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SALLOW, tessa anne

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SALLOW, tessa anne Empty SALLOW, tessa anne

Post by Tessa Sallow Fri May 12, 2023 3:09 am

Name: Tessa Anne Sallow
Age: 15
Appearance: Tess is a bottle blonde who likes to think she is the prettiest girl in the room. She doesn't look like any of her family members due to being a bastard after an affair that her father had with a lady he met in France. She looks like your typical queen bee always trying to wear the latest fashions, and stands at 5.6. She has ocean blue eyes, and likes to keep her fit so that people will find her attractive to take her on a few dates.
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Facts Known About Character:
- Tessa is a bastard who was lucky enough to have been legitimized. She doesn't like to talk about this, but people will still find ways to bring it up, and it annoys Tessa.
- She likes to wear all of the latest fashion, and will spend tons of money on them.
- She was born and spent her younger years in France.
- She plays for her house team and likes to think she is the best.
- She isn't afraid to speak her mind and will stand up for what she believes in it.

Rumors Known About Character:
- She is a major bully who will likes to immediate people.
- She spends hours running around the Quidditch pitch, but it's actually only two hours a day.
- She has had a thing with every girl in her fifth year, but that's a lie.
- She has a bad relationship with her family.
- She had snuck into the Head's office and stoles thing. This is false.


Tess is the illegitimate daughter of Ryland Sallow and Helena Rousseau, and spent most of her younger life hidden away in France. This meant her younger life was one where she had struggled quite a bit due to her mother just being a common barkeep who had gotten pregnant by a wealthy wizard named Ryland Sallow. Although her mother had did her best with trying to raise Tess until she had died unexpectedly when Tessa was six, and lead to Tessa being shipped to live with her father, where she’d face the wrath of Emmaline Sallow who had been her step-mother who Tess never saw eye to eye with. Although she knew from day one moving into the Sallow household that she was the favorite.

Her father legitimized her and had promised her that she would have every share that the Sallow children had, and Tess took advantage of all of that. This is something that would in a lot of ways lead her to becoming selfish. She had gotten all she wanted from her father and it’s something that killed her step-mother who didn’t want Tess having anything. Tess had always wanted to prove Emmaline wrong and it’s something that she sticks strongly to this day, and will do anything to make sure she is the best.

She got into Quidditch on her ninth birthday after watching a Quidditch match of the Holyhead Harpies and it made Tess want to one day play like them. She asked her father to get her into flying lessons immediately, and Tess got what she wanted. Although Hogwarts would end up being hard for Tess who was used to always getting what she wanted, and it was natural that her siblings were favored, and her half-brother Jakob didn’t care in the slightest. The two hadn’t close to say the least despite being very much alike. Although Tess tended to take her studies far more serious, and didn’t like being compared to Jakob.

Tess did everything in her power to distance herself from her siblings, and being in a different house had in a lot of ways helped. She probably should have been in Slytherin with her rotten and selfish nature, but her assertiveness and bravery is something that landed in Gryffindor, and being able to make her own friends, or at least her own little group of minions helped a lot and Tess tended to spend a lot of time with her friends. She was popular among the Gryffindor kids and every guys dreams due to how she was a walking angel.

Tess’s minions do all of her bidding, and it’s something that Tess takes a lot of pride in being the favorite among her friends. She will do anything to keep that, and now that she is a fifth year she is currently playing for her house team, and still trying to get everyone to do what she wants, and doing anything to distance herself from the Sallow siblings.

Playby: Perrie Edwards
Member Name: Marni
Tessa Sallow
Tessa Sallow
Fifth Year Gryffindor
Fifth Year Gryffindor

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SALLOW, tessa anne Empty Re: SALLOW, tessa anne

Post by Khaat Lupin Fri May 12, 2023 6:35 pm

Hey, Marni,

She looks okay to me, and I'll put her in Gryffindor just because you asked. For me, she is just such an overwhelmingly obvious Slytherin that I am finding it hard to believe that she would ever be sorted into Gryffindor and even if she somehow managed it, she would surely bristle up against legitimate Gryffindor's. Just please watch this with future characters. Thanks!

Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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