to dress himself. It was monday so he decided to wear his green suit and robe with brown shoes. Unlike some of his colleagues, he never used magic to dress. That was a habit that he liked to do like all the Muggles - with his hands.

When he was ready, he looked at his schedule for today so that he can think what spells to prepare for today. This job, along with the preparation of his classes, took him about 90 minutes to make. At about 8:00 he went down to the Great Hall for breakfast. His first class was at 9:00 and his last one finished at 16:00. He went down using the Grand Staircase, taking one portrait shortcut to get to the 1st Floor. He greeted all the portraits as he went through the main entrance to the Great Hall. Also, unlike the majority of his colleagues, he used the main, student, entrance to the Great Hall instead of the back one. He passed through the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw tables greeting his students and went to the Staff Table. He was amazed to see that he was the firs one there. Well, professor Binns was there, but since he never ate Hastings did not count him. He greeted him, although it seemed that he was still asleep. He muttered 'Good Morning' and returned to his ''job''. Since he did not want to wait for the others, he asked one of the Elves to bring him his breakfast. The Elves were quick as always and he had his breakfast in front of him in about 5 minutes. ''Thank you'', said Hastings as one of the Elves brought it to him. He got a little bread, some bacon and cheese, his usual breakfast. He did not each much in the morning so he asked the Elves to bring him that breakfast every day.

As he finished his breakfast, the Great Hall started to fill up with both students and professors. He greeted all of his colleagues, but he had to go to open his classroom and prepare himself for class. Although he was no giant, his height of 190cm made him stand out from the other people there. As he was slowly walking out, he greeted the rest of his students that arrived after him. He exited the Great Hall and went to the Grand Staircase. He approached a portrait of an old man. He did not know who he was, but he always introduced himself as an old professor at Hogwarts. ''Liquid Luck", said Hastings. ''Ah, dear colleague! Off to the classes, bravo. You may pass!'', said the portrait. Hastings greeted him and want through. This was one benefit he had as a professor - he knew all the portrait passwords. Soon, he was in front of his classroom. He opened it and entered. The sound of silence always made him calm and happy in one way. Sometimes, even his own voice bothered him. For the first class he had, he decided to teach about Boggarts and about the Riddikulus spell. It was not so complicated, but the fear of the students might interfere with the learning process, he always thought about this class. He took his wand and moved all the chairs and desks at the side of the classroom. He was a master in nonverbal magic so he did not need to say a spell out loud to use it. The closet with the Boggart was at the end of the classroom, under the staircase he used to get to his office at the end of the classroom. He again used his wand, without saying a word, to bring the closed in front of his desk so that the children can pratice one by one. He also had a habit of playing music during some of the lessons so he brought his gramophone with an old cheerful jazz tune to one of the desks so he can turn it off easily with his wand. The Boggart was not at peace in his closes but it was closed with the Colloportus spell so he could not get out. Hastings had waited for the students to arrive to open it. When he prepared everything he sat on his desk and started reading a piece of paper that was on it, waiting for the students to arrive.
James William Wilson
James William Wilson

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WILSON, James William Empty Re: WILSON, James William

Post by Guest Wed Sep 23, 2009 5:00 pm

Accepted and sorted in Grads.

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