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Preston Underwood

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Preston Underwood  Empty Preston Underwood

Post by Preston Underwood Fri May 26, 2023 2:30 am

Preston Underwood  Kendrick
Name: Preston Underwood
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Member Name: Soph

Playby: William Franklyn Miller
Preston is roughly around 5'5 with brown hair that covers his blue every now and then, sometimes it looks more like he gotten out of bed hair then anything at times. Preston isn't the strongest boy you'll ever meet but he isn't the weakness he spends alot of his free time running around the school lake or doing exercises. You will usually see Preston wearing  black on weekends or holidays for it's favorite color not that he's emo or anything he just loves black but he will wear any other color as well but he always has something black to go with it. When Preston is at school he wears his Hufflepuff school robes with a necklace his mother gave him.

Facts Known About Character:
  • He loves to paint and draw and very talented in it
    He really is Patrick's little brother he's not adopted!
    Besides painting and drawing he's pretty good at flying.

Rumors Known About Character:

  • He's not Patrick's real brother he's adopted

    He keeps dirty magazines under his bed mattress he snuck in.


Early Years:
Preston James Underwood was born on November 8th to Patricia and James Underwood.  Preston was home schooled until he was accepted into Hogwarts for his parents thought it would be better for him seeing how he wasn't a social butterfly by any means. Due to him being a very shy boy he discovered his love for drawing and painting at the age of five, although they were finger paintings and odd drawings of cats and etc. he always had a brush or pencil in his hands.  If he wasn't drawing or painting. Preston spent a lot of his childhood with Patrick outside and making things like his treehouse he has in his backyard he made with Patrick.

•His shyness, he's working on that
•Potions, not his best subject
•Lying he's horrible at it

•Rainy days
•Spending time with his brother
•Painting and drawing

•Crowded areas
• Summer time
• Rude people
•People who don't like his brother for who he is

Preston is very loyal but he's VERY shy around people he doesn't know or around large crowds. Preston is smart and makes fair grades but it's nothing to brag about or boose about he claims. Although he's shy he can be very stubborn especially around his parents and people he knows VERY well. Preston is very protective of his family and friends and will do anything to protect them.

Preston is very trusting though, you can always trust him to keep a secret for he will take it straight to the grave. Preston is very nice and very sweet once you get to know him and he lets you inside of his inner shell instead of pushing people away. Preston does have the tendency of pushing people away for he's a little scared of letting them get to know him for he has had backstabbers in the past.

Hogwarts Years:
Preston  was accepted into Hogwarts at the age of eleven and was sorted automatically into Hufflepuff without any questions. Although a lot he heard of a lot people say Hufflepuff was the stupidest and lamest house Preston didn't think so for his mother been in Hufflepuff in her Hogwarts years.

Skipping onward towards year two  going on three,  the year he was finally able to go to Hogsmeade with his brother! Still making good grades and somewhat producing a patronus charm (incorporeal just a ball of light doesn't do anything)

Adult Years: Still in Hogwarts.
Preston Underwood
Preston Underwood
Fourth Year Hufflepuff
Fourth Year Hufflepuff

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Preston Underwood  Empty Re: Preston Underwood

Post by Jack Dyllan Fri May 26, 2023 7:37 pm

Looks good Soph! Don't forget to fill out Who's Who and other claims Smile

Jack Dyllan
Jack Dyllan
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Sixth Year Gryffindor

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