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HATTS, Nerissa Anne

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HATTS, Nerissa Anne Empty HATTS, Nerissa Anne

Post by Nerissa Hatts Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:26 pm

HATTS, Nerissa Anne P1180011



    FULL NAME: Nerissa Anne Hatts

    NICKNAMES: Riss, Essa, and Eve

    AGE: Fifteen, 5th year

    ALLEGIANCE: Conflicted (neutral)

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw

    WAND TYPE: 10 ¼” Mahogany, Leprechaun Hair. A green spiral that was made to look like a vine clings to the wood of this wand. This spiral was made of an actual plant, which was wrapped tightly around the wood of the wand, and was then enchanted to remain a part of the wand, and to feel as firm as the wood it had become a part of. As this vine is still a living creature, it occasionally flicks one of its leaves upward to brush itself against Nerissa's fingertips when she is holding it.

    PLAY BY: Nadia Esra


    HAIR COLOR: That wavy, brilliant orange-red hair of Nerissa’s really was her trademark; it was the one thing about the young Ravenclaw that never seamed to change, despite everything that she'd been through. She normally had quite a deal of trouble when attempting to tame her wavy locks, yet she avoided chopping off the ends at all costs, for she felt that to do so would be to destroy the only thing that she had left of her former self. She's received her red hair from her biological father's side of the family, who are of Irish decent.

    EYE COLOR: Nerissa's eyes were once a beautiful and vibrant shade of green, but after experiencing more than her fair share of traumatic events, that twinkle of happiness that could have always been seen within those green eyes of hers was lost completely. Her eyes were one of many traits that she inherited from her father, but as her irises began to fade and to appear to be more gray than green, they lost what once made them look so much like her father's. Nerissa often avoids looking in the mirror, due to the fact that she feared the dead, emotionless look that is quite commonly found within her eyes after her kidnapping.

    HEIGHT: Overall, Nerissa was the average height for young women her age, but her slender limbs and her gentle facial features often made her appear much smaller than she truly was.

    BODY TYPE: Nerissa Hatts, in all honesty, resembles a leprechaun. From the beginning of time she appeared to be quite small, due to the way she was proportioned - and her bright red hair, nearly transparent complexion, and her bold freckles only made it that much easier for Nerissa’s fellow Ravenclaws to mock her about her Irish bloodlines.

    (1) Freckles on the bridge of her nose, as well as along her shoulders, back, chest, and arms
    (2) Fair skin
    (3) A visible amount of dirt underneath her fingernails
    (4) Tired eyes
    (5) Long, curly red hair
    (6) A short stature
    (7) A narrow nose
    (8) Arched feet
    (9) Sharp edges; is thin enough that her shoulders, elbows, ect. look jagged
    (10) Natural eyebrows
    (11) A long, slender neck
    (12) Lopsided smile
    (13) A strong jaw line
    (14) Square chin
    (15) A faded birthmark (a splotch of darker skin) on her right, upper arm

    (1) Hogwarts uniform; long, formless black robes
    (2) A pair of tattered and mud-stained sneakers
    (3) An old, best friend bracelet (braided thread and colored beads)
    (4) A patchwork shirt, made up of earthy tones (green, brown, ect.)
    (5) A pair of blue denim shorts that are fraying around the edges
    (6) Enchanted leaves, which act as jewelry while continuing to live
    (7) An airy, white maxi dress
    (8) A Plaid, short sleeved shirt, worn over a plain tank top
    (9) Ravenclaw items (such as a tie or a pin)
    (10) A pointed, black hat (during celebratory feasts in the Great Hall)


    (1) Tending to plant life
    (2) Eavesdropping
    (3) Remembering names and faces despite her anti-social personality traits
    (4) Limited, but still relevant, skill in potion brewing
    (5) Dancing – once upon a time
    (6) Avoiding contact with her peers during her spare time

    STRENGTHS IN SPELLWORK: Defensive Spells

    (1) Can not swim
    (2) Paranoia
    (3) Her inability to relate to her peers
    (4) She has inherited her uncle’s clumsiness
    (5) Reoccurring Nightmares
    (6) Headaches, during which Nerissa must face an inability to process words when reading

    WEAKNESSES IN SPELLWORK: Healing Spells & The Patronus Charm

    (1) Herbology
    (2) Blue jelly
    (3) Listening to others’ conversations and laughter from afar
    (4) Old muggle music - preferably swing, and classical music
    (5) Moonlight
    (6) Being barefoot
    (7) Picnics
    (8) Fairy lights
    (9) Sleeping outdoors
    (10) The Whomping Willow
    (11) Enchantments – to some extent
    (12) Drooble's Best Blowing Gum
    (13) Seashells
    (14) Mornings
    (15) The owlery tower

    (1) Surprises
    (2) Socializing
    (3) Human beings
    (4) Fire
    (5) Centaurs
    (6) The Black Lake
    (7) Apperition and other forms of wizard transportation
    (8) Cigarettes
    (9) The season of Winter
    (10) Straying from her daily schedule
    (11) The supernatural
    (12) Strangers
    (13) The children's tale, "The Warlock's Hairy Heart"
    (14) Vegetarians
    (15) Howlers

    (1) Water
    (2) Flying
    (3) Ne’Os Emof
    (4) Death
    (5) Shadows
    (6) The sight of blood
    (7) Human beings
    (8) Fire
    (9) Hallways
    (10) Physical contact
    (11) Knives
    (12) Knockturn Alley
    (13) Anger
    (14) Ridicule
    (15) Clowns

    (1) The amount of trust she feels towards a single person varies each day
    (2) Flinches at sudden noises
    (3) Finds comfort in the corners of rooms
    (4) Eats only twice a day (breakfast & dinner), rather than three times in order to avoid the Great Hall
    (5) Runs the tip of her index finger along the vine that is wrapped around her wand
    (6) Snorts when she laughs heartily
    (7) Avoids eye contact / looks downward when nervous
    (8) Shrugs away from physical contact, such as a tap on the shoulder
    (9) Feels insecure/unsafe without a blanket wrapped tightly around her entire body when in bed
    (10) Squeaks when she is surprised
    (11) Checks behind/within every closet, table, curtain, door, ect. before relaxing in any particular room
    (12) Refuses to eat vegetables

    BOGGART: Nerissa’s boggart takes the form of a hooded figure, which is most commonly referred to as a “Reaper”. This Reaper is symbolic for Nerissa’s fear of all things to do with death, suffering, and harm.

    PATRONUS: A sunny afternoon during which she had spent dancing with a young fellow named Andrew Thompson. When she is successful in casting the Patronus Charm, it takes the form of a shimmering, silver dormouse.

    DEMENTOR: Both her capture and torture- courtesy of a blackened soul by the name of Ne’Os Emof.

    AMORENTIA: Fresh soil after a spring shower, with a hint of tea leaves

    (1) To become so much a part of nature that she is no longer considered human
    (2) To be free of the constant fear and pain that she has been plagued with
    (3) The permanent death of Ne’Os Emof

    PERSONALITY: Nerissa was once a gentle creature; someone who would withhold her opinion if irritated or angered in order to keep the peace, and who always smiled back - but that had been a time long before her kidnapping. All the pain and torment from which Nerissa suffered had done its job to change the way Nerissa saw the world, and ultimately lead to the destruction of all that had once made her a friendly, warm-hearted little Ravenclaw. She'd been hardened by her experiences in a way that was only noticeable to those who knew how to penetrate the walls she set up around her- walls which she built in order to both protect and to hide herself from the wicked souls that made up the world in which she lived. Everything became dark and frightening to the eyes of the young witch; everything was a potential threat that was to be examined and then destroyed. Everything, accept the plants that she constantly surrounded herself with.


    FAMILY'S VIEWS: Much like the Weasley family of old, the Hatts (as well as the rest of Nerissa's family) were purebloods who did not express hatred or distaste towards muggles. Every child within the pureblood family had been sent to a muggle elementary school during their younger years, and had been encouraged by their elders to keep an open mind about the non-magical. "Blood traitors" some called them...

    (Step Father) Benjamin Mansini,
    (Biological Father) David Hatts

    MOTHER: Esmeralda Mansini

    SIBLING: Lillian Mansini (daughter of Esmeralda and Benjamin)

    (Uncle) Calvin Ransom (brother to Esmeralda)
    (Grandfather) Jack Ransom Jr. (father of Esmeralda)
    (Grandmother) Marietta Ransom (mother of Esmeralda)
    (Grandfather) Elijah Hatts (father of David Hatts)
    (Grandmother) Miranda Hatts (mother of David Hatts)
    (Family Friend) Reid Devereoux (Calvin's flatmate)

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle class

    (1) A nameless barn owl
    (2) Charlotte, a mandrake
    (3) Felix, a plant that Nick Potter rescued from the centaurs
    (4) A figurative doormen that lives within the confines of Nerissa's skull, and offers its opinion when Nerissa finds herself in stressful situations.

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: A Herbology Log Book. It is simple looking with a spiral running along it's spine, but it appears a bit it appears to be a bit too small on the outside to possibly contain the years worth of research that Nerissa has written down inside of it on its pages. It would be wise to assume that she had enchanted its pages to continue on without end.


    THREE - FIVE YEARS OLD: Nerissa had a rather rough childhood, what with her father leaving Nerissa's mother only weeks before their wedding, and then the marriage between Benjamin (her stepfather) and her mother only a year later. She was forced to grow up rather quickly, and began to see the world the way adults saw it; a dangerous place where people got hurt and their hearts were broken. Nerissa still liked to flip through the pages of the storybooks that the children in class talked to each other about, and to pretend as though she still believed in pixie dust and prince charming, but the other children at school were not unintelligent, despite their obsessions with fiction; it took no time at all for them to notice that Nerissa was different than they were. Those same children grew a few inches, and they learned how to mock little girls with broken smiles, making it nearly impossibly for Nerissa to gain- or regain- any sort of respect from her peers.

    Eventually the child gave up completely on the idea of making friends during her younger years of mashing clay together to form farm animals, and learning how to count out coins until you had enough to buy entire Zoos. These were the earliest signs that the child would have a difficult time relating to her peers, as well as socializing- something which she would have to deal with for the rest of her life.

    SIX - TEN YEARS OLD: In order to replace the human connections that Nerissa lacked- her parents, though caring, were not qualified to fill the void where friends should have belonged- she began spending most of her time in an old, abandoned greenhouse next-door to the house in which she lived. The people who'd once owned it had been forced to move years before Nerissa’s family arrived in the small town, and so Nerissa began to believe that the greenhouse was ‘hers’. She began taking care of the plants regularly, caring for them as most children her age would care for dolls, though there was much more responsibility required when it came to caring for the living creatures that Nerissa spent her time looking after.

    Nerissa's obsession with plant life became apparent to her parents, uncle, and her older sister over the years, despite the fact that she spent little time, to no time at all, near her older sister and her step father, who had both decided to fly the coop before Nerissa was old enough to even have a conversation with either of them that hadn't consisted of a bunch of childish ga ga. It was a well-known fact in the family that Nerissa would not- or, could not- make friends with the children she attended classes with, and so, naturally, Nerissa's increasing interest in plants began to worry her family. However, both Esmeralda and Benjamin Mansini decided that by taking away the only thing that Nerissa seemed to feel strongly for, that they would be doing more damage than they would be correcting the damage that had already been done.

    Over the years, Nerissa extended her knowledge of plants by creating a log book in which she would write down the way her plants reacted to certain conditioned, and how each of them had a specific trait that made them different than the rest. This log book was something that she had created out of a notebook which she had been given in one of her English classes in order to write down her thoughts and feelings- instead, she found a better use for it. Rarely did Nerissa go anywhere without the book held firmly under her arm, and it was a possession which she brought with her when she received her acceptance letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the finest school on earth.

    FIRST - THIRD YEAR AT HOGWARTS: Because of Nerissa’s fascination of plants, Herbology was easily her favorite class from the very start of her schooling at Hogwarts. She had very few friends, if any, due to the cruel nicknames that her peers labeled her with. Julien Delacour being one of said friends, who became Nerissa’s only confident from her first year at Hogwarts up until the present.

    Nerissa dreaded summer vacations each year; she didn’t get along too well with her step father, as her vote remained with her biological father, David. Only during the evenings when she was permitted to spend time with her David, or with her uncle, Calvin Ransom, was she content with the fact that another year at Hogwarts had passed. She discussed staying at Hogwarts over the summer with her Herbology professor, as well as the headmaster, but they came to the agreement that it was best she faced her personal problems, rather than avoid them.

    During her third year at Hogwarts on a particularly sunny afternoon, Nerissa was dragged by her ankle into the “Black Lake”, and was nearly drowned by the giant squid that resides there. A Gryffindor girl witnessed the incident and pulled Nerissa from the lake. The pair were soon joined by Andrew Thompson, another Gryffindor, who revived Nerissa and would later become her first love.

    KIDNAPPING: Due to a sudden case of frequent headaches, which were a symptom of her near-death in Hogwarts’ lake, Nerissa began to loose sleep. In her state of exhaustion Nerissa found herself in Knockturn Alley after having wandered off from Diagon Alley one evening. It was there where she ran into Ne’Os Emof, whom Nerissa did not recognize to be a wanted man at the time. He deemed her worthy of torture and kidnapping, and so, despite the attempts of Andrew Thompson and several others to free her, Ne’Os succeeded.

    For months he kept her at her side, torturing her when he felt that she’d stepped out of line, as well as dragging her about the world during his missions.

    After nearly five months passed, Ne’Os was murdered, but he’d informed Nerissa of the horcrux that he’d created, and thus Nerissa’s paranoia that he would come back for her, began - as well as her distrust towards all human beings.


    YOUR NAME: Red

    RP EXPERIENCE: Several years.

    CHARACTERS: Calvin, Vito, Perry, and Nerissa.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: This is merely an updated application for a character that already exists.


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Post by Khaat Lupin Wed Aug 10, 2011 9:41 pm

Red, is this done? We allow 2 weeks for these things, and you're over the two weeks mark. Please let us know if you're done with this or if you need us to give you a couple more days. I don't want to "toss" this without at least asking.

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*wipes sweat from brow* I do believe I've finished.
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She's just...she's so SAD! *huggles Nerissa*
Everything can be fixed with a cuddle! I think she needs to meet Sevvy!
Lovely! Accepted! (:

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